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Cavaliers of Fun, MØ, Classixx & 17 More Artists: New Music Monday!

May 16, 2016

Cavaliers-of-fun-skyelyfeYour guess is as good as mine when it comes to the meaning behind Cavaliers of Fun‘s interesting selection of songs – but like their name suggests, they are, indeed, fun.

They just released their debut album Astral Division and the title track has been playing in my car on repeat. Their Facebook page refers to their music as “space electropop,” and their hometown is listed as “a distant galaxy.” Works for me!

COF are just one of the 20 artists featured in this week’s New Music Monday playlist.  has a lovely new track “Final Song,” while Classixx is back at it with “I Feel Numb,” featuring Alex Frankel.

Kygo released his long-awaited debut album Cloud Nine, so I’ve included “Raging,” featuring Kodaline. We’ve also got some new material from One Republic, Ladyhawke, MNEK, Paperwhite and CHVRCHES.

Click through the playlist below for the full set of songs – and as an added bonus, keep scrolling for a new music video for the song “Rebel Heart,” by The Shelters. The song was co-produced by Tom Petty and the video was co-directed by his daughter Adria.



Lucas Nord, PHASES, HONNE, Kaskade & 15 More Artists: New Music Monday!

April 25, 2016

lucas-nord-skyelyfeIt’s official, Coachella is over!

While some may weep (time to retire the flower crowns ’til next year!) and some may cheer (all of the Coachella pressure is finally off!), one thing holds true: We can now revert back to our regular music routines.

As much fun as it was putting together my annual playlist devoted to the two-week festival, it certainly took away from time I could have spent finding new music.

So with that, skyelyfe’s New Music Monday is back with 19 new songs. Lucas Nord, HONNE, PHASES, White Sea and Kygo are each among artists who made the cut, along with 2016 Coachella act RL Grime. Additional festival act ZHU made the list as well with “In the Morning,” featuring Kaskade, which was on repeat for me all throughout weekend one of the festival (so pretty!).

Check out the playlist, which also includes Mako, Sizzy Rocket and Selah Sue f./Childish Gambino, below!



Year In Music: Here’s a Playlist (with Explanations) of My Top 25 Tracks of 2015

December 28, 2015

Fav_tracks_2015_skyelyfeIt was the very beginning of 2015, and Chris Brown and Tyga‘s “Ayo” was the first new radio song I’d heard of the year. I remember driving down the 405 with so much energy, thinking, “Wow, I love this song!”

Well, nothing’s changed since that fateful January day, and the carefree club track has remained not only my favorite song of 2015, but among my top five in the last five years.

But I obviously didn’t limit my listening to just that one track, and below is my list (actual Spotify playlist at the very bottom) and explanations of the 25 songs that best managed to bring a smile to my face this year. Note: These are in no particular order (well, except for #1 of course).

1. “Ayo” – Chris Brown & Tyga

If you’ve ever been with me in an uber, house party or anywhere with an auxiliary cord or some kind of Spotify connection this year, then I’m certain you know this song from start to finish. “Ayo” was definitely my anthem of 2015, and even with the new year upon us, I am certain this will forever remain a going-out classic.

2. “All I Need” – Sneaky Sound System

This song didn’t come out until the end of this year, but it wasted no time making its rounds on my Spotify spins. Sneaky Sound System (who now apparently just goes by Sneaky) has never let me down, and this uplifting song is no exception.

3. “Middle” – DJ Snake & Bipolar Sunshine

I was surprised this incredible track never made much of the radio rounds, following the immense success of Snake’s “Lean On.” “Middle” is far superior in my opinion, but it’s probably for the better that it hasn’t been played out (yet).

4. “Bad” – Alexx Mack

Not to be confused with former Nickelodeon character Alex Mack, this young lady, who I had the pleasure of interviewing back in February, brings out edgy pop at its finest. I fell in love with her sound after hearing “Bad,” and everything she’s released since has been nothing short of fabulous fun!

5. “Talk to Myself” – Avicii

I was really impressed with Avicii’s eclectic Stories album, which pleasantly took a little detour from that strictly country sound he had been going with in his previous material. “Talk to Myself” was my favorite from his latest project, and it definitely received a high dose of my Spotify spins during the month of its October release.

6. “Zero” – Chris Brown

Not much more to say than how can you turn away from a funky, high-energy track that makes you want to dance? Well done, Breezy!

7. “Planes” – Jeremih & J. Cole

This Grammy-nominated track provided the perfect combo of a sick beat and a smooth-flowing verse by J. Cole at the end. No complaints here!

8. “Trippin (Deep Hamilton Remix”) – Hedvig & Hamilton

This sexy little electro tune resembles Kygo‘s sound and was on my regular rotation for the first three months since I’d heard it.

9. “The Less I Know the Better” – Tame Impala

Tame Impala had a breakthrough year with the release of their Grammy-nominated dream-pop album Currents. The 13-track compilation that I think was the best of the year is easy on the ears from start to finish, but “The Less I Know the Better” definitely got my attention the most.

10. “Take Me Over” – Peking Duk & SAFIA

It was a tough call between this track and Peking Duk’s “High,” but I had to give SAFIA some love after hearing this incredible Australian indie-electro band for the first time on several tracks this year.

11. “Midnight Sun” – Kate Boy

Kate Boy wows me with every song release. The Swedish synth-pop duo has a signature sound that can’t go unnoticed, and “Midnight Sun” was regularly stuck in my head since its debut.

12. “Chasing Heaven” – Bassnectar

Dark beauty at its finest, Bassnectar’s melodic dubstep is always a must-listen, and “Chasing Heaven” was the best off his “Into the Sun” release, in my opinion.

13. “Sunglasses” – Alexx Mack

Mack makes the list again with her equally catchy “Sunglasses,” which is about hitting up a party and having a good time. Nothin’ wrong with that!

14. “Pink Medicine” – Bearson

Odesza fans should give this fun track a listen because there’s a major sound similarity.

15. “Will You Dance?” – the bird and the bee

I had the pleasure of interviewing the bird and the bee’s singer Inara George this year for Billboard, and not only was she soft spoken and delightful, but her long-awaited “Will You Dance?” album was the perfect light and airy selection of songs I needed to kick off summer months. “Will You Dance?” (which was also the album’s lead single) was every bit the sweet and deliciously sappy track that perfectly complemented carefree fun in the sun.

16. “Gemini” – What So Not & George Maple

This song dominated my drive to and from Coachella this year. I saw George Maple at a small show shortly before the festival and knew immediately this song would be on my heavy rotation.

17. “The Other Boys” – NERVO, Kylie Minogue, Jake Shears, Nile Rodgers

Kylie Minogue + anyone, typically = gold, and “The Other Boys” is no exception. The dance track is perfect for getting ready to go out, driving on the freeway, or pretty much anything else.

18. “The Music” – Gigamesh

Known mainly for his electronic remixes, Gigamesh released a track of his own this year with the delightfully dance-y “The Music.”

19. “Run” – Alison Wonderland

This SXSW artist‘s own music didn’t hit it big until this year, but the moment I heard “Run,” I needed to hear more. Known for her edgy style and equally hip sound, this Australian electro artist definitely has the potential for a bright future.

20. “Where Are Ü Now” – Jack Ü, Skrillex, Diplo, Justin Bieber

Arguably one of the biggest songs of the year, this release was not only Justin Bieber’s first step toward a comeback, but it also introduced some of the most unique and cutting-edge sounds in music (especially on the radio).

21. “Been You” – Justin Bieber

This upbeat little number was by far my favorite track off of the Biebs’ successful “Purpose” album. Honorable mention goes to his earnest intro ballad “Mark My Words.”

22. “Falling Away” – Seven Lions & LIGHTS

You can’t put Seven Lions and LIGHTS together and not expect a beautiful piece of work. This melodic electro track has been on my regular rotation since its August release.

23. Want to Want Me” – Jason Derulo

File this one under guilty pleasures, but hey, it produced some pretty awesome memories (and dance routines) for me this year, so I really cannot complain!

24. “Fetty Wap” – Trap Queen

Another guilty pleasure track that I’m sure I’m not alone in listing. Although I got sick of it after probably the 100th listen, there’s no denying that this was one of the catchiest radio singles of the year.

25. “Fine By Me” – Chris Brown

Like “Zero,” this track from the just-released Royalty album makes you want to get up and dance! I’m so glad I closed out this year seeing Breezy’s concert at the Hollywood Palladium.


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Life Is Beautiful Festival: All the Behind-the-Scenes Secrets, from Co-Owner Ryan Doherty

September 22, 2015
Photo credit: Life Is Beautiful

Photo credit: Life Is Beautiful

With fall underway, most of the year’s biggest music festivals are a thing of the past.

But Life Is Beautiful gives people a chance at one final big festival hurrah until 2016 Coachella.

Taking place this weekend in Downtown Las Vegas, the music and arts festival features huge talent, including Stevie Wonder, Kendrick Lamar, Imagine Dragons, Brandon Flowers, Snoop Dogg, Duran Duran, Kygo – and a slew of my favorites (Porter Robinson, Death Cab for Cutie, Madeon, Future IslandsGlass Animals, Peking Duk, Audien and What So Not).

Photo credit: Life Is Beautiful

Photo credit: Life Is Beautiful

Skyelyfe sat down at Soho House in West Hollywood with the festival’s co-owner, WENDOH Media‘s Ryan Doherty. Doherty discussed the headliner selection process, the things that set this festival greatly apart from the others and some of the year-long challenges that were faced in pulling this incredible experience together. 

Read on to learn six behind-the-scenes things to know about Life Is Beautiful festival:

1. The Setup Is Wild

“At a music festival, you’re usually in a venue. In this case, the entire downtown is turned into a venue,” Doherty said. “We fence off 17 blocks, we have stages and parking lots in the middle of the streets. There are casinos, bars, restaurants that become parts of the venue. It has this ever-evolving footprint that changes every year.”

Photo credit: Life Is Beautiful

Photo credit: Life Is Beautiful

2. Here’s How the Headliners Came to Be

“We had a lot of artists we went after for headliners,” Doherty said. “The festival scene has gotten so broad now. There’s a festival every weekend, and we’re all fighting over the same talent. We got lucky. We did end up getting who we wanted. Stevie Wonder was a big get for us. He’s not going to be playing for a [much longer] time. You never know when he’s going to hang it up, so for us to get him for a festival is a good get. We had hoped to get Imagine Dragons because we don’t have a local sports team. We have very few hometown heroes. So, the Killers and Imagine Dragons are like our two hometown heroes. and Kendrick, we kind of bet on that horse, so we got him a long time ago and hoped he would catch on fire. And so far, it’s paid off. He’s turned in some great festival performances already this year. His music is smart and conscious. One of the goals was to make the lineup diverse, and I think that was accomplished.” 

Photo credit: Life Is Beautiful

Photo credit: Life Is Beautiful

3. The Challenges of Putting Together L.I.B Differ from Other Festivals

“There are a million moving parts to a music festival,” Doherty explained. “There are tons of speed bumps, but no obstacles. It just takes a long time to get things done. Most of you go to a music festival and you have to deal with the personalities of rockstars. We have to deal with the personalities of chefs and rockstars. We have an entire speaker series, so we have all these speakers. It’s a lot of stars who have all different personalities and are all coming in from different places from all over the world. Just booking their travel is a full-time job.”

4. Just Dealing with Venue Matters Alone Took a Whole Year

“We have to shut down city blocks, rearrange traffic,” Doherty said. “When you have a venue you can walk into, like a Coachella, where it’s a big field, it’s a lot easier. We have residents that we move to hotels for a weekend, we have perimeter fences that we have to put up around 17 blocks. People are surprised it takes a whole year to put this together, but it’s 100,000 people across four pillars. We have the speaker series, we have the culinary program, then we have the musicians and then we have art.”

Photo credit: Life Is Beautiful

Photo credit: Life Is Beautiful

5. The Festival’s Learning Project Is Something That Doesn’t Exist Elsewhere

“It’s essentially built around the platform of small, 200-300-person theater-style engagements going on during the festival,” Doherty explained. “It’s short-form content. These are 20-minute sessions. The idea of it is so that if you’re in groups, you can divide off and two of you can catch a session while the others catch a music set and then you can meet up and get some food together. The learning project is really meant to inspire everyone. You’re not getting that at any other music festival – whether it’s an inspirational culinary experience or little pop-up demonstrations.”

6. Despite Its Las Vegas Location, L.I.B. Doesn’t Typically Bring Out the Party Animals

“It’s really not that kind of festival,” Doherty said. “It’s not that crazy type of environment.”


Seven Lions, Chris Brown, Goodbye Tomorrow & 30 More Artists: New Music Monday!

August 17, 2015

seven-lions-falling-away-skyelyfeI have 33 new songs to share for today’s New Music Monday!

Lights is the perfect vocal accompaniment to Seven Lions‘ melodic “Falling Away,” and of course I am all over Chris Brown and Rita Ora‘s “Body On Me.” Ok, the song technically came out two weeks ago, but I feel like it hasn’t gotten enough play yet, so I’m still considering it brand new.

Dillon Francis has a new song “Coming Over” with Kygo – and if one new Kygo song isn’t enough, give a listen to Hamilton and Hedvig‘s “Trippin.” The sound has a striking resemblance to the “Cut Your Teeth” artist’s.

If rap or hip-hop is what you are craving, give a listen to Goodbye Tomorrow‘s “The Way,” B.o.B.‘s “Back and Forth,” Tory Lanez‘ “Say It,” and Mac Miller‘s “100 Grandkids.”

Check out the playlist below for a wide variety of EDM, indie-electro and pretty much everything else in-between from GEMS, Deorro, Allegories, Cazzette, Robyn, Duke Dumont, Michael Brun, Attlas and many more!


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How to Get Into the Music Industry with NO Connections (from a Person Who Tried Successfully)

July 30, 2015

RAS_skyelyfe_2If you read my post last week about NicholasRASFurlong, you saw that the 28-year-old has quite the impressive resume, producing and writing for everyone from Avicii and Kygo, to Waka Flocka and Good Charlotte (and the list goes on).

While his success certainly did not come overnight, he did become big fast, and all entirely by his own ambitious doing. The Lake Tahoe native was just another unknown music fan like you or me, and he knew he had to take some huge risks to get his name and music to the right people, while sitting in his living space mixing sounds and listening to “Days Go By,” by Dirty Vegas.

The big 2Pac and EPMD fan opened up to skyelyfe about some of the gutsy actions he took to get where he is today, and I am sharing them with you below:

1. Do Your Research and Be Willing to Make Some Cold Calls

“My favorite story is when I called Ron Fair’s office once,” Furlong recalls with a smile. “It was when Interscope, Geffen and A&M were all one label. Ron was heading up A&M, and it was right around the big Pussycat Dolls surge. I got his phone number from one of those stupid websites where you pay $10 and you get everybody in the industry’s numbers. I called Ron Fair, and I said, ‘Hey, this is so-and-so from David Massey‘s office. I have David for you.’ Ron got on the phone, and I was like, ‘Dude, I don’t really work with David Massey, but will you listen to my music?’ And he was like, ‘That takes balls. Yeah, send me whatever you want. That’s cool that you did that.’ And then later in life, I told David Massey that story and he thought it was hilarious, too.”

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Aggressively Utilize Social Media!

“[I used] MySpace,” Furlong says. “I used to hit up artists and songwriters, like Andre Merritt. He co-wrote ‘Disturbia’ and Chris Brown’s ‘Forever.’ I knew of his work, and it was before [any of his now-biggest songs]. We used to go back and forth and just talk on MySpace. And Brian Kennedy and J.R. Rotem. It was back in those days when I didn’t really know what the hell I was doing. I didn’t know who to talk to. I was just happy to talk to anyone who would fucking pick up the phone.”

3. Take the YOLO approach 

“I think you kind of have to do that [risky] shit though,” Furlong says. “If you don’t throw yourself into the fire and you sit around and wait for the right time, it’s never going to come. Just do it. Just go and do it.” 

RAS_skyelyfeAll of Furlong’s hard work has been paying off. Aside from industry peer recognition, he is now able to help launch the careers of other stars on-the-rise. He recently launched his AttaBoy record label and has signed his first client, a country-rock artist, Lindsay James.

“I just finished producing her first EP, and she recently opened for Kenny Chesney,” Furlong says. “I’m fine-tuning her as a performer. As an artist, she’s great, but she’s a little rusty in performing. I get to be a part of the artist as a whole, in this regard. It’s really cool to develop the sound and the direction and the look and presentation.”

As for what’s next? Furlong’s got a lot of exciting content in the works with Krewella, Dimitri Vegas, Good Charlotte and Nick Jonas (just to name a humble few). And, of course, be sure to check out his produced track “Game On” from the Pixels soundtrack, featuring Good Charlotte and Waka Flocka.



‘Pixels’ Soundtrack Artist RAS Dishes on Working with Some of Today’s Biggest Musicians

July 24, 2015

RAS_skyelyfeNicholas “RAS” Furlong‘s name may not ring a bell right off the bat, but trust me, if you’ve ever turned on the radio, went to a nightclub, or pretty much ever listened to music, then you’re definitely familiar with his work.

He most recently co-wrote and sang on Avicii‘s “The Nights,” you’re about to hear his production efforts on “Game On” from the Pixels soundtrack with Good Charlotte and Waka Flocka (scroll to bottom), he’s currently in the studio with Kygo, Good Charlotte and Krewella (separately) and he’s already been sought out by Nick Jonas‘ label and management to work on his next album. Whew, that’s a lot!

Skyelyfe recently caught up with this behind-the-scenes megastar poolside at Sunset Marquis hotel in West Hollywood, and he dished on his whirlwind career, working with such a diverse spectrum of artists – and – of course, what we’d like to know about some of the famous folks he works with.

RAS_skyelyfe_2“A lot of songwriters get boxed into one particular sort of genre, and that’s their niche,” the Lake Tahoe native-turned-Topanga Canyon resident says. “For me, I find that a good song is a good song. The way it’s presented and produced is pretty much the most important part. It’s ensuring that it’s true to not only that artist’s brand, but also to the genre itself. I’ve been a lover of music since I was a kid. I was a lover of hip-hop, which transcended into being really into rock.”

Furlong, who started out only wanting to write pop music, credits One Republic’s frontman with helping him think outside of the box.

“Being signed to Ryan Tedder, he was singing hooks for rappers, but also doing One Republic,” the AttaBoy record label owner says. “But then he’d turn around and write a song for Demi Lovato. When I first started working on dance music, Diplo was the first opportunity that I got. I was like, ‘Who is this guy?’ I started looking him up and I was like, ‘Yeah, he’s cool.’ I kept getting introduced to different people. I would say no to some things, but on a lot of things, I just liked the challenge of, can I do this?”

RAS_Pixels_Game_On_skyelyfeOf everything Furlong has done throughout his career, filling a slot on the Pixels soundtrack is among his most boast-worthy achievements.

Adam Sandler is one of my favorite actors, so to hear that my song had to be approved by him to be in the film, I felt like, cool, I’ve got some clout with Adam Sandler,” the producer said with a smile. “[I was told the film] needed a song with some anthemic-rock theme. I was like, ‘Dude, the only way we can pull this off is with Waka. He is that.’ “

And from there, I just had to ask what it’s like hanging out with Waka, who happens to be one of my favorite rappers of the moment. Read on to hear all about working with him, along with a handful of other artists. You may be in for some surprises!

Waka Flocka: “He’s amazing. I’ve never met a man or an artist who can just be in one place, but be everywhere at the same time, and lend himself in so many different ways. He’s just a really approachable, nice, warm guy – which is funny, because from his physical appearance, he seems very intimidating. His energy is unmatchable. He has this crazy energy about him that you love. And he’s such a nice person and so kind. He’s the kind of guy who has fans scurrying around backstage at his shows, running up to him with their phones.

Backstage in his green room one time, we’d be in the middle of a conversation and fans would be walking up and standing right next to him, and I’d be like, ‘This doesn’t bother you?’ and he’d be like, ‘Nah, man, I love my fans.’ And I was like, ‘That’s so cool you do that.’ He doesn’t care. He’s like a dude hanging out at a party.”

Kygo: “He recognizes what I did with ‘The Nights,’ but he recognizes I have this niche for finding different inspiration from different genres. We’ve just been trying to figure out the direction we want to do. We have one song that’s really good, but I think we might try to beat it. We’ve just been kind of figuring out if this is the best thing we can do together. He’s really great and on fire right now. He’s about to do this big thing with Apple Music, and I’m also on a bit of a hot streak, and we just want whatever we put out to be like, holy shit.”   

Nick Jonas: “He and I haven’t actually been in the same room yet, which is really funny. It’s just been me working with the label and the management. They pretty much were like, ‘Go crazy. Do whatever you want. Try different stuff.’ It’s kind of experimental. With [any artists I work with], I try to think of what the next thing is, not what’s out now. With Nick, it’s been a cool challenge. Instead of listening to ‘Jealous’ or ‘Chains’ or whatever, I’m like, what’s the evolution of Nick Jonas? Where does it go from here? And I think I have a pretty good idea of where I’d like to take it. Hopefully the music comes out and everybody’s stoked on it.”

Five Seconds of Summer: “They surprised me the most. Usually when someone says, ‘Hey, there’s this band,’ you show up, and it’s always the most predictable thing. You know what it’s going to be. Who cares? It’s the same thing – just a bunch of auto-tune and a bunch of crappy pop songs with big hooks. That’s it. In this case, I showed up, and all four of them play their instruments. And they all four have incredible voices, they all four can write songs well, and they all four have become, in the last year, just like perfect at playing their instruments.

It’s just been really cool to like see them from the beginning when I first started working with them, to now. They’ve just grown into superstars, and they know it. Even now, they’re finishing their new record, and it sounds incredible. It shows so much evolution from them, and I think that’s the biggest thing you look for in an artist.”

All Time Low: “I’ve definitely connected really well with Alex [Gaskarth] and Jack [Barakat]. I bond with those guys.”

Furlong had so much fascinating insight into the business that I didn’t want to cram everything into one post. Check back next week for his three effective (and gutsy) tips on getting your foot into the music industry door with zero connections (he tried them firsthand, and look at him now)!

And, of course, check out the “Pixels” track below, along with his own recent single “Doesn’t Get Better Than This.”



Electus, Niia, Kygo, Duke Dumont & 10 More Artists: New Music Monday, 3.23.15

March 23, 2015

electusIt’s been 90 degrees outside in L.A. lately, but the cover of Electus‘ new Musical Hallucinations album – along with its 22 tracks – is anything but spring-y.

The vocal-free chillstep compilation is dark and mysterious, taking you on a more than 90-minute listening journey. I included “Imaginary Friend” on today’s New Music Monday playlist, but each of the songs on the album are of a similar nature.

For something a little more upbeat, I recommend Duke Dumont‘s “The Giver” and “Stole the Show,” by Kygo, who has been consistently keeping the dance hits coming. And hey, look who’s back! Kylie Minogue‘s lil sis Dannii released her first dance-pop track in years. “Summer of Love” is sure to get you all hyped up for – well – the summer.

Niia brings her vocal A-game with “Davids House,” while DJ Sneak flaunts his authentic house style with “Tribal Sexy.”

Charles Hamilton and Rita Ora represent for Fox’s Empire with “New York Raining,” while Zimmer keeps that hip-hop sound flowing with “Down Low.”

Listen to the playlist below for 14 new tracks, which also include songs by Pusha T, About the Girl and George Fitzgerald:



Passion Pit, Gucci Mane, Kygo & 17 More Artists: New Music Monday, 2.23.15

February 23, 2015

passionpitExhausted from Oscar weekend? Luckily, I have plenty of new tunes to help you relax on this post-party Monday!

For the hip-hop lover, Gucci Mane just put out his Brick Factory 3 album and Chris Brown and Tyga released “Bitches N Marijuana” off their brand new collaborative effort, Fan of a Fan the Album

And move over, Taylor Swift! Passion Pit is also giving a little shoutout to one heck of a decade with new song “Lifted Up (1985).”

Continuing in the theme of chill music, one of my longtime favorites, Late Night Alumni, released “This This This,” keeping true to their signature dreamy sound. Kygo also came out with “ID,” Monogem finally released their self-titled EP (I’m digging “The Glow”), Allies for Everyone released “Bunker,” Lord Huron released folky “Fool for Love” and much more!

From SomeKindaWonderful to Mr. FijiWiji and AVAN LAVA, check out the playlist below of 20 new tracks!



Rameses B, Purity Ring, Paul Wall, Avicii & More: New Music Monday, 12.8.14

December 8, 2014

Rameses-bThere’s a lot of new music in store this week! I bring you an eclectic mix of everything from Rameses B‘s dreamy drum n bass sound on “We Love,” to some good ol’ Southern rap by a longtime favorite Paul Wall off his new album Po Up Poet

Kitsune compilations are never a letdown, and the latest – called the Season’s Greetings Mix – is no exception. Filled with light melodies, my favorite on the album is Amtrac‘s remix of “Kiss to Kiss” by The Swiss & Roxan.

Purity Ring, Kygo and Avicii also have new music, which keeps to their signature sounds.

Check out the list of 10 new songs below, which also includes Mikky Ekko, CamelPhat and Omarion, featuring Chris Brown: