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These Three Ideas Are Sure to Keep You Healthy and Fit from 2016’s Start to Finish!

December 30, 2015
Fit young woman fighting off fast food

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So much for prioritizing fitting into that skintight sexy number when the ball drops!

I’ve never met anybody who started a diet in December. In fact, most people I know excuse every bite and morsel during the holiday season with an “I’ll start up again in the new year.” We tear through cupcakes, multi-course dinners and booze-filled parties while we offer apologies under our breath and promise that come January 1st, everything will change.

Once the new year arrives, life happens and it becomes hard to keep up with our health resolutions. We’ve all seen the mad rush at the gym the first weeks in January only to witness numbers dwindle and only the regulars up on the machines come February. Luckily, new brands and services popped up in 2015 that can help us continue with our goals well into 2016.

Below, skyelyfe put together a list of ideas and programs that will make sticking to your goal easier than having that second (or third, or fourth…) glass of champagne this New Year’s eve.

Subscribe to a Food Delivery Service (Yes, you can find ones that don’t break the bank!) – Not all food delivery services are made the same. Most of them are also a bit out of budget after holiday season splurges settle in. A great alternative is a service that will deliver ingredients for you take make your own healthy meals. These remove the cost of food preparation and some offer values similar to what you would spend should you buy the groceries yourself. One of the originals, Blue Apron clocks in at only 500-700 calories per meal. Breakfast and lunch are easier to keep light (ideas include nonfat Greek yogurt and nuts for breakfast, salad with protein for lunch) when you are in a hurry. Services that provide you with premium, seasonal ingredients and calorie counts take the guess work (and not to mention temptation) out of dinnertime.

Should one of your goals be to consume more organic, non-GMO meals or to start a paleo or vegetarian diet in 2016, Sun Basket will be your ally. Most clock in under 700 calories, but be cognizant of the recipes (and reduce portion size) for those that go a bit over.

Sun Basket's Coconut Braised Pacific Cod

Sun Basket’s Coconut Braised Pacific Cod

Blue Apron's Boxed Deliver

Blue Apron’s Boxed Delivery

Don’t Let Hunger Strike! – One of the easiest ways to fall off your diet wagon is failing to prepare. Life gets busy and it’s easy to find ourselves skipping a meal in order to finish a presentation or squeeze in a couple more emails at work. Keep healthy snacks near you, in your desk drawer, purse or gym bag. This way you are less likely to bite into the first chocolate bar that makes eye contact with you at the office vending machine. Sakara Life is a new company based in New York that sells everything from watermelon jerky to probiotic chocolate. One of their best options is their Empower Bar Collection. For $29, you receive convenient, nutrient-dense, whole-food nourishment with a side of holistic healing. The “flavors” include clarity, manifestation and beauty.

Sakara Life's Manifestation Bar

Sakara Life’s Manifestation Bar

Start a Workout Club – We’ve all heard about the fatty version of this – a dinner or wine club. The concept is the same, but instead of somebody hosting dinner at their home or inviting everybody over for a great bottle of red each week, you explore new workouts in your area and invite your “club” to partake. Similar to the more common clubs, you are held accountable for providing an activity for the group on your set date. You can try that new aerial yoga class you were too embarrassed to sign up for alone, make accommodations for the group at a gym or prepare hiking routes, cycle paths, etc… for everyone.  This will help keep workouts fun and fresh well into the new year. It will also guarantee that you continue seeing your friends once the mad rush back to real life starts after the holidays.

Workout Club Activities

Workout Club Activities


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(PHOTOS) We Are Fitness: L.A. Convention Brings Influencers & Brand Ambassadors Together for Fun Night with Healthy Purpose!

December 8, 2015

we_are_fitness_balance_skyelyfeWe Are Fitness reminds people that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a lot of fun!

Last week’s convention included a who’s who of digital influencers, along with top activewear and health brand ambassadors, who made an overall powerful statement about the importance of taking care of your body.

Co-coordinated by Honestly Jamie blogger Jamie Stone, the four-hour event (formerly called FITfluence, if you recall from when I attended last year) took place at L.A.’s SmogShoppe, and gave the small selection of invited guests a chance to connect with some of their favorite companies and familiar online faces, while also learning about new brands and trying out their products (who wouldn’t want to hit the gym after scoring a pair of hot new leggings?).

we_are_fitness_muscles_skyelyfeWhen guests weren’t taking in upbeat sounds by Lauren FitDJ, browsing the vendor tables (more on that later) or swinging by one of two 50 Bleu Ultra Premium Vodka-hosted bars (yes, even fitness fanatics need their occasional cocktail), they were listening in on the Q+A panels with a handful of cyber sensations: Casey Ho of Blogilates, Michael Morelli of Hit Max, Keaira Lashae of If You Can Move, body-building YouTuber Brendan Meyers, Caitlin Turner of @gypsetgoddess‘ Instagram, Natalie Jill of NatalieJillFitness, P90X founder Tony Horton, popular Snapchatting surfer Danny Berk and the ultimate body-building YouTuber Rich Piana.

we_are_fitness_bonneo_skyelyfeLike last year, vendors gave attendees a chance to try (and sometimes walk away with) some of the best new products in the business.

Bonne O sparking beverage system reps were on hand to give guests samples of carbonated vodka-fruit drinks that were made with just a quick click on these handy little machines. The Neutrogena table was impossible to go unnoticed, as the brand’s rep creatively dressed to coincide exactly with the colors of the the products (CoolDry Sport sunscreen) she was sharing with guests. And for everyone’s multivitamin-dosing needs, Smarty Pants folks were present to provide endless samples of what I consider the most delicious gummy health bites you can imagine (these are too tasty to possibly be real vitamins, right?!). As delicious as they are, they can’t satisfy one’s appetite, so that’s what My Fit Foods was there to do, providing their pre-made gumbo and ground turkey dishes for people to nibble on as their made their way through the venue.

we_are_fitness_teeki_skyelyfeTeeki had their newest styles of leggings on display, and a few VIPs (me included) snagged a pair on their way out! Speaking of leggings, Liquido also participated by providing all guests with a special new pair in their stuffed gift bags at the end of the night. The generous selection of swag also included a headband from Manduka, a Murad clarifying face mask tube, a box of Organic India Tulsi teabags, Vega One nutritional shake powder packets, Bai antioxidant juices, all-natural, vegan, cucumber-lime-scented hand soap from Stop the Water While Using Me, a certificate for a free waxing service from Miss Wax Los Angeles (who were giving people eyebrow waxes during the event) and a certificate for a free pair of espadrilles from Otz . And as if all that wasn’t enough, guests also left with a separate bag filled entirely with treats from Quest Nutrition.

Thanks again, We Are Fitness! Another successful event for the books!









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UrbanDaddy & The Palazzo Bring Vegas Style Revelry To West Hollywood’s Chicest New Hotel Rooftop

December 4, 2015

Urban_Daddy_showgirls_skyelyfeIf you’re itching for a glimpse into the new Vivienne Westwood penthouse suite at The London West Hollywood, it won’t come cheap!

But thanks to UrbanDaddy, VIP guests at this week’s Unlock the Party event had the luxury of getting a firsthand look at the lavish location, which goes for around $25,000 per night.

Urban_Daddy_Malery_Vinal_skyelyfeThe lifestyle media brand gave partygoers the ultimate Vegas -like getaway from The Palazzo Las Vegas, complete with showgirl dancers, mind-blowing magic tricks by magician Paul Green, tray-passed bites by executive chef, Anthony Keene, seasonal cocktails and sweeping views of Sunset Blvd. and the L.A. skyline.

The party, hosted by UrbanDaddy CEO, Lance Broumand, unfolded between two floors. One was a rooftop deck with an open design that seemed perfect for the occasion. The open terrace boasted an outdoor bar, tunes from Andrea Shapiro (DJ Big Drop) and a relaxing fire pit. The lower floor provided large sitting areas and a place for guests to mingle away from the cold. The showgirls swarmed the rooftop and looked like they were plucked straight out of a Vegas scene with their sequined dresses and feather accessories. Urban_Daddy_cocktail_menu_skyelyfe

Before the end of the night, The Palazzo Las Vegas was to award a lucky attendee with a trip complete with airfare, show tickets, dinners and Palazzo hotel accommodations. Guests took turns trying their luck and in hopes of winning this ultimate getaway by receiving a unique key at the concierge station. The person able to unlock the door would be greeted with a balloon and champagne-filled room on the other side.

We’ll bet on it that this is the penthouse you’ll want for your next bash!


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Golden Tote: This Online Service Offers Personalized Styling + 6 New Wardrobe Items for Under $150 Total!

December 2, 2015

Golden_Tote_skyelyfeIt’s holiday season – and although it’s better to give than receive, why not treat yourself to a little something (or somethings) to reward yourself for making it through yet another year?

Regardless of what ups or downs came your way during 2015, what better way to close out the last 12 months and make heads turn at those festive December shindigs than with some new wardrobe additions (under $150 before tax) by courtesy of a detailed personalized styling session completed online?

Golden Tote – founded in L.A. by Anthropologie‘s trendy Puella designers Sarah Becker and Sarah Sweeney – is here for all your affordable styling needs! With just a few clicks (and only a few $$), you’ll have your very own decorative tote chock fGolden_Tote_duo_skyelyfeull of new high-quality goodies based on your own preferences. While this website is geared toward women, men can easily take advantage of the options for their wives or significant others!

I tried the service for myself, and within just a few days, I was sent six surprise items based on very specific variables. And as of my tote’s arrival, my new black jeggings and multicolored flannel have been practically glued to my body. This is a no-fail innovation!

To try it out for yourself, head to the Golden Tote website, choose the size of your tote (small is $49 filled with 2-3 pieces; large is $149 with 5-6 pieces). Then answer the array of questions used to get to know what best satisfies your wardrobe and body needs. Next thing you know, you’ll be on your way to easing out of 2015 with a fashionable bang!

Love the concept? Golden Tote isn’t limited to just the holidays, obviously. Like any online boutique, the company brings in different styles year ’round!

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Obagi Celebrates Louise Roe at West Hollywood’s Newest Fashion Concept Space

November 11, 2015

front_roe_skyelyfe_2‘Tis the season for endless holiday parties, and new fashion concept space theCURATORLA brought out quite the crowd this week on one of L.A.’s chilliest nights!

Celebrity fashion blogger Louise Roe and Obagi Skin Health Institute hosted an intimate cocktail party with some of the most stylish influencers in the city.

Tucked behind the Balenciaga store on Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood, the party took place in what was previously somewhat of a hidden secret. The space transformed into an art gallery for the night, and artisan furniture and installations filled the shop.

Petals LA adorned the room with winter whites, and copies of Roe’s new book Front Roe were placed throughout. In a season where gluttony runs amuck, theCURATORLA opted for healthy elixirs. Organic lemon and ginger cocktails from Moon Juice were served, and dermatologist to the stars, Dr. Zein Obagi, was on hand to teach guests how to save their skin from the harsh dry of winter. Guests filed into the space and patiently waited their turn at receiving one of Obagi’s renowned treatments. ZO Skin Health products filled the shelves, and attendees went home with the brand’s newest sunblock.



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Mane Addicts & Rapunzel of Sweden Celebrate Hair Collaboration with Lavish Luncheon at SLS Beverly Hills

October 23, 2015

Rapunzel_of_Sweden_full_display_skyelyfeWine, gourmet bites and hair convo with the experts – talk about my kind of afternoon!

Reps from Rapunzel of Sweden hair extensions and Mane Addicts industry hair site were on hand Wednesday at Tres by Jose Andres at SLS Beverly Hills, to discuss their hair extension holder collaboration.

Hairstylists and media filled the room while having one-on-one discussions about how to perfectly style extensions and place them into hair with an all-natural look.

Rapunzel_of_sweden_mane_addicts_skyelyfeRapunzel of Sweden, a leading extension provider in Europe, is being newly introduced to the states. The brand, which creates hair in pretty much every color you can think of, is geared toward women in their twenties, and the locks are made to fasten in easily. The brand also produces wigs, hair care products and styling tools.

I walked out with my very own full-length clip-in extension piece. I need to play around with it and perhaps get it trimmed before going public, but I am excited for the added depth I know it will bring to my hair! And for those on-the-go experiences, I also received an extension holder, which will carry a brush, curling iron, etc…, and it comes with a hanger to make the curling process easier. And to top off the ultimate girlie gift bag? Fake eyelashes, of course!

It’s safe to say I’m ready to go glam for my next big night on the town!


Fall Fitness: Trainers Give Skyelyfe the Lowdown on the Season’s Hottest Women’s Activewear Trends, From Vests to Peekaboo Tops

September 30, 2015

With the exception of at a party, work or a fancy dinner, activewear seemingly dominates the bodies of L.A. residents – especially women.

From wild-colored printed leggings, to solid black two-piece Lululemon ensembles, these typically Lycra-based items have surely taken day-to-day precedence over what used to be skinny jeans.

With fall underway, I reached out to some of my favorite trainers and fitness experts to get the scoop on the hottest trends of the season. Read below for what they have to say, and where you can swoop up your very own of the recommendations.

Activewear_trends_Onzie_skyelyfe“I enjoy capri leggings with a print – nothing too loud, but enough to make a statement.  They are something that provide coverage but also feel like you aren’t suffocating your legs in.  I love something that adds a little peekaboo element to it, weather it be something that shows off the collar bones, a little shoulder or an open back.  Of course sports bras should be functional but adding some uniqueness to them is always encouraged.  Especially when you have a top you can throw on after class that still shows it off a bit! The inspiration from this response comes from Onzie look pictured here.” – Heather DorakPilates Platinum owner




 activewear_koral_moto_legging_skyelyfe“My favorite trend for fall is faux-leather paneling. It’s so fashion-forward and gives athletic wear a very sleek, hip look. Although you’d think leather would be too hot to workout in, most of the designs out there are lightweight and/or include some mesh to add breathability. Koral activewear has several adorable pieces, including bicycle shorts for your next spin class, a strappy sports bra to let peek out of your muscle tank and ‘moto leggings,’ which can totally double as chic club/concert wear.” – Whitney English, trainer and To Live & Diet in L.A. editor-in-chief




 activewear_vimmia_bra_skyelyfe“One of my favorite spots bras is by Vimmia activewear. It almost falls into the category of crop top. Needless to say, for a girl who’s only 5’4, I’m big on wearing things land on the body. The difference of an inch can really elongate or shrink the body. This crop is absolutely amazing! It fits beautifully with its little bit of mesh sexiness – yes please – and perfect hold. I like to wear mine under a tank or T-shirt, usually by Kain as they are soft, sheer, sexy and perfect for taking it to the street right after, especially when you add that vintage leather on top.”

Also, mesh isn’t going anywhere and the animal print is still in full effect. They both are simply amazing. One of my absolute favorite lines is HPE: Human Performance Engineered. Their pants fit incredibly! They even give a little booty lift and have the waistband we all love, which just seems to land perfectly on the body.” – Kodi Kitchen, Founder, Best U Studio 


Activewear_nike_vest_skyelyfe“My favorite workout wear piece this fall is a vest. The Nike Women’s tech vest is my go to for layering and the draped hood is the best part.” – Abby Lauren, trainer, co-owner of Juice on the Loose 



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Gilt City & La Marca Prosecco Host Fashionable Fete at The London West Hollywood

September 21, 2015
Photo credit: Jennifer Louriell

Photo credit: Jennifer Louriell

There’s really nothing that can keep me from a night spent sipping cocktails on the rooftop of my favorite hotel The London West Hollywood. But an added bonus? A Gilt City and La Marca Prosecco-hosted affair.

Last week brought out Gilt City members, press and tastemakers to nosh on delicious bites and sip on a specialty cocktail by guest mixologist Cari Hah (scroll to the bottom for the fabulous recipe). Guests were able to check out the latest Gilt City fall trends and speak to style and beauty experts. They also got to pose in an interactive runway-style photo booth while taking in the tunes of DJ Lindsay Luv.

And no party is complete without a little memento for the road. Other attendees and I left the scenic rooftop with a La Marca-branded mini-cosmetics bag filled with lip balm, Malin+Goetz body scrub and other little goodies.

Photo credit: Jennifer Louriell

Photo credit: Jennifer Louriell

Sunset in Rio Cocktail by La Marca Prosecco

1.5 oz Leblon Reserva

0.5 oz fresh squeezed (and strained) lime juice

0.5 oz simple syrup

0.75 oz fresh pressed (and strained) Pineapple juice


2 bar spoon Cedilla Acai Liqueur

Garnished with Mint leaf


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Emmy Awards 2015: From Beauty Treatments to Bashes, Here’s How L.A. Prepped for TV’s Biggest Night!

September 19, 2015

The middle of September is a busy time in Tinseltown!

With the Emmy Awards on Sept. 20, TVs biggest stars started getting into high gear days before for their most important night.

But awards shows prove to be exciting for more than just celebrities. Tastemakers, bloggers and other media bask in the fun of the gifting suites and lavish parties that lead up to these big nights.

As I pointed out during the time of the Golden Globes, Audi hosts two top-tier fetes at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood each year, including one for the Emmys. This year’s bash brought out a slew of stars, including Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Cat Deeley, Joel McHale, Tony Goldwyn, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ashley Madekwe, Kat Graham and Karina Smirnoff.

Photo credit: John Sciulli/Getty Images for Audi)

Photo credit: John Sciulli/Getty Images for Audi)

Photo credit: John Sciulli/Getty Images for Audi

Photo credit: John Sciulli/Getty Images for Audi

Guests and I sipped wine and took in tunes by Mr. Best, while sneaking a peek at the luxury car brand’s new A3 Sportback e-tron plug-in hybrid.

Photo credit: Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Audi

Photo credit: Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Audi

Earlier in the week, L.A. Confidential hosted Pretty for the Party, an Emmys-week beauty suite at Sofitel Los Angeles‘ Riviera 31.

Guests sipped on specialty Midori cocktails and KeVita health drinks, while making their way through treatment after treatment.


Attendees (mostly women) like myself received massages, manicures by Jessica nails and hair stylings by my favorite folks at Sally Hershberger salon. Guests also left with complimentary nail polish, hair products, skincare products and Yoke holistic fragrances.



Best of luck to all the nominees!

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L.A.’s DJ Lola Langusta Heads from Summer to Fall with a Sexy ‘Euphoric Transition’ Playlist Exclusive to Skyelyfe

September 9, 2015

lola-langusta-djbooth-skyelyfeIt’s hard to believe I’m actually able to write this, but fall is mere weeks away (Sept. 23 can not come sooner)! Rest assured, there will be plenty of autumn-related posts, recipes and playlists galore on this site in the weeks and few months to come, but as we are still in the transition between seasons (does it not feel like the peak of summer right now in L.A.?!), my beautiful pal Sarah Roa (DJ Lola Langusta) put together a sexy playlist (scroll to the bottom) exclusive to skyelyfe readers that tells the story of kicking off summer, falling in love and heading into fall. If you’re a fan of nu-disco or future house, this playlist is for you!

“For this playlist, I decided to not just share some favorites, but also tell a story about a summer romance – which we have all experienced,” Roa tells skyelyfe. “I wanted it to be somewhat of a euphoric transition as we fade into fall. It’s a sexy and poetic roller coaster, leaving you in somewhat of a reminiscent dream state of emotions.”

Lola-langusta-skyelyfe-2The DJ is coming off of quite the successful sunny season, having spun in the same company as Tensnake and many other notable names at Brooklyn’s Full Moon Festival at the beginning of August. She then brushed elbows with New York’s elite while spinning at the Esquire in the Hamptons event. Next up for the fashionable music aficionado? She’ll be spinning at a Daily Front Row event during New York Fashion Week!

“This summer has been filled with so many new opportunities and basically building on collaborations and projects coming this fall/winter, which are on the hush but will be revealed soon,” Roa says. “The absolute highlight was playing the Full Moon Festival in New York, alongside some of my favorite DJs/producers, including Wolf + Lamb, Pillow Talk, Tensnake and the beautiful, inspiring, badass, Yelle. It was really inspirational to be surrounded by such empowering musicians and it fueled my excitement of producing my own music as I begin production working with multi-platinum producer Jay Levine. I’m very excited for what’s to come and can’t wait to play more festivals next year.”

Get to know the sexy starlet on-the-rise with the below q + a, and then head to the bottom of this post to listen to her 35+ minute mixtape. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!
skyelyfe: Where were you born and where do you primarily live now? 
Sarah Roa: I was born in Tampa, FL and I now split my time between NY (Lower East Side) and LA (West Hollywood). My schedule takes me all over and I mostly do events for large fashion brands, film and the music industry.
SL: Whose music are you loving right now?
SR: Lately I have really been drawn to Movement, Odesza, Nina Kraviz, SBTRKT and Zhu. It’s been inspiring me in the process of making my own music.
SL: Where are your favorite places to eat/sip/shop in L.A.?
SR: Eat/Sip – The little Next Door, Jones Bar, Figaro  Shop – Flea markets
SL: Where are your favorite places in L.A. to see live music? 
SR: The Greek for bands and Avalon for DJs
SL: Summer or fall?
SR: I’m equally in love with both. I wish I could spend year ’round in the tropics, but I do love the feeling of fall and driving my 69 MG down the PCH with the top down. It’s my absolute favorite. I love the fashion that fall brings and cool desert nights around a fire.
SL: Who are some artists you are friendly with in the music scene?
SR: DJ Henri, The Glitch Mob, Anna Lunoe


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Sole Society: Online Shoe Retailer Opens Doors to First Brick-and-Mortar Boutique with V.I.P. Celebration!

September 3, 2015

Photo credit: Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Sole Society

Sole Society took a huge step in the right direction!

The affordable, on-trend shoe and accessory brand, which launched in 2011, has branched out of just an online presence and launched its debut brick-and-mortar shop at Santa Monica Place, taking over SwimSpot’s space on the second floor.

Photo credit: Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Sole Society

Photo credit: Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Sole Society

Stocked with scarves, handbags, clutches, jewelry – and of course – their extensive signature footwear, the chic boutique is complete with fall-ready colors and styles.

The store opened its doors to the public yesterday, but hosted a V.I.P. preview event just one evening prior, featuring tray-passed bites, along with sounds by DJ Michelle Pesce.

SANTA MONICA, CA - SEPTEMBER 01: Handbags on display during the opening of Sole Society on September 1, 2015 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Sole Society)

Photo credit: Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Sole Society

Guests invited to the champagne-filled fete were asked to select the shoe of their choice from the website beforehand, and they were personally delivered in time to wear to the party. I opted for these beauties in black, while my good friend Sydne Summer (pictured) of the blog Sydne Style dressed up her denim look with strappy magenta heels.

Photo credit: Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Sole Society

Photo credit: Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Sole Society

The showering of goodies didn’t end there. Upon entry, guests received hand-painted, personalized clutches (mine has a dainty high heel on the front with my initials on the back), and we were sent on our way with adorably patterned scarves!

In case you missed Monday night’s grand affair, the celebratory festivities are extending to the public through all of this weekend, with music, refreshments, sweet treats and exclusive giveaways during store hours.

If you’re bound to the bubble of West Hollywood like me, you’ll find that this in one shop that makes the trek to Santa Monica worthwhile!

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6 Things to Know About the Magic of Energy Stones, from Collector & Jewelry Designer Calypso Wilde

August 19, 2015

Calypso_self_skyelyfeEliseCalypsoWilde sat down with me at West Hollywood’s Dialog Cafe in the midst of one of her personal journeys. The singer (check out her Soundcloud) and artist, who very recently moved here from New York, was in the process of a multi-week cleanse a la Ramadan (though she is not Muslim).

Going down this road has allowed her to tap deeper into her spiritual side – something she doesn’t stray from regularly though. But eating only a few hours a day has given her more time to focus on yoga and meditation, which keeps her mind from focusing on thoughts of food and other temptations that are banned from much of this period.

“It’s crazy how just not eating parallels to everything else in your life,” Calypso, who had already lost 15 pounds at the time of our conversation, told skyelyfe. “Your main bodily craving is to eat. You’re hungry. To withstand that, you can really withstand anything else. It’s really crazy. I feel a lot more in control and a lot more clear, that’s for sure. I’m more aware of the people I have around me. There are just different things to focus on, because you’re not focused on the simple things.”

She added: “When I first started, it was an affirmation of just, like, I’m doing this for you. I’m going to incorporate discipline back in your life and rebalancing yourself and being content with just you, as opposed to relying on other things.”

Around 7:30 p.m. is when she starts cooking. Sunset is around 8:00 p.m. Then she eats (generally a vegetarian meal with potatoes or rice, then fruit throughout the night). If she wakes up between 4:30 – 5:00 a.m., she’ll pull herself out of bed and eat fruit so that she has something in her stomach. Then she goes back to bed until 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. and goes about her day. She does a lot of meditation and yoga throughout the day to help “remove the focus from your daily needs to keep you grounded and centered.”Calypso_jewelry_skyelyfe

Part of what falls into her realm of yoga and meditation practices are working with energy stones, which have been a part of Calypso’s life for quite some time. She doesn’t just pop into various shops and swoop up the latest shiny gem on the table. She really analyzes these earth forms and figures out how they can play a role in her life and in her everyday healing process. 

“My entire aesthetic is I inspire a lot from the sun or from calypso, which means conceal, or to hide,” she said. “When it comes to stones, they hide a lot of energy. There’s their outlying border, but when you really tap in, they’ve got all these super magical healing powers and all this other stuff.”

To those unfamiliar with the healing power of stones, Calypso explains, “I don’t just try to sell people stones, you know? I’m not like, ‘Oh, here’s this rock. I know that you like it. It looks cool.’ Each one has its one specific chakra that it aligns to and its own healing power. I go about it in a way where I get to know who you are first. I ask people a bunch of questions about themselves. ‘Tell me what you’re into, what are some things that are troubling you right now? When’s your birthday? I can align all these things with people.’ It’s a whole body healing specifically for them.”

Calypso – who says the amethyst stone is among the most beneficial in her life – provided six important things to know about the use of stones. And if you are interested in more information on her beautiful jewelry (out of curiosity or for purchasing purposes), she says her Instagram account is the best way to contact her. Check out her six things to know below:

Calypso_long_skyelyfe1. Be Mindful of Who Touches Your Stones

“I believe you should limit who touches your stones,” she says. “People kind of come up to me all the time and they comment on my necklaces. For the most part, I’m fine about it. I cleanse my stones almost every day.”

2. Cleanse Your Stones Properly and Frequently

“I cleanse them by either rinsing them under cool water, or if it’s a full moon, I do a full recharge,” she explains. “I sit them out in the sun for the most part, if I’m not using them. Stones are so easy and simple. The biggest thing you should do is get to know your stones. Meditate with them. Get a pendulum, kind of work with it. Let it work with you. Really be open to it. Be open to the idea that this thing does have energies in it that can help you and renew you.”   

3. Be Aware of Some Excellent Stone Shops from Coast to Coast

Spellbound Sky was the first stop I made when I got to Los Angeles,” Calypso says of the East Hollywood establishment. “I touched down, picked up my luggage, dropped it off and went straight out to the stone shop. It’s a beautiful, small shop. It’s super calm in there. It’s owned by a gay couple who are super, super sweet. They do palm readings, tarot readings. They have meditation on fridays. In New York, I used to go to Rock Star Crystals. It was in Midtown. They’re a small shop, but they have a huge selection. They have everything there.”Calypso_jacket_skyelyfe

4. Receiving a Stone Should Be an Experience

“My price point is generally anywhere between $35 for smaller scale stones and $75 for really, really large pieces,” she says. “It takes time, and I’m really diligent about it. I’m not just giving you anything. I want to know about you and your situation. It’s almost like you’re getting a reading with it. The first girl who ordered a stone from me, I also gifted her a smaller stone with it, just because she was telling me things and I was like, ‘This is the one you should be wearing, and this is the one you should keep in your pocket.’ I try to make each interaction very special.”

5. Be Sure to Mix Stones Properly

“I do it all the time,” Calypso says of placing certain stones together. “I have a quartz and a green calcite around my waist. It’s important to know which stones are best for mixing. I have a stone bible, basically. It’s actually called that. It tells me which stones go well with each other and which is for what. Reading something like that helps guide you which way to go with those.”

6. You Can Use Stones to Welcome Happy Thoughts Into Your Sleep

“If you get a chance, try to find an angel or aura quartz,” she says of keeping negative subconscious thoughts at bay. “They’ll help with your crazy dreams. Cleanse them by putting them in your window sill at night for a lunar cleanse and meditate with them before bed with a mantra that tells negative spirits that they are not welcome in your thoughts, awake or asleep. And sleep with them under your pillow.”


Beauty Food Angelenos

Naked Princess Boutique Hosts Abs + Apps, the Ultimate Fitness Cocktail Party

August 13, 2015

absandapps_entrance_skyelyfeTalk about a workout event done right!

Naked Princess lingerie and beauty boutique in West Hollywood was the home on Tuesday to Abs + Apps, a celebration to launch fitness and nutrition blogger Whitney English‘s To Live & Diet in L.A. iPhone app.

absandapps_group_skyelyfeLet me preface by saying any invite that starts off by asking me my size and activewear outfit preference, courtesy of Fabletics, clearly has the event going in the right direction before it even begins.

The actual event itself started out with an incredible 45-minute workout with energetic beauty Kodi Kitchen of Best U Studio, who guided us through a U Barre routine (see photos) with an intimate group of 25 ladies in a private, tucked-away room in the boutique. After, Whitney served up some of her favorite (and healthiest) homemade small bites and decadent chocolate desserts (see recipes here and here). Topped off with Health-Ade Kombucha pomegranate sangria made with One Hope Wine, my taste buds were beyond satisfied!Absandapps_dahvi_skyelyfe

And icing on the cake [pun intended]? Each guest walked out with a gift bag full of goodies, including the boutique’s signature scent candle Midnight Bloom, which has quickly taken control of my apartment’s aroma.

Congratulations, Whitney!




Need Some Color On-the-Go? These Tanning Towelettes Are Your Quick Fix!

August 12, 2015

Comodynes_tanner_skyelyfeWhen it comes to the act of tanning and the products involved, I’ve tried it all. From professional airbrushing, to Versa and Mystic spray tan booths, to tans-in-a-can, to heck, even those now-taboo beds (the latter I have not tried in approximately a decade), there seems to be no limit to the ways we obtain color.

That said, not every tan is appropriate for every situation, and I know that if it’s not leading up to a big weekend or an instance where I need to impress, I don’t always have the time – or patience – to take off my clothes and deal with a sticky, smelly, and sometimes streaky, mess. Sometimes you must be willing to sacrifice that Bahamas-like glow for a quick fix that will still get the job done to some extent.comodynes_arm_skyelyfe

I recently got my hands on Comodynes packets, and if I’m simply just heading out to run errands and I don’t want to be a pasty ghost, these guys are the way to go. They don’t overly bronze you, but they give you just enough of a noticeable color kick to go about your casual day. Because they are not too intense, they go on incredibly easy, the color shows up relatively quickly and I haven’t experienced any streaking or foul odor. In fact, I actually don’t mind the scent of the wipes (which go on clear), which is a rarity for tanning products I’ve tried.

Comodynes packets, which have been featured in Birch Boxes, come in several different options. I noticed the most color when I tried the Self-Tanning Natural and Uniform Color (pictured), but I didn’t experience problems with any of the ones I tried overall. Each option of towelette sets are reasonably priced (approximately $11 – $15 per set of 8), and as long as you exfoliate beforehand (Comodynes Easy Peeling towelette is what the brand recommends for that), these products should go on in seconds without fault. Does the color last for days? No – But with these, that’s not really the point.

Swoop up your sets at your nearest drugstore or on the Comodynes website.

Beauty Music

Fans of Amy Winehouse & The Ramones: Here Are Your New Dream Accessories!

August 10, 2015

chilli-beans-rock-fellas-ramones-divulgac3a7c3a3o-3Amy Winehouse‘s life is already being celebrated with the recent release of the critically acclaimed documentary Amy – and now fans of the late British musician can continue living out her legacy with the launch of Chilli Beans‘ limited edition Rock Fellas collection, which also includes products inspired by The Ramones.

The capsule collection, which is made up of sunglasses and watches, debuted today at the Brazilian accessory retailer’s eight U.S. locations and on its website.

“We’re honored to be the first to bring accessories collections for both of these revolutionary rock icons,” Chilli Beans founder Caito Maia said in a press release. “Rock ‘n’ roll style is as classic as the Ramones’ great album Too Tough to Die.”Chilli-Beans-Coleção-Rock-Fellas-Amy-Winehouse..-800x533

This isn’t the first music/style collaboration for the brand. They also have a partnership with electropop group Yacht and a Punk Glam collection, just to name a couple.

Beauty Food Angelenos

Tone It Up!’s Karena and Katrina Host Day of Glutes & Glam in Malibu!

August 4, 2015
Photo credit: Dan Steinberg

Photo credit: Dan Steinberg

Not a body was left without feeling soreness recently at Malibu‘s Kia Beach House, where the gorgeous Tone It Up! founders Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn of former Bravo show Toned Up took over for the day, giving about 40 ladies one heck of a workout on the sand.

Overlooking the ocean and beautiful homes in our view definitely softened the blow of the intense approximate 30-minute routine.

Photo credit: Dan Steinberg

Photo credit: Dan Steinberg


Photo credit: Dan Steinberg

Luckily, post-sweat session, we were able to decompress with massages, manis and braids by Priv on-the-go beauty, the most delicious smoothies and wraps by Chef Alex Williams (I couldn’t keep my hands off the chicken avocado bites) – and even a gifting by JustFab, where I scored a pair of adorable beige booties and these fun neon shorts! Guests also left with gift bags full of Priv gift cards, Joico hair products and Murad cleansing wipes.

And of course, my lavish layout day was not complete without a little bit of red sangria! Cheers to fun Friday memories!


Heidi & Spencer Make Rare Public Appearance at West Hollywood Jewelry Event

July 29, 2015
Photo credit: @Parisa/Splash News

Photo credit: @Parisa/Splash News

Jewels, sweets … and Speidi?

That was my reaction when I walked into MeMe London‘s U.S. preview event at DiLAscia in West Hollywood, where the former professional spotlight-stealers held court next to a pink table filled with stacks of bracelets and earrings, and the most decadent donuts I have ever seen!MeMe_London_Stephanie_Pratt_skyelyfe

But, I guess it made sense, as Spencer Pratt‘s no longer estranged sister Stephanie hosted the event – she’s the face of the jewelry line – as part of her Made in Chelsea show (which was filming at the time). And don’t think for a second that the married former Hills stars didn’t jump in on the videotaping action. Spencer – who was interestingly accessorized with a walking cane – was all smiles with his partner in crime, as the two chatted with one of Stephanie’s costars.

Guests at the intimate, VEEV-hosted gathering walked out with a sample bracelet from the incredibly colorful collection. As for me, I also walked out with a satisfactory smile seeing my favorite reality-TV couple looking happy as can be!


This Gadget Is a Germaphobe’s Must-Have!

July 28, 2015


It’s another case of Kickstarter success!

Young New York City entrepreneur, Jason Yakubovich, raised a whopping $10,000 through the fundraising company to produce Pandle Handle products, which are smart-tech, wearable solutions for commuters and active people to fight germs.

The handy little gadget, which comes in multiple color options, folds right into a little pouch and can easily be stored in a pants pocket.

Although initially geared toward NYC folks using public transportation (the product’s silicone rubber is molded to be the exact size of a New York City subway pole), it can be used to protect against any germ-y surface, including public restrooms, doors and gym machines.Pandle_skyelyfe

 I recently got my hands on one, and I already feel slightly safer about public facilities! You can get yours, too, for just $6.99, by visiting the brand’s official website.

Beauty Angelenos Featured

Denim Darling Hayley Kiyoko Gives Skyelyfe Her Tips on Mastering the Trend Year-Round!

July 1, 2015
Photo credit: Michael Simon/

Photo credit: Michael Simon/

Hayley Kiyoko has been quite the busy young lady since I last caught up with her in November.

As if her music, TV and film career hasn’t been skyrocketing, she can add yet another skill to her growing resume. The upcoming Jem and the Holograms starlet, 24, hosted the premiere of Popular TV‘s Denim Hunters alongside Popular magazine’s founders Marvin Scott Jarrett and Jaclynn Jarrett.

“We did a four-part series where we interviewed creators of denim and photographers,” Kiyoko explained to skyelyfe at the show’s Svedka-hosted premiere party, which took place at the Sofitel Los Angeles‘s Riviera 31. “There are so many artists in the denim world, and you just have no idea the passion that goes behind each thread and each tone. It’s a whole ‘nother world! I learned a lot from the episodes and I feel like people are going to get a nice insight into that world. Young people, punks, classy people – they all wear denim. We’re all connected.”


Photo credit: Michael Simon/

Naturally, it only made sense to get the style lowdown from the denim darling, herself. Read on for three things to know about how Kiyoko rocks this trend year round! (and scroll to the bottom to check out her just-released music video for “Girls Like Girls”)

1) Must-have denim

“I always go to Madewell for my jeans,” Kiyoko says. “They have the best boyfriend, ripped jeans. They’re so cozy. I used to fit into J Brand, but now they don’t fit. That’s like a time when you’re 16 to 18 and when you hit 18, you’re like, what the fuck was I thinking [trying to fit these on]?”

2) Pointers to making denim look great


Photo credit: Michael Simon/

“You need to feel comfortable and confident,” the CSI: Cyber star says with a smile. “And if you don’t, it doesn’t matter how much makeup you wear, you’re not going to look good.”

3) Difficult denim to deal with

“I won’t wear really skinny jeans where it’s skinny on the calf,” Kiyoko says. “It just makes you look like a pear. I don’t even have a butt, but it makes me look like I have a butt, so maybe I should start wearing them. I just can’t even get my legs through them. If I have to struggle to get in them, I just don’t want to go in them. I stick to the boyfriend jeans.”



Considering a Cosmetic Procedure This Summer? Botched Star Dr. Paul Nassif Tells Skyelyfe What to Know Before You Go for It!

June 30, 2015

drpaulnassifBotox? Boob job? Lipo? Heck, facelift? We all probably have a thing or two we’d like to get done to look svelte this summer, right? Well, who better to share the dos and dont’s of cosmetic procedures than renown Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif (who also co-stars on E!’s Botched and formerly Real Housewives of Beverly Hills).

Dr. Nassif sat down with skyelyfe last week at Cecconi’s West Hollywood, and chatted about all things skin and plastic surgery – including the simplest, non-invasive way to keep that face looking shiny and new.

While he’s all for Botox (he admitted he’s currently due for some more), he proudly boasts the effectiveness of his brand new three-part line, NASSIF MD Bio-Rhythmic Skincare (we’ll get to the plastic surgery convo further down).

“I work very long hours and I don’t sleep a lot,” he says. “I’m always taking care of underneath my skin – my face and eyes and all that stuff. So, I’m thinking, what happens to your skin when you’re working your butt off and you’re [not getting enough sleep] to repair?”

Nassif thought about what types of ingredients he could get in a skincare line that amplify the own natural rhythms of the body and are the most antioxidant.

So, two years later, he came up with “something that was unique and powerful, without irritating the skin.”

If you’re not sleeping, his product (which comes in AM, PM and exfoliant) “excellerates those natural ingredients.”

Nassif_Skincare_skyelyfeThe road to perfecting the skin is all-natural in the form of Nassif’s products – but he certainly also helps aid people in stepping up their look in ways that aren’t as organic. Read on for Dr. Nassif’s list of most important things you need to know if you plan on going under the knife!

1) Recognize what is the most challenging cosmetic procedure

“The hardest thing I deal with that any plastic surgeon does is the nose,” Nassif says. “When I get into rhinoplasty revision, that’s what’s difficult. It’s the hardest surgery of all. It has the highest revision rate – 20 percent. It takes the longest to recover. If you have your nose done, you need to go to a super-specialist. That’s what I’m internationally known for. I do beautiful facelifts and stuff, but a lot of doctors can do a good facelift. They can’t do a good nose.”

2) There’s a huge no-no among people who want to get work done

“People try to save money on plastic surgery,” Nassif says, shaking his head. “That’s the biggest mistake right there. Don’t do it. And don’t go to a jack-of-all-trades. You need to go to a super-specialist.”

3) There’s one invasive procedure everyone should get done if they can afford it

“I think that almost every woman starting in their early forties needs to have a little skin from their upper eyelids taken,” Nassif explains. “That to me makes the eyes pop more than anything. A patient [recently came in to do that] and her husband went nuts of how excited he was after even two days with stitches in her eyes. It just opened up her eyes and you can see more skin. It looked natural, and that was the biggest thing.”


Beauty Food Angelenos

San Francisco-Based BloomThat Blossomed in L.A. with Flower-Filled Mimosa Brunch at Goldie’s

June 23, 2015

bloomthat-goldies-skyelyfe“Blooms, brunch + besties” was the tagline for BloomThat‘s event at Goldie’s in L.A. last week, and it was the ultimate feminine affair.

I brought my good friend Natalie along with me, and we were greeted with mini mimosas topped with varying edible flowers. After we grabbed our beverages, we made our way to the food table, where we piled mini french toast triangles, kale salad and avocado toast bites onto our plates, before sitting down at our flower-filled table. Following our meal, we were able to create our very own personalized bouquets, with options ranging from basil and mint, to roses, sunflowers, lilacs, you name it!

bloomthat-mimosas-skyelyfeThe objective of the brunch was to spread the word to Angelenos about the San Francisco-based flower delivery service. BloomThat’s online operation offers day-of delivery with a plethora of colorful options right here in Southern California.

When we departed the adorable dining experience, we not only walked away with our self-made bouquets, but we were also gifted an additional bouquet of beautiful yellow flowers, a perfect summer centerpiece to brighten up my living room!





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20th Century Art Inspires Menu at Sofitel’s Riviera 31 Lounge Thru End of Month

June 23, 2015

Riviera31-skyelyfe-2There’s about a week left to get a taste of Riviera 31‘s Revealed, Collection D’Art menu at the Sofitel Los Angeles hotel – a three-part dining experience inspired by 20th Century art.

The limited time opportunity kicked off in the middle of April with Cubism, followed by Surrealism, which ended earlier this month. Fauvism is the final of the three art movements explored, and its menu, created by Executive Chef Victor Boroda, is available through June 30. Bruschetta, tuna carpaccio and a unique spring garden salad are included courses, and they are paired with a rum and fresh raspberry cocktail named after the famous Dutch painter Kees von Dongen.

Riviera31-skyelyfe-1I was fortunate enough to reward my taste buds with nibbles from Surrealism, so I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this last option.

The menu coincides with an actual exhibit taking place in the hotel’s restaurant, bar and lobby – curated by Olivier Widmaier Picasso, Pablo Picasso‘s grandson – demonstrating the work of famous painters whose intimacy and daily life are, indeed, revealed.

Riviera 31

8555 Beverly Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90048

(310) 278-5444