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Should You Be Using CBD in Your Skincare Routine? An Expert Explains What You Need to Know

September 14, 2020

We’re no stranger to the CBD space. From applying The Good Patch Nite Nite to help us catch some Zzzs, to dropping tinctures of SMPLSTC CLM under our tongues to ease anxiety, we’ve certainly toyed with variations of this hyped ingredient.

While we usually feel immediate results from mood-enhancing CBD products, the skincare side of the phenomenon is a different story. What does CBD-infused skincare actually do, and is it safe on all skin types?

To help us get to the bottom of this, we spoke to Dr. Manisha Singal. The expert and Aethera Beauty ambassador is also the author of The CBD Skincare Solution: the Power of Cannabidoil for Healthy Skin. She answers all of our burning questions below.

skyelyfe: What are some general benefits of CBD in skincare?
Dr. Manisha Singal:

There are well-identified anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of CBD. Topical formulations aim to deliver this natural plant-based compound to cool inflammation due to common toxic exposures, such as UV rays, environmental pollution and makeup. It also has properties to stimulate skin plumpness by its influences on collagen and elastin production, diminishing appearance of fine lines. Similar to aloe vera, topical CBD is proving to also take the sting out of skin injuries due to minor cuts and reduce the itch experienced from mosquitos bites.

SL: Are there any benefits CBD offers to the skin that other powerful ingredients do not?

CBD is not a one-note natural compound. Chemically, it is akin to our own cannabinoids that we have been reliant on for health and balance since we were born. Whether CBD is applied topically or ingested, it works on the same Endocannabinoid System (ECS), network of receptors, neurotransmitters, and enzymes found throughout our body, including our skin. In the beauty and skincare industry, benefits are seen in skin healing, pain relief and youthful glow. What’s exciting but as of yet not regulated is the added benefits of combining CBD with other well-known ingredients for our skincare. Education and attention to details in these formulations is key for any consumer. 

SL: Is CBD comparable to other skincare ingredients on the market?

The antioxidant powers of vitamins A, C, and E are comparable to CBD. For example, vitamin A, from which retinoic acid is derived, is credited with cell regeneration, skin firmness; vitamin C stimulates collagen production, and vitamin E fights those nasty free radicals. CBD is rich in all these properties.

SL: Which skin type(s) work most effectively with CBD? Which skin type(s) work least effectively with CBD? What can be the result of a negative reaction to CBD skincare?

We’ve barely scratched the surface when it comes to understanding the science behind CBD’s many observed benefits. This is true as well for skin types. What we do know is that all skin types are susceptible to injury from UV rays and other environmental pollutants. CBD is well-poised to help us in our skin’s battle to protect from these and other exposures irrespective of our skin type.

Where we need to be extra cautious is to know what chemicals or oils are in topical CBD formulations. If one’s skin is prone to over-oil production, certain moisturizing creams may exacerbate and cause reactions. Always perform a skin patch test to see if the particular CBD product is right for your skin type. Avoid layering multiple products, as it will likely promote an unpleasant and undesirable response. If one does have more than a mild redness to a product, stop and contact your doctor for care and possible allergy tests.

SL: Are there any products you recommend in particular for people easing into CBD skincare for the first time?

For people interested in exploring CBD as part of their skincare, I would recommend starting with a product containing CBD isolate. I have come to learn from amazing chemists that it’s very complicated to formulate broad spectrum CBD topicals, often leaving a consumer to experience the chemical additives and not CBD itself. I also recommend starting with a low mg dose concentration, as we all have our own unique genetic makeup. What suits one person may be an entirely different experience for another. Start low and go slow.

I would also start by introducing just one CBD product, such as a moisturizer, into your daily regimen. See if it has an effect and, if it doesn’t, replace it with a similar product containing a greater amount of CBD. Once you’re comfortable with that product, you can consider adding another one. CBD is the big new thing, and it’s expensive to process. Reputable beauty companies are understandably charging a premium for many of these new products, so it also makes good financial sense to ensure that you’re getting a noticeable result as a return on your beauty product dollar.

SL: What should consumers be looking out for on a CBD skincare label? (both good and bad)?

You should make sure that your product has the amount of CBD that is stated on the label and without toxic impurities. A 2017 Journal of the American Medical Association that analyzed 84 CBD products sold by 31 different online companies found that 1 in 5 contained marijuana components. Other studies have shown that the CBD concentration in products is much lower or non-existent versus what brands have claimed on their packaging. I would make sure to only use a trusted manufacturer and ask to see their Certificate of Authentication. Legitimate companies test their product for potency and purity.

SL: Are there other ingredients that go particularly well or poorly with CBD?

Since the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018 and the legalization of CBD extracted from hemp plants, there’s been an explosion of products in the skincare industry. Unfortunately, without full cannabis legalization by the federal government, consumers are in the wild west with dangerous product claims that CBD can be mixed with any ingredients. It’s highly advisable for a manufacturer to partner with chemists to do safety and sustainability testing when formulating products with CBD.

It’s also important to understand the relevancy of mixing certain ingredients with CBD. For example, CBD has great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The addition of CBD to other natural active vitamins, omega fatty and amino acids will have wonderful boosting and calming effects on our skin. On the flip side, we don’t have enough information on the relevancy of adding ingredients such as DMAE and kinetin.

SL: Are there CBD-free products you recommend that can still provide similar effects? 

At Aethera Beauty, we’re aware that many consumers would not be comfortable using CBD and we have replicated our entire line of CBD skincare products in a hemp seed version. Hemp seed oil is rich in the omega fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants—all nourishing topically as well as internally, as seen in salad dressings. Hemp seeds and hemp seed oils contain none or minuscule amounts of CBD.

(via Unsplash)
SL: How did you start working with Aethera and why do you support its products? If you could recommend just one of their products to consumers, what would it be?

As a consumer, I’ve had my fair share of reactions to various creams and body washes. As a doctor, I’m knowledgeable on the terrible side effects which my patients may suffer from the very medications we prescribe. My dive into CBD was due to both my own extreme skin reaction to hair dye and my husband’s need for relief from his Crohn’s disease. My research was eye-opening as to CBD’s powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. My husband has an inflammatory bowel disease. My skin rash was an extreme presentation of inflammation of my skin. CBD helped calm both of our bouts with inflammation. The aha! moment was the added glow on my skin, and this led to development of CBD skincare SKUs at Aethera.

Aethera is unique, as it’s a partnership with chemists at a reputed green lab with years of experience in formulating non-toxic prestige skincare lines. We take pride in using the highest quality CBD isolates and other well-studied active botanicals to create our line. It’s important to ensure the ingredients in our formulations go through rigorous testing and make sense for the expected user experience.

Our hero, my hero, is the Everyday Botanical Brightening Concentrate with CBD

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5 Newly Released CBD Beauty Products Your Skincare Routine Desperately Needs

August 15, 2020

Between the social justice revolution and the pandemic, there’s a lot going on in the world right now—and you may find it difficult to embrace me-time.

But it’s not just our minds and bodies that need to decompress—our skin does, too! Typically, when something like CBD comes to mind, we’re thinking about our mental state. But the powerful ingredient does wonders for our skin as well, which is why we’re excited to bring you a handful of new innovations in the CBD beauty space.

Because you deserve it, treat yourself to one (or all) of the five brand new CBD beauty products below. From body creams to oils, these items should help you (and your stressed-out skin) relax to the max.

(Kimzy Nanney / Unsplash)

1. The Feelist’s Do Not Disturb Extra Strength Body Cream

Entrepreneur and digital industry leader Shea Marie is the brains behind The Feelist. Her line of plant-powered skincare is set out to pamper you when you need it most. There are two different creams and oils, along with a salt soak in this line. Every product is of interest, though the Do Not Disturb Extra Strength Body Cream really caught our attention. With 500 milligrams of broad spectrum CBD, this cream should aid in getting rid of aches and pains in your body.

2. Veritas Beauty’s Cucumber Eye Cream

Veritas Beauty is a CBD skincare line created by Veritas Farms, which is already well-known for their impeccable CBD products. Now, they’ve moved into the beauty industry. Veritas Beauty comes packed with a variety of products, including Rejuvenating Night Cream, Cucumber Eye Cream, Mattifying Blemish Cream and Hyaluronic Day Cream. The great thing is you can purchase them all in a handy-dandy kit. Though if your budget only allows for one, we’d opt for the Cucumber Eye Cream. A good eye cream is harder to come by than you’d think, so having this one in your skincare arsenal will make a world of difference.

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3. Philip B’s CBD Scalp + Body Oil

Philip B is one of our all-time favorite haircare companies, so we jumped at the chance to snatch up their CBD Scalp + Body Oil when it was released. Your scalp needs more love than you give it. We’re all so guilty of trying to undo years of damage to our tresses that we forget about our scalp. Featuring 100 milligrams of CBD and 25 milligrams of CBG, this scalp and body oil moisturizes your skin to reduce redness brought on by environmental stressors. It really is one of the most soothing oils on the market, so your skin will thank you for using it.

4. MyCHELLE Dermaceutical’s Enhancing CBD Rinse-Free Wash

MyCHELLE Dermaceutical’s released a new line of CBD skincare products that features a serum, lotion, lip balm, and… wait for it… a CBD Rinse-Free Wash. What is a rinse-free wash? Instead of having to splash your face with water, you can put this product on a cotton pad, swipe it all over your complexion, and you’re good to go. The CBD in this is aimed at hydrating and softening your skin, which is something we’ve been having trouble maintaining during quarantine.

5. WLDKAT’s CBD 50MG Cupuacu + Mango Butter Lip Balm

WLDKAT is a clean, vegan, sustainable, and cruelty-free brand that also happens to be “femxle founded and fronted.” Their packaging is bright and in your face, but in the best way possible. We’re particularly fascinated by their butter lip balm. Containing 50 milligrams of CBD, cupuacu and mango butter, these balms should keep your lips hydrated for hours on end.

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American Vanity Launches First-Ever Science-Based Luxe CBD Skincare Line

March 10, 2020

(via American Vanity)

I’ve previously filled you in on my experience with CBD-infused products and it was an interesting one to say the least. Although I might have been a bit wary of anything featuring this supposed “magical” oil in the past, science-based luxury skincare line American Vanity may have just changed my mind.

I attended the ultramodern brand’s official launch party on March 4 at Sunset Tower Hotel, where the decadent, personalized space was filled with celebs, including Jeff Goldblum, Francia Raisa, Jamie Chung and more. Ethically sourced, formulated and manufactured here in L.A., co-founders Mary Nguyen (who has had a life-long passion for skincare) and celebrity esthetician Veronica Barton-Schwartz created an oh-so-fabulous line that honors inner beauty, confidence and authenticity.

Cutting-edge and natural, the line allows all skin types to maintain their radiance and youth through specially formulated, ultra-absorbent BioAdvance CBDTM. This organic CBD isolate is the purest on the market and has a much higher absorption rate than any regular old cannabidiol. Although the price tag may seem a little steep, these products take the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of the oil to new heights and is completely worth it in the end. I walked away with a very heavy gift box (the packaging of these products is unreal), and have been using each item ever since.

Scroll through below for what you need to know about the the brand’s core four products.

(Photo by Donato Sardella/Getty Images for American Vanity)

American Vanity launch(Photo by Donato Sardella/Getty Images for American Vanity)

Resilience Gold Replenishing Moisturizer – $220

The Resilience Gold Replenishing Moisturizer is devastatingly silky smooth. Formulated to be worn day or night, it’s laced with a high concentration of BioAdvance CBDTM that will effortlessly transform your skin. Renewed radiance and less visible smile lines? We’ll take five.

American Vanity Resilience Gold Moisterizer

(Photo courtesy of American Vanity)

Audacious Anti-Aging Serum – $220

Another necessary fixture for wondrous and radiant skin, this anti-aging treatment works overtime to stimulate collagen production and rebuild damaged tissue all while you sleep. It’s guaranteed to help you start the day with a revived, budding complexion.

American Vanity Audacious Anti-Aging Serum

(Photo courtesy of American Vanity)

Brilliance Brightening Serum – $145

Powerful botanicals and more BioAdvance technology deliver hydration for days with this luminous serum. If you struggle with dark spots, inflammation or uneven skin tone, this is the AV product made just for you.

American Vanity Brilliance Brightening Serum

(Photo courtesy of American Vanity)

Radiance Glow Serum – $125

For a warm highlight-without-the-highlight effect, you’ll want to try the Radiance Glow Serum. Filled with hyaluronic acid, jojoba extract and other powerful plant antioxidants, it’s perfect for dull, dry skin that could use a morning (or afternoon) pick-me-up.

American Vanity Radiance Glow Serum

(Photo courtesy of American Vanity)


I Used CBD for a Month to Help Me Sleep—Here Are 5 Things You NEED to Know

August 16, 2018

via Pexels

If you live in L.A. and you’ve left the house in the last three months, there’s no chance you haven’t seen a CBD billboard, CBD products filling up the shelves at all your favorite natural goods stores, and the topic of this of-the-moment product becoming regular discussion among your peers, on radio stations and online.

Sure, hemp-derived CBD (aka Cannabidiol) has been around for decades, but its widestream popularity only took off recently. Legalization of stores like MedMen have definitely been key in introducing the world to this phenomenon, which is said to aid in sleep, anxiety, multiple sclerosis pain and epilepsy.

As someone who generally steers clear from marijuana products (they give me terrible anxiety), I didn’t take an initial interest in CBD, nor did I really understand what it does. It wasn’t until June, when I attended the Bloom Summit wellness expo in Beverly Hills, that I was exposed to CBD products firstand. My extravagant gift bag, worth well over $500, happened to include several products from Plus CBD Oil: drops, capsules and extra strength balm. I didn’t think too much about it, until one day I decided to slather some of the balm onto my body after chatting with a pal who said it helps you sleep.What followed was a month of using the products, mixed in with some use of Botanika CBD + Melatonin sleep spray.

Before you start using CBD products to help you catch some Zzzs, here’s everything you need to know, based on my experience:

1. Not Every CBD Product Works the Same

When I started using the balm at night, I also started taking the morning capsules. After about a month of use, the capsules didn’t make me feel any different. I didn’t feel any less stressed, but I also didn’t feel tired. I felt exactly the same from what I could tell. The balm and spray, on the other hand, put me to bed. I still have yet to try the under-the-tongue tincture drops. But I’ve spoken to other people who said the capsules knocked them out. I think it really is a case-by-case (and brand by brand) basis, so before you purchase or try any CBD product, properly consult with an expert or salesperson (seriously, because you never know!).

2. The Sleep Products Will Knock You Out Cold

In the middle of a movie that you really want to finish? Don’t apply CBD balm or sleep spray until approximately five minutes before you’re ready to get to bed. The products are intense, and once you’re about to doze off, you’re in it to win it. Also, I don’t advise using the extra strength balm for short-term sleep. So, if you have time in between coming home from work and nighttime plans, this is not the occasion to use it. The extra strength balm, in particular, will give you a very deep sleep (which is great), but you need to make sure you have your timing figured out. I’ve been using the balm or spray on weeknights before I go to bed and I’m getting much more sleep than I would have otherwise. I normally have to wake up to use the restroom in the middle of the night, and I find this has prevented me from having to get up as much. And I usually feel refreshed by the time morning rolls around.

via Pexels

3. Your Dreams Will Be Very Vivid (and Likely Strange—Possibly Disturbing)

Melatonin in general is known to cause very strange dreams, so whenever I use anything that includes it, I kind of know what I’m signing up for. That said, I don’t exactly have the best dreams to begin with, so when I use melatonin or CBD products (which produce greater Rapid Eye Movement), I dream more frequently and more vividly. I’m going to be honest: Most of the time I use these products, my dreams involve death or murder (fun times!). Now, I can’t speak for everyone. I don’t know what your dreams are like (though I have spoken with others who have had bizarre dreams from this). I just know that mine are super intense when I use these products and I always remember them in the morning. It’s weird and a little disturbing, but I get through it. It doesn’t take away from the fact that I’m still getting some decent hours of legitimate sleep.

via Pexels

4. No, CBD Does Not Make You Feel High

One of the biggest reasons people have their doubts about giving CBD products a try is their fear of being affected by THC—the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis. There’s no THC in CBD, which is what makes it its own entity. If I were to get high off these products, I would not be using them.

5. These Products Are Expensive

CBD in any form is no cheap purchase. They must be high quality, because no matter where you go, you’re bound to find them all in the $50-$100 range, depending on the specific item. Balms and tinctures tend to be most costly. It’s only been a month and I’m already out of my balm. The Botakina sprays contain 240 spritzes per tube, with eight suggested sprays per use.