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6 Things to Know About the Magic of Energy Stones, from Collector & Jewelry Designer Calypso Wilde

August 19, 2015

Calypso_self_skyelyfeEliseCalypsoWilde sat down with me at West Hollywood’s Dialog Cafe in the midst of one of her personal journeys. The singer (check out her Soundcloud) and artist, who very recently moved here from New York, was in the process of a multi-week cleanse a la Ramadan (though she is not Muslim).

Going down this road has allowed her to tap deeper into her spiritual side – something she doesn’t stray from regularly though. But eating only a few hours a day has given her more time to focus on yoga and meditation, which keeps her mind from focusing on thoughts of food and other temptations that are banned from much of this period.

“It’s crazy how just not eating parallels to everything else in your life,” Calypso, who had already lost 15 pounds at the time of our conversation, told skyelyfe. “Your main bodily craving is to eat. You’re hungry. To withstand that, you can really withstand anything else. It’s really crazy. I feel a lot more in control and a lot more clear, that’s for sure. I’m more aware of the people I have around me. There are just different things to focus on, because you’re not focused on the simple things.”

She added: “When I first started, it was an affirmation of just, like, I’m doing this for you. I’m going to incorporate discipline back in your life and rebalancing yourself and being content with just you, as opposed to relying on other things.”

Around 7:30 p.m. is when she starts cooking. Sunset is around 8:00 p.m. Then she eats (generally a vegetarian meal with potatoes or rice, then fruit throughout the night). If she wakes up between 4:30 – 5:00 a.m., she’ll pull herself out of bed and eat fruit so that she has something in her stomach. Then she goes back to bed until 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. and goes about her day. She does a lot of meditation and yoga throughout the day to help “remove the focus from your daily needs to keep you grounded and centered.”Calypso_jewelry_skyelyfe

Part of what falls into her realm of yoga and meditation practices are working with energy stones, which have been a part of Calypso’s life for quite some time. She doesn’t just pop into various shops and swoop up the latest shiny gem on the table. She really analyzes these earth forms and figures out how they can play a role in her life and in her everyday healing process. 

“My entire aesthetic is I inspire a lot from the sun or from calypso, which means conceal, or to hide,” she said. “When it comes to stones, they hide a lot of energy. There’s their outlying border, but when you really tap in, they’ve got all these super magical healing powers and all this other stuff.”

To those unfamiliar with the healing power of stones, Calypso explains, “I don’t just try to sell people stones, you know? I’m not like, ‘Oh, here’s this rock. I know that you like it. It looks cool.’ Each one has its one specific chakra that it aligns to and its own healing power. I go about it in a way where I get to know who you are first. I ask people a bunch of questions about themselves. ‘Tell me what you’re into, what are some things that are troubling you right now? When’s your birthday? I can align all these things with people.’ It’s a whole body healing specifically for them.”

Calypso – who says the amethyst stone is among the most beneficial in her life – provided six important things to know about the use of stones. And if you are interested in more information on her beautiful jewelry (out of curiosity or for purchasing purposes), she says her Instagram account is the best way to contact her. Check out her six things to know below:

Calypso_long_skyelyfe1. Be Mindful of Who Touches Your Stones

“I believe you should limit who touches your stones,” she says. “People kind of come up to me all the time and they comment on my necklaces. For the most part, I’m fine about it. I cleanse my stones almost every day.”

2. Cleanse Your Stones Properly and Frequently

“I cleanse them by either rinsing them under cool water, or if it’s a full moon, I do a full recharge,” she explains. “I sit them out in the sun for the most part, if I’m not using them. Stones are so easy and simple. The biggest thing you should do is get to know your stones. Meditate with them. Get a pendulum, kind of work with it. Let it work with you. Really be open to it. Be open to the idea that this thing does have energies in it that can help you and renew you.”   

3. Be Aware of Some Excellent Stone Shops from Coast to Coast

Spellbound Sky was the first stop I made when I got to Los Angeles,” Calypso says of the East Hollywood establishment. “I touched down, picked up my luggage, dropped it off and went straight out to the stone shop. It’s a beautiful, small shop. It’s super calm in there. It’s owned by a gay couple who are super, super sweet. They do palm readings, tarot readings. They have meditation on fridays. In New York, I used to go to Rock Star Crystals. It was in Midtown. They’re a small shop, but they have a huge selection. They have everything there.”Calypso_jacket_skyelyfe

4. Receiving a Stone Should Be an Experience

“My price point is generally anywhere between $35 for smaller scale stones and $75 for really, really large pieces,” she says. “It takes time, and I’m really diligent about it. I’m not just giving you anything. I want to know about you and your situation. It’s almost like you’re getting a reading with it. The first girl who ordered a stone from me, I also gifted her a smaller stone with it, just because she was telling me things and I was like, ‘This is the one you should be wearing, and this is the one you should keep in your pocket.’ I try to make each interaction very special.”

5. Be Sure to Mix Stones Properly

“I do it all the time,” Calypso says of placing certain stones together. “I have a quartz and a green calcite around my waist. It’s important to know which stones are best for mixing. I have a stone bible, basically. It’s actually called that. It tells me which stones go well with each other and which is for what. Reading something like that helps guide you which way to go with those.”

6. You Can Use Stones to Welcome Happy Thoughts Into Your Sleep

“If you get a chance, try to find an angel or aura quartz,” she says of keeping negative subconscious thoughts at bay. “They’ll help with your crazy dreams. Cleanse them by putting them in your window sill at night for a lunar cleanse and meditate with them before bed with a mantra that tells negative spirits that they are not welcome in your thoughts, awake or asleep. And sleep with them under your pillow.”



Heidi & Spencer Make Rare Public Appearance at West Hollywood Jewelry Event

July 29, 2015
Photo credit: @Parisa/Splash News

Photo credit: @Parisa/Splash News

Jewels, sweets … and Speidi?

That was my reaction when I walked into MeMe London‘s U.S. preview event at DiLAscia in West Hollywood, where the former professional spotlight-stealers held court next to a pink table filled with stacks of bracelets and earrings, and the most decadent donuts I have ever seen!MeMe_London_Stephanie_Pratt_skyelyfe

But, I guess it made sense, as Spencer Pratt‘s no longer estranged sister Stephanie hosted the event – she’s the face of the jewelry line – as part of her Made in Chelsea show (which was filming at the time). And don’t think for a second that the married former Hills stars didn’t jump in on the videotaping action. Spencer – who was interestingly accessorized with a walking cane – was all smiles with his partner in crime, as the two chatted with one of Stephanie’s costars.

Guests at the intimate, VEEV-hosted gathering walked out with a sample bracelet from the incredibly colorful collection. As for me, I also walked out with a satisfactory smile seeing my favorite reality-TV couple looking happy as can be!

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From Tragedy to Triumph: Nik Stone Jewelry Designer Jelena Nik Reflects a Year Later on the Bittersweet Process of Launching Her Successful – and VERY Unique – Line

December 2, 2014

JelenaFor many of us, the final days leading up to Thanksgiving are a debate over whether to serve yams instead of sweet potatoes at the dinner table during the food-friendly holiday. But for L.A.-based jewelry designer Jelena Nik, this time of year has a totally different association than it does for most.

The 27-year-old founder of unique high-end line Nik Stone spent the Friday before the holiday of thanks visiting her beloved father’s grave on what would have been his birthday.

When Jelena reflects on the time she spent with her dad, a civil engineer who died when she was 19, her happiest memories are of doing the simplest things.

“I used to just help my dad around the house with little projects,” Jelena tells skyelyfe of her hobby, which began when she was as young as six years old. “Like fixing things around the house or building a little table or a frame. We always had projects going every weekend and we always had music playing. It was usually The Rolling Stones or The Beatles or Led Zeppelin.”

As Jelena continued to mourn her loss over the years, she finally decided to make a business out of her father’s legacy, using money she made acting to invest in a jewelry line devoted to her favorite childhood pastime and her favorite band.

“Almost two years ago, I was at my mom’s house,” she says. “She still lives in the house that my dad built in Woodland Hills. I was getting a few of my things out of the garage and I found my dad’s old toolbox and it just reminded me of him. I had this idea to take a piece and try to make jewelry out of it. I couldn’t get the wrench to look like a bracelet, so I took it to my grandma’s jeweler and asked him if he’d be able to shape it into a bracelet. He was able to, and then it just kind of took off!”

But these pieces are no ordinary tools.

“It is edgy,” she says of her collections (she just released her second a month ago) that include items that go up to $3,500. “The main target I want to hit is the rock lovers. Living in L.A. and New York, everyone’s got a little bit of rocker to them. The reason why I did the black diamonds [in my collection] is because my dad is my rock, my stone, and then The Rolling Stones. And the black is the toughest and most rare diamond and I’m obsessed with the color black. I wear all black every day.”

The actress, who appeared on Modern Family earlier this year, has come a long way since officially launching her line a year ago.

“I passed my goal, which was getting out of just America,” she says. “I’m now in London and Dubai. That is pretty neat. [My dad] was very business-oriented. He started his business from the ground-up, which my mom took over. He always wanted to get into fashion and I always wanted to be an actor. So it’s funny how it worked out. I think he would be very, very, very proud.”

But there’s still much more to do.

“One of the companies I’m very inspired by is Chrome Hearts,” Jelena says. “I love everything they have done and everything they are doing. I would love to eventually branch into clothing and other types of accessories. I would love to start working with leathers and creating cool wardrobe pieces. I’m not quite there yet. I would like to have my own shop, eventually. Right now I’m just selling to stores. I would like to be in Maxfield. I would love to be in Barneys, H.Lorenzo, Fred Segal.”

But she doesn’t necessarily want her line everywhere.

“I want to [keep things] boutique-y,” Jelena explains. “I think Barneys is one of the bigger stores I would go to, or like a Bergdorf. I can’t really say I don’t want it in a Nordstrom or a Bloomingdales, but I would like to keep it more underground in high-end boutiques, as opposed to just [producing] pieces that everyone has.”

And it probably goes without saying, but Jelena’s ultimate goal?

“The Stones are my all-time target,” she says excitedly. “You know how Keith Richards wears that skull ring? If I can get him in a piece of Nik Stone, I would just be the happiest person ever!”  NikStone

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Skyelyfe’s Easy, Fab & Affordable Gift Guide for the Last-Minute Shopper in You!

November 15, 2014
If you’re anything like me this year, you’ve totally waited until the last minute to do holiday shopping and you’re on a serious budget. I wanted to assemble a gift guide of items I’d consider giving to others, but also, of things realistic, affordable and easy to purchase on a whim. From sexy undergarments to loud, pocket-sized sound speakers, you won’t find anything on this diverse list for more than $70.00!
  • YACHT-Inspired Sunnies by Chilli Beans 
Like YACHT‘s music? Live their vibe all year round with the fashionable shades they designed exclusively for Chilli Beans. With an extra thick frame and keyhole nose bridge, I’m especially a fan of the Mini Grouchos. At only $65.00, these glasses adorably feature YACHT’s signature smile on the temples. Act now for 20% off your first purchase!
  • Rdio Gift Cards
After your YACHT-inspired sunglass purchase, keep the music theme going with a gift of unlimited digital listening on Rdio! The 30 million-song app offers cards for any value, starting at $10 for an entire month of tunes.
  • Sol Republic’s PUNK Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


Now that you’ve purchased the music, why not top it off with a sleek speaker for listening to the songs? Sol Republic‘s PUNK wireless bluetooth speaker comes in seven fun colors, it has an eight-hour battery life, it’s water resistant — and best of all, it’s tiny! But don’t be fooled by the size. The little contraption produces a lot of sound. These speakers are $69.00 + FREE shipping!


  • Holiday Packaged Tabanero Hot Sauce Bottles


Keep things hot in the cold with festive Tabanero hot sauce bottles, adorably packaged with little Santa boots! This all-natural condiment comes in two options for the holidays: two bottles for $9.99 + $5.00 shipping OR 12 5 oz. bottles for $59.99 + FREE shipping!


  •  RadioShack’s 4000mAH Super Slim Portable Power Bank
If there’s one thing everyone can relate to, it’s always running low on cell phone power. RadioShack has the perfect solution: the 4000mAh Super Slim Portable Power Bank, which offers back-up power for up to 13 hours. Its auto-off feature conserves power when not in use. The item pictured is $59.99, but there is a slightly bigger model that holds a little less power for $24.99.
TO BUY: in RadioShack stores or
  • Naked Princess’ Single Panty Gift Box
Sexy underwear is the perfect gift for a man to give and for a woman to receive! Naked Princess‘ upscale West Hollywood lingerie boutique offers a silk thong panty in a chic gift box for $24.00. The one-size-fits-most undergarment comes in three different color options.
  • Nissa’s Limited Edition “Cheers” Necklace


Talk about festive! Nothing expresses spirit of the season quite like Nissa‘s gold limited edition “Cheers” necklace. Perfect for the holidays — and of course NYE — this fun piece is on sale right now for $62.00.


  • Isola’s Brown Sugar Body Scrub Holiday Collection


Give off a whiff of the season with Isola‘s three-piece brown sugar body scrub collection. These all-natural detoxifiers come in caramel apple, candied fig and sweet cinnamon pumpkin. The trifecta of treats is $48.00.


  • Malibu Beach House Candles


There’s no wrong time of year to have the aroma of Malibu in the air, and newly opened boutique Malibu Beach House offers a selection of eight delicious, ocean-themed candle scents, including Point Dume, Zuma and 90265. The soy-based candles burn for approximately 60 hours and can be purchased for $45.00 each.

TO BUY: At Malibu Beach House (30745 Pacific Coast Highway, Building R, Suite 3, Malibu) or over the phone (310.457.5600)

  • Nourage Hair Vitamins


With all of the color treatments and crazy things women do to their hair, it often calls for some serious replenishment. Nourage assures that its vitamins can reduce hair loss by 30%, improve strength by 12 %, and noticeably improve hair shine over 90 days. As an added benefit, the hair vitamin also reduces nail breakage in 87% of people who use it and improves skin moisture by over 30%. Who doesn’t want to kick off 2015 with healthier locks? Get your 30-day supply for $59.95.


  • On Your Radar for 2015:


Imagine a shaving utility designed for the on-the-go woman – a handheld 3-in-1 gadget that includes razors, a refillable water component and ultra moisturizing lotion, so that a busy lady can run to the restroom on a whim and take care of any hairy situations without a fuss. That’s why Sphynx was designed. The hefty tool is currently in the crowd-funding phase on Kickstarter. As a female with rare opportunities to take long, luxuriating baths, my fingers are crossed that this crafty creation comes to full fruition.


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A Gem of a Night: Jewelry Browsing Under the Moonlight

August 7, 2014

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and the jewels were on full display at Relevant Relations‘ and WeLikeYouLove‘s third Full Moon Bazaar event at Skybar at the Mondrian hotel in West Hollywood mid-July.

While it’s hard to complain about any nighttime pool party in general, it was an added bonus that there was a sponsored vodka bar and I was able to support some of my favorite people’s own lines and clients. My pals at Rapparound PR were there with Samilynn jewelry, which was out with some of the most beautiful – yet still simple – necklaces I have seen in a while. Many of the pieces were made of energy stones, which is always an instant sell for me.

I was also stoked to check out the latest collection of my good friend Heather BettsHaute Betts line. It amazes me how she produces her line so quickly, but with such quality and detail. She gifted me with her brand new cupcake bracelet that night, and I have barely taken it off since!

MoonBazaar 2

MoonBazaar 1

MoonBazaar 4


MoonBazaar 3