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Best Instagram Captions for Pics of You and an Ice Cold Beer

November 17, 2020

If you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance you live for sipping an ice cold brewski. If such is the case, you obviously need the perfect beer Instagram captions to flaunt your favorite hobby all over social media.

If an ice-cold, yeast-filled beverage is everything your heart desires, keep reading for the seven best quotes to use as beer Instagram captions.

(Instagram via @campbellhawk)

For that mirror selfie of you holding up—what else?—a beer:

“I’ve only been in love with a beer bottle and a mirror.” 

-Sid Vicious

For the pic of you covered up in sweats while sipping beer:

“I’m gaining weight the right way: I’m drinking beer.”

-Johnny Damon

For the shot of you clinking beer bottles with a pal:

“In a study, scientists report that drinking beer can be good for the liver. I’m sorry, did I say ‘scientists’? I meant Irish people.”

-Tina Fey

(Instagram via @friscowildpitch)

For the shot of you sipping beer with no cares in the world:

“Not all chemicals are bad. Without chemicals such as hydrogen and oxygen, there would be no way to make water, a vital ingredient in beer.”

-Dave Barry

For the cheeky pic of you looking all dolled up with a brew in hand as your best accessory:

“Milk is for babies. When you grow up, you have to drink beer.”

-Arnold Schwarzenegger

(Instagram via @savain016)

For the photo of you clearly a bit tipsy from one too many brewskis:

“24 hours in a day. 24 beers in a case. Coincidence? I think not.” 

-H.L. Mencken

For the shot of you staring adoringly at your stash:

“To some it’s a six-pack. To me it’s a support group.” 

-Leo Durocher

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The Ultimate Whiskey and Beer Pairing Is Coming to a City Near You!

January 26, 2017

Angelenos recently took advantage of Tullamore D.E.W. Irish Whiskey‘s D.E.W. and a Brew Tour when it launched earlier this month, but in case you don’t live here, you may still be able to join in on the TimeOut-sponsored fun!

Seeking out 26 of the best breweries in the country, the spirit brand is on a 68-day mission to have people who enjoy drinking, experience the fun of pairing beer and whiskey.

I had a chance to experience the pairing for myself recently when the whole tour kicked off at Santa Monica Brew Works (monstrous tour bus and all!). Met with a live band and noshes galore, the pairing experience was definitely an enjoyable one—and something quite new to me, as I do love beer, but I’m not much of a whiskey drinker.

Some of the not-yet-visited cities included on the tour—which comes to an end on March 15 in Chicago—are Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Nashville.

For the entire list of participating cities, click HERE.