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THIS Untraditional ‘Garage Sale’ Is About to Be Your New High-End L.A. Hotspot

May 23, 2018

Summer kicks off next month, which means there’s no time like the present to revamp your wardrobe with new items for the season.

For those who aren’t enthralled by the mass-produced, fast fashion staples readily available at your traditional shopping venues, we’ve got just the pop-up shops for you to check out—Luxury Garage Sale and Urban Air Market.

LGS is a leading online upscale consignment marketplace, specializing in luxury designer clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories. They’re opening two pop-up shops for 30-day runs in Los Angeles, specifically in West Hollywood (611 N La Cienega Blvd) from May 18 – June 18, and at the Glendale Galleria (100 W. Broadway) from June 1 – June 28.

girl carries handbags she purchased from luxury garage sale

Instagram / @LuxuryGarageSale

Not only do the LGS pop-ups offer shoppers a curated luxury shopping experience, it also gives consignors a trusted avenue for re-selling their goods at fair market price. So whether you’re looking for one-on-one personal styling consultations that’ll help you find exceptional, rare or transformative pieces, or if you’re hoping to sell some of your designer threads, LGS is the place to be.

While LGS offers more upscale items, Urban Air Market is open to those of you looking for more local and sustainable designs.

crystal/energy stone necklaces from Urban Air Market in Los Feliz

Instagram / @UrbanAirMarket

UAM’s free, one-day event will take place at Los Feliz Village on Hillhurst at Franklin and will be open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on June 3. We highly suggest getting there as soon as it opens, because UAM will feature 100 emerging, sustainable brands—including Amanda Sage Collection, Circuit King Classics, Daughters of Culture, Iron Lily and many more. Not to mention, there’ll be live musical performances from by MB3, Ipanema Lounge, Dani W., Jonny Sands, Irish Goodbye and Sylvia Bosco.

And if you get too tired of shopping or aren’t into the live performances, you can participate in activities such as hula hooping, tarot card readings or making DIY keychains, tassel necklaces or buttons. The choice is yours.

Mark your calendars and prepare to shop till you drop, because these are two pop-ups that no fashion savvy individual should miss out on.

Food Angelenos Featured

5 L.A. Gems a Tourist Wouldn’t Know

February 21, 2017

I love a good Nordstrom browse at The Grove, a trek up Runyon Canyon (yes, I am one of the few who actually considers it a legitimate “trek”) or a night of sipping unjustifiably overpriced cocktails at SLS–but one of the best parts about L.A. is the endless potential to find under-the-radar establishments.

Whether it’s a metaphysical shop in Highland Park or a renowned Mexican restaurant in Boyle Heights, there’s always more to be uncovered in the City of Angels.

Pop TV’s This Just In star Elizabeth Stanton is an L.A. native (Hollywood proper, to be exact), and she’s providing my readers with a list of some of her favorite lesser-known spots in town. And as someone who has lived in L.A. for 10 years, I can personally say she came up with some excellent out-of-the-box places to go (in fact, she even had me stumped on a couple).

“It’s been fun growing up here because I’ve felt like I’m always in the center of everything,” the 21-year-old—who was recently listed as one of Popstar! magazine’s top 10 actresses of the year—tells skyelyfe. “Now that I’m older, I basically live in the same area, and everything’s around me—all the new, happening spots. I feel like Hollywood is a happening area to be in right now. I can’t imagine living anywhere else but L.A. I especially love the weather [laughs]. Even if people don’t want to be around the main parts of Hollywood, there are always the beach areas and smaller communities people don’t really know about.”

And with that, I dug into five L.A. gems Liz insists you must encounter if you haven’t already:

1. For the Late-Night-Nosher: Crispy Pork Gang

Open until 4:00 a.m., this Thai Town eatery’s selling point may not be its overpacked strip mall parking lot, but it does give its visitors a mouthful (a good one, that is). And like the name suggests, the standout item here is indeed crispy pork. As Jonathan Gold pointed out back in 2011, there is no shortage of its usage on the menu.

A classic soup dish at Crispy Pork Gang in Thai Town

Photo Credit: @einna_sirisack

2. For the Gamer Who Likes to Drink: EightyTwo

Umm, hello childhood! This DTLA spot is a little throwback to the days of arcade games. And pinball lovers in particular, prepare to empty out your piggy banks, because your quarters are about to go to use! But rest assured this joint has you covered in the beverage department as well. With a full bar featuring craft cocktails and 10 draft beers, there will be no dry mouths in the building.

The classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game at EightyTwo in DTLA

Photo Credit: @eightytwola

3. For the Outdoorsy Individual Who Wants to Avoid the ‘Scene’: L.A. Abandoned Zoo

Love to hike, but without the Runyon-esque mayhem? Los Feliz’ former home to wild animals is loaded with beautiful visuals and photo opps aplenty.

a group poses at the L.A. Abandoned Zoo

Photo Credit: @hoey_jeinen

4. For the Foodie Who Came Seriously Just for the Food: Papilles

There’s no fancy-schmancy shebang here. Chef Jordan Rosas brings the casual Paris-inspired bistronomique movement to a Hollywood strip mall. With a set course menu that changes daily (check their website for each day’s offerings), there’s no messing around at this spot.

A perfectly arranged dish from Papilles French restaurant in Hollywood

Photo Credit: @papillesbistro

5. For the Artsy, Avid Reader: The Last Bookstore

This DTLA dwelling has come a long way since launching in a loft in 2005. It is now the largest new and used bookstore in all of California. They also sell a slew of vintage records, they host various events and even get celebs (hi, BJ Novak) to come in to speak (or read).

couple poses at The Last Bookstore in DTLA

Photo Credit: @dom_gy

Music Uncategorized Featured

Singer-Songwriter Odessa Explains Why Social Media Is ‘Killing Our Generation’ and Why Los Feliz Is Amazing

January 29, 2015

odessaWith a bit of a folky sound, tied in with some pop and blues, Odessa rose to recent musical fame with her debut single “I Will Be There,” which is featured in Subaru’s “Flat Tire” commercial and on the soundtrack for If I Stay, starring Chloe Grace Moretz. She also performed with Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeroes as a full-time violinist.

The Sonoma County-bred singer-songwriter, who released her four-track self-titled EP in September, will embark on month-long east coast tour next month. But before hitting the road, the musician performed an intimate acoustic showcase earlier this month at the Pasadena home of Chop Shop Records owner Alex Patsavas.

“Of course there are people who inspire certain emotions that produce music, but a lot of my music ends up being written about several different people and situations,” she told skyelyfe during an exclusive chat after her performance, in between sips of specialty Stillhouse Original Moonshine punch. “Like it might start out inspired by one person, but it usually changes.”

Perhaps its her laid-back Northern California roots, but Odessa still doesn’t see herself as a star.

“There really hasn’t been a moment so far where I’ve been like, ‘I’ve made it!’ ” she says. “I think after I’m dead and I go onto the next life, I think that’s when I’ll say I think I’ve made it and I’ve done everything I think I can do up until this point.”

OdessaAlbumAnother likely contributing factor to what keeps the natural beauty grounded is her refusal to get caught up in what goes on in cyberspace.

“I understand the value of social media, but I’m not a fan of all and I don’t buy into it at all,” Odessa says. “It’s this other world we’ve created outside of reality where people suddenly think that they have something to say that’s worth everybody in the fucking world listening to. And I think it’s a waste of our time and I think it’s literally killing our generation.”

And while she understands that spreading music these days is “all functioning” via internet, she is “able to draw lines,” explaining, “I personally don’t want to expose my entire existence to the world. I don’t think it’s actually worthy of peoples’ time. When I listen to music, that is something that’s helped me through struggles in life and it’s very real when the music that’s being written is real. But if it’s what you fucking wore today – what designer or what lipstick shade you’re endorsing – I don’t have any interest in that.”

With the belief that social media is “cluttering our minds,” Odessa says, “There’s only so much room in the brain and you have a choice what to fill it with. When you’re inundating yourself with useless information that famous people are sharing with you all day long, it makes you feel empty at the end of the day, I think.”

Comparing the social media “tool” to income, she says, “You can look at money and say money is disgusting. But it’s what people do with money that’s fowl.”

One topic Odessa has a much lighter outlook upon is her life in Los Angeles.

“I prefer Northern California, but there are many things I love about Southern California,” she says. “I personally know some great people here. I’ve made great friends. There are great things about both places, but Northern California’s a little bit more my style, as far as day-to-day.”

Avoiding the party circuit, Odessa sticks to places like Little Dom’s in Los Feliz if she feels like grabbing a cocktail. But otherwise, she’ll trek all the way to Venice for a sip of what she considers “the best coffee in Los Angeles” at Gjelina.

And forget the phrase “nobody walks in L.A.,” because this girl gets plenty of exercise on foot.

“I live in Los Feliz and I really like just walking the streets there,” she says. “I like Old Hollywood. I like Vermont Avenue. I generally walk Los Feliz to Vermont. It’s one of my favorite streets to walk. It’s been that and Franklin. That little area is beautiful to me. Los Angeles to me feels kind of like a timeless place. There’s so much history here and certain places that are really preserved. California is a dream. It’s like the most beautiful place on earth. I drive to Malibu a lot. There’s a hike called Solstice Canyon and it’s one of my favorite spots.”

But now Odessa is preparing to spend time on the other side of the country, something she addresses with a big smile.

“My brother is tour managing me, which I’m very stoked about,” she says. “He’s never done it before, but he’s well-equipped and he’s 6’8. He’s going to be perfect. It’s going to be an all-girl band, which is going to be new.”

Can’t make it out to see Odessa live? Listen to her melodic EP below: