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6 Hidden Gems to Visit in the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills Area If You Want a Fancy Cocktail

December 13, 2018

Even the most hidden spots don’t stay under the radar for long in the bustling, social cities of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

I mean, how many dates have you gone on at places with nondescript entrances a la Roger Room?

But even so, we’ve still managed to dig up a few remaining gems in 90069 and 90210—ones that serve up libations to be remembered (well, that is, depending on how many you drink!).

Whether you’re feeling a quiet date spot, strive for the highest quality liquor, or are just a sucker for a dreamy patio, we rounded up the six best hidden gem spots in Beverly Hills and West Hollywood if you want a fancy cocktail.

Chamberlain Bistro at the Chamberlain Hotel – West Hollywood

Located just off Sunset Blvd. (yet tucked just far enough away), the beautiful outdoor patio at the newly renovated Chamberlain Hotel is beyond perfect for sipping a few cocktails day or night. And in addition to their Hollywood-inspired libations, you also can’t go wrong with their risotto fritters and hand-cut Fries, yum.

(The Chamberlain via Instagram)

THE Blvd at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel – Beverly Hills

With seriously lush sofas and a Plaza-style chandelier, THE Blvd at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel is definitely an underrated spot. Whether you want to feel like a Breakfast at Tiffany’s character or just want to people watch, you can do both these things in style by grabbing a drink at their 18-foot onyx bar. It’s casual.

(THE Blvd via Instagram)

Crescent Lounge – Beverly Hills

Warm summer nights are best spent at this airy villa-style terrace, located inside the boutiquey Crescent Hôtel. It’s the elegantly furnished patio we’ve only seen in our dreams. It’s a super versatile spot that can host anything from a birthday brunch or wedding shower to a classy and casual GNO. Tastebuds beware: Drinks are strong and pungent!

(Crescent Hotel via Instagram)

CITIZEN – Beverly Hills

Sandwiched between some of the stuffier spots in 90210, this beautifully decorated bar and restaurant is a much more laidback addition to the area, making it easy to overlook. But it’s absolutely worth checking out. Their extensive food menu will send you straight to heaven, and their Avocado Toast cocktail (so L.A.) is one of the best and unlike anything we’ve ever had before.

(CITIZEN via Instagram)

The Club Bar at the Peninsula – Beverly Hills

It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle when located on Santa Monica Blvd., but the Club Bar at the Peninsula shouldn’t be overlooked. If getting away from all the noise along the street isn’t already enough of a selling point, you should also stay for their impressive wine list.

(The Peninsula Beverly Hills via Instagram)

£10 (Ten Pound) at the Montage Beverly Hills – Beverly Hills

Tucked away on the Montage’s second floor, £10 is a go-to spot for any true whiskey lover. You’ll experience finely aged cocktails and old-style décor that’s reminiscent of the early 1920s. Who needs a speakeasy when you can get the same vibe at a sleek and modern hotel?

(The Montage Beverly Hills via Instagram)

Considering a Cosmetic Procedure This Summer? Botched Star Dr. Paul Nassif Tells Skyelyfe What to Know Before You Go for It!

June 30, 2015

drpaulnassifBotox? Boob job? Lipo? Heck, facelift? We all probably have a thing or two we’d like to get done to look svelte this summer, right? Well, who better to share the dos and dont’s of cosmetic procedures than renown Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif (who also co-stars on E!’s Botched and formerly Real Housewives of Beverly Hills).

Dr. Nassif sat down with skyelyfe last week at Cecconi’s West Hollywood, and chatted about all things skin and plastic surgery – including the simplest, non-invasive way to keep that face looking shiny and new.

While he’s all for Botox (he admitted he’s currently due for some more), he proudly boasts the effectiveness of his brand new three-part line, NASSIF MD Bio-Rhythmic Skincare (we’ll get to the plastic surgery convo further down).

“I work very long hours and I don’t sleep a lot,” he says. “I’m always taking care of underneath my skin – my face and eyes and all that stuff. So, I’m thinking, what happens to your skin when you’re working your butt off and you’re [not getting enough sleep] to repair?”

Nassif thought about what types of ingredients he could get in a skincare line that amplify the own natural rhythms of the body and are the most antioxidant.

So, two years later, he came up with “something that was unique and powerful, without irritating the skin.”

If you’re not sleeping, his product (which comes in AM, PM and exfoliant) “excellerates those natural ingredients.”

Nassif_Skincare_skyelyfeThe road to perfecting the skin is all-natural in the form of Nassif’s products – but he certainly also helps aid people in stepping up their look in ways that aren’t as organic. Read on for Dr. Nassif’s list of most important things you need to know if you plan on going under the knife!

1) Recognize what is the most challenging cosmetic procedure

“The hardest thing I deal with that any plastic surgeon does is the nose,” Nassif says. “When I get into rhinoplasty revision, that’s what’s difficult. It’s the hardest surgery of all. It has the highest revision rate – 20 percent. It takes the longest to recover. If you have your nose done, you need to go to a super-specialist. That’s what I’m internationally known for. I do beautiful facelifts and stuff, but a lot of doctors can do a good facelift. They can’t do a good nose.”

2) There’s a huge no-no among people who want to get work done

“People try to save money on plastic surgery,” Nassif says, shaking his head. “That’s the biggest mistake right there. Don’t do it. And don’t go to a jack-of-all-trades. You need to go to a super-specialist.”

3) There’s one invasive procedure everyone should get done if they can afford it

“I think that almost every woman starting in their early forties needs to have a little skin from their upper eyelids taken,” Nassif explains. “That to me makes the eyes pop more than anything. A patient [recently came in to do that] and her husband went nuts of how excited he was after even two days with stitches in her eyes. It just opened up her eyes and you can see more skin. It looked natural, and that was the biggest thing.”



A Fan of Fancy, Liquor-Infused Refreshments? Then This Will Be Your Cup of Tea!

April 2, 2015

boozytea2Here’s your High Tea with a twist!

Put down the cream and sugar because you won’t be needing that when you come in for what L’Ermitage Beverly Hills calls its Wicked Tea Service. Describing this promo (which lasts from now until June) as the “naughtier version of afternoon tea,” chef Roger Thomas of the hotel’s restaurant Livello serves up liquor-infused scones, breads and teas.

This chic little experience is available daily from 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. for $75 per person. Check out the mouthwatering menu below:BoozyTea1

  • Scones:
    • Cranberry, gin & orange scones
    • Bacon & bourbon scones
  • Sweets:
    • Cognac & caramel chocolate brownie
    • Passion fruit liquor & chocolate macaron
    • Calvados apple cider with warm cinnamon beignet
  • Savory:
    • Smoked salmon with dill on Fernet Branca pumpernickel bun
    • Egg salad with elderflower liqueur and lemon aioli on soft pullman loaf
    • Armagnac, leeks and mushroom gratin
  • Tea-infused champagne cocktails:
    • Hibiscus & chamomile
    • Strawberry Tea Pimm’s Cup


Music Uncategorized Featured

Electronic Duo Cazzette Dishes to Skyelyfe on the ‘Problem’ with ‘EDM,’ Who They Think Will Be the Next Big Thing in Music and Why They Miss the Old Stuff!

November 4, 2014

Photo Credit: Alex Wessely

Cazzette has made 2014 their year! The Swedish duo, consisting of Sebastian Furrer and Alexander Björklund, are fresh off the heels of releasing their new melodic dance track “Blind Heart,” and they feel like they’re in a great place.

The lovely lads, who are under Avicii‘s LE7ELS label and are best known for 2012’s “Beam Me Up” and this year’s “Sleepless,” recently sat down with skyelyfe on the picturesque rooftop of Sixty Beverly Hills to talk about being more in control of their sound now than before, why they refuse to be classified as “EDM” artists, how they are “down to earth guys who don’t do crazy stuff” and why Flume is going to take over the music world.

SL: What do you guys think of L.A.?

Sebastian: We love L.A. It’s a very nice city and obviously the weather is very nice. There are very good vibes here. It’s obviously a big city to music and film and we’ve been meeting people here. It’s so easy to meet people in the music industry. Everybody’s here basically, so it’s nice. I wouldn’t move here because I’m still in love with Sweden and I’m a big New York guy more than a West Coast guy, but I love it here for work and for a short amount of time to hang out.

SL: You guys recently performed at Avalon in Hollywood. What was that experience like?

Alex: Avalon is great. It’s a big venue, which is cool. It has that theatre vibe, which we like. And this time was the most fun we’ve ever had playing there because we’ve changed a lot over this past year. I feel like we’re way more honest to ourselves now and with the music that we make and play. It’s more exciting to play now because we’re playing 100 percent what we like. We slightly try to educate the crowd a bit with playing the music that we grew up on even though it doesn’t sound like the typical Top 40 for music. We play tracks from 2004-2007, like old Axwell, all old stuff.

SL: Going off of that, who are some more artists whose old style of music you miss?

Alex: Laidback Luke. I miss his old stuff.

Sebastian: Yeah, he was great before. I mean I haven’t heard his [newer] stuff that much. I just love his older stuff. Everybody has to evolve in a way, so I get it, but his old stuff was incredible. As producers, we were like, “Whoa, what’s this?” It was so interesting at the time.

SL: What’s your take on this whole “EDM” craze?

Alex: I think there’s a problem with that word “EDM.” I mean, sure, it’s electronic dance music, but I’d rather it be “EM,” electronic music. You can’t compare dubstep and house. They are two completely different things.

Sebastian: I think they misuse the word, and that’s the problem. This became a big term in America. It probably will never be a term in Europe. I’ve never heard anyone use it there. I think when people got educated here, they put it on blogs and they were [labeling] a dubstep act with EDM. I’m not saying not saying it’s the blogs or anyone’s fault, I just think it’s been misused. People think everything is EDM and it’s the same stuff. If you compare rock music, it’s very broad. There are tons of stuff within rock music. There’s indie rock and there’s pop rock, but you can’t put them in the [exact] same category. And that’s the same here. Dubstep is completely different from house music. House music is completely different from electro and techno. Of course they have the same elements, but it’s still different vibes.

SL: Do you guys classify yourself in what’s considered “EDM” or in some kind of sub-genre?

Alex: It’s a problem for us because we’re like so many different kinds of genres, but right now I would say house.

SL: Congratulations on “Blind Heart.” Tell me about the inspiration behind that song

Alex: The inspiration was from just listening to the acapella. That’s usually how we work if we receive an acapella. When we hear something, it’s like, what kind of vibe does this track have? How are we going to capture what we fell for in the acapella?

Sebastian: It was a very long process to make because we were changing our minds all the time about arrangement. We were discussing what the chorus is, but then we decided, fuck it, there’s no chorus. Let’s just go with vibe and people can decide what the chorus is. The song is very specially structured. It’s not the typical verse-chorus.

SL: Aside from people you’ve worked with, who do you admire in the music scene in general?

Alex: Kanye West.

Sebastian: Pharrell Williams, Moby, Justin Timberlake, obviously. From the hip-hop and trap stuff, we like Flume. He’s incredible. There’s a guy from Sweden called Skogsrå. He’s a new guy. There are so many people who inspire us in general. We love rock, we love hip-hop. Sometimes we listen to jazz.

SL: Any predictions on who’s going to be the next big music thing in the states?

Sebastian: I think Flume is just going to get bigger. What he does is incredible and he’s just going to keep growing.

SL: What’s something about you guys that your fans don’t already know?

Sebastian: [laughs] We have no dirty secrets at all. We just want our fans to hear our music. Our personal life is kind of irrelevant because at the end of the day, it’s about the music. Of course it helps if you have  a personality. I wouldn’t say we’re boring, but there’s not too much to know. I think we’re very calm. We’re down to earth guys who don’t do crazy stuff. If there’s something people should know, we work a lot. We always spend time in studios. That’s our crazy life [laughs].


Photo Credit: Alex Wessely



Ocean Prime: Beverly Hills Welcomes Upscale Fish Spot

October 23, 2014

**This post I wrote was originally featured on SoCal Life magazine’s website

Upon entry inside new Beverly Hills eatery Ocean Prime, it’s impossible to tell that this is the same dining space that used to be home to longtime El Torito Grille, located on 9595 Wilshire Blvd., at the apex of Wilshire, Dayton Way and Camden Drive.

The redesigned space, which can fit hundreds of patrons and has a private VIP dining area, is now home to what general manager Stephen Cook hopes diners will consider Beverly Hills’ premier spot to feast on fish (even though meat and poultry dishes are indeed menu options). The restaurant, which has the vibe of an upscale steakhouse, specializes in its lobster tails, which Cook, the former GM of nearby Bouchon, calls “unique,” guaranteeing this dish is “the best lobster you’ve tasted.”

At a recent tasting, I had the opportunity to try approximately 20 dishes, including the iceberg wedge salad with bacon and bleu cheese; scallops served over braised short ribs and mashed potatoes; sea bass; and a delightful lobster bisque.

But the menu is not limited to formal fare. Complete with a sushi bar and a slew of sushi dishes, Cook wants to ensure people who eat fish have a variety of options at Ocean Prime because Beverly Hills is generally “very underserved” when it comes to that type of food, he says.

The new establishment, which opens to the public on Oct. 28, is quite delicious, but not for the lite-bite-craving consumer. Many of the dishes are rich with cream sauces and the portions and quite filling. That’s not to say the occasional healthy side does not exist (we really enjoyed the steamed broccoli!), but this is definitely a place to go with the desire to indulge.

Beauty Angelenos Featured

The New Generation of Juicy

September 27, 2014

If you were anything like me circa 2003, right next to the hangers in your closet holding up your 7 for All Mankind and Citizens of Humanity jeans was a variety of Juicy Couture tracksuits. Whether you had them in terrycloth or velour – or in black, watermelon or baby blue – or with the words “JUICY” on the behind, they pretty much dominated your wardrobe. These simple, yet way overpriced pieces of material totally defined that era of so-called “style.” After the tracksuit boom, the brand, created by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor (P&G), branched out into handbags, sunglasses, fragrances, dresses, denim, you name it.

Juicy logo stickers used for T-shirts

Given the impact the company had on pop culture, it brought a bittersweet tear to my eye (come on, don’t tell me you weren’t the tiniest bit sad) earlier this year when I heard all the JC stores were going out of business (although according to the company’s website, you can still purchase JC originals). Naturally, I made a dash for the Century City location’s Everything Must Go sale and bought myself two dresses (they’re actually really cute!).

guests were given "Juicy cash" to redeem at an outside booth for a complimentary item from the new line

While we’ve reached the end of an era, the Juicy legacy lives on in its new generation at your local Kohl’s. Just last week, I attended the Juicy Couture + Kohl’s official launch party, and I must say it was as girly and cute as one could expect for any kind of Juicy party (old era or new). Couches were adorned with pink and white pillows, various-colored rose petals were everywhere, there was a manicure station set up along a row inside the Beverly Hills mansion where the event took place, there were passed plates of gourmet food courtesy of Along Came Mary catering – and of course – guests didn’t exit the predominantly female fete without a little gift. When people entered the party, they were handed Juicy Kohl’s cash and could redeem the cards at a station outside, overlooking a beautiful view of Los Angeles. We were able to select an embroidered scarf, T-shirt or pants. I opted for the scarf – perfect colors for fall.

Parting with the OG JC is such sweet sorrow, but I am certainly wishing the next era of Juicy the utmost success!

My lovely date Priscila and I posed in front of a rose wall and reenacted the Kim/Kanye wedding pose ;)

There was an array of polish options in the manicure area

delicious food ... need I say more?

delicious food Part II


Poolside Samba in Beverly Hills

August 6, 2014

For the second year in a row, I attended Svedka‘s June pool party in Beverly Hills. This year’s fete, held at a private home, was called their summer samba, appropriately named to coincide with the introduction of the vodka line’s newest flavors: mango pineapple and strawberry lemonade.

Ring toss, anyone?

By far one of the most packed parties of the year, guests mingled to the sounds of Rumer Willis, who was DJ, in between a full-on samba performance with authentic dancers and sound. It’s events like this one that you can pretty much attend by yourself because you are guaranteed to run into (almost) literally every person you know.

Vanessa Hudgens, Dianna Agron and Jamie Chung were also in attendance at the festive affair, which had people in line at the bar through the late evening. Once the sun set, the air got pretty chilly, which didn’t quite make for a summer feel physically, but nevertheless, the vibe of the upcoming months was definitely in full effect.

quite the elaborate house party

Jen Betts, Lisa Jammal, Jen Abel and Chris Smith were all on hand to help Svedka launch their latest vodka flavor. Always fun running into friends :)

Beauty Music Food Angelenos Featured

From Lolla to the Taste LA: Reliving 5 Summer Highlights as We Say Sayonara to the Sunniest Season!

June 1, 2014

It’s no secret that my favorite season is fall. It makes me unconditionally at ease. So I guess it goes without saying that although there were some surefire highlights of the summer, I am beyond excited for the three-month falliday! But even while basking in the joys of the new season upon us, it would be unfair to discredit some fond memories of the past few months.

Here are five memorable moments from the sunniest season (in no particular order):


Talk about a trip of spontaneity! While talks of heading to the Windy City for Lolla weekend had been going on for some time, the trip wasn’t officially booked until less than a week beforehand. The flight was far from inexpensive at this point, but at least my friend and I had a place to stay when we arrived (thank you for your hospitality, Elizabeth!). A handful of other close friends from L.A. were also in town for the festivities, so it was great to explore Chicago (for the very first time) with some of my favorite people. Oddly enough, after all was said and done, my Lolla group and I only made it to two shows out of the entire festival. But we definitely maximized our experience, making the two shows among the best options. Foster the People never disappoints, and Cut Copy‘s performance was so intimate and just perfect for a number of reasons. CC at Lolla was definitely one of the best live experiences I have ever had. When we weren’t at the festival, frolicking around the city or pre-partying at one of our friend’s amazing condos, we were pretty much stationed at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago for their weekend-long Lolla afterparty, where we caught incredible performances by ASTR and Betty Who (always perfection). The weekend was pretty much flawless, except for how quickly it went by.






It’s not like you have to twist my arm to try a new flavor of vodka or celebrate a spirit, and this summer was no exception when it came to doing just that. While Svedka kicked off the season in June with a pool party to celebrate the launch of their mango pineapple and strawberry lemonade flavors, VEEV concluded summer with a huge nighttime pool party as well, to spread the word about their new 70 proof VEEV 2.0. Complete with aerial dancers and a beautiful view of Beverly Hills, the #cheatonvodka-themed fete was at capacity in no time. Meanwhile, Grey Goose had a launch of its own this summer. I was on hand at the now-infamous 1oak night club in West Hollywood (thankfully no shootings on this particular outing), where I sipped the brand’s new Le Melon flavor all night, as the crowd toasted Swizz Beatz and Kehinde Wiley. Cheers!




On a mid-July Saturday, I took a little drive just south of L.A. to Orange County with my dad. We attended the Festival of Arts/Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach. The annual event is California’s premier fine arts show and this was my first time attending. The exhibits were seemingly endless and so diverse. After the festival, we grabbed dinner and then it was off to the spectacular display of living art. Yes, two hours are devoted to live people recreating historical pieces of artwork on a stage in front of hundreds of audience members. It’s hard to describe to someone who hasn’t seen it in person, but it is really interesting and I recommend checking it out to get a better idea.




The summer heat had fully kicked in on this early Thursday evening in June and all I wanted was to be social in an air-conditioned space that provided wine. Well, luckily I managed to find that (and a sampling of an entire food menu) at the RedHour summer music series kick-off at Crustacean restaurant in Beverly Hills. My friend and I received the royal treatment sitting at a VIP table, while schmoozing with the eatery’s owner and some of the night’s lovely performers, who included American Idol alums Jessica Sanchez and Pia Toscano – along with Natasha and Daniel Bedingfield‘s equally talented sister Nikola Rachelle, who was definitely the highlight of my night.



I wanted one final hurrah before kicking off my month of #Sobtember, so before ditching booze and carb-rich foods for 30 days, I went out with a bang at the Los Angeles TimesTaste L.A. event. I don’t really know what else to say here except I could barely fit any of the array of beverages inside of me because I ate so much. The line for Ramen burgers dominated the whole event. I steered clear, but was sure to get my hands on churros, chicken & waffles, huevos rancheros, vegan cheeseburgers and who knows what else! All I know is it was worth every bite and I could barely move after my consumption. Thank you Food Flaunt for bringing me along, even if indeed it was one of the sweatiest days of the year.