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How to Plan a Solo Overnight Staycation for a Zen Recharge Just Outside of L.A.

April 27, 2021

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Ah, the solo getaway. We’ve all dreamt of the eat, pray, love life at some point, but who are we kidding? With most of us bogged down by family, career and general day-to-day life obligations, going on a lengthy soul-searching journey just isn’t practical. But what if you knew how to plan a solo overnight staycation that could at least somewhat aid in providing the mental cleanse we all need?

When we were in the thick of the pandemic, I thought about how fulfilling it would be to celebrate my eventual vaccination by booking a solo overnight stay somewhere just out of L.A. That said, the timing had to be right—and when a last minute change of plans altered a pre-scheduled arrangement last Thursday, I took it as my sign to jump on a 24-hour getaway.

It’s important to keep in mind there are many types of solo excursions. If you’re looking to meet new people, there’s a place for that. If you’re looking to soak up the sun by the pool all day, there’s a place for that. If you’re looking to sip cocktails with no cares in the world, there’s a place for that. I knew that my intentions were to go somewhere grounding and spiritual. Oh, it also happened to be Earth Day, so naturally it made the most sense to venture somewhere scenic and serene.

I considered my local options, and booked a quaint room at the Ojai Retreat & Inn. To be clear, this isn’t sponsored by any of the establishments I mention in this piece. I simply just learned a lot from my experience and want to share since many people expressed interest when I posted about it online. Keep reading for all my tips on how to plan a solo overnight staycation if you’re looking for a zen recharge outside of L.A.

1. Consider the Destination

It’s important to be mindful of the fact that just because a place involves lounging doesn’t mean it will be peaceful or mind-clearing. I think when Angelenos think of relaxing, Palm Springs is the first place that comes to mind. But quite frankly, it’s not where I’d personally go for a distinctly serene experience. To me, Palm Springs evokes Coachella memories and partying. It’s also a blistering hot desert, so if there’s no pool with refreshing cocktails to boot, count me out.

When I booked my trip, it was important for me to immerse myself in nature, first and foremost. While Southern California is beautiful with many outdoor activities at its fingertips, much of it is a scene or just L.A relocated (a la PS). When I think of serene, scenic solo getaways in SoCal, I think Ojai, Idyllwild and Topanga Canyon. And in my planning process and searching around for available hotels (easier than Airbnb), Ojai was the best fit in that moment.

2. Disconnect or Tie-Up Any Distracting Loose Ends Beforehand

When it comes to how to plan a solo overnight staycation, be sure to wrap up any unfinished business beforehand. To get the most out of your experience, you don’t want this to be a work remote situation. Take the day off and let everyone you know you’ll be out of pocket for 24 hours. I’d even advise putting your phone on airplane mode for at least half the time. If you’re in a situation where you do need to leave your phone on, at least make sure you have no lingering concerns or obligations that could interfere with your peaceful mindset on the trip.

For me, personally, the day/night I got there was fantastic. I explored the beautiful grounds on which I was staying, I walked to a beautiful restaurant for dinner and embraced the garden view from my bedroom. I turned off my phone after dinner, and when I turned it back on the next morning, I had a cryptic text waiting for me from a friend. When I replied, I got another cryptic reply, leading me to question if there was something I needed to worry about. The friend said they could only talk after work. Instead of agreeing and going on with my day, I wish I had blatantly asked if this had to do with me or to speak right then. Instead, it left my neurotic brain frazzled and poured out into the energy of what was supposed to be a mellow day. It ended up having nothing to do with me, but going into this situation next time, I’ll need to know off the bat so it doesn’t impact my peaceful experience.

3. Schedule a Healing Session

If there’s one place to take advantage of natural healing properties, it’s in nature, of course! Places like Ojai, for example, offer a slew of intuitive readings, reiki and crystal healings, sound bath experiences and other forms of re-centering and cleansing your energy. I just so happened to have a session scheduled with my bi-yearly healer later that week in L.A., but if I didn’t have that on the calendar weeks in advance, I’d absolutely have booked a session on my travel. Especially since I haven’t done any form of healing since just before the pandemic, this was such an opportune time!

4. Book a Room Somewhere Serene

Going off of No. 1, if zen is your goal for the trip, be sure your room reservation follows suit. For this sort of stay, I’m not going to book at the trendiest spot in town (even if it’s the most beautiful or luxe). I wanted somewhere small, quaint and scenic. I didn’t need room service or a full bar by the pool. I just wanted to be in nature and feel like I was in a whole new world with no familiar faces in sight. Again, I’m not big on Airbnb for solo travel (but that’s just me). I find it so much easier to book a hotel and not have to worry about anything except enjoying the experience.

5. Plan Your Trip on a Weekday

Planning your stay on a weekday is key when it comes to how to book a solo overnight trip. I went on a Thursday and stayed through early Friday afternoon. Not only do you beat the crowds (and yes, that includes some L.A. tourists), but you have better deals and vaster options. Based on my day of stay, my room was $10 off. I was also easily able to snag a last minute reservation at the hottest spot in town for dinner. And when I headed into downtown the following late morning, I felt like I had the area all to myself. I find it generally easier to decompress on weekday trips. You’re not soaking up the energy of masses of travelers around you and you don’t feel like you’re missing out on traditional weekend activities.

6. Ensure There’s a Dining Establishment Within Walking Distance

Nothing’s worse than getting in the zone and feeling at ease than having to hop into your car or deal with an annoying Lyft when all you want to do is eat a nice meal and enjoy a glass of wine. Avoid tampering with your energy flow by ensuring beforehand that there’s somewhere walking distance to eat (or somewhere [mellow] to eat on the premises of where you’re staying). I was fortunate enough to have an exquisite fine dining establishment waiting for me at the very bottom of my hotel’s hill called The Ranch House. I can’t think of a better place in that moment to enjoy a solo meal with an extraordinary view.

If you're itching to get out of L.A. alone for 24 hours, here are firsthand tips on how to plan a solo overnight trip (if you're looking for a zen recharge).

7. Set an Intention for the Trip

While getting away just to get away is all sorts of groovy, it’s so much more meaningful when you have a goal or outcome for your brief yet powerful journey. In my case, I wanted to connect with nature and clear my energy. While I’m no stranger to alone time (I’m single, I live alone and I’m very socially independent), it’s a lot different to stroll down bustling Sunset Blvd. to grab coffee than it is to stroll through an array of trees and waterfalls and peacefully reflect on life. Like with most people, the last several months have been wildly transitional. It was important to me that I shed some lingering energy that’s been piled up over the last year. While a step outdoors isn’t going to dramatically change your life or fix all your problems, it does help clear your head and put things into perspective when you don’t have the distractions of your day-to-day life clouding your mind.

Now that you know how to plan your next staycation, HERE are the best Instagram captions to accompany pics of your experience!


Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Is More Prevalent in L.A. This Year—A Mental Health Expert Explains How to Deal

January 19, 2021

Traditionally, winter months have been joyous for me. Growing up in Southern California, a rare rainy-day was a welcome reprieve from the blistering heat we experienced on the reg. All I have are fond memories of not leaving the classroom all day, or bundling up under the covers after school. Seasonal Affective Disorder in LA (OC) wasn’t a thing for me—not in the slightest. In fact, I’d never even heard the term.

Well, fast-forward to college and I learned its meaning within weeks. Upon embarking on a four-year experience at the University of Oregon, everyone warned me that it would rain more than I could probably handle. I laughed, adamantly believing it would be great. I was sorely mistaken. It rained almost every day, and it was dark and dreary—not fun and carefree. The air smelled like white bread and body odor—not campfires and bliss. This was definitely no singing in the rain-type experience. Days were o-k, but the moment the invisible sun set, I fell into a deep depression. It was a foreign feeling, and I couldn’t imagine where this was all stemming from. To make it worse, the waiting list for on-campus therapy was months long.

(via Unsplash)

After plowing through four dreadful winters, I made my way back to California, where I relocated to Los Angeles. Much like many residents of the sparkly city, weather-induced depression is masked by gifting suites and red carpet events at the hands of Awards Season. My career for as long as I can remember has had me wrapped up in endless events (whether big or small)—all of which keeping me busy and unaffected by the dreary outdoors that take a toll on so many people.

Well, as we approach almost a full year of coronavirus restrictions, Seasonal Affective Disorder in LA is hitting people a lot differently than in years past. Being stuck indoors without the distractions of typical LA events and other celebratory gatherings makes the realities of short days and extremely dark nights more prevalent.

If you struggle with this issue like so many people do, LA-based counselor and on-air expert, Sarah Michael Novia, is here to help. Keep reading for Sarah’s further explanation of the common disorder, and what may ease its negative impact.

(via Unsplash)

skyelyfe: What is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and where is it most commonly experienced?

Sarah Michael Novia: SAD is a recurring form of depression caused by lack of light, and it’s mostly experienced in geographic areas where it gets (and stays) cold and dark for long periods of time. Oversleeping, weight gain, lack of energy, loss of interest in activities, and increased sadness are pretty common symptoms.

SL: Why does it tend to be less common in LA?

SMN: In LA, we have fun in the sun year ’round, so we’re less likely to be seasonally affected. 

los angeles
(via Unsplash)

SL: Do you expect this to rise in LA this year, given lockdown circumstances?

SMN: Yes! COVID is keeping many more people indoors, mostly due to fear of catching and spreading the coronavirus. We’re lucky that the sun still shines, but it’s so important to get it on your face!

SL: What are the best ways to combat feeling low this time of year?

SMN: Exercise, exercise, exercise! There are thousands of free HIIT videos on the internet that are under 20 minutes. I love Joe Wicks (The Body Coach TV on YouTube). All you need is a yoga mat and yourself. Get that body moving every day, no matter what. Also, the healthier you eat—greens!—the better you’ll feel. Great sleep is essential as well. And get out in the sun, whenever you safely can. 

(via Unsplash)

SL: Does SAD typically require therapy or medication?

SMN: SAD can require therapy and/or medication. The first step is usually light therapy. You can purchase a lamp online—it works best when you use it right when you wake up. And medication may be necessary, but that’s something to discuss with your personal doctor. It can help you get back to functioning, in order to help you make positive changes in your life. It’s time to let go of the stigma and do what’s right for you. 

SL: Is there anything else you want people to know about this issue?

SMN: Talk therapy is always essential. Even if you aren’t currently experiencing SAD or any other mental health issues, working with a mental health professional can help you set goals and work your way through them. In my experience, therapy can be the most helpful when we aren’t bogged down with other concerns. Most people wait until their situation is untenable. And this makes the therapeutic process more difficult because you have to deal with the presenting issue before you can get to the core of what’s really happening.

If you struggle with your mental health, you’re not alone. HERE are six habits that help clear my head when I’m feeling low.


The Happy Place Just Launched as an Immersive Drive-Thru Experience in L.A.—Here’s What You Can Expect

November 20, 2020

With COVID-19 cases rising as we near the end of 2020, our activities are becoming more limited than ever. With all of the madness in mind, The Happy Place drive-thru launched as a way to temporarily distract us. In doing so, the pop-up provides a safe, interactive, family-friendly L.A. experience at the beloved outdoor Westfield Century City mall.

I was invited for a sneak peak of the attraction just before today’s official launch (Nov. 20). I invited Identify LA‘s Meagan Sargent to join me—we grabbed our masks and hit the road!

Keep reading for everything you can expect at The Happy Place drive-thru.

1. Getting Situated on Site Is a Seamless Process

As mentioned above, THP is located in Westfield Century City’s parking structure (on the third level, to be exact). Before arrival, you’re instructed to proceed through the Avenue of the Stars entrance. From there, you’ll see easy-to-follow signs that eventually lead you to the exact start of the attraction.

Prior to arrival, you purchase tickets on the website for $49.50 per car. Yes, you can have as many (fitting) attendees for just one fee. When you go to purchase your ticket, you’ll also see a calendar that lists open slots to attend. Your ticket includes two hours of free parking at the mall, encouraging you to shop and dine before or after if you want to make a full day of it. The experience is currently listed through Jan. 10, 2021.

2. The Experience Is 100% COVID-Compliant

Despite the multitude of stationary attractions that make for perfect photo opps, no one is allowed outside of their vehicle. Masks must be worn at all times, and any photos must be taken from inside the car. While this part is a bit of a bummer (the decor is just begging to be photographed with you in front of it), we appreciate the extreme safety precautions taken to ensure this lives up to its worry-free-zone message.

3. Kids Will Especially Love It

While my friend and I are definitely drawn to every Instagram photo opp, kids will be more than satisfied just cruising through each of the 18 (!) attractions (50,000 sq. ft.), which include everything from a simulated car wash, to a candy row and “Christmas tree” line. Additionally, upon arrival, we received a box with goodies that coincided with some of the stops. Kids will without question dig the freshly baked cookie, bag of Hershey’s kisses and other sweet treats packed to perfection.

4. It Won’t Take Much Time Out of Your Day

While I can’t speak for how the experience will go on a busy day, our drive-thru lasted all of 20 minutes. Granted, it was just us two, so perhaps if other people had been with us, it may have taken longer. But not being able to get out of the car certainly cut the time down a bit.

5. A Lot of Effort Went Into This Production

From the way we saw it, no expense was spared for this experience. From the lights to the intricate detail, to the variety of attractions, there really is something for everyone here—and it doesn’t appear cheap. You’re basically taken on a simulated road trip, hitting various points that include a beach, a camping area, the super bloom, San Francisco and plenty more.

The experience was conceptualized by Jared Paul, a live entertainment veteran, who has managed the careers of New Kids on the Block, Sabrina Carpenter and Lea Michele. He’s also responsible for America’s Got Talent Live! and GLEE! Live.

Curious about what else is going on in the City of Angels amid the pandemic? Click HERE for the best L.A. lifestyle newsletters to keep you afloat!


This Is What UCLA Sorority Recruitment Will Look Like Amid the Pandemic, According to the VP of Membership

September 5, 2020

Hitting the books again can be a major drag, but one of the perks of going back to school in college is rush week. Especially at an L.A. university, with so many students and so many things to do, Greek life reigns supreme. But as we’ve learned, coronavirus-tainted 2020 is making things quite different in all aspects of life—sorority recruitment included.

Because of the importance this plays at prominent L.A. schools, we just had to know how the process will go down this year. So we reached out to Ryley Holdridge, Vice President of Membership, UCLA Panhellenic Council.

Keep reading to learn about all the changes prospective (and current) Panhellenic sorority sisters will experience during rush this year.

skyelyfe: What is the present living situation with Panhellenic sororities? Given the pandemic, are people currently staying in houses together? 

Ryley Holdridge: The housing situation will differ depending on the sorority. Some have decreased the amount of women living there, so that less people share a room. Others have decided to close the chapter facility entirely, so that no members will be living there in the fall.

SL: Will 2020 recruitment still take place during the normally scheduled time of year?

RH: Fall 2020 recruitment will take place during the normally scheduled time, from Sept. 28 to Oct. 4.

SL: If so, what will that process look like now compared to “normal” years in the past?

RH: Clearly, the biggest difference is that recruitment will be virtual. Besides that we are mirroring the same four-round, multiple-theme structure, and emphasizing a values-based recruitment as in past years. The first round is the only significant departure from normal recruitment, and will consist of interview-style videos from both the chapters and the potential new members, answering the same five questions.

SL: What other changes will there be with Panhellenic sororities in general, given the present times?

RH: UCLA Panhellenic has prioritized creating a community of inclusivity. We want to hold ourselves accountable, continue to educate our members, and progress towards a more diverse and welcoming organization. For example, we created an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee. Led by two of our Panhellenic Executive board members, they are working on a recruitment recommendations letter, in addition to having regular meetings to discuss crucial issues in our community. Furthermore, for recruitment this year we are providing implicit bias training for all chapters, potential new members, and recruitment counselors. These actions are only a small part of the long term change we are hoping to make in the UCLA Panhellenic community.

SL: Has interest in joining a house decreased due to the present circumstances?

RH: The number of women registered for recruitment is lower this year, likely due to the lack of in-person events and UCLA closing the dorms. However, a virtual format makes it accessible for more women to go through the process and has allowed us to significantly lower the registration fee, which may help spike interest. 

View this post on Instagram

it’s ALPHA PHIcial ♥️🌹

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SL: How are houses ensuring safety at this time?

RH: As mentioned above, some chapter facilities are completely closing, but even ones that are staying open are limiting who can enter the house, only allowing members living in to eat meals, and other safety measures. For events, chapters are abiding by UCLA and L.A. County regulations, and will hold mostly or entirely virtual events this upcoming fall.

SL: Is there anything else you’d like readers or perspective pledges to know about this matter?

RH: Although the Panhellenic community looks drastically different this year, there’s a reason we’re still operating and engaging our members. This organization is much more than our in-person social events—we strive to empower our women, providing them with a support system as they navigate the challenges of college life, in addition to academic, and professional opportunities. Especially in these uncertain times, I believe Panhellenic will continue to impact the lives of our members and the larger Bruin community.

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Angelenos Featured

4 TikTokers to Follow If You Want a Glimpse Into Daily Life in L.A.

August 11, 2020

We’ve grown incredibly attached to TikTok during quarantine. Specifically, we’ve developed a close bond with some Los Angeles TikTokers.

Their content covers everything we love and loathe about the city we call home. From their personal adventures to the most scene-y L.A. destinations to the inside scoop on the people who live here, these local TikTokers do not hold back.

So, if you’ve ever wanted a real glimpse into L.A. life, the three TikTokers below are who you need to follow.

Girl getting her photo taken at a restaurant
via Unsplash

1. @itsmetinx

Tinx is the whole reason we even got the idea for this roundup, so we have to give a huge shoutout to her. As the self-proclaimed “oldest girl on TikTok” who lives in Los Angeles, she may be our favorite of all the TikTokers in our town. We love watching her daily trips to Erewhon and fancy dinners at the trendiest L.A. hotspots—all through her microvlogs, which we absolutely need more of. Tinx also dishes on the latest celebrity gossip in a way that’s refreshingly insightful. So follow her ASAP, because she’s about as real as it gets in L.A. (for better or worse!).

View this post on Instagram

masking for a friend

A post shared by Tinx (@itsmetinx) on

2. @blazedandglazed

Macy Eleni is here to be “your digital hype woman” through her L.A. TikToks. Though her encouraging words of wisdom aren’t specific to Angelenos, she offers other content that is. Other than pulling you out of a slump with her positivity, she also shares the best thrift store stores, finds, and more in the L.A. area. If you’re into thrifting at all, she’s the girl to follow. Your next vintage shopping experience will be the best one yet after you follow her tips.

3. @taliatalksalot

This is arguably one of the most accurate @’s out there. Talia talks a lot, it’s true, but it’s so worth it. She isn’t afraid to share her unbiased opinions about the most popular L.A. restaurants and roast some iconic L.A. Instagram spots. You don’t really know anything about The City of Angels until you hear Talia’s take on it. Her accuracy about the city’s locations (*cough* The Valley) will give you insight you didn’t know you needed. L.A. isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, but Talia could tell you that.

View this post on Instagram

Abroad has yet to change me

A post shared by Talia (@lichtagram) on

4. @misohungry

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed L.A. foodie or you just really like drooling over well-shot food videos, this is the account you need to follow. These TikToks will take your tastebuds (and eyes) on a digital journey everywhere from Echo Park (and all of the Eastside), to Koreatown, The Valley and even Long Beach and more. Misohungry provides the inside scoop on the best foodie deals, secret date spot ideas and truly the best visuals we’ve never seen when it comes to cuisine. She also doesn’t hold back when it comes to what she’s willing to try. One day it’s vegan, the next day it’s Korean BBQ. You just never know what you’ll get when you follow!

These aren’t the only TikTokers we’re obsessed with. Need some more to follow? We recommended checking out THESE TikTokers over 25 who are totally nailing the app!

Angelenos Featured

5 Ways to Show Support for L.A.’s Black Community If You Don’t Feel Comfortable Protesting

June 3, 2020

We’re living in unprecedented times of uncertainty, but more importantly, times of beautiful and powerful change

Although we at skyelyfe never condone violence, we see this as a time for the world to truly usher in greater levels of awareness, social justice, peace and harmony on this earth. It’s difficult to see the light when it feels like darkness is closely around us, but we’re here to tell you to keep the faith. Darker energies what’s been hidden in the shadows are now being brought to the surface for healing as the planet is flooded with light. Transformation is uncomfortable and it’s easy to get pulled into pessimism, but now it’s more important than ever to remember where we’re going. 

The black community of Los Angeles is facing major challenges, but if you don’t feel comfortable protesting, there are still ways for you to champion this cause. Scroll through below for a few fun and easy ways to provide assistance.

(via Unsplash)

Participate in Los Angeles Brand Valfré‘s NAACP Fundraiser

Rebellious and fiery L.A.-based clothing and accessory brand Valfré is standing in solidarity with the black community by donating 100% of the proceeds from orders placed within the next 24 hours to NAACP Legal Defense. This civil rights organization provides assistance to people of color that can’t otherwise afford legal counsel. Valfré has plenty of adorable items to choose from and you’ll be backing movements for change and social justice in the process.

View this post on Instagram

The Madeline Backpacks ❤️🖤💛 #valfre

A post shared by Valfré (@valfre) on

Donate to the People’s City Council Freedom Fund

The People’s City Council has a top priority of voicing the concerns of the people of L.A. They’ll aid with bail fines, medical fees, and legal assistance for protestors and community medics during this time through a GoFundMe that you can contribute to HERE. Excitingly enough, the fund has reached almost two million dollars! Help them further reach their goal by donating and sharing on social media.

Donate to Black Lives Matter Los Angeles

Show your support for the Los Angeles chapter of Black Lives Matter, who has dedicated themselves to organizing non-violent protests and compiling demands to help the black community, which has been severely impacted by coronavirus. Their vision, drive and passion for building a just and free society is something we deeply resonate with and admire. Donate to their chapter and cause HERE.

Order Food from L.A. Businesses Supporting Black Causes

Provide even more support for NAACP, Black Lives Matter and the ACLU by hitting some of your favorite local food joints. Many restaurants are giving a portion of their current proceeds (others donating 100 percent of them) to these causes, making it easier than ever for you to indirectly be of service to these organizations. To name a few, Highland Park’s Block Party, vegan Cuban pop-up Señoreata and Offshore Tea will dynamically contribute to these valiant causes.

Order From and Support Black-Owned Businesses Directly

Indirect support is always great, but make even more of an impact by ordering from black-owned businesses directly. Shoutout to incredible food writer Kat Hong for putting together and sharing a Google spreadsheet of restaurants owned by people of color in L.A. The list is broken down by area, Instagram, website and phone number, and can be shared on all social platforms. Grab some takeout from these places, be sure to tip generously and share the spreadsheet with friends and fam!


The Best L.A. Lifestyle Newsletters to Keep You Busy During Quarantine

March 29, 2020

Under normal circumstances, newsletters are a welcome, yet fleeting addition to our inbox every day.

But now that the hustle and bustle of daily life has shifted drastically for most of us, there’s quite a bit more time to dig into these little gems. Below, you’ll find the best L.A. lifestyle reads to keep you busy during quarantine.

(via Unsplash)

Fitt Los Angeles

Fitt’s weekly rundown has been a total life saver to us lately. With everything from home workout recommendations to “social distancing dance parties,” their A+ content is bound to perk you up.

We Like L.A.

We don’t just like, we love this newsletter for featuring restaurants that are now also acting as grocery stores—an immensely smart move for the food service industry. They support local businesses and even feature chefs who offer recipes and free online cooking classes at the moment.

Love & Loathing L.A.

Love & Loathing L.A. blogger Caroline Juen spoke to our soul this week with her at-home cocktails feature in her newsletter. She also completely gets that we’re trying to avoid the #Corona20 and made sure to include only low-cal options.

View this post on Instagram

*TAP OPEN IN IGTV TO BE ABLE TO SEE DIRECTIONS 🤗* . Desperate times friends! But the good news is cocktails – really good ones – do not have to be complicated to make on your own. In your favorite “Quarantine Chic” look might I add 💁🏼‍♀️. These are a few of my absolute favorite: . *3-4 ingredient *low calorie *accessible ingredients *and f*!%ing delicious cocktails. . Which include: . SKINNY MEZCAL MARGARITA (which you can obviously sub for Tequila) – I love @delmagueymezcal – but also Montelobos/El Silencio/Dos Hombres 🍈 (is that a lime?) . APEROL SPRITZ (great for helping mentally transport yourself to a vacation, @aperolusa) – Prosecco is always pretty affordable too 🙌🍹 . GOLD RUSH-ISH (because I have a secret add on) – I love @EagleRareBourbon and that’s about it for me 😂 kidding kind of 🥃 . LEMON DROP (not the tacky overly sweet kind, like the one me and @celestethomas made a few months back!!) – I love @BelvedereVodka and I have my giant bottle to prove it 🍸🍋 . All of these ingredients *should* be available at your grocery store, but don’t forget @postmates and @sauceyapp deliver alcohol and other accoutrements too! . Thank you for watching my Sunday afternoon project, 🤣🙏🍹 NOW GO FORTH! CHEERS!! . #cocktailsathome #cocktailvideo #howtovideo #easycocktails #imbibe #cheers #drinkstagram #happyhourathome #mixology #mezcal #aperolspritz #vodka #bourbon #funathome

A post shared by Love and Loathing Los Angeles (@loveandloathingla) on

Buzzbands L.A.

Buzzbands, who kills it on the regular anyway, has started a series in their newsletter called “Quarantunes,” which sees L.A. artists sharing what they’re doing to preserve their sanity during this time, along with a playlist of their current favorite jams. It also includes a daily roundup series of concerts you can livestream, aptly called “Notes on a Pandemic.”

Do L.A.

This wouldn’t be a “best” list without our most beloved newsletter, Do L.A. They’ve now shifted their focus to illuminating ways to help the community, donations for musicians and more. We were saddened to hear this week that they’re struggling to stay afloat through all this. If you can support them in any way, be sure to do so HERE.

Angelenos Featured

As a Huge Fan of the Original Hills, Here Are 11 Thoughts I Had Watching New Beginnings

June 26, 2019

(via MTV)

This may make some of you want to run for, ahem, The Hills, but MTV’s iconic reality TV show returned on Monday after a decade-long hiatus.

To mixed reactions, Heidi Montag (Pratt), Spencer Pratt, Brody Jenner, Justin “Bobby” Brescia, Audrina Patridge and a handful of folks you probably don’t care about hit the small screen in a reboot called The Hills: New Beginnings.

Fans (most definitely me included) fell in love with original series because it followed hot, young people (namely, Laguna Beach alum Lauren Conrad) navigating the trials and tribulations of dating, clubbing and working in Los Angeles. Long before the term “influencer” existed, and during an era when making MySpace photo albums was the key to sharing your life with the world, this show served as your insider’s peek at luxe life in the City of Angels.

Like many, I was on the fence about the reboot. Leave well enough alone, I said. But, naturally, curiosity got the best of me, and along with a fellow OG Hills fan friend of mine, I decided to give the reboot’s premiere a whirl (after a thematic dinner at Don Antonio’s, of course!). And yes, after it aired, I had lots of opinions.

(via Instagram / @heidimontag)

Keep reading for 11 thoughts I had watching The Hills: New Beginnings (*note: minor spoilers ahead!):

1. The Show Isn’t the Same Without LC

I’m here to say what we’re all thinking: You can’t do The Hills without Lauren. Sure, she’s not the most wild and crazy face to ever appear on reality TV, but there’s so much about her that we all idolize(d). We love her style, her endless collection of Chanel handbags and headbands, her hair (oh my gosh, I love her hair), her ridiculous friend drama, her dating woes, her ability to just be… perfect. Sigh. I don’t think any of the current people on the show are strong enough to carry it on their own. Speidi had a huge moment back in the day, but I believe that ship has sailed (though, as they say, the rest is still unwritten).

(via MTV)

2. Whitney Serves Even Less of a Purpose Now

Whitney Port, bless her soul. Never one to create drama on-screen or off, I commend her, as she’s quite the class act. While this is all well and good, it doesn’t exactly translate into good TV. Whitney wasn’t a draw in the original, but she served a purpose as LC’s voice of reason and office bestie. Now? I really have no clue.

I know I’m not the only one who found the opening scene between Audrina, Whitney and Heidi to seem incredibly forced. Whitney was never really friends with Heidi, outside of when Heidi was friends with Lauren, and I highly doubt if Audrina was seeking out friends again, Whitney is the first person she’d call. So yeah, their reunion didn’t feel organic at all. It’ll be interesting to see how Whitney’s storyline (if any) unfolds in this reboot.

3. Mischa Definitely Doesn’t Seem Like She Wants to Be Here

Perhaps she’ll let her guard down as the season takes off, but for now, Mischa seems timid and reserved, yet also very mellow and not here for the drama (more power to her!). We don’t need another Whitney, so if Mischa’s role is simply to nod her head and look pretty, I don’t think she’ll bring much to the show. But, I think with this one, time will tell. Good for her for putting herself out there. It’s been a minute, and it’s nice to see her feeling like herself again.

4. Perez… Really?

This isn’t 2006, so no one—and I mean no one—cares about Perez Hilton. So when it was announced on the premiere, that, much to the dismay of Mischa, Perez would be attending Stephanie Pratt’s moving-back-to-L.A. party, I was a bit dumbfounded. Obviously it was to punch up the storyline. Perez notoriously hated on Mischa throughout the years, stupidly calling her out for her weight gain and then-messy lifestyle (he nicknamed her “Mushy Fartone”—dumb, I know). But all these years later, I’m not sure how many people are interested in the two of them coming face-to-face at a party (which is likely staged anyway. They probably already made up, because why else would Mischa’s close friends invite her “worst enemy” to a party?).

5. This Isn’t a Show for the Masses

Going into it, I thought this would have Vanderpump Rules vibes (well, kinda), but the way the premiere was set up really makes the reboot appealing only to people who followed the original show. At least from this first episode, I don’t see myself dying to get a peek into these people’s lives without already knowing their backstory. You’re really only going to care about this group’s drama if you care in the first place. They’re a bit older with kids and pasts, unlike the fresh start they all had on the original series.

(via MTV)

6. Why Is Everything Filmed in Malibu?

No disrespect to Malibu, as it’s an iconic L.A. staple, but is this the only part of town in which the show is allowed to film? Part of the allure of the OG Hills was seeing the madness on Sunset Blvd. and getting a glimpse behind velvet ropes and brand new eating establishments all around the city. I get that the cast is older now, but they’re still supposed to represent the “cool crowd” who knows what’s up in town. No? I would very much like to revert back to the days of sipping iced tea somewhere on 3rd St. while dishing on drama from the night before.

7. The Confessionals… LOL

And for dramatic effect… the reboot brings you the confessionals. Following in the footsteps of most other reality shows, New Beginnings now has the cast explaining what goes on the behind the scenes. It’s probably a smart move in this case, since we all kind of need to know how these folks re-came together after all these years.

(via MTV)

8. Will They Ever Give the Audrina/Justin Storyline a Break?

I found Audrina’s heartfelt explanation of her divorce pain to be raw and intriguing. Audrina looks absolutely stunning, and based on how her messy divorce and custody battle played out in the media, we all know she’s genuinely been through a lot. It’s just funny, however, that MTV always comes back to the Audrina/Justin romance saga. Quite frankly, this is the one plotline that keeps me guessing. Have they both still actually been in touch all this time? Do they still have feelings for each other? They clearly get along and have chemistry, but I can’t tell if possible romantic interest is all for show. Based on how MTV stirred up a fake triangle between Justin, Audrina and Kristin Cavallari in the past, it’s hard to know what’s real in the present.

(via MTV)

9. Brody and Justin Are Suddenly Surfing Together?

This definitely was an orchestrated-by-MTV moment, but hey, I will say the two dudes mesh nicely and seem to get along, even if they would have no reason to be hanging out on the beach together.

10. Where’d Steph’s British Accent Go?

Well, that was fast! The minute Stephanie landed on L.A. soil, her “British accent” morphed into that of a longtime Angeleno (aka what she sounded like when she was on the original Hills). And the former Made in Chelsea star wasted no time acknowledging its disappearance, in a conversation with Frankie Delgado. Blaming it on her brother making fun of her for it, British accent be gone!

11. It Wasn’t the Worst

After all is said and done, the premiere wasn’t an utter disappointment. If you ignore the fact that LC (and later in the original, Kristin) will be absent from the reboot, and that iconic fights at Hollywood nightclubs (“you know what you did!”) are likely a thing of the past, it’s easy to enjoy the show for what it is. While I don’t expect the stars to be the heightened tabloid fixtures of yesteryear, catching the series each week will be a nice reprieve from a long day stuck in traffic or whatever else has been taking up my thoughts. While there are definitely some things I’d like to see more of in particular, as far as reality shows are concerned, this definitely seems to be among the more entertaining options.

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Clothing Designer Sheer Sebag, on Disrupting L.A.’s Apparel Tech Industry

May 9, 2019

Photo courtesy of Sheer Sebag

While having a side gig in L.A. is par for the course, Sheer Sebag went a different route and changed her career altogether.

The Beverly Hills-based beauty recently dropped her full-time finance gig to pursue fashion design—and has since launched a size-inclusive line of LBDs that do the work of SPANX, without the uncomfortable added clothing layer. Appropriately named SHEER, these little black dresses, which come in XS-XXL (0-18), are made with built-in shapewear, sucking you in, in all the right places.

I actually met Sheer at Soho House (go figure), and when we got to talking, I was beyond impressed with her innovative invention. As I cringe thinking about how frumpy I felt the last time I wore my granny-panty SPANX, I sit here in awe, shocked that a line like SHEER had yet to exist.

Sheer was beyond gracious enough to send me a dress of my own, and while the shape was indeed flattering, it was slightly too snug, so I felt it was so much more appropriate for my friend Christina to model it on my behalf. I love how you can totally dress this up (and down, as evidenced in the photo of Christina below).

(Photo courtesy of Christina M.)

I love supporting rising L.A. designers, especially because it must be challenging to make it in such a saturated market. Sheer took the time to answer some of my biggest questions about the ups and downs of launching a clothing line in the City of Angels, and who she admires when it comes to her own style.

skyelyfe: What’s the biggest challenge of starting a clothing brand in L.A. vs. somewhere else?

Sheer Sebag:

Being an L.A.-based clothing brand can create even more pressure for you to succeed in what is already known to be an extremely competitive landscape. L.A. is one of the fashion capitals of the world, there’s a lot of competition in this city, and new clothing brands are launched here, practically everyday, which gives you a small window of opportunity to stand out amongst the bigger more well-known clothing brands based here.

SL: What’s the benefit of starting a clothing brand in L.A. vs. somewhere else?


There are a lot of benefits to being an L.A.-based clothing brand. You have a lot of access to resources within the industry, networking, the media, celebs. etc. It’s a melting pot of all of that in one place.

(via Unsplash)

SL: Would you have designed the dresses differently or changed your concept had you launched your brand elsewhere?


Growing up in a city like L.A., where body image and beauty are synonyms to the culture, it put a lot of pressure on me to constantly feel like I needed to look a certain way to be beautiful. You’re surrounded by models and celebrities both in real life and on TV, magazine covers and billboards, who are slim and fit, and you can’t help but compare yourself to them. It definitely played a role behind the inspiration, design and concept of the dress. When I came up with the design and concept, I wanted to inspire confidence in women, while giving them a “magic” little black dress that has the comfort of Lululemon yoga pants with the shaping technology of SPANX in a traditional, elegant, and sexy style—all in one piece—that can take them from day to night.

(Photo courtesy of SHEER)

SL: What are the biggest cliches that hold true about L.A. fashion?


Yoga pants, statement sneakers, oversized jackets, designer handbags, and ’70s-style sunglasses.

SL: What are the biggest misconceptions about L.A. fashion?


Probably that you always need to look super glam and be dressed really well when going out. In reality, it’s quite the contrary! You can literally wear anything and nobody will judge you for it. You can go out during the day or night completely glammed up from head to toe, wearing designer brand clothing and heels—or be low-key casual chic, in yoga pants or jeans, a simple tee, oversized jacket, Vans, and no makeup.

SL: What do you love most about L.A. fashion?


I loved that L.A. fashion has a very lax and carefree attitude. You can wear anything, and the next day it can become the biggest fashion trend!

(via Unsplash)

SL: Who are some L.A. designers who have done things in a way you admire?


There are really so many incredible designers and brands based in L.A. To name a few: Rachel Zoe, Monique Lhuillier, DVF, James Perse, Jeremy Scott, Reformation, Re/Done.

SL: Where are your favorite places and websites to shop for clothes?


I’m a big online shopper. These days, I don’t have much free time to shop in stores. Online shopping is a lifesaver. I really love Net-a-porter, Revolve and Intermix.

SL: How does it feel to be a female designer? And did you face specific challenges in the design process based on your sex?


It’s an incredible feeling to be able to design and create clothing that not only inspires confidence in women, but helps them. For the longest time, men were designing clothing and intimates for women, and didn’t truly understand how things should fit and feel. Only a woman knows what she wants for herself, how she wants to feel in her clothes, and how the clothes should fit her body. It’s an exciting time right now, as female founders and designers are at the forefront and revolutionizing the clothing and fashion industry.

I’m very fortunate to be designing clothing during this time, and in this country, where I have such an outpour of support and positive feedback. There have been immense shifts in our culture, and we’ve really come a long way as woman. I always remind myself how lucky I am to be born in this era and have the freedom to do what I love. If it were only a few decades ago, it would have been much more challenging based on my sex.

SL: Where are your favorite places in L.A. to eat/drink/workout/live?


Favorite go-to’s for drinks and food: Cha Cha Matcha, Kreation, Erewhon, Alfred’s Coffee, Lemonade, Il Pastaio, Wally’s, Madeo, Tower Bar and Soho House.

For workouts: Eden Sassoon Pilates, SoulCycle, Hot 8 Yoga, and any outdoor hiking trails.

To live: Malibu! I love the ocean so much.

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6 Hidden Gems to Visit in the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills Area If You Want a Fancy Cocktail

December 13, 2018

Even the most hidden spots don’t stay under the radar for long in the bustling, social cities of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

I mean, how many dates have you gone on at places with nondescript entrances a la Roger Room?

But even so, we’ve still managed to dig up a few remaining gems in 90069 and 90210—ones that serve up libations to be remembered (well, that is, depending on how many you drink!).

Whether you’re feeling a quiet date spot, strive for the highest quality liquor, or are just a sucker for a dreamy patio, we rounded up the six best hidden gem spots in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood if you want a fancy cocktail.

Chamberlain Bistro at the Chamberlain Hotel – West Hollywood

Located just off Sunset Blvd. (yet tucked just far enough away), the beautiful outdoor patio at the newly renovated Chamberlain Hotel is beyond perfect for sipping a few cocktails day or night. And in addition to their Hollywood-inspired libations, you also can’t go wrong with their risotto fritters and hand-cut Fries, yum.

(The Chamberlain via Instagram)

THE Blvd at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel – Beverly Hills

With seriously lush sofas and a Plaza-style chandelier, THE Blvd at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel is definitely an underrated spot. Whether you want to feel like a Breakfast at Tiffany’s character or just want to people watch, you can do both these things in style by grabbing a drink at their 18-foot onyx bar. It’s casual.

(THE Blvd via Instagram)

Crescent Lounge – Beverly Hills

Warm summer nights are best spent at this airy villa-style terrace, located inside the boutiquey Crescent Hôtel. It’s the elegantly furnished patio we’ve only seen in our dreams. It’s a super versatile spot that can host anything from a birthday brunch or wedding shower to a classy and casual GNO. Tastebuds beware: Drinks are strong and pungent!

(Crescent Hotel via Instagram)

CITIZEN – Beverly Hills

Sandwiched between some of the stuffier spots in 90210, this beautifully decorated bar and restaurant is a much more laidback addition to the area, making it easy to overlook. But it’s absolutely worth checking out. Their extensive food menu will send you straight to heaven, and their Avocado Toast cocktail (so L.A.) is one of the best and unlike anything we’ve ever had before.

(CITIZEN via Instagram)

The Club Bar at the Peninsula – Beverly Hills

It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle when located on Santa Monica Blvd., but the Club Bar at the Peninsula shouldn’t be overlooked. If getting away from all the noise along the street isn’t already enough of a selling point, you should also stay for their impressive wine list.

(The Peninsula Beverly Hills via Instagram)

£10 (Ten Pound) at the Montage Beverly Hills – Beverly Hills

Tucked away on the Montage’s second floor, £10 is a go-to spot for any true whiskey lover. You’ll experience finely aged cocktails and old-style décor that’s reminiscent of the early 1920s. Who needs a speakeasy when you can get the same vibe at a sleek and modern hotel?

(The Montage Beverly Hills via Instagram)

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15 Truths Every South Bay Resident Will Find Too Relatable

June 5, 2018

Living in the South Bay can sometimes be a dream.

You’re just a hop, skip and a jump away from the beach, traffic (for the most part) is nonexistent and you’re about a 15-minute Uber ride to the airport. But the grass is always greener.

Though the South Bay has its perks, there are also plenty of struggles that accompany being a permanent resident of the area. If you happen to live in this part of town, you’ll find the 15 truths below all too relatable—for better or worse!

Hermosa Beach lifeguard towers

Unsplash / @ryanwaring

1. Being so close to the airport, everyone expects you to either pick them up or drop them off. Uber and Lyft exist for a reason, guys.

2. Living within walking distance to the beach is so nice, except you never have any time to go. And when you finally decide to venture out there, it’s always way too crowded or the temperature is at either end of the extreme.

3. Forcing yourself to leave the bubble is a difficult task. While you’d love to hit up a bar in West Hollywood or a ramen spot in Silver Lake, the thought of having to drive all the way out there is a nightmare.

4. Instead, you decide to go out on your side of town. Which is fun, except it’s not. All the bars are filled with the annoying bros and middle-aged women trying to find their second husband. You get over the nightlife real fast.

5. If you don’t play beach volleyball or know how to surf, good luck making friends. That’s all anyone does in the South Bay.

Guys playing beach volleyball

Unsplash / @jacobrepko

6. You see the same people everywhere. Everyone in the South Bay knows everyone.

7. It feels like it’s always summer, which means your productivity levels don’t exist. When the beach is your backyard, you suddenly become the most laid-back person on the planet.

8. Just about everyone and their grandma is constantly rocking boardshorts and bathing suits all year round.

9. Once you discover your favorite bar, it’s yours forever and no one can take it away from you. You will be there every weekend, till death do you part.

10. There are at least three bartenders who not only know your go-to drink order and how to make it the right way, but also your entire life story. They know every last detail, so keep ’em close.

Bartender making a drink

Unsplash / @ivancortez14

11. The food options are… interesting, to say the least. Why there’s such an obsession with El Burrito Jr. (aka El BJs), you’ll never understand. But you still go as often as you can.

12. Whenever you hang out with your friends who don’t live in the South Bay, you make sure they come to you. You’re not about to venture anywhere outside of your comfort zone. Plus, your friends always want to hit up the beach anyway, so it works out for everyone.

13. Dating is awful. Every guy is a total bro who only owns Hawaiian shirts and army-print shorts. Fantastic.

14. Those who were born and bred in the South Bay are quick to defend it. Talk a lick of smack about it and you better be prepared to fight—yikes.

15. You might not fully appreciate all the South Bay has to offer, but you couldn’t see yourself living anywhere else. Once you make it your home, you’re stuck there forever. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is on you to figure out.

Girl sitting on the beach looking at the ocean

Unsplash / @smyeste


THIS Untraditional ‘Garage Sale’ Is About to Be Your New High-End L.A. Hotspot

May 23, 2018

Summer kicks off next month, which means there’s no time like the present to revamp your wardrobe with new items for the season.

For those who aren’t enthralled by the mass-produced, fast fashion staples readily available at your traditional shopping venues, we’ve got just the pop-up shops for you to check out—Luxury Garage Sale and Urban Air Market.

LGS is a leading online upscale consignment marketplace, specializing in luxury designer clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories. They’re opening two pop-up shops for 30-day runs in Los Angeles, specifically in West Hollywood (611 N La Cienega Blvd) from May 18 – June 18, and at the Glendale Galleria (100 W. Broadway) from June 1 – June 28.

girl carries handbags she purchased from luxury garage sale

Instagram / @LuxuryGarageSale

Not only do the LGS pop-ups offer shoppers a curated luxury shopping experience, it also gives consignors a trusted avenue for re-selling their goods at fair market price. So whether you’re looking for one-on-one personal styling consultations that’ll help you find exceptional, rare or transformative pieces, or if you’re hoping to sell some of your designer threads, LGS is the place to be.

While LGS offers more upscale items, Urban Air Market is open to those of you looking for more local and sustainable designs.

crystal/energy stone necklaces from Urban Air Market in Los Feliz

Instagram / @UrbanAirMarket

UAM’s free, one-day event will take place at Los Feliz Village on Hillhurst at Franklin and will be open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on June 3. We highly suggest getting there as soon as it opens, because UAM will feature 100 emerging, sustainable brands—including Amanda Sage Collection, Circuit King Classics, Daughters of Culture, Iron Lily and many more. Not to mention, there’ll be live musical performances from by MB3, Ipanema Lounge, Dani W., Jonny Sands, Irish Goodbye and Sylvia Bosco.

And if you get too tired of shopping or aren’t into the live performances, you can participate in activities such as hula hooping, tarot card readings or making DIY keychains, tassel necklaces or buttons. The choice is yours.

Mark your calendars and prepare to shop till you drop, because these are two pop-ups that no fashion savvy individual should miss out on.

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11 Struggles You’ll Relate to If You’ve Ever Been to Runyon

January 5, 2018

Photo Credit: Unsplash / Roberto Nickson

There are people like me who actually find Runyon incredibly challenging (short legs, hate cardio)—and then there’s the rest of L.A., who considers it a slight add-on to their daily workout routine.

Well, regardless of whether you resonate with the former or the latter, we can all come together and agree upon one thing: Runyon is a pain in the ass.

And after reading the 11 reasons below, there’s a good chance you’ll be thinking about this list the next time you brave that Hollywood staple:

1. You’re forced to come up with nicknames for every person you know, because you just never know what familiar face will come strolling by as you’re gossipping to your hiking partner

2. The hike just to get to the Runyon entrance can sometimes be as challenging as the hike itself

3. The water supply is scarce up there and you find your water bottle empty (and you panting for hydration) within only a few minutes of your hike

Instagram / @DahviShira

4. You’ve Ubered to Runyon before, because the $10 out of your paycheck is worth the hour of driving around in circles

5. And if you did drive, you’ve ended up having to pay for valet (which does exist at Runyon, #onlyinLA!)

Instagram / @DahviShira

6. The uphill hike itself is obviously more strenuous, but the long tippy-toe way down is straight-up tedious

7. There’s always someone skinnier and speedier dashing up those hills. As you struggle up those humps, you wonder how they make it look so simple

8. One of the only things getting you through this trek is Spotify. So when you start going in and out of service, you’re about ready to quit

9. Dogs are running wild, and while plenty are cute and all, you just never know if you might get attacked

10. You always plan on taking a cute selfie once you finally make it to the top, but you end up looking too sweaty by the time you end up getting there

Instagram / @DahviShira

11. But as it is, you’ve taken so many Instas of the view anyway that it’s a struggle to constantly come up with a new caption and new pose.

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29 Signs You’re a Basic Bitch in L.A.

November 28, 2017

It’s universally common to make a quick Starbucks pitstop on the way to work each day, or feel out of sorts if you don’t get at least three days of fitness into your weekly routine—but there are certain activities, interests and habits that pertain particularly to Angelenos.

Are you just like everyone else in this town? Or do you stray from the city’s beaten path?

Keep reading for 29 signs you’re a basic bitch in L.A.

Photo Credit: Unsplash / @ocvisual

1. You’re the first to request “Bad & Boujee” at the club

2. ” ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ is your go-to karaoke jam

3. You go to The Bungalow at least once a week

4. You’ve celebrated your birthday at The Bungalow at least once

5. You’ve made out with at least three people at The Bungalow over time

6. You or someone close to you has had their bachelorette at The Abbey

7. The only gay bar you’ve been to is The Abbey

8. You can’t imagine living anywhere but Santa Monica (Venice, if you’re feeling slightly more on the spendy-trendy side)

Photo Credit: Unsplash / @shannacamilleri

9. 75% of your Instagrams involve a gaggle of 4-6 gal pals toasting with either champagne or rosé

10. “Rosé All Day” is your motto—obvi

11. Your social media userpic is either a headshot, you at Runyon, you at Coachella or you in front of a mural wall (bonus points if it’s taken in Venice. Extra bonus points if it’s taken in front of wings!)

Photo Credit: Unsplash / @marianorossi

12. A day in hell for you is one in which you’ve missed Pilates

13. You think Silverlake is too far away and full of way too many hipsters

14. But… all the cool kids are going to Tenants of the Trees, so you’ll make an Eastside exception this once… or twice

15. Alfred Coffee lattes are worth every overpriced penny, in your opinion

Photo Credit: Unsplash / @thecupandtheroad

16. Alfred Coffee is your go-to when you have a day to take your laptop and roam free

17. The baristas at Alfred Coffee (whichever location) know you by name

18. You sign on to buy your Coachella tickets the second they go on sale and will stop at NOTHING to get them

Photo Credit: Unsplash / @ericjamesward

19. Coachella isn’t enough for you. You also go to Stagecoach, ’cause, you know, the more time on those Empire Polo Fields, the better.

20. You don’t usually bother with breakfast, because a Pressed Juicery is right around the corner

21. Halloween is the most important weekend in your L.A. life (besides Coachella, of course!)

22. You’re a ride-or-die Rams and Lakers fan, but you’ve never been to a Dodger game

23. The second Saturday of October is booked from now until eternity (aka when you move out of L.A.)! You’ll obvi be at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic (because polo is your fav sport and all)

Photo Credit: Pixabay

24. Your weekend morning routine goes as follows: work out, grab juice, head to flea market

25. You drive a Mercedes, BMW or Prius

26. You love going to brunch (usually in Venice), mainly so you can pack your Insta feed with photos like this:

Photo Credit: Unsplash / @brookelark

27. You consider yourself an “influencer” and can actually explain to someone in-depth what the term means

28. You refuse to tag any brand or product on social media unless you’re being paid to do so

29. When you’re not downing bottles of rosé, vodka soda is the only alcoholic beverage you’d dare consume


  • If only 1-9 signs pertain to you, you’ve managed to live in a metropolitan area without succumbing to everyone else’s norm. It’s hard not to be influenced by everyone else around you, but you’ve proved it’s possible. You live your most authentic life and have figured out what works for you. You’re pretty independent and don’t care about being “seen.”
  • If 10-19 signs pertain to you, you like doing your own thing, but you also love being in big crowds and running into people you know. You love to have fun, and even if it means following the norm, it’s cool with you as long as it keeps you busy.
  • If 20-29 signs pertain to you, you have a bad case of FOMO. You don’t like being apart from your group, and if you’re stuck being somewhere or doing something different from them even for a night, you’ll go crazy. It’s hard for you to adapt to new surroundings and get out of your comfort zone, but at least you have a routine that keeps you motivated and content, and people know what to expect from you.

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PHOTOS: Grindr Launches Digital Magazine for LGBTQ Millennials With Swanky L.A. Rooftop Celebration

August 29, 2017

Grindr is expanding!

The most popular dating app for gay men just launched a digital magazine, and skyelyfe was on hand to celebrate the momentous occasion.

INTO, a cultural and lifestyle destination aimed at LGBTQ+ millennials, officiated its arrival recently at the picturesque London West Hollywood at Beverly Hills’ rooftop, hosted by Editor-in-Chief Zach Stafford, who hails from The Guardian and OUT.

Complete with decadent decor, several food stands (hello, all-you-can-eat fajitas and a build-your-own-burger bar!), premium open bars and a photo booth, this new website was kicked off in the swankiest style.

Even if you weren’t one of the coveted guests invited to the launch party, you can live vicariously through the photos below!

Photo Courtesy of Spark PR

Photo Courtesy of Spark PR

Photo Courtesy of Spark PR

Photo Courtesy of Spark PR

Photo Courtesy of Spark PR

Photo Courtesy of Spark PR

Photo Courtesy of Spark PR

Photo Courtesy of Spark PR

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Married at First Sight‘s Dr. Pepper Schwartz Advises Skyelyfe Readers on How to Find Dating Success in L.A.

July 24, 2017

Angelenos, don’t expect to see any of your colleagues or acquaintances on Lifetime’s hit series Married at First Sight.

According to the show’s sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz, “While I would never say never about anything, I think it’s unlikely for the show to happen in Los Angeles,” she tells skyelyfe. “It is very important to us that our couples are not looking for fame or a way into show business, but rather just looking for a spouse and love and marriage. There are so many actors in L.A., and so many very good actors in L.A., that I fear we couldn’t tell the committed individuals from the merely ambitious ones.”

For those out of the loop (you’re truly missing out if so!), MAFS goes through an extensive screening process to attempt to match up complete strangers who are eager to get married ASAP. Without knowing a thing about their potential new lifelong partner, they commit to marrying them based on Pepper and her expert team’s advisory. As proven on the four completed seasons (the show is currently in the midst of its fifth), 7/12 couples chose to stay married by the time their season ended and divorce was an option. Presently, two couples (all the way back from season one) are still married.

A big issue Dr. Pepper finds in some of the women in these blind marriages is FSD (Female Sexual Dysfunction), which is sexual difficulties for a woman that last six months or more, causing her personal distress. More info can be found HERE.

Keep reading for the Yale University graduate’s thoughts on the issue, along with how it’s affected members of the show and how people in L.A. can more easily navigate those pesky dating apps and dating out here in general!


skyelyfe: In your own words, please describe FSD.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz: There are four forms of FSD; the most common is lack of desire, also known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). Basically, it means that you have lost the feeling of wanting sexual connection and this has gone on for more than six months and the absence of feeling is upsetting and frustrating to you.

Unfortunately, despite how common this condition is, research shows that women with low sexual desire are just dealing with it by hoping it will get better or acting as if they don’t feel anything or perhaps just refusing sex all the time despite the negative impact it may have on their overall health and their relationship.

None of these approaches however are likely to solve the problem. So, there really needs to be a direct approach, which means the first step is recognizing the change in sexual drive. Then, the second step requires having an open conversation with a partner and potentially a healthcare provider or therapist to see if the situation has emotional causes or temporary physical issues, or if it is a possible medical condition called HSDD, or another form of FSD.

SL: On Married at First Sight, have you ever paired a couple who didn’t have the sexual chemistry you expected?

DPS: Yes, sexual chemistry is one of the hardest thing to predict, but we have had all kinds of surprises. In the first season, Jamie took one look at Doug and was turned off and disappointed—she crumpled in a heap after the ceremony. Later on, she fell in love with him and now they are happily married, expecting their first child. She thinks he’s adorable now and there is plenty of chemistry, so sometimes it develops. On the other hand, at the present time in this season, Danielle started out having chemistry with Cody but it seems to have evaporated or gone into deep freeze. We are surprised there is any problem there. First we thought they would find each other attractive—and indeed they did—but we didn’t expect it to go away!

SL: How does it make you feel when a couple you’ve helped set up gets a divorce?

DPS: We all feel terrible when a couple we matched decides to get a divorce. Especially since some of them started off so well and had so much chemistry and mutual admiration. Sometimes it leaves one or both people brokenhearted and of course I feel for their disappointment and dashed hopes. We do our best and try to support them as much as we can, but sometimes there are issues we couldn’t or didn’t predict and it just doesn’t last.

SL: Do you believe that L.A. truly is harder to find a match in than other cities or do you think it’s just in people’s heads? Why or why not?

DPS: I don’t know if it’s harder for Angelenos to find love than it is for other people, but I must say it’s probably stiffer competition! There are so many great looking people in this city it might be hard to just pick one.


SL: What is your best advice for mastering online dating apps in L.A. as opposed to other cities?

DPS: I would go to the sites that are not looking for a quick hook up. I would avoid Tinder and Grindr, unless you are not looking for something serious. I know people do often find spouses on these sites, but that’s not their core purpose. I would also not just pick the most gorgeous person on the site but rather pay real attention to what they write about themselves and how well they express themselves. I would also say look for tone and what they state as their goals. You want to be in sync!

SL: Any general secrets or tips you can share to dating, flirting and meeting a potential match?

DPS: It’s hard to give succinct tips on dating and flirting. There is so much to know and learn! I would say you do have to make yourself “welcoming.” People are often shyer than they appear on the surface. And, open up your categories of who you might be interested in. If you haven’t found your one and only yet, it may be that whatever you are doing or saying needs to be tweaked or seriously revamped. Use a close and honest friend to give you feedback.

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Attention L.A. Yogis—These Are the Unique Summer Events You Need on Your Radar!

July 18, 2017

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed yogi or you simply want to take up a new hobby this summer, L.A. is obviously the perfect place to do just that.

The City of Angels is jam-packed with yoga activities from now through mid-August, and there’s no shortage of variety and experience level at your fingertips.

From outdoor classes to festivals and workshops, read on to find out the best events to incorporate yoga into your life this season!


  • Flow + Flavor Rooftop Yoga: Imagine performing sun salutations led by some of L.A.’s top yoga teachers with a killer view of downtown. Now, add some blissful beats with “Sound Off” headphones and finish it all off with a delicious brunch and the chance to peruse a curated collection of unique and stylish pop-up shops at ROW DTLA. This unforgettable event is hosted by Bender. Sign up for the July 23rd Deep House Yoga edition with special guest DJ Alissa Jo HERE.
  • Yoga x Sound x Art: Prepare to be inspired on July 22. This unique event blends yoga, music and art together. Come to the Bergamot Station Arts Center in Santa Monica for a session with yoga teacher Mia Togo and the resident DJ from Bender. After class, you can indulge your artistic tastes by touring the dozens of art galleries. Oh, and did we mention the food trucks and beer tastings? Doors open at 11:00 am and the all levels yoga class starts 11:30 am inside the D3 gallery space. Register HERE.
  • Baby Goat Yoga: You read that right—yoga with baby goats! Come on and try it out at Lavender Wood Farm. It’s a bit of a drive from L.A., but it’s absolutely worth it. They do all level classes every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for $20 a class. Space is limited and you need to bring a yoga mat or towel along with bottled water. But don’t worry, you won’t have to bring your own goat! Classes can be purchased through Eventbrite HERE.
  • Acro Yoga Workshop: Sign up for this workshop to Acro Yoga by Create Yoga on July 22 from 2-3:30 pm, you will learn the basic aspects of the acroyoga practice. This unique class will allow you to explore asana and movements with a partner. Mats, towels, and pads are included. If you have a partner, bring them. If not, it’s the perfect opportunity to make new friends! Reserve your spot HERE.


  • Downtown LA Arts Festival: The Downtown LA Arts & Music Festival 2017 kicks off on Sun., Aug. 6. The festival will open with a Kemetic Yoga class by Jill Maynard from Yoga House Houston. Kemetic Yoga is an ancient Egyptian system of Yoga that focuses on controlled deep breathing and meditation. Tickets are free and can be reserved HERE.
  • Propel Co: Labs Fitness Festival: Join the Propel Fitness Festival on Aug. 12 & 13 to celebrates all things working out. Prepare to sweat your way through a variety of epic workouts, from boot camp to dance, and you guessed it, yoga! Each class will be led by instructors on the cutting-edge of fitness. And did we mention there would be performances by musical guests? Yeah! Propel will also donate all proceeds to the nonprofit Girls on the Run. Sign up HERE.

 Is there an event or a workshop that we missed out on? Let us know in the comments!


**Emily Adams is a marketing specialist at YogiWear having a main focus on development and implementation of marketing ideas. Her primary talking points are yoga life, benefits of yoga, yogi lifestyle and yoga wear.

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5 Reasons Why LA Pride Remains My Favorite Weekend of the Year

June 20, 2017

If you live in West Hollywood like me, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be out and about, wandering the good ol’ streets of Santa Monica Blvd. each year during the second weekend of June.

LA Pride (which just took took place June 9-11) is especially great for a Weho resident for the sake of being able to avoid traffic, but in general, it’s amazing overall and continues to be my favorite happening of the year.

Keep scrolling for 5 reasons why this culturally important, weekend-long event cannot be beat!

1. There Are a Handful of Events Leading Up to the Big Weekend

Obviously all of June is Pride month, so there are Pride-centric occurrences happening all over, during the course of four weeks, but in the week leading up to LA Pride, there’s a handful of local events that go down, including baseball games, charity events and more. Kicking things off the Sunday before Pride week began was GLSEN‘s Sunset Cocktails event, hosted by Lance Bass and Rosario Dawson, among other influential names in the community. I was invited to the Sunset Tower gathering, which raised money to ensure there are LGBTQ-inclusive K-12 schools across the country. Although the event has passed, you can still donate HERE.

2. The Weho Bars Are More Fun Than Any Other Time of Year

Ok, this is slightly debatable, as everyone who lives in 90069 knows that The Abbey and its neighbors are a complete blast during December, leading up to Christmas and NYE, but I must say they are most bustlin’ during Pride. Each bar has its own vibe, but one thing holds true: They all manage to bring out droves of people and there are always surprises. This year, for example, my fav Kesha put on a surprise performance at Pump. She’s just one of many fun folks you can expect to see roaming through the different spots during this weekend. Let’s just say if you’re a fan of any Bravo TV show, you are sure to get your “star”-studded fix this weekend.

3. The Festival Is an Experience in Itself

LA Pride can be quite the overwhelming experience (in a good way, of course!). The excitement of the bars is just one facet to the whole event. In addition, you have the actual festival, which over the years has booked a slew of memorable music acts. I’d be lying if I said this year’s selection was my favorite, but looking back, one of my favorite memories of all time was being with my closest friends, dancing the night away to Kesha in 2015. They’ve also had Fifth Harmony, Demi Lovato, Carly Rae Jepsen, Trina and so many others take the stage in the past. But that’s not all. There’s usually a roller rink, incredible decor, and now, more than ever, a growing number of entertaining booths. I started off my Saturday getting glitter eye makeup and a heart painted on my cheek from the MAC Cosmetics booth (a first for LA Pride!). As expected, their booth was booming with color and vibrant music. There was just so much excitement all around. And as you can see below, Gigi Gorgeous was one of the many familiar faces to make her way through the festival!

Photo Credit: Lindsey Best

Photo Credit: Lindsey Best

4. It’s an Excuse to Throw a Party

Celebrating equality and the idea of people coming together for the same reason is definitely an excuse to throw a party. Each year, I throw a Pride brunch for some of my closest friends, and it’s the perfect way to kick off the afternoon before heading down to the Blvd. Everyone is in the best mood and it’s a great feeling everyone just being together and supporting. And an added bonus? It’s a great excuse to put my brightly colored beauty products from NYX, Joico InstaTint, Salon Perfect and more to use by leaving them out for guests to use as touchups!

5. You Run Into Familiar Faces, While Also Encountering New Ones You’ll Stay in Touch With

If there’s one place to spot friends—both old and new—Pride festivities are it! Pride brings out all kinds of people, so whether its an old coworker, long lost pal or even a new person you just started chatting up at the bar, you are definitely bound to exchange hugs and walk away with some new numbers (or Instagram handles)!

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Jen Atkin Throws Her Version of Prom with a Very Hollywood Twist

May 10, 2017

No chaperones allowed!

Hair stylist to the stars Jen Atkin took things back to her youth last week by throwing Mane Addicts‘ Prom ’17, and (in her typical fashion) there was no shortage of Hollywood glitz and glam.

Photo Credit: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Mane Addicts

Photo Credit: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Mane Addicts

As expected, this was no typical prom–open bar and on a school night, just to give you a hint of how this all went down.

But aside from that, the event was held at new Hollywood hotspot Avenue, and guests (including Kaia Gerber, King and Queen Aaron Carpenter and Amanda Steele—and yours truly—to name a few) were treated to hairstyles at a Paul Mitchell Electric Youth station, cotton candy made from scratch, a DJ blaring today’s trendiest tunes, gift bags with Paul Mitchell hair product and a step-and-repeat for everyone’s photo-taking needs! And most classic of all, not a guest entered the private event without a canary yellow corsage on their wrist. Talk about festive!

Photo Credit: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Mane Addicts

Photo Credit: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Mane Addicts

Photo Credit: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Mane Addicts

But in case Young Hollywood’s elite needed to meet their “curfew,” rest assured the party was over by 10:00 p.m!

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5 L.A. Shopping Gems a Tourist Wouldn’t Know

March 28, 2017

I recently posted 5 L.A. gems a tourist wouldn’t know, and now I’m getting a bit more specific with 5 L.A. shopping gems a tourist wouldn’t know.

This time around, musician Drew Mac has provided skyelyfe with a handful of incredible, under-the-radar places to purchase everything from sunnies to artwork to vintage apparel and more.

As someone who has a passion for fashion, it’s a no-brainer that L.A. is the perfect place for a rising music artist like Drew to reside.

“Many of my favorite designers like Saint Laurent and Tom Ford have moved their shows to L.A.,” Drew, who just released his single, “Over” on Spotify and iTunes, says. “I think L.A. is finally being recognized as a style hub. Because the weather is almost always beautiful here, there aren’t as many rules to dressing. As a fashion rule-breaker myself, I love that you can wear less clothing and brighter colors here. Fashion can be more laidback and casual, but still chic. In the winter, you don’t have to wear five layered sweaters and a ski mask. I can throw on a white tee and jeans, maybe pop on a fur if I’m feeling sassy and I’ll be completely comfortable.”  

Keep scrolling for Drew’s shopping suggestions and his reasons why these are the spots that show you’re in-the-know.

Just One Eye

“This is the sickest store in L.A.,” Drew says. “I don’t know why more people don’t know about this boutique. It’s in an old Howard Hughes building tucked away in Hollywood. The art deco space alone is a must-see. If you’re looking for the most coveted pieces from the top luxury designers that might be sold out everywhere, check this spot. The store’s buyers have impeccable taste in clothes, art, and furniture.”

Photo Credit: @justoneeye

Berda Paradise

“I frequent this thrift store on the eastside because you can find great Levi’s and vintage clothes at a low price,” Drew raves. “I’ve purchased an insane amount of jackets and Hawaiian shirts there.”

Photo Credit: @drunkonspice

Hotel De Ville

“Looking for that chic pair of vintage Porsche shades that you can’t find anywhere else? Look no further than the Hotel De Ville,” Drew suggests. “This hidden gem boutique has an amazing selection of vintage and new sunglasses from top eyewear brands. I’m somewhat of a hoarder when it comes to sunglasses, so I frequently stop by this shop. I can always find something unique and cool here.”

Photo Credit: @hotel_de_ville


“This vintage shop [which stands for This Is Not Ikea] on Fairfax is a hidden gem with the best eclectic furniture and knick knacks that everyone should check out,” Drew says. “I have found the most incredible one-of-a-kind pieces here for my apartment and gifts for friends and family. It’s hard to see when cruising down Fairfax, so Google it before you try to find it.”

Photo Credit: @thisisnotikea

Silverlake Flea

“This is one of the can’t-miss flea markets in L.A.,” Drew says. “It’s a little more indie, but I’ve found the dopest denim jackets and jewelry here—even some vinyl for my apartment.”

Photo Credit: @silverlakeflea

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If You Live in West Hollywood, You’ll Agree With These 11 Truths

March 9, 2017

If there’s one thing most people learn about me right away, it’s that I love West Hollywood (90069 to be exact!).

Not only is it my favorite part of Los Angeles, it’s also one of my favorite parts of the country. From the beautiful, brisk walks down Holloway Drive, to the familiar faces at the Fairfax Whole Foods, seriously, this place is home and I can’t imagine living anywhere else in the City of Angels (I say that now and watch me move to a beautiful Brentwood mansion—ahh, dreams).

Photo Credit: @rozhatch

But whether you consider this spot your permanent residence or you’re simply in-between living spaces and this happens to be a stop on the way, you totally know that there are certain things about West Hollywood that stand apart from the other L.A. cities or sections out there.

Need a little refresher? Check out the 11 truths below—I’m pretty sure you’ll agree!

1. Jesus Sightings Are Totally Normal

Yep, there’s such thing as West Hollywood Jesus, and he’s bound to pop up just about anywhere in the city, at any given time. He’s totally harmless—and so popular that he’s even landed a coveted Facebook fan page!

Photo Courtesy of Hollywood Jesus fanpage

2. The West Hollywood Public Library Is the Perfect Place to Go If You Want to Contract an Illness

This is no joke. My laptop had water damage a couple of years ago, and even though I was stressed as one can be, I looked forward to stepping into the then-newly redesigned West Hollywood Public Library across from the Pacific Design Center. What I encountered, however, was an endless string of sneezing, weird noises and funky odors for a week straight. Never. Again.

3. You May Be Approached to Purchase Roses on Any Given Outing on Santa Monica Blvd.

You’ve probably encountered a sweet Hispanic woman who nudged you to buy roses during a casual stroll on a night out anywhere near The Abbey. She’s been around for at least the 10 years I’ve lived in L.A., so she’s pretty much a staple. And in all that time, only one rose has been bought for me from her ::tear tear::

Photo Credit: @troy_david_5

4. There’s a 90% Chance You’ll Have a Vanderpump Rules Cast Member Sighting on Any Given Outing in Weho

About as likely as it is to be approached by “Roses Lady” is the likeliness you’ll spot James Kennedy (excuse me, DJ James Kennedy) flaunting his Beats headphones around his neck like a statement piece on Robertson or Santa Monica Blvd., waiting for Max Todd to get off work from Pump. But head a few doors down and you can get a glimpse of Jax putting his bartending skillz to use (yep, the gang actually works there!)

Photo Credit: @KatrinaWest

5. The Pavilions on Robertson and Santa Monica is an Around-the-Clock Hotspot—Don’t Come With a Hair Out of Place

The hype has died down a bit over the last few years, but it wasn’t too long ago that I would park my car, look in the mirror, and drive away without getting out. Couldn’t risk a run-in.

6. “Weho” Only Refers to the Area on Santa Monica Blvd., West of La Cienega and East of Doheny. Anywhere Else In the Area Is Simply “West Hollywood”


7. Enter the La Cienega-Holloway CVS at Your Own Risk (That’s All I Need to Say)


8. The Sunset/La Brea Intersection Is Undoubtedly One of the Scariest in the City

Welp, aside from the endless supply of transients strollin’ the mean streets, there are also a slew of documented car accidents at these cross streets (here’s lookin’ at you, Shia LaBeouf!). But I will say, at least Mashti Malone’s ice cream and The Woods bar are two blocks away.

Photo Credit: @gurulamkin

9. The Walk Up La Cienega from Holloway May as Well Be Runyon

No time to drive to Runyon, park your car and hit the strenuous (<– for me, at least) climb? Oh, fear no more, for you have La Cienega as your fill-in hill, right? Nothing says workout quite like a “hike” up to Sunset Plaza. That trek is brutal!

10. L.A. Pride Is One of the Best Weekends of the Year

Well, that is, unless you don’t live in the “parameters” and are subjected to driving or Lyfting anywhere around the area during that time. Otherwise, Pride is the freaking best!

Photo Credit: @jemocrat

11. You’ve Entered the Black Hole of The Abbey on at Least One ‘Sunday Funday’

Enter with caution, my friends. I am most definitely guilty of one too many of these. Once you’re lured in, your day is doomed!

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5 L.A. Gems a Tourist Wouldn’t Know

February 21, 2017

I love a good Nordstrom browse at The Grove, a trek up Runyon Canyon (yes, I am one of the few who actually considers it a legitimate “trek”) or a night of sipping unjustifiably overpriced cocktails at SLS–but one of the best parts about L.A. is the endless potential to find under-the-radar establishments.

Whether it’s a metaphysical shop in Highland Park or a renowned Mexican restaurant in Boyle Heights, there’s always more to be uncovered in the City of Angels.

Pop TV’s This Just In star Elizabeth Stanton is an L.A. native (Hollywood proper, to be exact), and she’s providing my readers with a list of some of her favorite lesser-known spots in town. And as someone who has lived in L.A. for 10 years, I can personally say she came up with some excellent out-of-the-box places to go (in fact, she even had me stumped on a couple).

“It’s been fun growing up here because I’ve felt like I’m always in the center of everything,” the 21-year-old—who was recently listed as one of Popstar! magazine’s top 10 actresses of the year—tells skyelyfe. “Now that I’m older, I basically live in the same area, and everything’s around me—all the new, happening spots. I feel like Hollywood is a happening area to be in right now. I can’t imagine living anywhere else but L.A. I especially love the weather [laughs]. Even if people don’t want to be around the main parts of Hollywood, there are always the beach areas and smaller communities people don’t really know about.”

And with that, I dug into five L.A. gems Liz insists you must encounter if you haven’t already:

1. For the Late-Night-Nosher: Crispy Pork Gang

Open until 4:00 a.m., this Thai Town eatery’s selling point may not be its overpacked strip mall parking lot, but it does give its visitors a mouthful (a good one, that is). And like the name suggests, the standout item here is indeed crispy pork. As Jonathan Gold pointed out back in 2011, there is no shortage of its usage on the menu.

A classic soup dish at Crispy Pork Gang in Thai Town

Photo Credit: @einna_sirisack

2. For the Gamer Who Likes to Drink: EightyTwo

Umm, hello childhood! This DTLA spot is a little throwback to the days of arcade games. And pinball lovers in particular, prepare to empty out your piggy banks, because your quarters are about to go to use! But rest assured this joint has you covered in the beverage department as well. With a full bar featuring craft cocktails and 10 draft beers, there will be no dry mouths in the building.

The classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game at EightyTwo in DTLA

Photo Credit: @eightytwola

3. For the Outdoorsy Individual Who Wants to Avoid the ‘Scene’: L.A. Abandoned Zoo

Love to hike, but without the Runyon-esque mayhem? Los Feliz’ former home to wild animals is loaded with beautiful visuals and photo opps aplenty.

a group poses at the L.A. Abandoned Zoo

Photo Credit: @hoey_jeinen

4. For the Foodie Who Came Seriously Just for the Food: Papilles

There’s no fancy-schmancy shebang here. Chef Jordan Rosas brings the casual Paris-inspired bistronomique movement to a Hollywood strip mall. With a set course menu that changes daily (check their website for each day’s offerings), there’s no messing around at this spot.

A perfectly arranged dish from Papilles French restaurant in Hollywood

Photo Credit: @papillesbistro

5. For the Artsy, Avid Reader: The Last Bookstore

This DTLA dwelling has come a long way since launching in a loft in 2005. It is now the largest new and used bookstore in all of California. They also sell a slew of vintage records, they host various events and even get celebs (hi, BJ Novak) to come in to speak (or read).

couple poses at The Last Bookstore in DTLA

Photo Credit: @dom_gy