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Definitive Ranking of the 12 Main Celsius Energy Drink Flavors, From Meh to Must Have

March 10, 2021

Celsius energy drinks gained immense popularity in recent years, but the brand has actually been in existence since 2005, gaining some notable momentum in the early 2010s. The Boca Raton-based brand has certainly evolved over time, now with 12 main flavors, spotted at every gym and grocery store in town. With so many flavors to choose from, a Celsius energy drink ranking is the only way to help you weed out what’s worth trying, and what’s worth leaving on the shelves.

Because I’m a diehard Celsius fan—and have been since I discovered it at an HBO gifting suite, of all places, in 2009—I’ve obviously tried every flavor. So I can proudly and confidently break each of them down for you. While no flavor will steer you wrong, some are tastier than others. Keep reading for my definitive Celsius energy drink ranking from meh to must have!

12. Sparkling Grape

Grape is a divisive flavor. Much like cherry, it’s unanimously a love or hate consensus. And, well, I hate it. Ok, hate is a strong word, but I don’t love it. The good thing about grape flavoring is you always know what you’re going to get. There aren’t typically variations of the polarizing taste. So, if you love grape, you’ll love this flavor—but because I’m on the other end of the grape opinion, this gets a placement at the bottom of the list.

11. Cola

Much like the aforementioned grape, if you’re a fan of cola taste, then you’ll be a fan of this flavor. My qualm, however, is when I think of Celsius, I associate it with nutrition and fitness. When I think of traditional soda, well, it’s quite the contrary. I think the two need to be separate. Leave the cola flavor to a can of Coke, and let the remaining flavors cater to energy drinks.

10. Sparkling Fuji Apple Pear

The apple itself here wouldn’t be too criminal, but I think it needed to be paired with something citrusy like orange. The apple-pear combo is a bit too sweet and doesn’t complement as well as I’d like.

9. Raspberry Açai Green Tea

Flavor combinations get tricky when green tea is added to the mix. The taste by itself is totally fine, but when it’s added to another flavor, it doesn’t blend well, in my opinion. I also think raspberry does better when paired with another berry. Plain and simple, this duo just doesn’t do it for me, which is why it’s ranked towards the bottom.

8. Sparkling Orange

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this flavor. Orange is what I’d consider a reliable go-to—you’re never going to crack open a can and regret your decision. It’s safe, which is totally fine, but if you seek to excite the palette, I’d move further down the list.

7. Grapefruit Melon Green Tea

This flavor trio was oh so close to making it to the top of the list! The sourness from the grapefruit and sweetness from the melon was such a pairing—until green tea entered the picture. Unfortunately it lessened the taste’s likability. That said, is it the worst thing ever? No.

6. Sparkling Watermelon

While White Claw’s hotly anticipated watermelon flavor ended up being a fizzled out flop, don’t expect the same result from Celsius. The light summertime fruit’s flavor comes through in full effect, leaving me totally refreshed.

5. Peach Mango

Peach and mango are a perfect pairing. I’m not a fan of mango as a solo fruit snack, but in soft drinks, it adds amazing flavor. And, well, you absolutely can’t go wrong with peach in any way, shape or form. This is a delightfully light and airy duo.

4. Sparkling White Peach

The only thing better than peach? Peach in sparkling form, of course! While other flavors on this list are elevated by a dual pairing, white peach is strong enough to stand on its own, confidently. so refreshing!

3. Sparkling Strawberry Guava

Strawberry and guava are two flavors unanimously beloved. Whether alone or combined with others, these two are always a hit. So, working together as a standalone duo? Oh, perfection!

2. Sparkling Kiwi Guava

The only thing more refreshing than strawberry guava? Kiwi guava! I’m not a fan of either tropical fruit as a whole, but in soft drink form, this is the ultimate pairing. Refreshing? Check. Delicious? Check.

1. Sparkling Wild Berry

When in doubt, go berries. Like, you really can’t go wrong with any pairing of these highly anti-oxidized fruits. This delicious duo of blueberry and raspberry has all the right touches of sweet, sour and everything in between.

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Your Definitive Guide to the Best FREE Online Workouts Amid Coronavirus Chaos

March 18, 2020

With the coronavirus outbreak causing many gyms and studios to close nationwide, now’s the time to step outside our comfort zones and find innovative ways to stay in shape.

via Pixabay

Many instructors and fitness gurus on Instagram are using this opportunity to provide outstanding new workouts that still work up a sweat, but are easy to do at home and, most importantly, are free.

Below, you’ll find our definitive guide to the best online workouts that will keep you active amidst the chaos.

Hot Pilates

What: A full-body workout in 10 minutes from one of the most challenging mat Pilates studios in Los Angeles.

How: A YouTube class led by the studio’s founder Shannon Nadj

Cost: Free

CorePower Yoga

What: Yoga classes for both beginners and seasoned yogis.

How: A full list of their videos can be found on demand HERE.

Cost: Free

305 Fitness

What: HIIT classes that livestream every day, which you can also watch later if you don’t get the chance to tune in.

How: You can tune into the livestream on their YouTube channel HERE.

Cost: Free

P Volve

What: A long and lean Pilates-inspired workout. You can choose what areas you’d like to focus on, the ability level and more.

How: Follow along by going to or downloading their app.

Cost: 30 day free trial with no credit card required.


What: On demand studio fitness classes

How: Visit their website.

Cost: Free with unlimited access for the time being.


Bar Method

What: Barre fitness classes that combine ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training.

How: livestream on their IG-TV at various times during the day (their IG has more information).

Cost: Free

Lia Bartha

What: A fitness instructor offering free, Pilates-inspired workouts.

How: Tune in at 10 A.M. PST daily on her Instagram Live.

Cost: Free


Tone It Up

What: Total body workouts on their IG-TV and app.

How: Tune into their IG-TV or download their app.

Cost: Free


The Betty Rocker

What: A certified trainer posting ab sculpting, yoga and HIIT workouts on IGTV.

How: Watch on IGTV or her website.

Cost: Free

View this post on Instagram

Today’s Pre-Challenge Workout is ABS 🔥Work your entire core in this fun flow with Team Betty Rocker Coach Nikki! . You can do this 10:00 flow 3 times, or use the link below (open this video in IGTV, then tap the drop down arrow description to see this link, which will be clickable there) to do the full 30 min flow: . 💛 . Are you following along with the daily plan? We’ve got you covered here at Team Betty Rocker! . Yesterday’s workout was in my live stories, but you can still watch/do it on my Facebook page, or from inside Rock Your Life if you’re a member of our online home workout studio. . Plus there are tons of Betty Rocker home workout options on my Youtube channel that are from the blog. Along with free workouts, the blog also has great workout, fitness, health and body resources, healthy recipes and more! . Next Monday I’m starting an all new 5-Day Home Workout Challenge – I’m writing it now! Can’t wait to do it with you, here live on IG and FB! . This is Day 2 of your pre-challenge workout plan – follow along daily for what to do! . Here’s a link once again to the full follow along (it’s too long to post on IGTV but you can click over to the blog post): . 💛 . We love Coach Nikki! She is a certified yoga instructor, ERYT200, AFAA Certified Personal Trainer and Mat Pilates Instructor. She teaches weekly classes inside Rock Your Life (30 day pass to join us there at and you can find more of her workouts on the blog! . . Keep moving, stay hydrated, eat whole foods and give yourself lots of love, grace and kindness. We are all in this together ❤️❤️ . . Xoxx

A post shared by (@thebettyrocker) on


Jabs By Gina

What: Fitness instructor Gina DiNapoli posts 15-minute boxing-inspired workouts.

How: Visit her Instagram for a full schedule of her workouts posted live on her IGTV daily.

Cost: Free


Erika Hammond

What: At-home boxing workouts.

How: Watch live on her IGTV daily.

Cost: Free


How to Easily Ditch Your Couch Potato Lifestyle If You’re Still in Holiday Mode

January 17, 2019

via Pixabay

Some people made a dash for the gym as soon as their alarms went off on Jan. 2.

Others, however, are still nibbling on the remnants of the dilapidated gingerbread house-turned-centerpiece they’ve been showing off in the kitchen since the week before Christmas.

If you resonate more with the latter, you’re not alone. Society thinks that when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve, suddenly everything changes in an instant. Suddenly we’re all going to be insanely productive, motivated and, of course, healthy. And while that does hold true for those dedicated new year’s resolution-followers, it’s not the case for everyone. Some people want to go the healthy route, but just can’t pull themselves out of that lazy holiday rut.

I chatted with Patrick Waters, founder of Brooklyn’s sleekest new boutique circuit training studio SESSION—and he, along with their lead trainer Thea Hughes, shared pro tips on how to easily transform your couch potato lifestyle into a healthy one. Keep reading for what they had to say:

Skyelyfe: What’s the best workout to start with if you’re just getting back into fitness in the new year?

Patrick Waters + Thea Hughes : The best workout to get back into is through movement that you enjoy. That might be yoga, running or a circuit training class. Just remind yourself to ease into it—perhaps low impact, or lower intensity as you rebuild your foundation.

Photo courtesy of SESSION

SL: What’s the best at-home workout for when you’re in a time crunch or you simply aren’t motivated to workout long?

PW + TH: Depending on what you have access to, or the space for, here are a few options: If you have a hardwood floor, grab a set of towels to use as gliders for a total body workout. Place them under your hands for push-ups, hand circles, or plank rollouts. Place them under your feet for lateral or reverse lunges, mountain climbers, knee tucks or pikes.

If you have access to resistance bands, both mini bands and therabands are incredible for quick and effective total body circuits. Pick four exercises, then repeat 3x through.

Try an AMRAP circuit: 12 push-ups, 12 mountain-climbers, and 10 jump squats for 12 minutes, nonstop.

SL: What’s the healthiest, most filling on-the-go snack or meal?

PW + TH: This is a tough one! Smoothies can be a great way to jam-pack a lot of protein and nutrients in for those on-the-go days. Alternatively, a banana with a handful of raw nuts is great for a carb, sugar and fat fix. Or, of course hard-boiled eggs with chopped veggies—unless it’s the heat of summer and there’s no fridge in sight.

SL: What’s the most underrated and most overrated workout—for the average person—and why?

PW + TH: It’s arguable that no work is overrated, but if we had to say…

Underrated: push-ups, RDL’s, and chin-ups are the unanimous answer among the SESSION coaches

Overrated: calf-raises and crunches can be ditched. Instead, integrate strong breathing, unilateral and anti-rotation work for your core.

SL: What are your thoughts on paleo/whole30/keto eating plans?

PW + TH: It all comes down to the individual, as our bodies are all unique and we each take to food differently. We would encourage you to experiment, do your research, and then implement the most positive aspects into your eating plan. That aside, whole foods are a great, arguably the best, place to get started. Stay away from processed as much as possible.

SL: What does SESSION offer that other local gyms do not?

PW + TH: Community. New York can be a harsh city at the best of times, and SESSION offers a space where people come together to workout—but most importantly they connect and have fun pushing themselves physically and mentally.

Photo courtesy of SESSION

Photo courtesy of SESSION

SL: Explain the gym’s 30-day challenge that just kicked off on Jan. 14

PW + TH: The 30 Day Challenge is meant to spark motivation and drive with the SESSION community. We realize that an hour at the gym is only a part of the math, so we provide the physical space to workout, paired with tools to reflect on current behaviors (workouts, food, sleep and lifestyle), set goals, and track progress. In addition, we loop in our favourite physical therapy experts for one-on-one assessments, InBody body composition scans and weekly nutrient-dense soup deliveries.

Photo courtesy of SESSION

Want to check out SESSION, or ask Patrick and Thea more questions in person? Classes start at $32 for a drop-in.


98 South 4th St.

Brooklyn, NY 11249


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Attention L.A. Yogis—These Are the Unique Summer Events You Need on Your Radar!

July 18, 2017

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed yogi or you simply want to take up a new hobby this summer, L.A. is obviously the perfect place to do just that.

The City of Angels is jam-packed with yoga activities from now through mid-August, and there’s no shortage of variety and experience level at your fingertips.

From outdoor classes to festivals and workshops, read on to find out the best events to incorporate yoga into your life this season!


  • Flow + Flavor Rooftop Yoga: Imagine performing sun salutations led by some of L.A.’s top yoga teachers with a killer view of downtown. Now, add some blissful beats with “Sound Off” headphones and finish it all off with a delicious brunch and the chance to peruse a curated collection of unique and stylish pop-up shops at ROW DTLA. This unforgettable event is hosted by Bender. Sign up for the July 23rd Deep House Yoga edition with special guest DJ Alissa Jo HERE.
  • Yoga x Sound x Art: Prepare to be inspired on July 22. This unique event blends yoga, music and art together. Come to the Bergamot Station Arts Center in Santa Monica for a session with yoga teacher Mia Togo and the resident DJ from Bender. After class, you can indulge your artistic tastes by touring the dozens of art galleries. Oh, and did we mention the food trucks and beer tastings? Doors open at 11:00 am and the all levels yoga class starts 11:30 am inside the D3 gallery space. Register HERE.
  • Baby Goat Yoga: You read that right—yoga with baby goats! Come on and try it out at Lavender Wood Farm. It’s a bit of a drive from L.A., but it’s absolutely worth it. They do all level classes every Friday, Saturday and Sunday for $20 a class. Space is limited and you need to bring a yoga mat or towel along with bottled water. But don’t worry, you won’t have to bring your own goat! Classes can be purchased through Eventbrite HERE.
  • Acro Yoga Workshop: Sign up for this workshop to Acro Yoga by Create Yoga on July 22 from 2-3:30 pm, you will learn the basic aspects of the acroyoga practice. This unique class will allow you to explore asana and movements with a partner. Mats, towels, and pads are included. If you have a partner, bring them. If not, it’s the perfect opportunity to make new friends! Reserve your spot HERE.


  • Downtown LA Arts Festival: The Downtown LA Arts & Music Festival 2017 kicks off on Sun., Aug. 6. The festival will open with a Kemetic Yoga class by Jill Maynard from Yoga House Houston. Kemetic Yoga is an ancient Egyptian system of Yoga that focuses on controlled deep breathing and meditation. Tickets are free and can be reserved HERE.
  • Propel Co: Labs Fitness Festival: Join the Propel Fitness Festival on Aug. 12 & 13 to celebrates all things working out. Prepare to sweat your way through a variety of epic workouts, from boot camp to dance, and you guessed it, yoga! Each class will be led by instructors on the cutting-edge of fitness. And did we mention there would be performances by musical guests? Yeah! Propel will also donate all proceeds to the nonprofit Girls on the Run. Sign up HERE.

 Is there an event or a workshop that we missed out on? Let us know in the comments!


**Emily Adams is a marketing specialist at YogiWear having a main focus on development and implementation of marketing ideas. Her primary talking points are yoga life, benefits of yoga, yogi lifestyle and yoga wear.

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Conquering a Sober Month: the Good, the Bad and Everything You Need to Know

March 1, 2017

Ah, “Sober February” (FKA “Sober March”), parting is a mixture of such sweet sorrow and slight relief.

As most people in my life know, each year, for the last five years or so, I use the month of March as an excuse to take a moment, so to speak.

I firmly believe that regardless of your lifestyle, sometimes you need a break from everything. So by “sober,” I guess I mean that in the literal and figurative sense. Literal in terms of avoiding any mind or body-altering substances, and figurative in terms of avoiding any person, place or thing that can cloud your otherwise clear mind.

I have taken my sober month in February this year because I have a friend’s Vegas birthday this weekend, the first weekend of March, and I never cheat during my sober month.

There’s a chance you read the above sentence and thought: Ok, so you’re gonna do this whole empowering 30-day sober kick and then throw it all out the window in Vegas? Well, as someone who has done this many times, it’s not as cut and dry as one carefree weekend makes all of your progress irrelevant. That’s not the case at all. The point of the sober month is to get your goals and intentions in order so that you can do a “wild” Vegas weekend and then know how to come back to reality and get back to your normal life because you love the way you feel when you’re focused, working out and eating well. The goal is to teach yourself balance—something that can be difficult to manage sometimes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with letting loose, as long as it’s done in moderation.

Each year I go through my sober month, I learn more and more—about life, about myself, about how substances really alter our mind (way beyond the moment of their actual consumption). Taking on an entirely sober month is something I recommend to everyone. Sure it sounds hard, and if you live a fairly social life (like me) and you’ve never done it before, it will indeed be an initial challenge. But I can wholeheartedly say the good outweighs the bad, and everyone owes themselves a clear head (at least temporarily), right?

Keep scrolling to read 10 truths and experiences I uncovered (both positive and negative) while in the midst of my sober February this year:

1. You Must Mentally Prepare Yourself in Advance Hardcore for the Four Weeks That Lie Ahead

Committing to a full month of sobriety isn’t something you just do on a whim. You must prepare yourself for everything you’re about to experience. There are some huge benefits and motivating factors, and then there are also some sacrifices you will make for the next four weeks. Not everything is going to be fun, not everything is going to be social. You must truly ingrain in your head what you are going to take on. I advise telling yourself (and the people around you) at least a month in advance.

2. You Will Reassess Some of Your So-Called ‘Issues’ 

The biggest benefit to taking a hiatus from any kind of substance use is the clearness of the mind that the experience produces. When your head isn’t fogged you can really take a deep dive into who you are, what you want in life and what you genuinely need to work on. There are some things you’ll realize you really don’t actually need or want, but there are other things that will continue to stick out to you and you may want to take the next step and deal with them. But it’s interesting how much more clear things become.

3. Unexpected Blessings Will Come Your Way Because Your Energy Is in a Totally Different Place

You’d be surprised how much energy is taken up by the social circumstances centered around substance use. There’s the planning and anticipation (big party tonightwhat am I going to wear? Will so-and-so be there? I need to pick up mixers and alcohol), the actual doing (so basically whatever time is taken out of your day or night and put into partying) and then the aftermath (being tired, lazy, hungover, anxiety-ridden or all of the above). We seriously do not realize how much energy is taken out of us from these actions! There’s nothing wrong with it in moderation, but we also need to understand that if we put even a dose of all that energy into pretty much anything else, we’d be a lot more productive in various areas of our life. And when my energy is elsewhere, I’ve gotten new jobs, I’ve met life-changing people, there’s just so much when you’re putting a different vibe into the universe.

4. You May Find Yourself Replacing One Indulgence with Another

Whether we want to admit it or not, there is a sense of (temporary) fulfilment we feel when we drink—otherwise, why would we do it, right? When that fulfilment is no longer, we obviously need something to take its place, and yes, I’ve found that, for me at least, I began spending more money just because it made me feel good and drinking coffee seriously around the clock (before bed, after a workout, didn’t matter—it really felt great). There’s got to be a better way to counteract this.

5. You Realize You May Not Actually Be the Social Butterfly You Considered Yourself

When you’re carefree and partying, nothing sounds more fun than turning up the tunes, going out, dancing and chatting it up with whomever you encounter. But when your focus is elsewhere, being a homebody actually sounds ideal much of the time. When you’re on a sober kick, you quickly realize you don’t really have that much to discuss with everyone under the sun, with the exception of the “how’s work?” smalltalk. It can be a little frustrating. Granted, you still value your quality time with the people you feel most comfortable and fun around, but you don’t really see a point in attending every social function when you could be catching up on work, organizing your living space or working out.

6. Your Energy Level Skyrockets

Clear mind + uninterrupted Zzzs + increased daily water intake + no excuse to avoid the gym = one happy camper. I went from waking up 20 minutes before I needed to leave for work, to waking up 60-75 minutes before I need to leave for work. I’m much more excited about the day that lies ahead, I put so much more effort into my appearance, I have all these creative thoughts flowing through my mind. I am ready to conquer whatever lies ahead.

7. You Are in Full Control of Your Emotions and Decisions, and It’s Incredibly Empowering

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning contemplating whether or not someone is annoyed with you about something that transpired the night before; or feeling gross because you know you stayed out too late or took part in a regrettable action. Even one measly drink can alter our actions and reactions, so to wake up feeling completely refreshed with no qualms about anything in your control is amazing. That 8:00 AM yoga class? I’ll take it! The commitment to cleaning all day? Nothing will stand in my way! Positive outlook on life? The world is mine!

8. Large Social Functions Suck the Majority of the Time

I didn’t hit a major social roadblock during Sober Feb. until Presidents Day weekend rolled around. I had one birthday on Saturday night and one on Sunday. Up until this point, I could really pick and choose what to partake in and not make many plans should I not want to. But the birthdays during this time I felt were somewhat necessary to attend. So here’s the thing: I have absolutely zero issue with people drinking in front of me when I’m not drinking. My mind is programmed a certain way for the month, so I don’t even think about alcohol and have no desire to drink during this time. But, that doesn’t mean it’s a blast to bar-hop with a bunch of drunk people and drop it low in the middle of the dance floor with a slew of sweaty strangers, when you could be reading or doing something to maximize your free time. I am all for sober fun, but when your BFFs are getting wasted, you can’t expect them to sit quietly at a table with you when they want to let loose. And I certainly don’t expect them to. That said, I really do understand why people who are permanently sober choose not to make it out to big social functions. It’s not about the temptation (at least for me)—it’s simply just not fun. And that’s okay.

9. You’re on Your A-Game With Productivity

When you’ve got nothing standing in your way, what feels better than getting stuff done? Whether it’s taking in dry cleaning you’ve been putting off forever, finally making your living space ready for visitors, catching up on blog posts or other work-related material, putting more effort in your day-to-day appearance, working out—heck, even catching up on TV shows you’ve been hearing rave reviews about for months—you get so much done when your energy isn’t put into the wrong place.

10. You Can’t Get the Most Out of the Experience Unless You Incorporate Fitness and Clean Eating Into Your Routine

Way back when, maybe in like 2009, I did a sober month for the first time. It wasn’t for the sake of clearing my mind or working on my health or fitness. It was simply because I was going out a lot and needed a breather. Because I’d never taken on the challenge, I really didn’t know I could turn this into a life-changing experience. So instead, it was merely a month of simply feeling blah. I didn’t change my eating habits, I didn’t work out, I was my then-normal level of productive (or lack thereof)—it was basically a waste.

But several years later, once this became a tradition sort of thing, I’ve really used it to jump-start healthy habits. It’s easy to see yourself waste away as the year comes to a close, and then we push ourselves so hard during January that we’re burnt out by the end of the month. I’ve learned to kind of space things out. In January, I’ll drink significantly less and start incorporating fitness back into my life. By February I’ve turned these things into new habits and routines, and then by March I’m fine taking a month to really pound the pavement with focus. When I add fitness and clean eating into the mix of not drinking, it all melds together and gives me that aforementioned energy. I really do feel great.

Bottom Line: I highly, highly recommend this to everyone. It has nothing to do with having a drinking problem or whatever the case may be—it’s simply about giving yourself a clear mind and the opportunity to have 100% control over your life for a moment in time. It doesn’t need to be a lifelong commitment, it’s simply about cleansing and starting anew.

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4 Things Every Health-Conscious Consumer Will Wish They Experienced at Do Good. Be Green’s L.A. Convention

November 15, 2016

The vegan, health-conscious and eco-friendly community was in for a recent treat at the DO GOOD. BE GREEN convention inside Downtown L.A.’s The Collection.

From morning to late-afternoon, guests were treated to pampering, snacks, libations, product-testing and motivational panel discussions.

In case you missed the event (hosted by Katie Bogue Miller and Justine Lassoff, founders of Love Goodly‘s non-toxic, vegan subscription boxes), skyelyfe is here to round up its highlights!

Photo Credit: AVM Photography /Alvin Manuel

Photo Credit: AVM Photography /Alvin Manuel

1. Vendors Galore

This convention had rooms full of makeup, beauty and wellness vendors from all over the country. I had a blast chatting with Paige Padgett, celebrity makeup artist and author of The Green Beauty RulesI also learned a lot about Zen Yoga Straps, which are three-loop straps designed to help you stretch longer and more comfortably than traditional yoga straps. The Den Meditation was also on hand to talk about healing and easing the mind. You also had Hipsters for Sisters, an environmentally conscious hands-free handbag line with the sole purpose to “liberate women from their baggage.” Lippy Girl, Blissoma and Rawxies (which allowed guests to fill plastic bags with customized heapings of their healthy snacks) were also among the lengthy list of brands to come on board for the event and share their products.

Photo Credit: AVM Photography /Alvin Manuel

Photo Credit: AVM Photography /Alvin Manuel

2. Motivational Guest Speakers

It was truly inspiring listening to the journey these exceptional women speakers have taken to start their own company and build their own products or brand. From the two hosting ladies themselves, to model-activist Angela Lindvall, to My Beauty Bunny‘s Jen Mathews and Reformation clothing’s VP of design, the day was filled with more than a dozen successful, independent female panelists.

Photo Credit: AVM Photography /Alvin Manuel

Photo Credit: AVM Photography /Alvin Manuel

3. Pampering and Wellness

Not a finger was left without a dainty touch, having nail technicians from LVX polish and L.A.’s Can Can Parleur on hand to provide manicure services. I opted for an LVX mani, with the Crimson shade as my main, with a line of Oasis down the middle of each nail. In between manis, guests had the opportunity to take in a mini-yoga session, courtesy of YAS Fitness.

Photo Credit: AVM Photography /Alvin Manuel

Photo Credit: AVM Photography /Alvin Manuel

4. Gift Bags

Now let’s get to the obvious best part of the extravaganza: the hefty reusable gift bag chock full of approximately $150-worth of beauty and wellness goodies from each of the sponsors, along with the latest edition of the Love Goodly box. Needless to say, I left with my hands full!

Photo Credit: AVM Photography /Alvin Manuel

Photo Credit: AVM Photography /Alvin Manuel

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4 Tips to Nailing the ‘Athleisure’ Look Like a Celeb!

February 17, 2016

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Long gone are the days when women get supremely excited about the thought of breaking in a new pair of jeans. Not to say denim is out, but now, at least if you’re in most parts of Los Angeles, we all know it’s much more about activewear. Far more casual (but not necessarily less expensive), Lululemon, Fabletics and Teeki (to name a few) have really brought this laid-back look to the forefront, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.

But unlike with the good ol’ Juicy Couture sweatsuits we all know and love (you know you have your share stored away somewhere deep in your closet), mastering the “athleisure” look is really a craft – you can’t just throw one of these suits together and go about your day. It’s a full-blown style that the Gigi Hadids and Kylie Jenners of the world wear effortlessly (go figure).

Luckily, I’ve enlisted the guidance of the owners of Brentwood‘s trendy Sweat NSK activewear boutique to provide skyelyfe readers with some major pointers to pulling off this casual-chic trend!

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

Keep reading for tips from Karen Sun and Natalie Fritz, and scroll to the very bottom to find out about what the two ladies, plus fellow co-owner Susana Yee, have to say about their favorite workouts/studios, favorite places to shop and overall favorite places to venture through in the City of Angels.

1. If unsure, start with a brand known to fit universally well

“One of my favorite lines is actually Vie Active,” Sun says. “I think that’s a great line that everyone can wear – tall, short, it doesn’t really matter. It has great compression, they’re very flattering. The woman who started Vie Active is very active, herself, and is very thoughtful in terms of how she’s produced her line … [The bottom line is] don’t be uncomfortable and trust your instincts.”

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

2. Find the right legging for your body

“Where you can go wrong is wearing a legging that’s too long or too short or not the right color or print for you,” Fritz says. “The legging is such the core of your ‘look’ that if you go wrong there, then it just kind of — it isn’t good.”

3. Be sure to nail the outerwear

“The outerwear pulls it all together,” Fritz says. “Whether it’s a cute LNA sweater or a vest or a great Dolman sweater, something like that really pulls it together.”

4. Check out photos of Naomi Watts

“I think who always looked really good – when she lived here, we used to see her – is Naomi Watts,” Fritz says. “She always had something unique, and she would style it a lot in ways we would, like with a cute T-shirt rather than with a fitted Lululemon top. She always had a little touch to it. It wasn’t ever anything over-the-top, but it was cool and subtle and had a little fashion edge to it.”

Like the pointers? Read about the ladies who provided them!

Photo credit:

Photo credit:


Overall favorite workout: Boot camp class and spinning

Overall favorite workout studio or gym, etc in LA: Studio K in Pacific Palisades

Favorite restaurant in LA:  Freds at Barneys

Favorite clothing designer or brand (not fitness related): Isabel Marant

Favorite place to shop (aside from own store): Heist in Venice

Favorite city or section of LA: Abbott Kinney in Venice

Years lived in LA:  forever ❤️


Overall favorite workout: Boot camp class and Pilates

Overall favorite workout studio or gym, etc in LA: Nova Pilates

Favorite restaurant in LA: Giorgio Di Baldi

Favorite clothing designer or brand (not fitness related): Isabel Marant

Favorite place to shop (aside from own store): Isabel Marant Boutique

Favorite city or section of LA: West Hollywood

Years lived in LA: 20 plus years


Overall favorite workout: Running

Overall favorite workout studio or gym, etc in LA: Burn 60

Favorite restaurant in LA: Sqirl

Favorite clothing designer or brand (not fitness related): IRO

Favorite place to shop (aside from own store): IRO on Abbot Kinney

Favorite city or section of LA: Arts District

Years lived in LA: 20 years

Sweat NSK

11731 Barrington Ct.

Los Angeles, CA 90049


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Peace Out, Gym! These L.A. Workout Deals Are Going to Blow Your Mind, Not Your Bank Account!

February 4, 2016

yoga_fitness_skyelyfeYou may recall my post from about a year ago, in which I compiled some of the best fitness deals in Los Angeles. Well, I’m back for round two. And let’s just say, you may morph into an overnight yogi (a la me!) after reading some of these over-the-top steals!

Going off of the above statement, let’s get into the yoga deals first, because there are a handful, and they are each from highly recommended places.

And then keep reading for additional deals in everything from Martial Arts to Pilates and more. There’s no excuse not to extend those 2016 resolutions through the rest of the year!


  • YOGAWORKS – Studio offering traditional yoga classes, integrated yoga/dance/circuit training classes and tranquil sessions.

INTRO SPECIAL: TWO WEEKS UNLIMITED = $25 (all locations apply!)

1057 N. Fairfax Ave.

West Hollywood, CA 90046


(with additional locations in Hollywood, Studio City, Brentwood, Koreatown, Larchmont, Pasadena, Playa Del Rey, Santa Monica, El Segundo, Westlake Village, Tarzana, Valencia and Woodland Hills)

  • MODO YOGA – This hot yoga studio offers classes that stretch, strengthen and tone the muscles while helping to detoxify the body and calm the mind.  


340 S. La Brea Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90036


  • LIBERATION YOGA – Studio offering varying classes based on experience levels, along with all-ages family classes.


124 S. La Brea Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90036


  • HOT 8 YOGA – Studio offering more than 200 classes per week at varying levels of intensity, including hot yoga, hot power fusion, hot power yoga, hot yoga sculpt (with weights) and hot yoga barre.

INTRO SPECIAL: 30 DAYS UNLIMITED = $45 (all locations apply!)

8383 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 75

Beverly Hills, CA 90211


(with additional locations in Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach and Pasadena)

  • BIKRAM YOGA SILVERLAKE – Hot yoga studio offering 90-minute sessions with 26 postures and two breathing exercises.


3223 Glendale Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90039


  • NAMASTE HIGHLAND PARK – An all-inclusive urban oasis that offers everything from Hatha Flow and vigorous Vinyasa, to Yoga Sculpt, Yin Yoga and meditation.


5118 York Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90042


  • STUDIO MDR Sebastien Lagree‘s total-body program melds together elements of Pilates, cardio training and weight-bearing activities.

INTRO SPECIAL: ONE WEEK UNLIMITED = $30 (all locations apply!)

13357 Washington Blvd.

Culver City, CA 90066


(with additional studios in Marina Del Rey and Playa Vista)


  • BASECAMP FITNESS – This high-intensity workout consists of 30 one-minute workouts that include Air Assault bike movements, body weight exercises and weight lifting. This is one of the quickest workouts in town!


8714 Santa Monica Blvd.

West Hollywood, CA 90069


  • THE PHOENIX EFFECT – Studio offering community-driven, full-body, group fitness sessions.


7264 Melrose Ave.

West Hollywood, CA 90046


  • NOVO BODY FITNESS – Studio offering weight-lifting workouts that target the fat-burning zone and sculpt lean muscle, while increasing metabolism.


15928 Ventura Blvd. Ste. 108

Sherman Oaks, CA 91436


  • STUDIO CITY MARTIAL ARTS  – Studio teaching best practical applications of self-defense, as well as movement for development of strength, flexibility and balance for a strong, hard body, and mediation techniques for a strong, clear mind.


12418 Ventura Blvd.

Studio City, CA 91604



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Lauren ‘Fit DJ’ Pappas Is Helping Skyelyfe Readers Avoid the Crash & Burn of January Health Habits!

January 6, 2016

You may have read last week’s post that focused on treating your body right all throughout 2016. Well, this week, skyelyfe has brought on a professional to provide additional pointers to keep your health game strong all year long – not just through January!

 Lauren “Fit DJ” Pappas – an  NPC Bikini champ, who runs her own YouTube fitness channel Pimpin’ Iron, and has deejayed for Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Kardashians and the We Are Fitness health convention, among others – has come on board to help readers incorporate smart eating and working out into their everyday lives.

 And because she is not only a fitness pro, but also a DJ, it only makes sense that she provided a playlist of songs (scroll to the very bottom) that get her ready to hit the pavement, stairs or wherever her environment of choice is when she wants to break a sweat!

Lauren_FitDJ_skyelyfe_2Here are Pappas’ top three tips to getting you back into shape after the holidays – and staying that way!:

1. Have a Plan! Make a schedule for your workout days. Weather your goal is to workout every day or every other day, figure out what time you’ll be working out and the duration, ahead of time. Organization is very important to help you successfully meet your goals. And can even write what your workout will be (ie. Wednesday- 30 minutes of HIIT cardio/biceps & triceps for 30 minutes). That way you’ll make room in your daily routine for your workouts. Make fitness part of your lifestyle rather then a seasonal thing or an occasional thing.

2. Write out your healthy meal options or your specific diet plan & make sure it’s visible somewhere in your kitchen. Even better, designate one day out of the week to prep your meals ahead of time. Watch your portions by measuring out your food on a food scale or a measuring cup (ie. meat & rice you cooked, oats you measure dry), and put each meal in individual containers. That way you won’t be tempted to eat something that’s not on your plan. And you can easily grab a meal if you’re on the go. If you don’t feel like cooking, there are many healthy food prep companies that deliver all over the country.

3. Get fit with a friend. Break up the monotony of your workouts and grab a buddy. Working out with a friend will help you stay motivated and keep you on track. I love taking group fitness classes with my friends, going for hikes, running at the beach or even snowboarding. It also pushes you try new things. You can support and encourage each other.


Beauty Food

These Three Ideas Are Sure to Keep You Healthy and Fit from 2016’s Start to Finish!

December 30, 2015

Fit young woman fighting off fast food

Photo courtesy:

So much for prioritizing fitting into that skintight sexy number when the ball drops!

I’ve never met anybody who started a diet in December. In fact, most people I know excuse every bite and morsel during the holiday season with an “I’ll start up again in the new year.” We tear through cupcakes, multi-course dinners and booze-filled parties while we offer apologies under our breath and promise that come January 1st, everything will change.

Once the new year arrives, life happens and it becomes hard to keep up with our health resolutions. We’ve all seen the mad rush at the gym the first weeks in January only to witness numbers dwindle and only the regulars up on the machines come February. Luckily, new brands and services popped up in 2015 that can help us continue with our goals well into 2016.

Below, skyelyfe put together a list of ideas and programs that will make sticking to your goal easier than having that second (or third, or fourth…) glass of champagne this New Year’s eve.

Subscribe to a Food Delivery Service (Yes, you can find ones that don’t break the bank!) – Not all food delivery services are made the same. Most of them are also a bit out of budget after holiday season splurges settle in. A great alternative is a service that will deliver ingredients for you take make your own healthy meals. These remove the cost of food preparation and some offer values similar to what you would spend should you buy the groceries yourself. One of the originals, Blue Apron clocks in at only 500-700 calories per meal. Breakfast and lunch are easier to keep light (ideas include nonfat Greek yogurt and nuts for breakfast, salad with protein for lunch) when you are in a hurry. Services that provide you with premium, seasonal ingredients and calorie counts take the guess work (and not to mention temptation) out of dinnertime.

Should one of your goals be to consume more organic, non-GMO meals or to start a paleo or vegetarian diet in 2016, Sun Basket will be your ally. Most clock in under 700 calories, but be cognizant of the recipes (and reduce portion size) for those that go a bit over.

Sun Basket's Coconut Braised Pacific Cod

Sun Basket’s Coconut Braised Pacific Cod

Blue Apron's Boxed Deliver

Blue Apron’s Boxed Delivery

Don’t Let Hunger Strike! – One of the easiest ways to fall off your diet wagon is failing to prepare. Life gets busy and it’s easy to find ourselves skipping a meal in order to finish a presentation or squeeze in a couple more emails at work. Keep healthy snacks near you, in your desk drawer, purse or gym bag. This way you are less likely to bite into the first chocolate bar that makes eye contact with you at the office vending machine. Sakara Life is a new company based in New York that sells everything from watermelon jerky to probiotic chocolate. One of their best options is their Empower Bar Collection. For $29, you receive convenient, nutrient-dense, whole-food nourishment with a side of holistic healing. The “flavors” include clarity, manifestation and beauty.

Sakara Life's Manifestation Bar

Sakara Life’s Manifestation Bar

Start a Workout Club – We’ve all heard about the fatty version of this – a dinner or wine club. The concept is the same, but instead of somebody hosting dinner at their home or inviting everybody over for a great bottle of red each week, you explore new workouts in your area and invite your “club” to partake. Similar to the more common clubs, you are held accountable for providing an activity for the group on your set date. You can try that new aerial yoga class you were too embarrassed to sign up for alone, make accommodations for the group at a gym or prepare hiking routes, cycle paths, etc… for everyone.  This will help keep workouts fun and fresh well into the new year. It will also guarantee that you continue seeing your friends once the mad rush back to real life starts after the holidays.

Workout Club Activities

Workout Club Activities


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(PHOTOS) We Are Fitness: L.A. Convention Brings Influencers & Brand Ambassadors Together for Fun Night with Healthy Purpose!

December 8, 2015

we_are_fitness_balance_skyelyfeWe Are Fitness reminds people that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a lot of fun!

Last week’s convention included a who’s who of digital influencers, along with top activewear and health brand ambassadors, who made an overall powerful statement about the importance of taking care of your body.

Co-coordinated by Honestly Jamie blogger Jamie Stone, the four-hour event (formerly called FITfluence, if you recall from when I attended last year) took place at L.A.’s SmogShoppe, and gave the small selection of invited guests a chance to connect with some of their favorite companies and familiar online faces, while also learning about new brands and trying out their products (who wouldn’t want to hit the gym after scoring a pair of hot new leggings?).

we_are_fitness_muscles_skyelyfeWhen guests weren’t taking in upbeat sounds by Lauren FitDJ, browsing the vendor tables (more on that later) or swinging by one of two 50 Bleu Ultra Premium Vodka-hosted bars (yes, even fitness fanatics need their occasional cocktail), they were listening in on the Q+A panels with a handful of cyber sensations: Casey Ho of Blogilates, Michael Morelli of Hit Max, Keaira Lashae of If You Can Move, body-building YouTuber Brendan Meyers, Caitlin Turner of @gypsetgoddess‘ Instagram, Natalie Jill of NatalieJillFitness, P90X founder Tony Horton, popular Snapchatting surfer Danny Berk and the ultimate body-building YouTuber Rich Piana.

we_are_fitness_bonneo_skyelyfeLike last year, vendors gave attendees a chance to try (and sometimes walk away with) some of the best new products in the business.

Bonne O sparking beverage system reps were on hand to give guests samples of carbonated vodka-fruit drinks that were made with just a quick click on these handy little machines. The Neutrogena table was impossible to go unnoticed, as the brand’s rep creatively dressed to coincide exactly with the colors of the the products (CoolDry Sport sunscreen) she was sharing with guests. And for everyone’s multivitamin-dosing needs, Smarty Pants folks were present to provide endless samples of what I consider the most delicious gummy health bites you can imagine (these are too tasty to possibly be real vitamins, right?!). As delicious as they are, they can’t satisfy one’s appetite, so that’s what My Fit Foods was there to do, providing their pre-made gumbo and ground turkey dishes for people to nibble on as their made their way through the venue.

we_are_fitness_teeki_skyelyfeTeeki had their newest styles of leggings on display, and a few VIPs (me included) snagged a pair on their way out! Speaking of leggings, Liquido also participated by providing all guests with a special new pair in their stuffed gift bags at the end of the night. The generous selection of swag also included a headband from Manduka, a Murad clarifying face mask tube, a box of Organic India Tulsi teabags, Vega One nutritional shake powder packets, Bai antioxidant juices, all-natural, vegan, cucumber-lime-scented hand soap from Stop the Water While Using Me, a certificate for a free waxing service from Miss Wax Los Angeles (who were giving people eyebrow waxes during the event) and a certificate for a free pair of espadrilles from Otz . And as if all that wasn’t enough, guests also left with a separate bag filled entirely with treats from Quest Nutrition.

Thanks again, We Are Fitness! Another successful event for the books!










Fall Fitness: Trainers Give Skyelyfe the Lowdown on the Season’s Hottest Women’s Activewear Trends, From Vests to Peekaboo Tops

September 30, 2015

With the exception of at a party, work or a fancy dinner, activewear seemingly dominates the bodies of L.A. residents – especially women.

From wild-colored printed leggings, to solid black two-piece Lululemon ensembles, these typically Lycra-based items have surely taken day-to-day precedence over what used to be skinny jeans.

With fall underway, I reached out to some of my favorite trainers and fitness experts to get the scoop on the hottest trends of the season. Read below for what they have to say, and where you can swoop up your very own of the recommendations.

Activewear_trends_Onzie_skyelyfe“I enjoy capri leggings with a print – nothing too loud, but enough to make a statement.  They are something that provide coverage but also feel like you aren’t suffocating your legs in.  I love something that adds a little peekaboo element to it, weather it be something that shows off the collar bones, a little shoulder or an open back.  Of course sports bras should be functional but adding some uniqueness to them is always encouraged.  Especially when you have a top you can throw on after class that still shows it off a bit! The inspiration from this response comes from Onzie look pictured here.” – Heather DorakPilates Platinum owner




 activewear_koral_moto_legging_skyelyfe“My favorite trend for fall is faux-leather paneling. It’s so fashion-forward and gives athletic wear a very sleek, hip look. Although you’d think leather would be too hot to workout in, most of the designs out there are lightweight and/or include some mesh to add breathability. Koral activewear has several adorable pieces, including bicycle shorts for your next spin class, a strappy sports bra to let peek out of your muscle tank and ‘moto leggings,’ which can totally double as chic club/concert wear.” – Whitney English, trainer and To Live & Diet in L.A. editor-in-chief




 activewear_vimmia_bra_skyelyfe“One of my favorite spots bras is by Vimmia activewear. It almost falls into the category of crop top. Needless to say, for a girl who’s only 5’4, I’m big on wearing things land on the body. The difference of an inch can really elongate or shrink the body. This crop is absolutely amazing! It fits beautifully with its little bit of mesh sexiness – yes please – and perfect hold. I like to wear mine under a tank or T-shirt, usually by Kain as they are soft, sheer, sexy and perfect for taking it to the street right after, especially when you add that vintage leather on top.”

Also, mesh isn’t going anywhere and the animal print is still in full effect. They both are simply amazing. One of my absolute favorite lines is HPE: Human Performance Engineered. Their pants fit incredibly! They even give a little booty lift and have the waistband we all love, which just seems to land perfectly on the body.” – Kodi Kitchen, Founder, Best U Studio 


Activewear_nike_vest_skyelyfe“My favorite workout wear piece this fall is a vest. The Nike Women’s tech vest is my go to for layering and the draped hood is the best part.” – Abby Lauren, trainer, co-owner of Juice on the Loose 



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Naked Princess Boutique Hosts Abs + Apps, the Ultimate Fitness Cocktail Party

August 13, 2015

absandapps_entrance_skyelyfeTalk about a workout event done right!

Naked Princess lingerie and beauty boutique in West Hollywood was the home on Tuesday to Abs + Apps, a celebration to launch fitness and nutrition blogger Whitney English‘s To Live & Diet in L.A. iPhone app.

absandapps_group_skyelyfeLet me preface by saying any invite that starts off by asking me my size and activewear outfit preference, courtesy of Fabletics, clearly has the event going in the right direction before it even begins.

The actual event itself started out with an incredible 45-minute workout with energetic beauty Kodi Kitchen of Best U Studio, who guided us through a U Barre routine (see photos) with an intimate group of 25 ladies in a private, tucked-away room in the boutique. After, Whitney served up some of her favorite (and healthiest) homemade small bites and decadent chocolate desserts (see recipes here and here). Topped off with Health-Ade Kombucha pomegranate sangria made with One Hope Wine, my taste buds were beyond satisfied!Absandapps_dahvi_skyelyfe

And icing on the cake [pun intended]? Each guest walked out with a gift bag full of goodies, including the boutique’s signature scent candle Midnight Bloom, which has quickly taken control of my apartment’s aroma.

Congratulations, Whitney!



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Tone It Up!’s Karena and Katrina Host Day of Glutes & Glam in Malibu!

August 4, 2015

Photo credit: Dan Steinberg

Photo credit: Dan Steinberg

Not a body was left without feeling soreness recently at Malibu‘s Kia Beach House, where the gorgeous Tone It Up! founders Katrina Hodgson and Karena Dawn of former Bravo show Toned Up took over for the day, giving about 40 ladies one heck of a workout on the sand.

Overlooking the ocean and beautiful homes in our view definitely softened the blow of the intense approximate 30-minute routine.

Photo credit: Dan Steinberg

Photo credit: Dan Steinberg


Photo credit: Dan Steinberg

Luckily, post-sweat session, we were able to decompress with massages, manis and braids by Priv on-the-go beauty, the most delicious smoothies and wraps by Chef Alex Williams (I couldn’t keep my hands off the chicken avocado bites) – and even a gifting by JustFab, where I scored a pair of adorable beige booties and these fun neon shorts! Guests also left with gift bags full of Priv gift cards, Joico hair products and Murad cleansing wipes.

And of course, my lavish layout day was not complete without a little bit of red sangria! Cheers to fun Friday memories!

Beauty Food

Sake Is the Sip of the Season at The Springs, DTLA’s Wellness Oasis & Raw Vegan Restaurant

April 21, 2015

Springs4Give your mind a break from the hustle, bustle and one-way street insanity you associate with Downtown L.A. and take in the calming, zen atmosphere of The Springs, a total detour from the DTLA stereotype.

The urban wellness oasis and raw vegan restaurant – located on 608 Mateo Street – just celebrated its six-month anniversary over the weekend, and I had the pleasure of being invited to come in for a first-nibble of chef Michael Falso‘s latest tasting menu, paired with an array of brand new sake-based cocktail recipes ranging from savory to sweet – all made with variations of The Springs’ popular pressed juices. I enjoyed my meal to the sounds of live music playing by a few-person band in a back corner just away from the dining area.

Springs2My personal pick of the appetizers and dishes were the rangoons, which were small, but flavorful and fulfilling beyond belief. Made with coconut wonton, “old bay” cream cheese, bell pepper, celery and sweet chili sauce, it was pretty clear off the bat that these bites would be worth savoring.


Other noshes included a “Reuben” – which definitely got its point across with its Caraway “rye” bread, marinated mushrooms, Thousand Island dressing, sauerkraut and dill pickles – along with a seaweed Caesar salad, a nacho salad, a cashew cheese plate and two desserts. That sweet pea cake and black chocolate cake with vanilla bean “ice cream” I absolutely could not put down.

The beverages (I still can’t believe sake was the only liquor ingredient in all of them!) were seemingly endless. And the variety was impressive! I tried everything from a pickled jalapeno-infused Desert Flower (my favorite) to a Smokey Mountain, which resembled a Manhattan.

Had I come in a little earlier, I would have taken advantage of one of the various forms of yoga the spot has to offer, or I would have relaxed with a massage or infrared sauna treatment. In fact, going back to a post I wrote a few weeks ago about wellness deals in L.A., The Springs offers free meditation once a day at 1:00 p.m. on weekdays, led by Gloria Baraquio.

Springs1For $59 a person, you can get your very own taste of The Springs. Chef’s tastings are subject to change daily, but the restaurant’s full menu offers a slew of breakfast options (served all day), desserts, snacks, salads, entrees, coffee beverages, you name it. Check out all of the options here.


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Don’t Sweat Your Bank Account – Here Are Some of the Best Fitness Deals in L.A. Right Now!

April 3, 2015

britney-dance-11Just a week away from Coachella (a.k.a. the most important annual weekend – or two – in the life of an Angeleno), there’s still time to pack a few more solid workouts in before hitting the road to body-baring desert festivities.

But whether you’re festival bound or simply rooftop pool party bound, there’s one commonality you share with everyone: the inability to escape summer (which has already felt present in L.A. for at least a month).

That said, after some serious investigating, I’ve compiled a list of the best fitness deals all over town so that you can sweat the toxins, but not the bank account in time for bikini season.

Before you scroll, just note that if you feel overwhelmed with workout options, there’s always ClassPass, a $99-a-month membership that gives you unlimited access to participating fitness studios limited to three classes a month per location, allowing you to basically try before you buy!

Photo courtesy of Orange Theory

Photo courtesy of Orange Theory


  • MODO YOGA – This hot yoga studio offers classes that stretch, strengthen and tone the muscles while helping to detoxify the body and calm the mind.  


340 S. La Brea Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90036


  • PURE BARRE DOWNTOWN – In the same family as Cardio Barre, Pure Barre’s brand new DTLA location is partnering with Real Simple magazine to host a Beauty & Balance weekend April 18-19. Four specialized classes will be offered and swag, giveaways and prizes will be given all weekend long.


740 South Olive St. Ste. 106

Los Angeles, CA 90014


Photo courtesy of Rise Nation

Photo courtesy of Rise Nation


  • PINK IRON – Ladies-only boutique studio offering variations of crossfit, boot camp, yoga and lifting classes.


1106 N. La Cienega Ste. 203

West Hollywood, CA 90069


  • RISE NATION – Studio offering 30-minute cardio-climb experiences in which guests use their arms and legs to move up and down a tall climbing device to the beat of music.


8906 Melrose Ave.

West Hollywood, CA 90069


  • CARDIO BARRE HOLLYWOOD – Studio providing hour-long, high-energy/no impact classes that combine barre work and light weights with continual fat-burning motion.


6464 Sunset Blvd. Ste. 150

Hollywood, CA 90028




  • ORANGE THEORY – Offers high-intensity heart rate-focused interval training (30 mins cardio, 30 mins strength-training); different workout each day.


1431 2nd St.

Santa Monica, CA 90401


  • BRYAN KEST’S POWER YOGA – Owned by longtime yoga veteran Bryan Kest (who teaches some of the classes), this studio offers yoga for all levels and beginner-level meditation classes.


1410 2nd St., Fl. #1

Santa Monica, CA 90401

  • CYCLE (BEACH) HOUSE – This brand new Cycle House location offers spin classes and boasts “the most intense cardio workout in LA,” noting that anywhere from 500-1000 calories can be burned from just one session.


1541 Ocean Ave., Ste. 105

Santa Monica, CA 90401



Keep the bettering of mind-body-spirit going with some post-workout meditation (at very little cost):

  • UNPLUG MEDITATION – A guided-meditation studio that offers 30 and 45-minute drop-in classes in a clean, modern and calming atmosphere.


12401 Wilshire Blvd, Ste. 101

Los Angeles, CA 90025


  •  THE OAKWOOD HOUSE – Offers varying forms of individual and group yoga (hatha, nidra, prenatal, yin and therapeutic), reiki and intimate, powerful shaktipat meditation led by Uma Devi, who has been practicing for more than 20 years. Reiki and yoga sessions are ongoing and by appt. Group meditation is offered Monday nights at 8:30 p.m.


**located in Venice – call or email for specific location


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How I Learned Some of Britney’s Most Memorable Choreography in Just One Hour!

February 19, 2015

britney-dance-11“Toxic?” Check. “Work Bitch?” Check. “…Baby One More Time?” Check.

Yep, I somehow managed to learn some of Britney Spears‘ most notable dance moves, thanks to instructor Hillary McGranahan of Spotlight Dance Parties, along with fitness blogger (and my former E! colleague) Whitney English of To Live & Diet In LA.

Whitney invited a selection of her friends and fellow blogging buddies to take part in a night she called Britney, Booty Shaking + Bubbly, which was pegged to Valentine’s Day and celebrating love for one’s self. Approximately 20 ladies gathered inside West Hollywood‘s Best U Studio, where we learned select choreography to three of Ms. Spears’ top music videos. And while it was pretty fast-paced, most of us managed to catch on quick, leading us to perform to a megamix at the very end.

Following our sweat sesh (trust me, it was a lot harder than it sounds!), we gathered in the lobby of the studio, where we mingled, sipped wine and champagne and noshed on some of Whitney’s healthy, home-cooked delights. We were also sent off with a girly gift bag, that included Lorna Jane tanks, a trio of Marquis O3 organic sugar-free energy drinks, SpaRitual nail lacquer, workout class gift cards and brownie brittle.





Rise Nation: Home to L.A.’s Newest 30-Minute Workout – & Skyelyfe Tried It First!

January 6, 2015

Photo courtesy of Rise Nation

Photo courtesy of Rise Nation

Why is it that no matter what healthy groove we are in right before November, those delightful habits really do fall out the door as soon as the holidays creep up? I think I speak for everyone I know when I say we are anxiously eager to get back into our workout routines and relatively sensible ways of eating.

I admit, I think my last real workout was at least 12 days ago (I swear I’ll get back into the swing of things this week!), but the nifty part is it was a closed trial session at Rise Nation, a specialty studio that didn’t open its doors to the public until this month, just in time to help people conquer their new year’s resolutions!

Started with the vision of training and movement expert Jason Walsh, Rise Nation hosts 30-minute cardio climb classes, the first of its kind in L.A.

Sure, when the opportunity to try a new workout arose, I was a little hesitant. I’m not the best at changing up my routine (even if just for one day). But after completing my half-hour class, I was pleased to find that not only was this a super brief sweat session, but it’s something anyone can do, regardless of fitness experience or frequency.

So, just what is the cardio climb movement? It’s the action of using your arms and legs to move up and down a tall climbing device – but to the beat of music (basically dancing on a machine). So, a song with more beats per minute will require a lot more movement. As Walsh refers to the workout on its website, it is an “experience,” not a class.  The experience is set up in a dark room where you’ve pre-booked your machine (a la Flywheel, etc.), and by the end of the workout, I was sweating and my legs were nap-ready. It was nice because the room is located upstairs, connected to a rooftop patio with a table and chairs, so guests can decompress in the fresh air, post-session.

Located on Melrose and La Cienega, this brand new facility provides a free experience to first-time users. There are 1-4 sessions offered each day, except for Sundays when the spot is closed.

Happy climbing!

Rise Nation 2

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Feeling Down? Here Are Some Outside-of-the-Box Tips (and a Playlist) for Kicking That Case of the Sunday (or Any Day) Blues!

November 30, 2014

depressionRegardless of who we are or where we are in our lives, we’ve all hit the occasional wall of emotional discomfort. Whether it’s dealing with the aftermath of a hard-partying weekend, dreading the week that lies ahead – or in this weekend’s case, saying farewell to a holiday experience – it doesn’t take much for a case of the Sunday blues to kick in.

With the combination of self-experimentation and guidance from others, I’ve come up with some useful tips for bidding adieu to feelings of negativity on Sundays, or heck, any days:

1. I think the day should start off as a me-day, beginning with a workout of any kind. Many suggest a hike in particular. If you belong to a gym, I recommend driving to a location farther away than the one you typically go to. Driving and listening to music always helps me clear my mind. After the workout and a shower, I suggest taking on what I consider an insta-self-esteem-booster: a spray tan. It may sound silly, but I always feel beautiful after a simple spritz of color.

From there, I like to go to a coffee shop somewhere funky and low-key like Bourgeois Pig in Franklin Village or pretty much anywhere in Silverlake. I’ll take along a self-help book or some type of reading that will be beneficial to my well-being and then order the largest almond milk latte on the menu. Nothing soothes me quite like the taste and smell of hot coffee. I feel energized and motivated and just all around better. Before me-day starts, lock in dinner plans for later with a friend. I always think it’s important to kiss an unhappy day goodbye with quality time alongside a close comrade. It gives you something to look forward to at the end of the me-day, it gives you a chance to vent about what’s been making you feel bad and allows you to receive comfort from a person who knows you well. — me

2. Make a task list to get a head start on Monday. On that list? Tidying up your living space. A clean house is a clean, happy mind. – Erick Orellana, Colorist, Sally Hershberger salon, @erickohair

3. I’m a huge advocate of Donna Eden‘s five minute healing energy workouts. These stretches are geared toward bringing positive energy all throughout my body so I feel a bit better. I also wake up and think of five things I am grateful for. — Patti SheinmanHillel director, Wellesley College

4. I suggest going to CVS and buying birthday or anniversary cards (and stamps) for your parents [or close friends], even if the dates are months in advance. You’ll feel great knowing that even if everything else in your life sucks that day, you’re way ahead of the game [in this other area]. — Melissa RappaportOwner, Rapparound PR, @Rapparound

5. Nothing cures the blues like a strong “attitude adjustment,” a.k.a. DRINK! My go-to is a homemade Old Fashioned, but if my blues are Eeyore-status, there’s nothing that will snap me out of it like a Rye Manhattan.

I also love curling up on the couch and devouring a magazine from cover to cover when I’ve got the Sunday blues. There’s something so relaxing about reading someone else’s content (not electronically!), with a glass of wine in hand. — Kirstin BensonEditorial Director,, @kirstinbenson

6. During the winter, I suggest going ice skating in downtown L.A. at L.A. Live. It’s so much fun! I did it last year and I did great until I fell on my behind at the very end! This day put me in a great mood. I was able to have “date night” with my BFF! We were laughing and playing like we were 10 years old again. It was an adjustment at first with the skates, but a few times around the beautifully lit tree and we were pros again. We weren’t concerned about work the next day. It was our time to spend together and to be merry! We had such a stress-free day we are excited to go back again this year! — Natalie Kanooni, Philanthropist, @curlynat31


7. Don’t look at Facebook. It’s a lot of passive aggressive people trying to one-up you on how great their lives are. Busy, productive, happy and content people post the least on Facebook. To go along with that, turn off your phone. There are few things so undeniably urgent that you can not handle them later, and maybe they will have already solved themselves by the time you get back. — Anonymous

8. I think it goes without saying, but music has healing powers. I don’t necessarily gain solace from the cliche depressing songs that most people think go hand-in-hand with feeling bad. I guess it just depends, but it’s also quite empowering to listen to upbeat songs of a motivational manner. Check out the lively list I compiled below!  — me


Beauty Food Angelenos Featured

FITfluence: A Fitness Convention Fit for Royalty!

November 18, 2014

It doesn’t matter how active you are or how up you are on your fitness knowledge – FITfluence was a major must for anyone who lives a moderately healthy lifestyle. I had so much fun. It was located at the YouTube space in the Marina del Rey area, and although it was way outside of my typical L.A. travel parameters, it was neat to check it out since I’d never been before.

I picked up all kinds of cool products (more on those in a bit), I met so many great new people, I sat in on an intimate panel with top-tier fitness bloggers and learned all these nifty strategies to building my brand and, most importantly, I ate so many delicious healthy vegan bites from Beyond Meat and Locali. I steer clear from soy, but I will admit this “chicken salad” Beyond Meat served up on mini-crackers was the closest tasting thing to actual chicken that I’d ever tried of the impostors. Locali then had four different salads just packed with avocados, quinoa and other amazingly appetizing delights. They had all these scrumptious lite dressings, too!

And then there were of course the liquids. Clover juice and KeVita sparkling probiotic drink were both on hand to provide samples of their latest creations, so when guests wanted to switch from sipping cocktails from one of the two bars at the event, they could quench their thirst with something a bit healthier.


Now onto the goodies!

If you know me in the slightest, you know I have no luck with phones. I used to lose them, now I just break them. The employees at uBreakiFix literlly know me by name and give me $20 off because they feel so bad. So it was a lovely surprise to encounter Exofab, a stick-on case that comes in all kinds of cool colors. It’s light and non-intrusive and its material somehow can set on mirrors and refrigerators, so for selfie satisfaction, they come in handy.

On top of that fun little gadget, I scored my first pair of Teeki yoga leggings. They’re so cute and funky. I also swooped a gold, heart-covered overnight bag from LeSportsac. They had a slew of cute designs up for grabs, so I kept going back and forth with my selection choice. Then I got these neon non-lace laces, called Hickies, for my workout shoes. They’re plastic, and once they’re in your shoes, you never have to tie them again! Tarte was also on hand for makeup touchups and to hand out bronzer for guests to keep. I had been at the event from the time it started, so when I finally made it over to Tarte, it was totally time for a little polishing.





Photo Credit: Danielle Lew

On top of all that, we walked out of the event with a Fabletics gym bag stocked full of divine treats, ranging from Neutrogena products to Jenna Hipp‘s top and base coat nail collection.

I’m not just saying this because one of my dear friends Jamie Stone of happened to co-coordinate the experience, but it really was the best event I’ve been to in a long time. Well done, Stonesi!