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An Expert Explains How to Ease Out of Wearing Skinny Jeans If You’re Scared to Change Up Your Style

March 22, 2021

Feb. 2021 was a month of heightened tensions. With the election outcome finally behind us, there was another topic up for major debate: Are skinny jeans outdated? While opinions are mixed, the fact of the matter is baggy, high-waisted and wide-legged denim is definitely on trend. If this look has thrown a curveball in your regularly scheduled styling routine, you probably need some assistance with how to wear baggy jeans.

To be completely fair, unless you’re super into fashion or you dress incredibly casual, these updated denim trends can come off a little odd and tough to master. Especially going from skinny jeans, which are form-fitting and universally flattering, transitioning into the complete opposite overnight can seem like no easy feat.

(via Unsplash)

But, if you want to keep up with trends or you’re simply ready to leave behind the looks from your sorority days, you’ll have to welcome baggy(ish) jeans into your wardrobe.

If the struggle is real (and it’s ok if it is!), we enlisted the expertise of Jen Carcich, Director of Product at affordable yet fashionable Revtown jeans. I can speak personally on behalf of the brand’s designer-like denim when I say it made me a looser-legged jean convert. I wouldn’t say a was a skinny jean loyalist, I’d say I was just a non-jean-wearer altogether with a few skinny jean exceptions (I live in leggings, period).

As the pandemic appears to be on its way out, I realize I have no choice but to embrace “normal people clothes”—and why not be on trend while doing so (as attempted in the photo below)? With that, I’ll leave it to Jen, who provides insight on how to ease out of wearing skinny jeans if you’re scared to change up your style!

skyelyfe: For the girls who still love their skinny jeans, what are some ways to wear them so that they’re still staying in line with current trends and where fashion is going?

Jen Carcich: It’s a great question. While many of us may have already moved on from the skinny, I think styling is essential for keeping them on trend. And I must reiterate I also firmly believe that you should always wear what you love and what makes you feel good—so if that’s a skinny then you should continue to wear them. That goes for side parts, too.

Have fun with how you pair them, and play with proportions. Balance the streamlined fit of a skinny bottom with a super chunky knit sweater or an oversized blazer. I love monochromatic looks with a cool long jacket layered on top that’s classic like a camel, or a super fun plaid pattern. Chelsea boots or other chunkier lace-up flat boots look super cool when paired to a skinny, and will look good with many other more relaxed denim styles, too. 

SL: For the girls who want to transition out of skinny jeans but are too afraid, what are some tips to easing into other styles?

JC: Again, stay dedicated to yourself and your style. I think one key delineation is maybe try moving on from anything that’s a jegging skinny to even a slim skinny. If you really love the skinny fit, you can still wear something that’s body skimming and figure-flattering without it being super skin tight. 

A slim fit through the hips and thighs, but that’s more relaxed from the knee to the ankle is an easy transition. Some call it skinny, some slim, or even a slim straight leg. I think a simple straight leg, or straight leg crop can be a really easy transition for someone looking for something new but doesn’t want to venture into something super baggy or too slouchy. I’m personally a fan of no-fuss and less is more, so I tend to choose styles that lean more classic. I think an easy straight leg with a hint of stretch can be a really great transition. Jumping into a super rigid jean can feel like a big stretch for someone who isn’t used to anything but a jean with stretch (pun intended!).

SL: What are the best in-between cuts and styles when you’re easing from skinny jeans to mom jeans?

JC: I don’t look at this as a one-size-fits-all formula. I think you need to find what works best for you and your length or shape. I think it’s kind of cool how many new relaxed styles are showing up, because there really are so many new options to try, so you have choices. Similar to the above, I think a straight leg crop is really easy to style, it’s pretty season-less and it looks good on a lot of different body shapes. It’s not the latest trend, but it has a lot of versatility to it.

I’ve heard from a lot of women that they like relaxed jeans but have had a hard time finding something that doesn’t make them feel really frumpy or sloppy or like they are trying too hard. You don’t have to go to extremes with super slouchy dad jeans or ’70s-style flares. An ultra high-rise mom jean or a skinny flare keep it pretty simple and easy, and probably pair well with your other favorite wardrobe items. 

SL: What are the best ways to style mom jeans for any body type?

JC: I love a mom jean—especially those with a super high rise. I think they can give great coverage and ideally will sit at the smallest part of your waist, accentuating that waistline. Coupled with that slight tapered leg, they can really make your legs look even longer than might be. In terms of styling, I love keeping it casual. A boxier cropped tee or sweatshirt that highlights that waistline looks incredible on so many women of different size, shape and age. 

I also think that keeping that inseam ankle grazing can really pair well with so many shoe options from sneakers, to Birks, to platform sandals for spring and flat boots come fall. What I love about a mom jean is I do see this as a style that many shapes can wear. For us at Revtown, our version does have a hint of stretch and I think that accommodates more curves than you might find in a more traditional pair of vintage rigid jeans.

SL: Why do you think other jean styles are now taking precedence over the longstanding skinny jeans?

JC: I think with so many of us working from home, or just spending so much time at home, period, we all want more comfort—and more relaxed fits and looser styles can deliver on that. Also, I think we’re all hungry for something new after this year of so much of the same! I’m a mom of two little ones under 4, and quite frankly, trying to manage everything between home life and work is part of why I go for no-fuss, easy styles that just keep things simple.

I wear my Revtown Shadow Black Classic Straights almost every day. They look a little vintage with the faded black wash, but I’m comfortable doing all the things I do in a day, whether that’s on a Zoom or sitting on the floor with magna tiles with my kids. I’m a big believer in you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style—you can have both. And so when I think of the pandemic and this last year, I think it just accelerated this move into relaxed styles even quicker to where the market was originally moving. 

brunette haired girl in baggy light denim jeans walks on street in front of barney's new york
(via Unsplash)

**Revtown is available on Skimlinks and ShareaSale.

On the hunt for jeans or other closet pieces? HERE are five hidden L.A. shopping gems worth visiting!


I Asked 5 L.A. Fashion Girls Over 30 If They’ll Still Wear Skinny Jeans—Here’s What They Said

February 24, 2021

Gen Z has spoken—and those beloved skinny jeans you swooped up from Madewell in 2016 can now be tossed! Kidding, kidding! We all know history repeats itself, so who’s to say the skinny jean trend is any exception? More importantly, who even says the younger generation gets to call the shots? After all, most of the trends they incorporate into their looks are ones they stole from the ’90s anyway. So, what do we think? Will people still wear skinny jeans after they (along with side parts) have been deemed “uncool?”

Well, who better to ask than a few style-obsessed girls in L.A. over the age of 30? Five fashion girls (with totally different aesthetics) were surveyed by skyelyfe on whether or not they’ll continue rocking those tight yet stretchy articles of clothing. Keep reading for what they had to say!

Girl wears light skinny jeans and white converse all-star shoes while sitting on a yellow chair
(via Unsplash)

Candice Cameron, Fashion PR Founder, Evocative LA

Consensus: No

This is funny because I always find myself saying now, ick I hate skinny jeans. I haven’t worn skinny jeans for some time now. They’ve just felt a bit outdated for a while. I work in fashion, so I started to see the decline of them a while ago. I don’t necessarily think they give off an older [vibe], just maybe not as into fashion trends. Personally on myself I just feel a little out of touch when I put skinny jeans on. I do love a super skinny jean though with, like, an over-the-knee or thigh high boot and an oversized sweater or hoodie. 

(Photo courtesy of Candice Cameron)

Allison McNamara, Former Fashion Correspondent/Producer, PopSugar; Founder, MARA Beauty

Consensus: Yes

Anything can look cool if you have style. And while I love a high-rise mom jean—my personal go-to—they aren’t always comfortable. My skinny jeans that I still wear aren’t overtly skinny either. If your skinnies could be mistaken for leggings, I’d pass on those. I do love a boot cut or relaxed pant, but as a short gal, sometimes they’re harder to style. Fashion is cyclical—skinny jeans will be back, and I also don’t think they look old! That said, if you’re wearing them with a round toe pump or peekaboo pump, then we have a problem. I love that they have a nice fit, they’re comfortable and flattering. I hate when they have fake-looking rips, bad distressing, intense whiskers, fake pockets or could be mistaken for leggings.

Sydne Summer, Editor-in-Chief,

Consensus: Yes

As much as I love trends, I believe in wearing what makes you happy. I feel good in my skinny jeans, so I most certainly plan on continuing to wear them. Plus, they’ve been in style for so long now that I consider them more of a classic rather than a trend. I definitely don’t think of them as older. One of the most stylish Gen Z girls, Zendaya, wears skinny jeans. I love skinny jeans for creating balance. If you’re wearing a cozy, oversized sweater, it’s nice to have a more streamlined bottom. The only thing I hate about skinny jeans is sometimes they can show your undergarments, especially in white. But we’ve been wearing them long enough that it’s become easier to find the perfect pair.  

Elaine Daneshrad, Editor-in-Chief, (formerly Fashionlaine)

Consensus: Yes

Hell yeah, I’m still going to wear them—they’re the only jeans I’ve got! I wear what I like, and I love me some skinny jeans. I think people who choose to wear skinny jeans, like myself, think they’re simply a flattering fit. I have a pair of boyfriend jeans that are supposed to be the “cool” trend—and while I like them in some ways, I always feel baggier than I am. Since I’m a pretty skinny person, I love pants that fit my shape and don’t make me feel like I’m swimming in them.

I can’t foresee brands stopping skinny jean sales altogether but there might not be as many options as before to choose from. Maybe the “skinny jean out” trend has to do with people not feeling as much in shape maybe in the past year and also getting used to wearing comfy, loose-fitting clothes. Skinny jeans are obviously tight and the total opposite of complete comfort, so I assume that’s why this trend is changing. Coming from a girl who was all about wearing leggings, skinny jeans was a nice comparable transition to “normal pants.” I love how they fit my shape and make every outfit feel slicker. With skinny jeans I feel you can wear them for all occasions, from daily outings to on a date. Or at least I do!

Lisette Mora, Fashion Stylist

Consensus: No

I haven’t worn them for a while now. I find that the style direction I moved into didn’t work with the skinny jean look anymore. Like the shoes and tops I started to buy just looked better with looser, more relaxed denim. Also, putting something on that feels so confining and vacuum-packing seems a thing of the past. People are also way more aware of the environment and want to be part of a bigger shift in reducing pollution, waste and greenhouse gases. My favorite denim has always been my Levi’s 501s. You only need one pair, and if you care for them properly they’ll last forever! When I see people wear skinny jeans these days, I don’t pinpoint them as being older necessarily, just more not with it. Everything style-wise these days lends itself more towards relaxed and a bit oversized. So if you’re into fashion and style then you’re looking or shopping for things that look good together. What’s currently out there for purchase and being shot in editorials and advertising is not skinny. Jean sales have already been on the wane, partly thanks to the numerous controversies associated with their production. Denim brands are trying to survive by going more eco, but people are moving past a new pair of jeans entirely. It’s about vintage up-cycling.

I like how clean and sleek skinny jeans look. Hemlines are clean and not dirty from touching the floor. You can actually see more of the shoes you’re wearing as opposed to just the front. They look good tucked into high boots. An appropriate style can make your butt look really good and give your figure a really nice shape. But I don’t like that skinny jeans are full of toxic chemicals that can threaten human health. They also squeeze the fat around your hips, making you feel self-conscious. They cause UTIs and yeast infections. They also destroy the environment.   

LA stylist Lisette Mora poses in a throwback pair of distressed, black skinny denim
(Photo courtesy of Lisette Mora)

No matter what style of denim you prefer, HERE are the best tips to wearing jeans confidently, according to Hayley Kiyoko.

Lifestyle Featured

5 Things You Should Buy Your Boyfriend—Just So You Can Steal From Their Closet

February 15, 2021

Nothing’s worse than feeling like your S.O.’s garb is cramping your style (no pun intended). Whether you cohabitate or simply spend a lot of time together, your overlap of clothing is bound to get in the way. That’s why, if you’re dating a dude, make your life easier by figuring out what to steal from your boyfriend’s closet.

While gender norms have greatly gone out the window (at least in L.A.), plenty of clothing articles are obviously still designated for men. Therefore, we’re here to help you keep your man’s wardrobe growing, while benefitting in the process. Especially with holiday season around the corner, why not swoop up something that will (secretly) appease both of you?

(Instagram via @deepikaa_malikk)

To break down the best items to buy for your BF (only to steal them from their closet), we reached out to BJ Panda Bear. BJ is the cofounder of fashion and lifestyle e-commerce space, QooA—keep reading for his 5 musts!

1. Oversized Sweater

An oversized sweater on him is an oversized sweater for you waiting to happen. If you’re lucky enough, it’ll be so oversized that it fits you both.

(via Dries Van Noten)

2. Eyewear

Eyewear is always a shoo-in when you’re fake shopping for the boo. Edgy on him is bound to be fashion on you. Try unconventional shapes and colors.

(via Loewe)

3. Mini Bag

The democratic experience of the mini bag is something anyone can enjoy and embrace. It’s a statement of love if you really know the persons taste, or rather the value of neutral colors to steal into your own selection.

(via Issey Miyake)

4. Hoodie

When you think about what to steal from your boyfriend’s closet, the classic hoodie’s the most natural first thought. The ’50s-era equivalent of wearing of your BF’s letterman jacket in today’s TikTok times is surely the worn-in hoodie, is it not?

(via Reese Cooper)

5. Bold Printed Button-Down

Versace Versace Versace/Gucci Gucci Gucci… We kid… sorta. But really, any brand with the most boisterous prints will do. Play with the XXL size. It might be a luxuriant and playful gift for him, but it will soon be a wrap dress belted for you.

(via Versace)

Now that you know what to steal from your boyfriend’s closet, be grateful because you also get to avoid THESE obnoxious dating profiles.


How to Take the Best #OOTD Selfies If It’s Become Your New Quarantine Hobby

July 16, 2020

We all know that person (maybe it’s you)!

The one who was once seemingly timid or didn’t care that much about Instagram, and is suddenly posing in front of the mirror every chance they get. Weird, right? Well, maybe not so much.

Amid quarantine, we’ve been restructuring our friend groups, behaviors and what we do in our spare time. If you’re suddenly showing off your outfit every single day, let yourself live. Not only is it fun to get others’ feedback (and hopeful approval), but it’s a way to express yourself, and you shouldn’t be ashamed.

But if you’re going to do it, you may as well do it right… right? We reached out to blogger Sydne Summer of, who explains how to ace that solo shot. The fashion influencer just started selling her own line of gorgeous face masks, so if you’re having trouble posing perfectly while incorporating your protective COVID gear into the shot, look no further.

Keep reading for her decade-long expertise on how to take the best #OOTD selfies if it’s become your new quarantine hobby.

skyelyfe: Why is now a better time than ever to show off your outfits on IG?

Sydne Summer: With so much time on their hands, people are more engaged than ever on Instagram. It’s a great time to for content! Outfits bring hope that better days are to come. 

SL: Because we’re inside the majority of quarantine, what are your best tips for taking indoor shots?

SS: Lighting is key. If possible, stand in front of a window or balcony. Try to shoot when the sun is the brightest outside, around midday. If you don’t have natural light in your space, there are tons of inexpensive light options you can order on Amazon: If you use a light inside your home, decrease the warmth in your photo or video to get rid of the yellow light. 

SL: What are necessary props, colors or anything else you have in mind to amp up an otherwise mundane shot?

SS: People respond really well to color on Instagram. If you’re more into neutrals with your outfits, think about adding a bright color lip. 

SL: What are your tips for amping up an athleisure or loungewear look?

SS: Accessories! A statement earring instantly glams up a loungewear look. A fun scrunchie or headband makes an athleisure look more stylish. 

SL: What are your tips for taking mirror selfies?

SS: Again, lighting, lighting, lighting. Always try to make sure the light source is directed at your face. 

SL: Anything else of note on selfies or #OOTDs?

SS: I have a whole video on how to pose for photos! Practice makes perfect. Now is a great time to perfect your poses for the best outfit photos of the day! And don’t forget to smile! We could all use more smiles over RBF in our feeds. 


The Five Most Devastating Brands Permanently Closing Due to Coronavirus

June 9, 2020

Many stores and businesses around the world have been deeply affected by the current pandemic. Some of them will make it while others simply can’t survive the devastation.

With a heavy heart, we’ve rounded up a few treasured gems we’re truly sorry to see go. Grab your tissues and keep scrolling.

(via Unsplash)

Pier 1 Imports

We’ve always admired Pier 1 for their charming seasonal decor and decorative centerpieces, so we were more than saddened to hear that they’ll be permanently closing their doors. The silver lining, however, is majorly inexpensive furniture deals. They’re currently accepting online orders and will begin blowout sales once stores can reopen for business. Now’s the time to pounce on that nightstand or coffee table you’ve always needed but haven’t found the extra cash to snag yet. 


‘Tis a dark day when you find out your all-time fave buffet is a goner. We would like to take a moment to properly mourn endless salad, soup, crispy bread sticks and, most importantly, mouth-watering pizza bread. It was fun while it lasted 😩.

Victoria’s Secret

As you probably already know, Victoria’s Secret has low-key been on the decline for a while now. The lingerie retailer recently announced that they’d be closing 250 of its U.S. and Canadian stores over the next several months to help strengthen their business. Luckily, you still have the option to buy online, but we’ll definitely miss their adorable giant pink dog in-store displays 🐶😔.


Another deep sigh for beloved department store J.C.Penney who’ll be axing 242 locations as part of the company’s bankruptcy. Although they won’t be completely liquidating their assets like Pier 1, we’re not sure what this means for the future of the company. Department stores have taken the biggest hit amidst the panic of coronavirus, but we’re hopeful that Penney’s will be able to rally and push through. Where else will we able to find affordable bedding, furniture and Sephora items all in one place!?


While J.Crew didn’t necessarily fit our SoCal style, we’re still bummed to hear the apparel provider filed for bankruptcy. It’s been a solid mainstay for as long as we can recall, and we really do appreciate the remarkably soft, rich and comfortable fabric of their pajamas, loungewear and sweaters. We’ll remain hopeful for an amazing summer sale to come through. 

Angelenos Featured

Clothing Designer Sheer Sebag, on Disrupting L.A.’s Apparel Tech Industry

May 9, 2019

Photo courtesy of Sheer Sebag

While having a side gig in L.A. is par for the course, Sheer Sebag went a different route and changed her career altogether.

The Beverly Hills-based beauty recently dropped her full-time finance gig to pursue fashion design—and has since launched a size-inclusive line of LBDs that do the work of SPANX, without the uncomfortable added clothing layer. Appropriately named SHEER, these little black dresses, which come in XS-XXL (0-18), are made with built-in shapewear, sucking you in, in all the right places.

I actually met Sheer at Soho House (go figure), and when we got to talking, I was beyond impressed with her innovative invention. As I cringe thinking about how frumpy I felt the last time I wore my granny-panty SPANX, I sit here in awe, shocked that a line like SHEER had yet to exist.

Sheer was beyond gracious enough to send me a dress of my own, and while the shape was indeed flattering, it was slightly too snug, so I felt it was so much more appropriate for my friend Christina to model it on my behalf. I love how you can totally dress this up (and down, as evidenced in the photo of Christina below).

(Photo courtesy of Christina M.)

I love supporting rising L.A. designers, especially because it must be challenging to make it in such a saturated market. Sheer took the time to answer some of my biggest questions about the ups and downs of launching a clothing line in the City of Angels, and who she admires when it comes to her own style.

skyelyfe: What’s the biggest challenge of starting a clothing brand in L.A. vs. somewhere else?

Sheer Sebag:

Being an L.A.-based clothing brand can create even more pressure for you to succeed in what is already known to be an extremely competitive landscape. L.A. is one of the fashion capitals of the world, there’s a lot of competition in this city, and new clothing brands are launched here, practically everyday, which gives you a small window of opportunity to stand out amongst the bigger more well-known clothing brands based here.

SL: What’s the benefit of starting a clothing brand in L.A. vs. somewhere else?


There are a lot of benefits to being an L.A.-based clothing brand. You have a lot of access to resources within the industry, networking, the media, celebs. etc. It’s a melting pot of all of that in one place.

(via Unsplash)

SL: Would you have designed the dresses differently or changed your concept had you launched your brand elsewhere?


Growing up in a city like L.A., where body image and beauty are synonyms to the culture, it put a lot of pressure on me to constantly feel like I needed to look a certain way to be beautiful. You’re surrounded by models and celebrities both in real life and on TV, magazine covers and billboards, who are slim and fit, and you can’t help but compare yourself to them. It definitely played a role behind the inspiration, design and concept of the dress. When I came up with the design and concept, I wanted to inspire confidence in women, while giving them a “magic” little black dress that has the comfort of Lululemon yoga pants with the shaping technology of SPANX in a traditional, elegant, and sexy style—all in one piece—that can take them from day to night.

(Photo courtesy of SHEER)

SL: What are the biggest cliches that hold true about L.A. fashion?


Yoga pants, statement sneakers, oversized jackets, designer handbags, and ’70s-style sunglasses.

SL: What are the biggest misconceptions about L.A. fashion?


Probably that you always need to look super glam and be dressed really well when going out. In reality, it’s quite the contrary! You can literally wear anything and nobody will judge you for it. You can go out during the day or night completely glammed up from head to toe, wearing designer brand clothing and heels—or be low-key casual chic, in yoga pants or jeans, a simple tee, oversized jacket, Vans, and no makeup.

SL: What do you love most about L.A. fashion?


I loved that L.A. fashion has a very lax and carefree attitude. You can wear anything, and the next day it can become the biggest fashion trend!

(via Unsplash)

SL: Who are some L.A. designers who have done things in a way you admire?


There are really so many incredible designers and brands based in L.A. To name a few: Rachel Zoe, Monique Lhuillier, DVF, James Perse, Jeremy Scott, Reformation, Re/Done.

SL: Where are your favorite places and websites to shop for clothes?


I’m a big online shopper. These days, I don’t have much free time to shop in stores. Online shopping is a lifesaver. I really love Net-a-porter, Revolve and Intermix.

SL: How does it feel to be a female designer? And did you face specific challenges in the design process based on your sex?


It’s an incredible feeling to be able to design and create clothing that not only inspires confidence in women, but helps them. For the longest time, men were designing clothing and intimates for women, and didn’t truly understand how things should fit and feel. Only a woman knows what she wants for herself, how she wants to feel in her clothes, and how the clothes should fit her body. It’s an exciting time right now, as female founders and designers are at the forefront and revolutionizing the clothing and fashion industry.

I’m very fortunate to be designing clothing during this time, and in this country, where I have such an outpour of support and positive feedback. There have been immense shifts in our culture, and we’ve really come a long way as woman. I always remind myself how lucky I am to be born in this era and have the freedom to do what I love. If it were only a few decades ago, it would have been much more challenging based on my sex.

SL: Where are your favorite places in L.A. to eat/drink/workout/live?


Favorite go-to’s for drinks and food: Cha Cha Matcha, Kreation, Erewhon, Alfred’s Coffee, Lemonade, Il Pastaio, Wally’s, Madeo, Tower Bar and Soho House.

For workouts: Eden Sassoon Pilates, SoulCycle, Hot 8 Yoga, and any outdoor hiking trails.

To live: Malibu! I love the ocean so much.


THIS Untraditional ‘Garage Sale’ Is About to Be Your New High-End L.A. Hotspot

May 23, 2018

Summer kicks off next month, which means there’s no time like the present to revamp your wardrobe with new items for the season.

For those who aren’t enthralled by the mass-produced, fast fashion staples readily available at your traditional shopping venues, we’ve got just the pop-up shops for you to check out—Luxury Garage Sale and Urban Air Market.

LGS is a leading online upscale consignment marketplace, specializing in luxury designer clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories. They’re opening two pop-up shops for 30-day runs in Los Angeles, specifically in West Hollywood (611 N La Cienega Blvd) from May 18 – June 18, and at the Glendale Galleria (100 W. Broadway) from June 1 – June 28.

girl carries handbags she purchased from luxury garage sale

Instagram / @LuxuryGarageSale

Not only do the LGS pop-ups offer shoppers a curated luxury shopping experience, it also gives consignors a trusted avenue for re-selling their goods at fair market price. So whether you’re looking for one-on-one personal styling consultations that’ll help you find exceptional, rare or transformative pieces, or if you’re hoping to sell some of your designer threads, LGS is the place to be.

While LGS offers more upscale items, Urban Air Market is open to those of you looking for more local and sustainable designs.

crystal/energy stone necklaces from Urban Air Market in Los Feliz

Instagram / @UrbanAirMarket

UAM’s free, one-day event will take place at Los Feliz Village on Hillhurst at Franklin and will be open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on June 3. We highly suggest getting there as soon as it opens, because UAM will feature 100 emerging, sustainable brands—including Amanda Sage Collection, Circuit King Classics, Daughters of Culture, Iron Lily and many more. Not to mention, there’ll be live musical performances from by MB3, Ipanema Lounge, Dani W., Jonny Sands, Irish Goodbye and Sylvia Bosco.

And if you get too tired of shopping or aren’t into the live performances, you can participate in activities such as hula hooping, tarot card readings or making DIY keychains, tassel necklaces or buttons. The choice is yours.

Mark your calendars and prepare to shop till you drop, because these are two pop-ups that no fashion savvy individual should miss out on.

Lifestyle Angelenos

5 L.A. Shopping Gems a Tourist Wouldn’t Know

March 28, 2017

I recently posted 5 L.A. gems a tourist wouldn’t know, and now I’m getting a bit more specific with 5 L.A. shopping gems a tourist wouldn’t know.

This time around, musician Drew Mac has provided skyelyfe with a handful of incredible, under-the-radar places to purchase everything from sunnies to artwork to vintage apparel and more.

As someone who has a passion for fashion, it’s a no-brainer that L.A. is the perfect place for a rising music artist like Drew to reside.

“Many of my favorite designers like Saint Laurent and Tom Ford have moved their shows to L.A.,” Drew, who just released his single, “Over” on Spotify and iTunes, says. “I think L.A. is finally being recognized as a style hub. Because the weather is almost always beautiful here, there aren’t as many rules to dressing. As a fashion rule-breaker myself, I love that you can wear less clothing and brighter colors here. Fashion can be more laidback and casual, but still chic. In the winter, you don’t have to wear five layered sweaters and a ski mask. I can throw on a white tee and jeans, maybe pop on a fur if I’m feeling sassy and I’ll be completely comfortable.”  

Keep scrolling for Drew’s shopping suggestions and his reasons why these are the spots that show you’re in-the-know.

Just One Eye

“This is the sickest store in L.A.,” Drew says. “I don’t know why more people don’t know about this boutique. It’s in an old Howard Hughes building tucked away in Hollywood. The art deco space alone is a must-see. If you’re looking for the most coveted pieces from the top luxury designers that might be sold out everywhere, check this spot. The store’s buyers have impeccable taste in clothes, art, and furniture.”

Photo Credit: @justoneeye

Berda Paradise

“I frequent this thrift store on the eastside because you can find great Levi’s and vintage clothes at a low price,” Drew raves. “I’ve purchased an insane amount of jackets and Hawaiian shirts there.”

Photo Credit: @drunkonspice

Hotel De Ville

“Looking for that chic pair of vintage Porsche shades that you can’t find anywhere else? Look no further than the Hotel De Ville,” Drew suggests. “This hidden gem boutique has an amazing selection of vintage and new sunglasses from top eyewear brands. I’m somewhat of a hoarder when it comes to sunglasses, so I frequently stop by this shop. I can always find something unique and cool here.”

Photo Credit: @hotel_de_ville


“This vintage shop [which stands for This Is Not Ikea] on Fairfax is a hidden gem with the best eclectic furniture and knick knacks that everyone should check out,” Drew says. “I have found the most incredible one-of-a-kind pieces here for my apartment and gifts for friends and family. It’s hard to see when cruising down Fairfax, so Google it before you try to find it.”

Photo Credit: @thisisnotikea

Silverlake Flea

“This is one of the can’t-miss flea markets in L.A.,” Drew says. “It’s a little more indie, but I’ve found the dopest denim jackets and jewelry here—even some vinyl for my apartment.”

Photo Credit: @silverlakeflea

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4 Things Every Health-Conscious Consumer Will Wish They Experienced at Do Good. Be Green’s L.A. Convention

November 15, 2016

The vegan, health-conscious and eco-friendly community was in for a recent treat at the DO GOOD. BE GREEN convention inside Downtown L.A.’s The Collection.

From morning to late-afternoon, guests were treated to pampering, snacks, libations, product-testing and motivational panel discussions.

In case you missed the event (hosted by Katie Bogue Miller and Justine Lassoff, founders of Love Goodly‘s non-toxic, vegan subscription boxes), skyelyfe is here to round up its highlights!

Photo Credit: AVM Photography /Alvin Manuel

Photo Credit: AVM Photography /Alvin Manuel

1. Vendors Galore

This convention had rooms full of makeup, beauty and wellness vendors from all over the country. I had a blast chatting with Paige Padgett, celebrity makeup artist and author of The Green Beauty RulesI also learned a lot about Zen Yoga Straps, which are three-loop straps designed to help you stretch longer and more comfortably than traditional yoga straps. The Den Meditation was also on hand to talk about healing and easing the mind. You also had Hipsters for Sisters, an environmentally conscious hands-free handbag line with the sole purpose to “liberate women from their baggage.” Lippy Girl, Blissoma and Rawxies (which allowed guests to fill plastic bags with customized heapings of their healthy snacks) were also among the lengthy list of brands to come on board for the event and share their products.

Photo Credit: AVM Photography /Alvin Manuel

Photo Credit: AVM Photography /Alvin Manuel

2. Motivational Guest Speakers

It was truly inspiring listening to the journey these exceptional women speakers have taken to start their own company and build their own products or brand. From the two hosting ladies themselves, to model-activist Angela Lindvall, to My Beauty Bunny‘s Jen Mathews and Reformation clothing’s VP of design, the day was filled with more than a dozen successful, independent female panelists.

Photo Credit: AVM Photography /Alvin Manuel

Photo Credit: AVM Photography /Alvin Manuel

3. Pampering and Wellness

Not a finger was left without a dainty touch, having nail technicians from LVX polish and L.A.’s Can Can Parleur on hand to provide manicure services. I opted for an LVX mani, with the Crimson shade as my main, with a line of Oasis down the middle of each nail. In between manis, guests had the opportunity to take in a mini-yoga session, courtesy of YAS Fitness.

Photo Credit: AVM Photography /Alvin Manuel

Photo Credit: AVM Photography /Alvin Manuel

4. Gift Bags

Now let’s get to the obvious best part of the extravaganza: the hefty reusable gift bag chock full of approximately $150-worth of beauty and wellness goodies from each of the sponsors, along with the latest edition of the Love Goodly box. Needless to say, I left with my hands full!

Photo Credit: AVM Photography /Alvin Manuel

Photo Credit: AVM Photography /Alvin Manuel

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American Made Supply Co.: Your Latest One Stop Shop for All Things Comfort!

March 29, 2016

AMSCO-girl-skyelyfeWith American Apparel currently in shambles, consumers need a fresh avenue to obtain their basic wardrobe needs.

After touring the spacious headquarters of recently launched American Made Supply Co. last week in Los Angeles, there’s no question that this brand is well on its way to success in the comfort space.

Like American Apparel, Alternative Apparel and other companies of the same nature, AMSCO offers options for both men and women, and in either solid colors or custom prints. With an impressive mid-$20 price point for the majority of its items, AMSCO specializes in a vast selection of styles, including classic tee, v-neck tee, baseball tee, terry hoodie and terry shorts (for guys), and classic tee, baggy tee, deep v-neck, flowy tank, oversized crop and terry zip-up (for ladies). Each article is accompanied by a tiny sewn-in American flag tag on its side.AMSCO-GUY2-skyelyfe

The brand is the brainchild of J. Winklepleck and Jordan Hunnell, who have both worked in the fashion industry for multiple decades combined. Between the two men, they’ve collaborated with a wide range of household retail names, including Pacific SunwearVolcomRVCA, James Perse and Lucky Brand.

Operating with the motto “If you look good you feel good,” the company makes sure even its packaging has the perfect touch of cuteness. I mean, does it get any better than garments wrapped in “You are AWESOME” tissue paper?!

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4 Tips to Nailing the ‘Athleisure’ Look Like a Celeb!

February 17, 2016

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Long gone are the days when women get supremely excited about the thought of breaking in a new pair of jeans. Not to say denim is out, but now, at least if you’re in most parts of Los Angeles, we all know it’s much more about activewear. Far more casual (but not necessarily less expensive), Lululemon, Fabletics and Teeki (to name a few) have really brought this laid-back look to the forefront, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.

But unlike with the good ol’ Juicy Couture sweatsuits we all know and love (you know you have your share stored away somewhere deep in your closet), mastering the “athleisure” look is really a craft – you can’t just throw one of these suits together and go about your day. It’s a full-blown style that the Gigi Hadids and Kylie Jenners of the world wear effortlessly (go figure).

Luckily, I’ve enlisted the guidance of the owners of Brentwood‘s trendy Sweat NSK activewear boutique to provide skyelyfe readers with some major pointers to pulling off this casual-chic trend!

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Keep reading for tips from Karen Sun and Natalie Fritz, and scroll to the very bottom to find out about what the two ladies, plus fellow co-owner Susana Yee, have to say about their favorite workouts/studios, favorite places to shop and overall favorite places to venture through in the City of Angels.

1. If unsure, start with a brand known to fit universally well

“One of my favorite lines is actually Vie Active,” Sun says. “I think that’s a great line that everyone can wear – tall, short, it doesn’t really matter. It has great compression, they’re very flattering. The woman who started Vie Active is very active, herself, and is very thoughtful in terms of how she’s produced her line … [The bottom line is] don’t be uncomfortable and trust your instincts.”

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

2. Find the right legging for your body

“Where you can go wrong is wearing a legging that’s too long or too short or not the right color or print for you,” Fritz says. “The legging is such the core of your ‘look’ that if you go wrong there, then it just kind of — it isn’t good.”

3. Be sure to nail the outerwear

“The outerwear pulls it all together,” Fritz says. “Whether it’s a cute LNA sweater or a vest or a great Dolman sweater, something like that really pulls it together.”

4. Check out photos of Naomi Watts

“I think who always looked really good – when she lived here, we used to see her – is Naomi Watts,” Fritz says. “She always had something unique, and she would style it a lot in ways we would, like with a cute T-shirt rather than with a fitted Lululemon top. She always had a little touch to it. It wasn’t ever anything over-the-top, but it was cool and subtle and had a little fashion edge to it.”

Like the pointers? Read about the ladies who provided them!

Photo credit:

Photo credit:


Overall favorite workout: Boot camp class and spinning

Overall favorite workout studio or gym, etc in LA: Studio K in Pacific Palisades

Favorite restaurant in LA:  Freds at Barneys

Favorite clothing designer or brand (not fitness related): Isabel Marant

Favorite place to shop (aside from own store): Heist in Venice

Favorite city or section of LA: Abbott Kinney in Venice

Years lived in LA:  forever ❤️


Overall favorite workout: Boot camp class and Pilates

Overall favorite workout studio or gym, etc in LA: Nova Pilates

Favorite restaurant in LA: Giorgio Di Baldi

Favorite clothing designer or brand (not fitness related): Isabel Marant

Favorite place to shop (aside from own store): Isabel Marant Boutique

Favorite city or section of LA: West Hollywood

Years lived in LA: 20 plus years


Overall favorite workout: Running

Overall favorite workout studio or gym, etc in LA: Burn 60

Favorite restaurant in LA: Sqirl

Favorite clothing designer or brand (not fitness related): IRO

Favorite place to shop (aside from own store): IRO on Abbot Kinney

Favorite city or section of LA: Arts District

Years lived in LA: 20 years

Sweat NSK

11731 Barrington Ct.

Los Angeles, CA 90049


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Golden Tote: This Online Service Offers Personalized Styling + 6 New Wardrobe Items for Under $150 Total!

December 2, 2015

Golden_Tote_skyelyfeIt’s holiday season – and although it’s better to give than receive, why not treat yourself to a little something (or somethings) to reward yourself for making it through yet another year?

Regardless of what ups or downs came your way during 2015, what better way to close out the last 12 months and make heads turn at those festive December shindigs than with some new wardrobe additions (under $150 before tax) by courtesy of a detailed personalized styling session completed online?

Golden Tote – founded in L.A. by Anthropologie‘s trendy Puella designers Sarah Becker and Sarah Sweeney – is here for all your affordable styling needs! With just a few clicks (and only a few $$), you’ll have your very own decorative tote chock fGolden_Tote_duo_skyelyfeull of new high-quality goodies based on your own preferences. While this website is geared toward women, men can easily take advantage of the options for their wives or significant others!

I tried the service for myself, and within just a few days, I was sent six surprise items based on very specific variables. And as of my tote’s arrival, my new black jeggings and multicolored flannel have been practically glued to my body. This is a no-fail innovation!

To try it out for yourself, head to the Golden Tote website, choose the size of your tote (small is $49 filled with 2-3 pieces; large is $149 with 5-6 pieces). Then answer the array of questions used to get to know what best satisfies your wardrobe and body needs. Next thing you know, you’ll be on your way to easing out of 2015 with a fashionable bang!

Love the concept? Golden Tote isn’t limited to just the holidays, obviously. Like any online boutique, the company brings in different styles year ’round!


Fall Fitness: Trainers Give Skyelyfe the Lowdown on the Season’s Hottest Women’s Activewear Trends, From Vests to Peekaboo Tops

September 30, 2015

With the exception of at a party, work or a fancy dinner, activewear seemingly dominates the bodies of L.A. residents – especially women.

From wild-colored printed leggings, to solid black two-piece Lululemon ensembles, these typically Lycra-based items have surely taken day-to-day precedence over what used to be skinny jeans.

With fall underway, I reached out to some of my favorite trainers and fitness experts to get the scoop on the hottest trends of the season. Read below for what they have to say, and where you can swoop up your very own of the recommendations.

Activewear_trends_Onzie_skyelyfe“I enjoy capri leggings with a print – nothing too loud, but enough to make a statement.  They are something that provide coverage but also feel like you aren’t suffocating your legs in.  I love something that adds a little peekaboo element to it, weather it be something that shows off the collar bones, a little shoulder or an open back.  Of course sports bras should be functional but adding some uniqueness to them is always encouraged.  Especially when you have a top you can throw on after class that still shows it off a bit! The inspiration from this response comes from Onzie look pictured here.” – Heather DorakPilates Platinum owner




 activewear_koral_moto_legging_skyelyfe“My favorite trend for fall is faux-leather paneling. It’s so fashion-forward and gives athletic wear a very sleek, hip look. Although you’d think leather would be too hot to workout in, most of the designs out there are lightweight and/or include some mesh to add breathability. Koral activewear has several adorable pieces, including bicycle shorts for your next spin class, a strappy sports bra to let peek out of your muscle tank and ‘moto leggings,’ which can totally double as chic club/concert wear.” – Whitney English, trainer and To Live & Diet in L.A. editor-in-chief




 activewear_vimmia_bra_skyelyfe“One of my favorite spots bras is by Vimmia activewear. It almost falls into the category of crop top. Needless to say, for a girl who’s only 5’4, I’m big on wearing things land on the body. The difference of an inch can really elongate or shrink the body. This crop is absolutely amazing! It fits beautifully with its little bit of mesh sexiness – yes please – and perfect hold. I like to wear mine under a tank or T-shirt, usually by Kain as they are soft, sheer, sexy and perfect for taking it to the street right after, especially when you add that vintage leather on top.”

Also, mesh isn’t going anywhere and the animal print is still in full effect. They both are simply amazing. One of my absolute favorite lines is HPE: Human Performance Engineered. Their pants fit incredibly! They even give a little booty lift and have the waistband we all love, which just seems to land perfectly on the body.” – Kodi Kitchen, Founder, Best U Studio 


Activewear_nike_vest_skyelyfe“My favorite workout wear piece this fall is a vest. The Nike Women’s tech vest is my go to for layering and the draped hood is the best part.” – Abby Lauren, trainer, co-owner of Juice on the Loose 



Beauty Music

L.A.’s DJ Lola Langusta Heads from Summer to Fall with a Sexy ‘Euphoric Transition’ Playlist Exclusive to Skyelyfe

September 9, 2015

lola-langusta-djbooth-skyelyfeIt’s hard to believe I’m actually able to write this, but fall is mere weeks away (Sept. 23 can not come sooner)! Rest assured, there will be plenty of autumn-related posts, recipes and playlists galore on this site in the weeks and few months to come, but as we are still in the transition between seasons (does it not feel like the peak of summer right now in L.A.?!), my beautiful pal Sarah Roa (DJ Lola Langusta) put together a sexy playlist (scroll to the bottom) exclusive to skyelyfe readers that tells the story of kicking off summer, falling in love and heading into fall. If you’re a fan of nu-disco or future house, this playlist is for you!

“For this playlist, I decided to not just share some favorites, but also tell a story about a summer romance – which we have all experienced,” Roa tells skyelyfe. “I wanted it to be somewhat of a euphoric transition as we fade into fall. It’s a sexy and poetic roller coaster, leaving you in somewhat of a reminiscent dream state of emotions.”

Lola-langusta-skyelyfe-2The DJ is coming off of quite the successful sunny season, having spun in the same company as Tensnake and many other notable names at Brooklyn’s Full Moon Festival at the beginning of August. She then brushed elbows with New York’s elite while spinning at the Esquire in the Hamptons event. Next up for the fashionable music aficionado? She’ll be spinning at a Daily Front Row event during New York Fashion Week!

“This summer has been filled with so many new opportunities and basically building on collaborations and projects coming this fall/winter, which are on the hush but will be revealed soon,” Roa says. “The absolute highlight was playing the Full Moon Festival in New York, alongside some of my favorite DJs/producers, including Wolf + Lamb, Pillow Talk, Tensnake and the beautiful, inspiring, badass, Yelle. It was really inspirational to be surrounded by such empowering musicians and it fueled my excitement of producing my own music as I begin production working with multi-platinum producer Jay Levine. I’m very excited for what’s to come and can’t wait to play more festivals next year.”

Get to know the sexy starlet on-the-rise with the below q + a, and then head to the bottom of this post to listen to her 35+ minute mixtape. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!
skyelyfe: Where were you born and where do you primarily live now? 
Sarah Roa: I was born in Tampa, FL and I now split my time between NY (Lower East Side) and LA (West Hollywood). My schedule takes me all over and I mostly do events for large fashion brands, film and the music industry.
SL: Whose music are you loving right now?
SR: Lately I have really been drawn to Movement, Odesza, Nina Kraviz, SBTRKT and Zhu. It’s been inspiring me in the process of making my own music.
SL: Where are your favorite places to eat/sip/shop in L.A.?
SR: Eat/Sip – The little Next Door, Jones Bar, Figaro  Shop – Flea markets
SL: Where are your favorite places in L.A. to see live music? 
SR: The Greek for bands and Avalon for DJs
SL: Summer or fall?
SR: I’m equally in love with both. I wish I could spend year ’round in the tropics, but I do love the feeling of fall and driving my 69 MG down the PCH with the top down. It’s my absolute favorite. I love the fashion that fall brings and cool desert nights around a fire.
SL: Who are some artists you are friendly with in the music scene?
SR: DJ Henri, The Glitch Mob, Anna Lunoe


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Fans of Amy Winehouse & The Ramones: Here Are Your New Dream Accessories!

August 10, 2015

chilli-beans-rock-fellas-ramones-divulgac3a7c3a3o-3Amy Winehouse‘s life is already being celebrated with the recent release of the critically acclaimed documentary Amy – and now fans of the late British musician can continue living out her legacy with the launch of Chilli Beans‘ limited edition Rock Fellas collection, which also includes products inspired by The Ramones.

The capsule collection, which is made up of sunglasses and watches, debuted today at the Brazilian accessory retailer’s eight U.S. locations and on its website.

“We’re honored to be the first to bring accessories collections for both of these revolutionary rock icons,” Chilli Beans founder Caito Maia said in a press release. “Rock ‘n’ roll style is as classic as the Ramones’ great album Too Tough to Die.”Chilli-Beans-Coleção-Rock-Fellas-Amy-Winehouse..-800x533

This isn’t the first music/style collaboration for the brand. They also have a partnership with electropop group Yacht and a Punk Glam collection, just to name a couple.

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Denim Darling Hayley Kiyoko Gives Skyelyfe Her Tips on Mastering the Trend Year-Round!

July 1, 2015

Photo credit: Michael Simon/

Photo credit: Michael Simon/

Hayley Kiyoko has been quite the busy young lady since I last caught up with her in November.

As if her music, TV and film career hasn’t been skyrocketing, she can add yet another skill to her growing resume. The upcoming Jem and the Holograms starlet, 24, hosted the premiere of Popular TV‘s Denim Hunters alongside Popular magazine’s founders Marvin Scott Jarrett and Jaclynn Jarrett.

“We did a four-part series where we interviewed creators of denim and photographers,” Kiyoko explained to skyelyfe at the show’s Svedka-hosted premiere party, which took place at the Sofitel Los Angeles‘s Riviera 31. “There are so many artists in the denim world, and you just have no idea the passion that goes behind each thread and each tone. It’s a whole ‘nother world! I learned a lot from the episodes and I feel like people are going to get a nice insight into that world. Young people, punks, classy people – they all wear denim. We’re all connected.”


Photo credit: Michael Simon/

Naturally, it only made sense to get the style lowdown from the denim darling, herself. Read on for three things to know about how Kiyoko rocks this trend year round! (and scroll to the bottom to check out her just-released music video for “Girls Like Girls”)

1) Must-have denim

“I always go to Madewell for my jeans,” Kiyoko says. “They have the best boyfriend, ripped jeans. They’re so cozy. I used to fit into J Brand, but now they don’t fit. That’s like a time when you’re 16 to 18 and when you hit 18, you’re like, what the fuck was I thinking [trying to fit these on]?”

2) Pointers to making denim look great


Photo credit: Michael Simon/

“You need to feel comfortable and confident,” the CSI: Cyber star says with a smile. “And if you don’t, it doesn’t matter how much makeup you wear, you’re not going to look good.”

3) Difficult denim to deal with

“I won’t wear really skinny jeans where it’s skinny on the calf,” Kiyoko says. “It just makes you look like a pear. I don’t even have a butt, but it makes me look like I have a butt, so maybe I should start wearing them. I just can’t even get my legs through them. If I have to struggle to get in them, I just don’t want to go in them. I stick to the boyfriend jeans.”


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Tonya Hawkes Wants You to Get a ‘Little Bit Out Of Your Comfort Zone’ with Her One-of-a-Kind Statement Clutches

May 21, 2015


Photo credit: Laura Layera

In the competitive world of fashion and accessories, it’s a typical designer’s goal to do something groundbreaking and outside of the box. Well, Furla‘s former creative director Tonya Hawkes has gone above and beyond to do just that with her signature namesake collection of three-dimensional statement clutches.

The mind-blowing pieces of colorful art were on full display at last week’s Bri Holloway Presents: Tonya Hawkes Press Preview and Trunk Show, held at the picturesque Santa Monica home of BJ Dockweiler.


Photo credit: Laura Layera

The event, which presented Hawkes’ SS15 collection, celebrated the exciting addition of the designer’s products to luxury e-commerce site

“When I first saw Tonya’s bags, I thought, I have to have these,” Holloway tells skyelyfe. “Bri Holloway is all highly curated, head-turning, high-end luxury goods, but all emerging brands around the world. The reason my company was founded was because I come from Barneys, and one thing I’ve noticed over the course of the last few years is that the market is really saturated with the same products everywhere. You go to Nordstrom, you can buy a Givenchy bag. You go to Barneys, you can buy the same Givenchy bag you can buy at Neiman Marcus. So, where’s the differentiation online?”

Only into her second season, Holloway is proud to also showcase Sarah’s Bag, with Second Day and Utzon coming on shortly.

“It’s an instinct for me,” she says of selecting merchandise to sell. “You just know it. It’s a feeling. It’s like, I have to have this. I’ve never seen anything like it in the world. I need to know more about this brand.”


Photo credit: Laura Layera

When it comes to the inspiration behind Hawkes’ work, it is isn’t fellow designers from whom she gets her visions – but rather the environment in which she is surrounded.

“I love architecture and I love art,” Hawkes, who made a rare trip to Los Angeles from her home in Italy, explains to skyelyfe. “I love art history and quality products – things that are made at the turn of the century. I have visual references and I’m inspired by quality and longevity – timelessness, purity, pure form, something that’s classic but it’s a renewed classic. It’s something that’s familiar, but takes you a little bit out of your comfort zone.”

Adds Hawkes, “I’m very inspired by nature. It’s like a backbone for me – animals, plants. They’re sort of a divine creation. Everything is perfection when it comes to looking at a plant or animal. It gives me a sense of serenity.”


Photo credit: Laura Layera

But that’s certainly not to say she doesn’t admire other designers and their work.

“If you look at my closet, I have everything from Prada and Miu Miu, to Versace, to Dries Van Noten,” Hawkes says. “I’m a big Margiela fan. I’m wearing Christopher Kane today. I think when I look at something anyone else does, it has to ring true to me. When I buy other designers’ clothing or furniture or lamps, it inspires my life as a whole. But the inspiration is not direct, it’s digested and then goes through a process of elimination. It always feeds off and bounces through my internal compass to find what works for me with regards to the other things that are more stable in my life and my viewpoint.”

So, what’s her favorite thing about the bags?


Photo credit: Laura Layera

“I love that they bring people together,” she says with a smile of the luxury pieces, which have been featured in ElleHarper’s Bazaar and Vogue Italia – and retail on average for a little more than $1,000. “Every time I wear [one of my bags], people stop me and ask me about them. It becomes a conversation. I’m really a shy person, so having somebody ask me about something opens me up. I feel like it gives you a voice. It gives you something to talk to somebody about without being too brash or too forward. You give that person kind of the green light to come to you if they are the right person.”


Beauty Angelenos

Peyton List Hosts Fashionable Rooftop Fete to Celebrate Yam Clothing’s Arrival to L.A.

April 30, 2015

Photo credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Bonpoint

Photo credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Bonpoint

Some of the most style-savvy ladies in Los Angeles took in a beautiful view of West Hollywood last night from the rooftop of the chic Palihouse hotel, to toast the launch of Yam Bonpoint‘s spring/summer 2015 collection and its arrival to a Beverly Hills boutique by way of Paris. Hosted by Disney darling Peyton List, guests (which also included Peyton’s brother Spencer and The Goldbergs‘ Hayley Orrantia) at the soiree took in the perfect selection of tunes spun by DJ Alex Merrell, while hopping in the tropical-themed photo booth and getting airbrushed tattoos. And, of course, guests of age clinked celebratory glasses of champagne and wine.

An additional cheers goes out to Priscila Martinez and Lauren Camp, co-founders of new public relations team The Brand House. This event was one of the first for the PR veterans since going on their own. Combined with production by Jessica Fels and Bonpoint, this was a job well done, ladies!

Photo credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Bonpoint

Photo credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Bonpoint

Photo credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Bonpoint

Photo credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Bonpoint

Photo credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Bonpoint

Photo credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Bonpoint

Photo credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Bonpoint

Photo credit: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Bonpoint

Beauty Music

Meet ‘Edgy,’ Rising Pop Artist and Aspiring Fashion Designer Chris Bones

April 29, 2015

Chris Bones 5

Photo credit: Tarina Dolittle

Sure, Chris Bones is currently on the High School Nation Tour, but he wants to make one thing clear: He’s no bubblegum act.

The 17-year-old, who hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma, insists to skyelyfe that his new music “will have an R&B-pop feel with an edgy, dangerous quality, and sort of like a Justin Timberlake feel, too, like where he does the breakdowns where the song can move into a totally different place and then come back to where it started.”

Although his perfectly executed covers of Nick Jonas‘ “Jealous” and Ed Sheeran‘s “Thinking Out Loud” have stayed true to the singer-songwriter style of sound, he swears you’ll hear a totally different side of him when his debut EP drops next month.

” ‘Stay wit It’ definitely has more of an urban feel,” Bones says of one of the soon-to-be-released tracks. “But then ‘2 Broken Hearts’ really combines that R&B element, but you still get that super dramatic, theatrical feel. It’s kind of a cluster and blend of everything I can soak up as an artist.”

Read on to learn about Bones’ love for fashion, his unique hobby and what he says he’ll definitely avoid if he hits it big:

skyelyfe: What has been the response to your Nick Jonas and Ed Sheeran covers?

Chris Bones: The response has been really great. Even some kids at the schools [during High School Nation Tour] have come up to me and told me they watched my covers and that I have an amazing voice. I just put out covers to show that this is me, this is who I am and this is how I’d do this song if it were my own.

SL: What has your experience been like overall on the High School Nation Tour?

CB: This was my first tour and it’s going really well so far. I’ve been excited to see the honest reaction from people. I feel like a high school crowd is probably the most honest reaction you can get. They will [express that] they love your music or really just hate it. The reaction has been great and I am super excited about that. I wasn’t nervous, but I was just curious to see how the kids like it. San Bernardino has been one of my favorite stops. The fans were so crazy and hyped. I mean, everyone’s been super excited, but by far they were the most. I gave out a signed T-shirt during my set and they screamed so loud. I was like, “Oh, my gosh!”

SL: Tell me about this fashion line you are working on.

CB: I’ve sketched some things. I have a couple of ideas. I’m terrible at sewing, so I don’t want to do sewing, but I definitely have creative ideas and when I’m on a big tour, I want to wear all my own stuff. It will definitely be simple stuff that packs a big punch – that natural quality with that dangerous edge. I’d say something like a GivenchyAlexander Wang mix with a black and white contrast. But Givenchy is where that edginess comes in. They always put the stars and the studs on their stuff. I want to call it Bones after my last name.

SL: How would you describe your own personal style?

CB: Right now I’m into black and white contrast. I really like black shirts with a big white stripe on them. I really like the longer length T-shirts that have the slits on the side. I just bought a pair of blue jeans that I’m going to rip. And I’m getting into sweatshirts a lot more. You could say I’m getting lazy and I really want to be in comfortable clothes [laughs]. I shop a lot at Topshop and Zara.

SL: What’s the one thing you want to avoid if you hit it big?

CB: Getting caught up in everyone telling me I’m amazing and having that quality that nothing can touch me. Instead, I want to always know that I worked really hard to get to where I am and remember that it really can all be taken away in an instant with one wrong step. I surround myself with the right people and I have a close group of friends and that’s going to stay the same. I built a lot on loyalty, especially with who I work with and stuff like that.

SL: Are there any fellow musicians who set a good example for you?

CB: There’s this band that I’m on tour with right now called Palaye Royale. They’re super cool and their style is super crazy, but they’re super down-to-earth, too, which is cool. But as far as people I knew before this tour, London Richards is super cool. And he kind of combines fashion with pop music.

SL: What’s something about you that most people don’t know?

CB: I fly airplanes. I’m a student pilot. Something about flying and being in control of the plane once you’re up in the air is really relaxing. I know it’s probably not the safest thing, but sometimes my mind will drift and I’ll just relax.


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West Hollywood Made Latest Stylish Statement with Grand Opening of Nasty Gal, Wildfox and More

November 25, 2014

From Melrose to Sunset, the streets of West Hollywood were bustling with many of the town’s top trendsetters on Thurs., Oct 20. With Kelly Osbourne at Alice + Olivia‘s La Cienega store opening dinner celebration and Charlize Theron and Dylan Penn at the grand opening of Nasty Gal‘s flagship retail store on Melrose, there was no shortage of excitement during this otherwise relatively quiet time of year in L.A.

I was on hand for some of the activity, which kicked off with a stop at Nasty Gal, where the popular online retailer feted the launch of its first real store, a bright-lit, spacious, 2,500-square foot boutique on Melrose, right by Red O. Guests sipped champagne while browsing through the shop’s array of pricey new and vintage clothing and accessories.




Next, it was off to the Wildfox flagship store at Sunset Plaza, where the vintage-inspired feminine retailer, which just opened its doors, held its #BarbieLovesWildfox soiree. The multitiered boutique was an all-pink paradise for the Barbie Girl in each of its guests, including Kendall Jenner. Champagne was served upstairs as partygoers received manicures with funky decals and browsed the slew of girlie knitwear, pajamas and other cute pieces that are part of the line’s Resort 2014 collaboration.

The stairs at the shop led to an adorable outdoor area, complete with a DJ, festive pink balloons, a bar and – yes – even a sparkly fashion truck where guests could pick out an accessory, ranging from flowered to light-up headbands and retro-style sunglasses (I opted for a pair of the shades).








The night needed a little kick of European culture, so before heading to the next event, my friend and I took a little (or should I say big) dinner break at Petit Trois, where we pretty much gave all of the items on the decadent French menu a try (what can I say? We were hungry!). After stuffing ourselves, we headed slightly east to the Hollywood Athletic Club, where fashion took on a different form from where I’d been earlier in the night. The venue hosted The Schlitz Bouts, an event that incorporated boxing, style and entertainment, with a 1920s theme. Cigar-rolling, boxing card stamping, classic jazz and oysters were all parts of the evening, as guests sported their snazziest ensembles of decades past.

The Schlitz Bouts - A Night Of Heritage Boxing, Style & Entertainment

Photo Credit: Jerod Harris / Getty Images

The Schlitz Bouts - A Night Of Heritage Boxing, Style & Entertainment

Photo Credit: Jerod Harris / Getty Images

The Schlitz Bouts - A Night Of Heritage Boxing, Style & Entertainment

Photo Credit: Jerod Harris / Getty Images

The Schlitz Bouts - A Night Of Heritage Boxing, Style & Entertainment

Photo Credit: Jerod Harris / Getty Images

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The New Generation of Juicy

September 27, 2014

If you were anything like me circa 2003, right next to the hangers in your closet holding up your 7 for All Mankind and Citizens of Humanity jeans was a variety of Juicy Couture tracksuits. Whether you had them in terrycloth or velour – or in black, watermelon or baby blue – or with the words “JUICY” on the behind, they pretty much dominated your wardrobe. These simple, yet way overpriced pieces of material totally defined that era of so-called “style.” After the tracksuit boom, the brand, created by Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor (P&G), branched out into handbags, sunglasses, fragrances, dresses, denim, you name it.

Juicy logo stickers used for T-shirts

Given the impact the company had on pop culture, it brought a bittersweet tear to my eye (come on, don’t tell me you weren’t the tiniest bit sad) earlier this year when I heard all the JC stores were going out of business (although according to the company’s website, you can still purchase JC originals). Naturally, I made a dash for the Century City location’s Everything Must Go sale and bought myself two dresses (they’re actually really cute!).

guests were given "Juicy cash" to redeem at an outside booth for a complimentary item from the new line

While we’ve reached the end of an era, the Juicy legacy lives on in its new generation at your local Kohl’s. Just last week, I attended the Juicy Couture + Kohl’s official launch party, and I must say it was as girly and cute as one could expect for any kind of Juicy party (old era or new). Couches were adorned with pink and white pillows, various-colored rose petals were everywhere, there was a manicure station set up along a row inside the Beverly Hills mansion where the event took place, there were passed plates of gourmet food courtesy of Along Came Mary catering – and of course – guests didn’t exit the predominantly female fete without a little gift. When people entered the party, they were handed Juicy Kohl’s cash and could redeem the cards at a station outside, overlooking a beautiful view of Los Angeles. We were able to select an embroidered scarf, T-shirt or pants. I opted for the scarf – perfect colors for fall.

Parting with the OG JC is such sweet sorrow, but I am certainly wishing the next era of Juicy the utmost success!

My lovely date Priscila and I posed in front of a rose wall and reenacted the Kim/Kanye wedding pose ;)

There was an array of polish options in the manicure area

delicious food ... need I say more?

delicious food Part II