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Best Instagram Captions for Pics of You and an Ice Cold Beer

November 17, 2020

If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you live for sipping an ice cold brewski. If such is the case, you obviously need the perfect beer Instagram captions to flaunt your favorite hobby all over social media.

If an ice-cold, yeast-filled beverage is everything your heart desires, keep reading for the seven best quotes to use as beer Instagram captions.

(Instagram via @campbellhawk)

For that mirror selfie of you holding up—what else?—a beer:

“I’ve only been in love with a beer bottle and a mirror.” 

-Sid Vicious

For the pic of you covered up in sweats while sipping beer:

“I’m gaining weight the right way: I’m drinking beer.”

-Johnny Damon

For the shot of you clinking beer bottles with a pal:

“In a study, scientists report that drinking beer can be good for the liver. I’m sorry, did I say ‘scientists’? I meant Irish people.”

-Tina Fey

(Instagram via @friscowildpitch)

For the shot of you sipping beer with no cares in the world:

“Not all chemicals are bad. Without chemicals such as hydrogen and oxygen, there would be no way to make water, a vital ingredient in beer.”

-Dave Barry

For the cheeky pic of you looking all dolled up with a brew in hand as your best accessory:

“Milk is for babies. When you grow up, you have to drink beer.”

-Arnold Schwarzenegger

(Instagram via @savain016)

For the photo of you clearly a bit tipsy from one too many brewskis:

“24 hours in a day. 24 beers in a case. Coincidence? I think not.” 

-H.L. Mencken

For the shot of you staring adoringly at your stash:

“To some it’s a six-pack. To me it’s a support group.” 

-Leo Durocher

If you love beer as much as we do, click HERE for six delicious hard ciders you need to try immediately!


6 Crisp and Delicious Hard Ciders to Try This Fall

September 20, 2020

Whether you consider yourself a connoisseur or you’re looking to expand your alcoholic palette, it’s time you go for a crisp and refreshing hard cider.

There’s also no better time than the present to embrace the brisk and delicious specialty flavors they come in for fall. Scroll through below for all our top seasonal picks below!

1. Foggy Ridge Handmade Cider: $10.99

Touted as a true artisan hard cider made from uncommon apples, this beverage is a cooler months must. It’s handmade and can be enjoyed with your favorite tomato bisque or harvest soup.

2. Wolffer Estate No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider: $15.99

I mean, do we ever leave rosé off the list? 💁🏽. This epic choice is white cider with a rosy and sweet twist. We also deeply appreciate that it comes in both a bottle and a can.

3. Virtue Cider Michigan Apple: $9.99

If you prefer a dry champagne, you’ll love the taste of Virtue Cider’s Michigan Apple. With a hint of oak, it’s your go-to for a sweet but slightly sour vibe. Luckily, it’s sold in packs, so stock TF up.

4. Original Sin Hard Cider: $11.99

The name of this brand alone makes it an instant buy. They have an overwhelming amount of options including their original and black widow flavor. If you don’t bust these out in October, you’re just doing everything wrong.

5. Woodchuck Amber Draft Cider: $8.49

Major shoutout to Vermont for making the elite of hard ciders. It’s fermented with champagne yeast for a little extra punch, which is completely unique to them. This is the only kind of mixing we’ll ever approve.

6. Austin Eastcider’s Blood Orange Cider: $9.99

We adore Austin Eastcider’s blood orange flavor for its zesty notes of citrus and the tartness of a variety of apples. It’s bittersweet but tastes divine with brunch or your after dinner dark chocolate. This is aimed at fans of sour beer for sure.

Now that you know what to buy, HERE’s how to caption your fall beverage photos.


The Best Instagram Captions For All Your Fall Cocktails

September 17, 2020

Whether you’re warm and cozy by the fire with wine, or out on the porch with a crisp cider, we’ve pretty sure you want to capture the comforting moment on Instagram.

Scroll through below for all the cute, snappy captions you’ll need for your boozy autumn nights! 🍂✨

For when you’re mixing a new pumpkin-based cocktail that isn’t pumpkin spice:

“Stressed, blessed, pumpkin obsessed.”

– Unknown

For an autumn-seasoned rum cider cocktail pic:

“Spice, spice baby.”

– Unknown

For your warm and delicious mulled wine post:

“Warm drinks, warm heart.”

– Unknown

For the basic white wine photo with a blanket:

“The only thing getting lit this weekend are my fall scented candles.”

– Unknown

For your next glass of wine paired with your favorite gourd:

“Squash Goals.”

– Unknown

For your ghastly Halloween delights:

“It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus!”

– Unknown

For the shot of your refreshment with an autumn-themed garnish:

“If you don’t like fall, you can leaf me alone.”

– Unknown

Need some more fall cocktail content? HERE are the best autumn drink recipe videos we found on TikTok!


Here’s How to Make the Best Fall Cocktails, According to TikTok

September 5, 2020

Ah, fall. It’s truly the most beautiful time of the year when breezy weather, apple picking, oversized sweaters and boots rule all. 

As you bust out the blankets and prepare for the holidays, you’ll obviously need a cocktail in hand every step of the way. Below, find all the best seasonal spirits and how to make them, according to TikTok.

1. Spiced Rum Caramel Coco

A drink and dessert all rolled into one? Sign us right up. This quick, easy hot chocolate is packed with spiced flavor and fall deliciousness. Adding caramel corn on top makes it the go-to guilty pleasure of the season.

2. Pear Drop Cocktail

We live for a refreshingly fruity, yet light cocktail. If that’s also your jam, try this lovely pear drop. It features banana liqueur and bitters, surprisingly—but it adds an unexpectedly enjoyable flavor you can’t find anywhere else.

3. Apple Gin Garden

If apples are more your thing, you have to try this Apple Gin Garden with elderflower, apple juice and gin, of course. Adding floral notes to the mix gives it a rich and elegant flavor. This one’s for enjoying that fall breeze on your balcony or porch in the evening.


Gin Garden 🍓🥒 Gin, Elderflower Syrup, Cloudy Apple Juice, Soda #cocktail #cocktails #gin #fyp #fypage #tipplesandtonics

♬ original sound – hangreen_22

4. Apple Cider Cocktail

What’s a fall cocktail roundup without at least one apple cider refreshment? Crisp cider combined with orange slices and vodka equals instant autumn delight.

5. Pumpkin Spice Cocktail

We’ve all grown wary of the over-advertised pumpkin spice flavor, but hear us out on this one. This sweet little cocktail also has Irish cream, vanilla ice cream and a cinnamon stick for extra punch. And let’s be honest, adding alcohol to any classic flavor will always makes it worth your time.

6. Frosé

We don’t know about you, but rosé is a must for us to kick off the season. Why not dial it up by blending it with fresh strawberries, ice and a touch of vodka? It gives this classic sweet wine a little zest that’s perfect for fall get togethers.


Best Instagram Captions for All Your Margarita Mischief

July 24, 2020

Margarita Monday is absolutely a must… and Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Okay, but seriously, all days should be margarita days. Although you may be spending less time out and about this season given coronavirus conditions, it doesn’t mean you have to skimp on what’s truly important in life.

Scroll down below to find Insta caption inspo for all your tequila-infused shenanigans this summer!

For every Taco Tuesday post with your trusty marg in hand: 

“Life isn’t always tacos & tequila, but it should be.”


For when you’ve had one too many cups of coffee leading up to cocktail hour:

“Coffee keeps me busy until it’s acceptable to drink margaritas.”


When you realize your late night margs turned into early morning regret:

“I didn’t text you, tequila did.”


For a fabulous Friday kick-off post:

“Take life with a grain of salt, a slice of lime and a really big margarita.”


For a cute and classic saying, but make it tequila:

“But first, margaritas.”


For when you have no qualms about really kicking back after a long work-from-home day:

“Know when to give up and have a margarita.”


For when you’re feeling preachy, but not judgy:

“Two wrongs don’t make a right, but two margaritas usually do.”



Every Necessary Instagram Caption for Photos of You Sipping Wine

June 9, 2020

If quarantine has taught us anything, it’s the value of a solid wine collection. 

But even when we aren’t social distancing, wine gets us through pretty much anything. Whether it’s Cabernet, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc or whatever else you’ve got in store, these are all the captions you’ll need to display your next-level assortment🍷✨.

(via Unsplash)

For any and every Zoom wine night: 

“Wine a little, laugh a lot.” —Unknown

For when you’ve sampled a few too many from your stash: 

Gone with the wine.” —Unknown

When you need an excuse for your current drunken state: 

“Everything happens for a Riesling.”It’s All Chic to Me

For when you need a glass to accompany your Bachelor marathon: 

“Will you accept this rosé?” —Unknown

For an ‘every last drop counts’ post:

“You can’t sip with us.” —Unknown

Just after your inner Martha Stuart emerges and you whip up dessert with your beverage: 

“I’m currently on cloud wine.” —Unknown

For the times you’re definitely not sipping wine on the clock: 

“Working nine to wine.” —Unknown

For turning off the news and going full hermit mode: 

“Either give me more wine or leave me alone.” —Rumi


Most Refreshing Instagram Captions for When You’re Sipping White Claw

April 3, 2020

With coronavirus-induced quarantine in full effect, many of us are doing the unthinkable—gasp—drinking alone.

But if you’re like us and trying to maintain some sense of responsibility during these haphazard times, you’re sticking to good ol’ White Claw.

The crisp and delicious hard seltzer has captured the hearts of many in recent years—so much so, that it inspires more-than-impressive quality photos of the beverage on Instagram. And what’s a gorgeous photo without a cute, clever caption to go along with it?

Regardless or whether you’re quarantining or finally able let loose in a group, below are the most refreshing Instagram captions for when you’re sipping White Claw!

For that photo of your girls night in:

On weekends, we drink White Claws.”


For when your crew starts to get greedy:

“Catch these Claws!”


For an exceptionally charming pic with your pup and a White Claw:

“Please keep your paws off my White Claws.”


For when you’re double-fisting:

“Nothing can stop the claw.”


For when the overused ‘hot girl summer’ caption needs a revamp:

White Claw Summer.”


For an extra rowdy bachelorette party:

“Ain’t no laws when you’re drinking Claws.”

―Trevor Wallace

For when you’ve had two too many😅:

“White Claw wasted.”


For when you need to finesse a White Claw into your healthy diet:

“Low sugar, no spice, but everything nice.”

―White Claw

Food Featured

How You Act When You Drink Alcohol, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

December 4, 2019

When you don’t want to completely blame it on the alcohol, call out the cosmos as the culprit instead!

Drunk actions are definitely sober thoughts, and nothing brings it out more than your astrological makeup. Whether you’re a feisty fire sign or seriously in-your-feelings water sign, read on below for what kind of drunk you are, based on your zodiac sign.

(Valfré via Instagram)

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Fire, passion and strength are traits you bring into your every day life, Aries, but when adding alcohol to this fabulous cocktail, it can bring out a bit of aggression. Of course, you never mean to hurt anyone, but your feisty nature can make or break a night out if you’re not careful. Chug your tequila sodas with some water now and then. It’ll ease the burn inside and out.

(Valfré via Instagram)

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Stubborn, but beyond steadfast, you’re the real champ of the night, Taurus. No one can match your marathon-level drinking skills. When everyone else has their head over the toilet by the end of the night, you’re still sipping Jameson & Ginger like its nothing. We want you as our all-the-time drinking buddy from now on, you weekend warrior.

(Alexa Evans via Instagram)

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Easy-going, adaptable and outgoing, you are the social butterfly of the group, Gemini. Your wing man/woman skills are also totally unmatched, but your indecisiveness might cost you a few numbers for yourself. We applaud your flirting abilities, but try to narrow it down to one cutie for the night. Drama tends to follow you constantly so the less conflict when tipsy, the better.

(Valfré via Instagram)

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Let’s keep it real, Cancer: You’re emotional as can be when you’re sober, so add shots to the mix and the floodgates burst open. Social media is not your friend during this time. Too many chances you’ll be triggered by your ex’s latest post. Be sure to have your real ones around you when the waterworks start and you should be golden. #Selfcare.

(Alexa Evans via Instagram)

Leo (July 23-August 22)

You’re no stranger to the spotlight, Leo, so it’s no surprise you’re the center of attention with a few drinks in you. You’re the biggest flirt, the most drunk and the adventurous leader steering where the night goes. Nothing can stop you and everyone wants to be around you—soak it all in.

(Valfré via Instagram)

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Being a Virgo, you’re definitely the reasonable, responsible member of the bunch. Never one to step out of line, you’re the three-drinks-max pal who holds everyone’s stuff and makes sure no one is left alone. Not all heroes wear capes, amirite?

(Alexa Evans via Instagram)

Libra (September 23-October 22)

You live for a night on the town, Libra, so it makes complete sense you try to introduce your friends to as many new people as possible while out and about. You thrive on creating harmonious relationships, especially new ones. Will the real Cupid please stand up? (Hint, that’s you).

(Valfré via Instagram)

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

If you haven’t heard by now, you’re full of contradictions, Scorpio. You can be the best and worst of both worlds—independent or clingy, loving or icy, authoritative or delicate. But most of all, you’re intense in everything you do. This can go either way when there’s booze involved. At least you can say a night out with you is never predictable.

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Your magnetic personality, great sense of humor and endless quest for the best celebration make you the perfect person to knock a few back with. That said, some might also get exhausted going out with you since you’re constantly bar-hopping and moving from crowd to crowd. It’s cool Sag, we know you crave that freedom and adventure, just make sure your crew can keep up.

(Valfré via Instagram)

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

You’re always in control, Capricorn, so it’s only natural no one would know just how drunk you are after the six shots you had. You’re determined to outdrink everyone else because you’re just used to coming in first. No shame, someone with ambition always gets it done.

(Alexa Evans via Instagram)

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

Original and independent, you’re always a great conversationalist. This amazing quality is only amped up when you have a few drinks in you, with people hanging on your every word. But, you know what else is taken to new heights? Your tendency to be temperamental. Keep your anger in check or your fun exchanges could quickly lead to arguments, yikes. 

(Valfré via Instagram)

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Your deeply sensitive and loving nature is brought to a new level when cocktails are involved. You feel it all, Pisces, and we can’t say we’re mad at you for it. Sometimes, you just need a solid night to let it all out, no judgment here.

(Alexa Evans via Instagram)


5 All-Natural Supplements That’ll Get You Through a Hard-Partying Summer

July 5, 2018

With so many pool parties, boat trips and food and booze-fueled getaways galore, how are you really supposed to keep your mind and body in check?

Fear not, because we’re here to break down five different all-natural supplements that’ll get you through a hard-partying summer! Find out what they are below:

Photo credit: Pexels

1. 5-HTP ($14.95)

Ah, the age-old 5-HTP supplement. In case you’ve been living under a rock, this powerful white-powdered capsule is a must for anyone who intends to “let loose,” so-to-speak. 5-HTP is a drug-free, plant-derived source of an amino acid that naturally increases the body’s level of serotonin—the chemical messenger that affects emotions, behavior, appetite, thought and sleep. Magic in a pill!

Instagram / @importadosdajackieemerick/

2. HUM Nutrition’s Wing Man ($25)

Cleverly coined “Wing Man,” HUM Nutrition’s post-party pill will clean out your body’s alcohol-induced toxins, thanks to the help of unique ingredients silymarin (from milk thistle), dandelion root and artichoke leaf. This supplement preps the liver for a “full-on detox,” as described on the bottle. Added bonus? It helps kick those dark under-eye circles to the curb, too!

Instagram / @humnutrition

3. DrinkAde ($24.99)

With red, white and blue as their branded colors, and a trademarked tagline that says “The Official Drink Before You Drink,” it’s very clear the intention of this product. DrinkAde, formerly known as Never Too Hungover, comes in two parts: a limeade-flavored prevention pre-drink, and a berry-flavored prevention or post-party recovery drink. Each liquid supplement is packed with B vitamins, aloe vera, milk thistle and green tea extract, among other all-natural ingredients.

Instagram / @drinkadeofficial

4. Smooth Move ($5.29)

We work hard to achieve those summer bods, only to eat and drink everything in sight once the season finally arrives. If you feel like you’ve overdone it on a particular outing or two, rest assured, Smooth Move’s fennel, coriander and ginger-infused tea has got ya covered. With the intention to “relieve occasional constipation,” this is actually the very tea recommended for people while they do juice cleanses. You whip up a hot cup before bed, and let the magic happen first thing in the morning. It’s not at all as bad as it may seem, but you’ll definitely feel lighter and less toxified (is that even a word?) once the process is complete!

Instagram / @tradmedicinals

5. Genexa ($16.99)

Late, party-fueled nights = stressful, anxiety-ridden days—and Genexa’s all-natural, chewable, Stress Relief tablets help ease irritability and tension, inability to concentrate and sleeplessness and fatigue. They’re non-habit-forming and they’re not overpowering, so they should help you feel just right.

Instagram / @lparilla

Lifestyle Featured

Conquering a Sober Month: the Good, the Bad and Everything You Need to Know

March 1, 2017

Ah, “Sober February” (FKA “Sober March”), parting is a mixture of such sweet sorrow and slight relief.

As most people in my life know, each year, for the last five years or so, I use the month of March as an excuse to take a moment, so to speak.

I firmly believe that regardless of your lifestyle, sometimes you need a break from everything. So by “sober,” I guess I mean that in the literal and figurative sense. Literal in terms of avoiding any mind or body-altering substances, and figurative in terms of avoiding any person, place or thing that can cloud your otherwise clear mind.

I have taken my sober month in February this year because I have a friend’s Vegas birthday this weekend, the first weekend of March, and I never cheat during my sober month.

There’s a chance you read the above sentence and thought: Ok, so you’re gonna do this whole empowering 30-day sober kick and then throw it all out the window in Vegas? Well, as someone who has done this many times, it’s not as cut and dry as one carefree weekend makes all of your progress irrelevant. That’s not the case at all. The point of the sober month is to get your goals and intentions in order so that you can do a “wild” Vegas weekend and then know how to come back to reality and get back to your normal life because you love the way you feel when you’re focused, working out and eating well. The goal is to teach yourself balance—something that can be difficult to manage sometimes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with letting loose, as long as it’s done in moderation.

Each year I go through my sober month, I learn more and more—about life, about myself, about how substances really alter our mind (way beyond the moment of their actual consumption). Taking on an entirely sober month is something I recommend to everyone. Sure it sounds hard, and if you live a fairly social life (like me) and you’ve never done it before, it will indeed be an initial challenge. But I can wholeheartedly say the good outweighs the bad, and everyone owes themselves a clear head (at least temporarily), right?

Keep scrolling to read 10 truths and experiences I uncovered (both positive and negative) while in the midst of my sober February this year:

1. You Must Mentally Prepare Yourself in Advance Hardcore for the Four Weeks That Lie Ahead

Committing to a full month of sobriety isn’t something you just do on a whim. You must prepare yourself for everything you’re about to experience. There are some huge benefits and motivating factors, and then there are also some sacrifices you will make for the next four weeks. Not everything is going to be fun, not everything is going to be social. You must truly ingrain in your head what you are going to take on. I advise telling yourself (and the people around you) at least a month in advance.

2. You Will Reassess Some of Your So-Called ‘Issues’ 

The biggest benefit to taking a hiatus from any kind of substance use is the clearness of the mind that the experience produces. When your head isn’t fogged you can really take a deep dive into who you are, what you want in life and what you genuinely need to work on. There are some things you’ll realize you really don’t actually need or want, but there are other things that will continue to stick out to you and you may want to take the next step and deal with them. But it’s interesting how much more clear things become.

3. Unexpected Blessings Will Come Your Way Because Your Energy Is in a Totally Different Place

You’d be surprised how much energy is taken up by the social circumstances centered around substance use. There’s the planning and anticipation (big party tonightwhat am I going to wear? Will so-and-so be there? I need to pick up mixers and alcohol), the actual doing (so basically whatever time is taken out of your day or night and put into partying) and then the aftermath (being tired, lazy, hungover, anxiety-ridden or all of the above). We seriously do not realize how much energy is taken out of us from these actions! There’s nothing wrong with it in moderation, but we also need to understand that if we put even a dose of all that energy into pretty much anything else, we’d be a lot more productive in various areas of our life. And when my energy is elsewhere, I’ve gotten new jobs, I’ve met life-changing people, there’s just so much when you’re putting a different vibe into the universe.

4. You May Find Yourself Replacing One Indulgence with Another

Whether we want to admit it or not, there is a sense of (temporary) fulfilment we feel when we drink—otherwise, why would we do it, right? When that fulfilment is no longer, we obviously need something to take its place, and yes, I’ve found that, for me at least, I began spending more money just because it made me feel good and drinking coffee seriously around the clock (before bed, after a workout, didn’t matter—it really felt great). There’s got to be a better way to counteract this.

5. You Realize You May Not Actually Be the Social Butterfly You Considered Yourself

When you’re carefree and partying, nothing sounds more fun than turning up the tunes, going out, dancing and chatting it up with whomever you encounter. But when your focus is elsewhere, being a homebody actually sounds ideal much of the time. When you’re on a sober kick, you quickly realize you don’t really have that much to discuss with everyone under the sun, with the exception of the “how’s work?” smalltalk. It can be a little frustrating. Granted, you still value your quality time with the people you feel most comfortable and fun around, but you don’t really see a point in attending every social function when you could be catching up on work, organizing your living space or working out.

6. Your Energy Level Skyrockets

Clear mind + uninterrupted Zzzs + increased daily water intake + no excuse to avoid the gym = one happy camper. I went from waking up 20 minutes before I needed to leave for work, to waking up 60-75 minutes before I need to leave for work. I’m much more excited about the day that lies ahead, I put so much more effort into my appearance, I have all these creative thoughts flowing through my mind. I am ready to conquer whatever lies ahead.

7. You Are in Full Control of Your Emotions and Decisions, and It’s Incredibly Empowering

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning contemplating whether or not someone is annoyed with you about something that transpired the night before; or feeling gross because you know you stayed out too late or took part in a regrettable action. Even one measly drink can alter our actions and reactions, so to wake up feeling completely refreshed with no qualms about anything in your control is amazing. That 8:00 AM yoga class? I’ll take it! The commitment to cleaning all day? Nothing will stand in my way! Positive outlook on life? The world is mine!

8. Large Social Functions Suck the Majority of the Time

I didn’t hit a major social roadblock during Sober Feb. until Presidents Day weekend rolled around. I had one birthday on Saturday night and one on Sunday. Up until this point, I could really pick and choose what to partake in and not make many plans should I not want to. But the birthdays during this time I felt were somewhat necessary to attend. So here’s the thing: I have absolutely zero issue with people drinking in front of me when I’m not drinking. My mind is programmed a certain way for the month, so I don’t even think about alcohol and have no desire to drink during this time. But, that doesn’t mean it’s a blast to bar-hop with a bunch of drunk people and drop it low in the middle of the dance floor with a slew of sweaty strangers, when you could be reading or doing something to maximize your free time. I am all for sober fun, but when your BFFs are getting wasted, you can’t expect them to sit quietly at a table with you when they want to let loose. And I certainly don’t expect them to. That said, I really do understand why people who are permanently sober choose not to make it out to big social functions. It’s not about the temptation (at least for me)—it’s simply just not fun. And that’s okay.

9. You’re on Your A-Game With Productivity

When you’ve got nothing standing in your way, what feels better than getting stuff done? Whether it’s taking in dry cleaning you’ve been putting off forever, finally making your living space ready for visitors, catching up on blog posts or other work-related material, putting more effort in your day-to-day appearance, working out—heck, even catching up on TV shows you’ve been hearing rave reviews about for months—you get so much done when your energy isn’t put into the wrong place.

10. You Can’t Get the Most Out of the Experience Unless You Incorporate Fitness and Clean Eating Into Your Routine

Way back when, maybe in like 2009, I did a sober month for the first time. It wasn’t for the sake of clearing my mind or working on my health or fitness. It was simply because I was going out a lot and needed a breather. Because I’d never taken on the challenge, I really didn’t know I could turn this into a life-changing experience. So instead, it was merely a month of simply feeling blah. I didn’t change my eating habits, I didn’t work out, I was my then-normal level of productive (or lack thereof)—it was basically a waste.

But several years later, once this became a tradition sort of thing, I’ve really used it to jump-start healthy habits. It’s easy to see yourself waste away as the year comes to a close, and then we push ourselves so hard during January that we’re burnt out by the end of the month. I’ve learned to kind of space things out. In January, I’ll drink significantly less and start incorporating fitness back into my life. By February I’ve turned these things into new habits and routines, and then by March I’m fine taking a month to really pound the pavement with focus. When I add fitness and clean eating into the mix of not drinking, it all melds together and gives me that aforementioned energy. I really do feel great.

Bottom Line: I highly, highly recommend this to everyone. It has nothing to do with having a drinking problem or whatever the case may be—it’s simply about giving yourself a clear mind and the opportunity to have 100% control over your life for a moment in time. It doesn’t need to be a lifelong commitment, it’s simply about cleansing and starting anew.


The Ultimate Whiskey and Beer Pairing Is Coming to a City Near You!

January 26, 2017

Angelenos recently took advantage of Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Whiskey‘s D.E.W. and a Brew Tour when it launched earlier this month, but in case you don’t live here, you may still be able to join in on the TimeOut-sponsored fun!

Seeking out 26 of the best breweries in the country, the spirit brand is on a 68-day mission to have people who enjoy drinking, experience the fun of pairing beer and whiskey.

I had a chance to experience the pairing for myself recently when the whole tour kicked off at Santa Monica Brew Works (monstrous tour bus and all!). Met with a live band and noshes galore, the pairing experience was definitely an enjoyable one—and something quite new to me, as I do love beer, but I’m not much of a whiskey drinker.

Some of the not-yet-visited cities included on the tour—which comes to an end on March 15 in Chicago—are Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Nashville.

For the entire list of participating cities, click HERE.

Food Angelenos

Top L.A. Bartenders Battle It Out at 4th Annual All-Star Mixology Competition at Roosevelt Hotel

October 19, 2016

It was a battle of the bartenders recently at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel—but all in good fun (and for a good cause).

Photo Credit: Luka Olex

Photo Credit: Luka Olex

Photo Credit: Luka Olex

Photo Credit: Luka Olex

Top L.A. and Las Vegas mixologists from spots including Culver City’s The Corner Door and DTLA’s The Varnish came out with their finest handcrafted cocktails, all for the sake of raising money for the Covenant House of California, an organization that keeps homeless and trafficked youth off the streets.

Photo Credit: Luka Olex

Photo Credit: Luka Olex

Photo Credit: Luka Olex

Photo Credit: Luka Olex

Guests purchased tickets to try a wide variety of (very strong) cocktails, while noshing on burgers and mac ‘n’ cheese. Ultimately, it was Zach Patterson of Melrose Umbrella Co. who won the coveted honor of top mixologist, thanks to his Casa Noble Tequila with ginger creation. Being the anti-tequila drinker I am, I can’t say I indulged in this winning concoction (but I’m sure it was plenty divine!).

But Palazzo Resort and Casino‘s Wendy Verdel-Hodges won me over with her unique Warhol cocktail (2.5 oz. Black Moth vodka, 1 oz. tomato basil shrub, 1 drop truffle oil).

Either way, regardless of guests’ sips of choice, everyone left a winner, walking out with a fancy Tumi mini-travel kit from event sponsor Delta.


Photo Credit: Luka Olex

Photo Credit: Luka Olex

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Here’s the Final Addition Needed In Your Bar Cart (Trust Me, You’re Really Missing Out)!

February 2, 2016

pickle_juice_chaserLemon, lime, soda – what do these have in common? They are among the most popular cocktail accompaniments and chasers.

But when we think of our stocked bar musts, it’s doubtful that pickle juice comes to mind. Am I right? But this Potassium-filled liquid has been used with alcohol for years, and complements shots of whiskey (Picklebacks) and tequila (Tijuana Hookers) so well that a new brand is on the market in huge bottles known as the Pickle Juice Chaser.

The PJC is built on the functional properties of pickle brine. It has the added benefit of providing ten times more electrolytes, along with vitamins, potassium and zinc.

Given that I fully abstain from tequila, and whiskey is far from my go-to, I didn’t really ever have any use for the juice in the past. But when I was recently gifted whiskey on two occasions in the same week, I figured I may as well see if this pickle juice trick lived up to its reputation. Sure enough, between friends and I, we were flying through bottles, realizing that this magical little chaser worked with pretty much any type of alcohol (I mean, use at your own discretion, of course – it does taste like pickles). It really helps rid the burn and harsh taste of some of the more potent selections people tend to sip. And it can be used for specialty cocktails as well (scroll to the very bottom for recipes!).

After more research, I found that The Pickle Juice Company (which launched the aforementioned one-of-a-kind chaser) also has a line fully devoted to athletes, as apparently pickle juice helps prevent muscle cramps, and is sugar-free, caffeine-free, GMO-free and gluten-free, unlike so many of the sports drinks on the market.

It’s only Tuesday, but hopefully the below recipes will have you feeling a little adventurous come the weekend – Cheers!

Dill Pickle Martini

  • 2 oz. dry gin
  • 1/4 oz. dry vermouth
  • 1/2 oz. Pickle Juice Chaser
  • 1 slice of a dill pickle (for garnish)

Put ice in a mixing glass and add the gin, vermouth and Pickle Juice Chaser. Stir for about one minute. Strain the liquid into a martini glass and garnish with a dill pickle slice.pickled_surfer_skyelyfe

The Pickled Surfer

  • 1 1/2 oz. whiskey
  • 1/2 oz. Pickle Juice Chaser
  • Juice of 1/2 of a lime
  • Old bay seasoning for garnish (optional)
  • A few pickle slices (optional)

In a glass with ice, mix together the whiskey, Pickle Juice Chaser and lime juice and stir. Garnish with a lime wedge and a pickle slice sprinkled with old bay seasoning.

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PHOTOS: The Abbey Just Upgraded Its Food & Drink Menu in a Major Way – and Skyelyfe Tried All the New Items First!

January 28, 2016

The_Abbey_Hot_Mule_SkyelyfeThe Abbey Food & Bar
has never had a problem drawing a crowd, but their upgraded gourmet food and drink menu is sure to make the iconic West Hollywood hotspot a go-to for more than just its incredibly strong cocktails and half-naked go-go dancers.

In celebration of its upcoming 25th anniversary in May, the venue has enlisted the help of mixologist Armando Conway (Pour Vous, La Descarga, Harvard and Stone, Hakkasan) to create a selection of new sips that feature fresh herbs and house-made juices and syrups, while Chef Andrew Smith has kept busy in the kitchen with new shared plates and comfort food.

I got a firsthand taste of the latest additions last week with a delicious eight-course food and drink pairing, presented by famed owner David Cooley. My mouth is watering just thinking about the turkey meatloaf, warm quinoa salad and crab cakes, in particular. And even in wintertime, the cocktails were so light and fresh, I felt like I was lounging on an island during summer vacation. I could definitely go for one of their spicy Mules right now (ok, maybe in a few hours).

The Abbey, a two-time winner of Logo/MTV’s Best Gay Bar in the World award, doesn’t just serve up dinner. Daily lunch and weekend brunch are also big hits among consumers!






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Sake Is the Sip of the Season at The Springs, DTLA’s Wellness Oasis & Raw Vegan Restaurant

April 21, 2015

Springs4Give your mind a break from the hustle, bustle and one-way street insanity you associate with Downtown L.A. and take in the calming, zen atmosphere of The Springs, a total detour from the DTLA stereotype.

The urban wellness oasis and raw vegan restaurant – located on 608 Mateo Street – just celebrated its six-month anniversary over the weekend, and I had the pleasure of being invited to come in for a first-nibble of chef Michael Falso‘s latest tasting menu, paired with an array of brand new sake-based cocktail recipes ranging from savory to sweet – all made with variations of The Springs’ popular pressed juices. I enjoyed my meal to the sounds of live music playing by a few-person band in a back corner just away from the dining area.

Springs2My personal pick of the appetizers and dishes were the rangoons, which were small, but flavorful and fulfilling beyond belief. Made with coconut wonton, “old bay” cream cheese, bell pepper, celery and sweet chili sauce, it was pretty clear off the bat that these bites would be worth savoring.


Other noshes included a “Reuben” – which definitely got its point across with its Caraway “rye” bread, marinated mushrooms, Thousand Island dressing, sauerkraut and dill pickles – along with a seaweed Caesar salad, a nacho salad, a cashew cheese plate and two desserts. That sweet pea cake and black chocolate cake with vanilla bean “ice cream” I absolutely could not put down.

The beverages (I still can’t believe sake was the only liquor ingredient in all of them!) were seemingly endless. And the variety was impressive! I tried everything from a pickled jalapeno-infused Desert Flower (my favorite) to a Smokey Mountain, which resembled a Manhattan.

Had I come in a little earlier, I would have taken advantage of one of the various forms of yoga the spot has to offer, or I would have relaxed with a massage or infrared sauna treatment. In fact, going back to a post I wrote a few weeks ago about wellness deals in L.A., The Springs offers free meditation once a day at 1:00 p.m. on weekdays, led by Gloria Baraquio.

Springs1For $59 a person, you can get your very own taste of The Springs. Chef’s tastings are subject to change daily, but the restaurant’s full menu offers a slew of breakfast options (served all day), desserts, snacks, salads, entrees, coffee beverages, you name it. Check out all of the options here.



A Fan of Fancy, Liquor-Infused Refreshments? Then This Will Be Your Cup of Tea!

April 2, 2015

boozytea2Here’s your High Tea with a twist!

Put down the cream and sugar because you won’t be needing that when you come in for what L’Ermitage Beverly Hills calls its Wicked Tea Service. Describing this promo (which lasts from now until June) as the “naughtier version of afternoon tea,” chef Roger Thomas of the hotel’s restaurant Livello serves up liquor-infused scones, breads and teas.

This chic little experience is available daily from 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. for $75 per person. Check out the mouthwatering menu below:BoozyTea1

  • Scones:
    • Cranberry, gin & orange scones
    • Bacon & bourbon scones
  • Sweets:
    • Cognac & caramel chocolate brownie
    • Passion fruit liquor & chocolate macaron
    • Calvados apple cider with warm cinnamon beignet
  • Savory:
    • Smoked salmon with dill on Fernet Branca pumpernickel bun
    • Egg salad with elderflower liqueur and lemon aioli on soft pullman loaf
    • Armagnac, leeks and mushroom gratin
  • Tea-infused champagne cocktails:
    • Hibiscus & chamomile
    • Strawberry Tea Pimm’s Cup


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Pamper, Shop & Eat in Malibu During 2015 at Three Brand New Hotspots!

December 17, 2014

Even if you live on the westside, Malibu is still a trek. So coming from where I hail in West Hollywood is no hop, skip and a jump from the sunny skies that rest over L.A.’s most upscale beach city. But I recently headed that direction (twice in one week!) to check out some new spots that just opened.

Here’s the thing: During the fall and winter, you don’t get the traffic you would during those hellish summer trips, so aside from the distance itself, the drive is pretty much smooth sailing. And add in the fact that many people are away on holiday break, you kind of get the city to yourself! I love Malibu during holiday season. Everything is lit up and the town is chillier than usual. There are so many adorable shops filled with fun, friendly people bundled up and frolicking along with their families. Quite cozy! So when I checked out a new salon, boutique and restaurant in the area recently, I had such an enjoyable experience.

So grab a pal, take a little road trip west and experience the city the same way I did!


Located at the trendy Malibu Country Mart, Cie Sparks salon recently opened its doors, courtesy of stylist Michael Sparks and colorist Heather Cie, proteges of Jennifer Aniston‘s stylist Chris McMillan. Formerly McMillan Canale Salon, the renovated space is located next door to Mr. Chow.


Earlier this month, the salon hosted a VIP styling day to celebrate its October launch. With an endless flow of champagne and an assortment of sweet treats to nosh on, guests were offered cuts, blowouts and other lavish treatments. I opted for a wavy blowout from stylist Ricky Reyes, who had my hair looking good as new! I even walked away with a little gift – a set of their Inphenom superior treatment shampoo + conditioner. No lie, this is the first shampoo and conditioner combo that has worked for me from home in a long time!




Cie Sparks Salon

3835 Cross Creek Road #22

Malibu, CA 90265

(310) 456-2300


With your hair in check, head a little more west to the continuously expanding Trancas Country Market, which just opened this past summer.

Already home to Drill Surf & Skate, Sea Lily and Pritchett-Rapf realty, the space recently welcomed a new addition: Malibu Beach House boutique. The homey spot, owned by married couple Doug and Laura Burdge, carries everything from Bed Head PJs, to Nest fragrances.


The location also boasts its own signature line of Bloody Mary mix and candles – two things I so graciously walked away with as gifts when I attended an intimate launch event earlier this month at the shop. The Bloody Mary mix went perfectly with my tomato-flavored Belvedere vodka I’d been trying to use for months. And the candles are a must! They come in eight different ocean-themed aromas, including Point Dume, Zuma and Malibu’s 90265 zip code. I like the candles so much that I included them in skyelyfe’s holiday gift guide.


Doug designed not only this store, but also the entire market as a part of Burdge & Associates Architects. Known as Malibu’s signature architect, Doug is recognized for his Spanish Mediterranean, “Rustic-Modern” and cutting-edge contemporary styles.

Malibu Beach House

30745 Pacific Coast Highway

Building R, Suite #3

Malibu, CA 90265



After a long day of pampering and shopping, a relaxing meal (and a glass of wine!) seems the next logical step. Located directly next door to Malibu Beach House is Mangia, another new addition to Trancas Country Market. I had the luxury of indulging in a decadent tasting of some of the eatery’s finest wines and dishes, including a rich Tartufo risotto, simmering meat lasagna, carbonara pasta and various pizzas (I’m stuffed just thinking about it). The restaurant, which includes a full bar and patio overlooking the hills of Malibu, was founded by Antonio Alessi and Tarcisio Mosconi, the owners of local Tra di Noi.





Mangia Italian Countryside Eatery

30745 Pacific Coast Highway

Building R, Suite #4



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Ciroc Vodka & Dance Music Artist Erika Jayne Help Skyelyfe Readers Get Their NYE Pre-Party in Full Swing!

November 30, 2014

champagneSometimes the getting ready process for a night on the town is more fun than the actual outing itself, and New Year’s Eve is no exception!

Whether it’s hosting a few pals for an intimate gathering the night before the ball drops – or playing dress-up with friends hours before the year officially comes to a close, NYE always calls for some pre-party action.

Luckily, with the help of Billboard dance chart-topper Erika Jayne, along with Ciroc vodka, skyelyfe has a foolproof plan to making the prelude to the biggest night of the year go off without a hitch!

What’s more welcoming to an NYE pre-party than sexy custom cocktails waiting when guests arrive? Below are two recipes (including one that boasts the ultra premium vodka line’s newest flavor, pineapple) that are sure to make mouths water (but as always, drink responsibly. There’s a long night ahead!)


But crafting these classy beverages is no fun without a little music in the background, so pop open your Spotify and get listening to this fun party mix Ms. Jayne created exclusively for skyelyfe, which includes her recent hit “Painkillr.” Equal parts rap and dance (old-school and new), this 10-song mix is sure to have you bouncing away in your kitchen (try not to spill!).


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Feeling Down? Here Are Some Outside-of-the-Box Tips (and a Playlist) for Kicking That Case of the Sunday (or Any Day) Blues!

November 30, 2014

depressionRegardless of who we are or where we are in our lives, we’ve all hit the occasional wall of emotional discomfort. Whether it’s dealing with the aftermath of a hard-partying weekend, dreading the week that lies ahead – or in this weekend’s case, saying farewell to a holiday experience – it doesn’t take much for a case of the Sunday blues to kick in.

With the combination of self-experimentation and guidance from others, I’ve come up with some useful tips for bidding adieu to feelings of negativity on Sundays, or heck, any days:

1. I think the day should start off as a me-day, beginning with a workout of any kind. Many suggest a hike in particular. If you belong to a gym, I recommend driving to a location farther away than the one you typically go to. Driving and listening to music always helps me clear my mind. After the workout and a shower, I suggest taking on what I consider an insta-self-esteem-booster: a spray tan. It may sound silly, but I always feel beautiful after a simple spritz of color.

From there, I like to go to a coffee shop somewhere funky and low-key like Bourgeois Pig in Franklin Village or pretty much anywhere in Silverlake. I’ll take along a self-help book or some type of reading that will be beneficial to my well-being and then order the largest almond milk latte on the menu. Nothing soothes me quite like the taste and smell of hot coffee. I feel energized and motivated and just all around better. Before me-day starts, lock in dinner plans for later with a friend. I always think it’s important to kiss an unhappy day goodbye with quality time alongside a close comrade. It gives you something to look forward to at the end of the me-day, it gives you a chance to vent about what’s been making you feel bad and allows you to receive comfort from a person who knows you well. — me

2. Make a task list to get a head start on Monday. On that list? Tidying up your living space. A clean house is a clean, happy mind. – Erick Orellana, Colorist, Sally Hershberger salon, @erickohair

3. I’m a huge advocate of Donna Eden‘s five minute healing energy workouts. These stretches are geared toward bringing positive energy all throughout my body so I feel a bit better. I also wake up and think of five things I am grateful for. — Patti SheinmanHillel director, Wellesley College

4. I suggest going to CVS and buying birthday or anniversary cards (and stamps) for your parents [or close friends], even if the dates are months in advance. You’ll feel great knowing that even if everything else in your life sucks that day, you’re way ahead of the game [in this other area]. — Melissa RappaportOwner, Rapparound PR, @Rapparound

5. Nothing cures the blues like a strong “attitude adjustment,” a.k.a. DRINK! My go-to is a homemade Old Fashioned, but if my blues are Eeyore-status, there’s nothing that will snap me out of it like a Rye Manhattan.

I also love curling up on the couch and devouring a magazine from cover to cover when I’ve got the Sunday blues. There’s something so relaxing about reading someone else’s content (not electronically!), with a glass of wine in hand. — Kirstin BensonEditorial Director,, @kirstinbenson

6. During the winter, I suggest going ice skating in downtown L.A. at L.A. Live. It’s so much fun! I did it last year and I did great until I fell on my behind at the very end! This day put me in a great mood. I was able to have “date night” with my BFF! We were laughing and playing like we were 10 years old again. It was an adjustment at first with the skates, but a few times around the beautifully lit tree and we were pros again. We weren’t concerned about work the next day. It was our time to spend together and to be merry! We had such a stress-free day we are excited to go back again this year! — Natalie Kanooni, Philanthropist, @curlynat31


7. Don’t look at Facebook. It’s a lot of passive aggressive people trying to one-up you on how great their lives are. Busy, productive, happy and content people post the least on Facebook. To go along with that, turn off your phone. There are few things so undeniably urgent that you can not handle them later, and maybe they will have already solved themselves by the time you get back. — Anonymous

8. I think it goes without saying, but music has healing powers. I don’t necessarily gain solace from the cliche depressing songs that most people think go hand-in-hand with feeling bad. I guess it just depends, but it’s also quite empowering to listen to upbeat songs of a motivational manner. Check out the lively list I compiled below!  — me