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8 Surefire Signs You’re Too Old for Coachella

April 10, 2019

Age is totally just a number, but not when it comes to Coachella.

How old is too old to attend, you ask? We’ve rounded up eight undeniable signs it’s time to retire your flower crowns or Kanye shutter shades and move on to something else. Find out if you’ve hit your Coachella expiration below!

(Coachella via Instagram)

1. #Strollerchella is an Actual Thing for You

Okay, nothing against moms who love music at all, but if you can’t find someone to watch the kids, just don’t go. Bringing a stroller to the festival completely kills the vibe, and everyone around you will think so, too. Coachella will always be there, and you’ll definitely want to save it for a time when you can let loose and be care-free.

2. You Contemplate Streaming the Festival From Home Instead

Trust, we’re not even close to judging anyone for this because we’ve contemplated doing the same. Honestly though, if staying home is on your mind, it’s a surefire sign to stay back. We believe nothing beats immersing yourself in music for three days straight, and if you’re even slightly not onboard, this definitely isn’t the trip for you.

(Coachella via Instagram)

3. You Complain About the Festival on Social Media

There’s nothing worse than someone who attends the festival only to complain about it before, during and after. Do everyone else a favor and complain from the far away sidelines (aka not at the festival) if this is you. That’s the best solution for all parties involved.

4. The Hangover Just Isn’t Worth It Anymore

Once you’ve hit the point where the hangover isn’t worth it, it’s probably time to quit. Although everyone is clearly exhausted by the end of the festival, you should still leave with the satisfaction of a weekend well-spent, however blurry it may be.

(Coachella via Instagram)

5. You Don’t Know 80% of the Acts on the Lineup

It’s insanely difficult to keep up with all the new and trendy music coming out these days, but if you find yourself saying “who?” to more than 80% of the lineup, yikes. There’s no point in attending a festival where you don’t know most of the acts. It’s first and foremost always about the music, anyone who says otherwise is truly misinformed.

6. You Don’t Plan to Show Up Until 7 p.m.

If the all-day marathon does not sound appealing anymore, time to call it quits. It’s not really Coachella unless you’re five glasses of rosé in by 12 p.m., amirite? The older crowd always make themselves known by being the last in and first out. No shade, but we don’t really see the point then.

7. You Question Every Coachella-Centric Outfit You See at Stores

Part of the magic of Coachella is embracing the ridiculous festival wear. Question the sometimes-obscure fashion choices and you’ll know you’re getting too old. Appreciate those over-cropped tops, man-capes and unicorn costumes or you’ll just walk away with a headache.

(Coachella via Instagram)

8. You Leave Sunday Night Instead of Monday Morning

Sunday night leavers are the worst kind of Coachella-goers in our opinion. Although, on the other hand, we have no complaints because that means more room for the rest of us.

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Celebs, Swag & Sun: Photos and Details from Coachella’s Hottest (No Pun Intended) Weekend One Day Parties

April 20, 2017

One weekend down, one to go!

As any regular Coachella attendee knows, the first installment of C’chella each year is the major one, with the Empire Polo Fields and semi-neighboring parties filled from head to toe with celebs, tastemakers and pretty much everyone transplanted from L.A. for the weekend.

Well, this year was no exception, with the typical expected guests hitting the desert hotspots when they weren’t checking out their favorite acts at the festival.

Keep scrolling, because skyelyfe has the scoop on some of the hottest day soirees of Coachella season. And I’m getting exhausted just writing this—for all the right reasons, of course!


Joining forces with Billboard Media Group, Revolve clothing put on another Coachella weekend party for the books! Moving locations this year to the Merv Griffin Estate, the hugely popular online retailer brought out droves of stylish stars, including Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Kaia Gerber, Joe Jonas, Sofia Richie, Nicole Richie and Louis Tomlinson, among many others. Over the course of the weekend, guests took in live performances by Rick Ross and Migos, while sipping Ciroc cocktails, snagging swag from ColourPop cosmetics, Schutz shoes, Lovers & Friends apparel, Joico InstaTint hair spray and Impressions Vanity Co.—and frolicking through the incredibly spacious, picturesque space.

Photo Credit: BFA

Photo Credit: BFA

Photo Credit: BFA

Photo Credit: BFA

Photo Credit: BFA

The Lucky Lounge Presents: Desert Jam Produced by BMF Media

Still fresh to live performance life, Noah Cyrus put her best foot (vocals) forward, giving guests a mini three-song show at Palm Spring’s Ingleside Inn. In between taking in the live music, partygoers (including Sia, Ashlee Simpson-Ross and hubby Evan Ross) had the option to snag free apparel from Lucky Brand, sip Heineken beer, Deep Eddy vodka and High Brew coffee and score swag from One Two Cosmetics.

Photo Credit: Vivian Killilen / Getty Images for BMF Media

Photo Credit: Vivian Killilen / Getty Images for BMF Media

Katy Perry’s Easter Sunday Funday Recovery Brunch Produced by John Terzian’s The h.wood Group

There were no kitty cats, only bunnies, for Katy Perry over the weekend during her hosted Easter boozy brunch. The pop star not only flaunted her newly shorn hair, but also debuted her footwear collection. Guests at the Thermal, Calif., estate, were treated to oxygen bars, a Cover Girl-sponsored Easter egg hunt, massages and beats by Mia Moretti, Balthazar Getty and Bobby French. And topping things off, everyone had a first chance to shop Katy’s new kicks.

Photo Credit: Rony Alwin

Photo Credit: Rony Alwin

American Express Platinum House

For partygoers seeking a healthy reprieve from the otherwise debaucherous happenings over the weekend, the American Express Platinum House went as far as offering on-site Soul Cycle classes by famed spin instructor Stacey Griffith. Spinning or not, all guests were treated to tacos, popsicles, veggie skewers, handcrafted flower crowns, a live performance by Bebe Rexha and a DJ set by Hannah Bronfman.

Photo Courtesy of Ari Perilstein, Getty Images

Photo Courtesy of Ari Perilstein, Getty Images

Photo Courtesy of Ari Perilstein, Getty Images

Photo Courtesy of Ari Perlstein, Getty Images

The Zoe Report’s ZOEasis

Swag and style were the name of the game at this gathering. Guests, including Kate Bosworth, Brooklyn Beckham, Olivia Culpo, Louise Roe and Rachel Zoe herself made their way through the gigantic Palm Springs space, where they took in a performance by The Aces and DJ sets by Pamela Katz, May Kwok, while walking out with hundreds of dollars in beauty products, handmade bracelets and gift cards galore.

Galore x Grindr Present Queens of the Desert

Dope performance by Charli XCX? Check! Free shoes by Melissa? Check! Slews of Grindr swag? Check! Cute, shirtless gay boys? Mega-check! Palm Springs’ Coral Sands Inn was transformed into the Galore Motel for a packed pool party that included DJ sets by Simihaze, Jordyn Woods, Alie Layus and Taryn Manning—and lots of Stillhouse Whiskey & Bourbon (yes, I drank whiskey drinks that day).

Chevrolet Bolt EV Launch at the Bootsy Bellows Estate

This party was a who’s-who of Hollywood, boasting appearances by Katy PerryNick JonasJoe Jonas, Ryan Phillippe, Kendall Jenner, Ariel WinterHailey BaldwinJeremy Scott and a slew of others. VIP guests rolled up to the Rancho Mirage-based party in the all-electric Chevrolet Bolt EV, while regular partygoers took in a live performance by Lil Yachty and swooped up goodies from PacSun‘s festival-inspired pop-up shop.

Photo Credit: Rick Williams

Photo Credit: Rick Williams

Photo Credit: Rick Williams


Cruise to Coachella with This Playlist of 48 Artists Worth Seeing at the Festival!

April 10, 2017

Road trips are great and all, but when it comes to Coachella, we really have the mindset of just get me there already, right?

But unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way, and sometimes we are stuck cruisin’ for hours to get to the coveted Coachella Valley desert area.

That said, what gets us more amped for the festival than a little taste of what’s to come over the next few days? Well, clearly not traffic! Forget about your traveling woes and scroll to the bottom of the post for a playlist of the 48 artists skyelyfe encourages you to see. IMHO, if you miss Gucci Mane, Shura, Classixx or ScHoolboy Q, why did you even bother showing up?!

But regardless of who you watch, if you’re feeling reminiscent about last year’s festival, listen to my must-see playlist from Coachella 2016. And above all else, safe travels!



5 Must-See Acts at Outside Lands This Weekend

August 3, 2016

Outside-lands-skyelyfeThe thought of Outside Lands is a breath of fresh air compared to other 2016 music festivals.

Lacking the sweltering heat and EDM-heavy, hip-hop-pop-filled lineups that so many of these other three-day events provide to their thousands of music and party-loving consumers, San Francisco-based Outside Lands brings a slew of folk, dream pop and low-key alternative acts (Radiohead, Lana Del ReyRyan Adams, Sufjan Stevens, Beach House, Lord Huron, Foals, Diiv, to name a few) to its stages, with additional performers who also bring on a much “softer” vibe.

The festival has always boasted a much mellower ambiance–with the exception of 2014’s Kanye West-headlining year.

I haven’t been to Outside Lands since 2012, so it will be interesting to see if it still remains living up to the hype of this post. While I anticipate this year’s experience, I figure I may as well pull up my picks of five acts I absolutely must see at the festival (in no particular order):

1. Radiohead

Radiohead is among the few truly iconic acts on the bill this year (can’t discredit Lionel Richie and Duran Duran). Fresh from their latest May album release A Moon Shaped Pool, the brooding band is likely to perform new material, while bringing on all of the nostalgia attached to their collection of melodic classics.

Must-Hear Song: “High & Dry”

2. Miike Snow

I’d be lying if I said that I’m particularly fond of Miike Snow’s last two albums (iii and Happy to You), but perhaps that’s because the Swedish electronic trio set the bar so incredibly high with their 2009 self-titled debut. Their biggest fans resonate most with that first set of songs, so there’s no doubt in my mind that a strong selection of throwback sounds will make their way to the stage.

Must-Hear Song: “In Search Of”

3. Third Eye Blind

If you attended high school in the late ’90s or watched pretty much any high school-based film or TV show during that time period, you are most definitely familiar with TEB. To this day, their self-titled debut album is one of my absolute favorites of all time. Sure, they had five chart-topping singles from the 14-track compilation, but the emotionally charged album is incredible all the way from start to finish. Even following that release, their further releases continued to be enjoyable, and I’ve always admired how they never changed their sound over the years.

Must-Hear Song: “Motorcycle Drive By”

4. The Knocks

Three words to describe this NYC-based duo: disco-infused deliciousness. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this electro act live a handful of times, and their music has the most upbeat energy. I’m obsessed with pretty much everything they’ve put out there from day one until now, and I’ve got no doubt that they will get the mellow festival-goers on their feet!

Must-Hear Song: “Dreaming”

5. St. Lucia

Jean-Philip Grobler (St. Lucia) was pretty much my 2015 soundtrack to that oh-so-lovely, long walk from the Uber drop-off to the Coachella entrance. Yes, it was unfortunate that I wasn’t front and center to watch such an incredible act perform, but I definitely got an earful (in the best way possible) regardless. It will certainly be exciting to see him live this time, even though I’ve already heard him live in the past.

Must-Hear Song: “Elevate”


RAC! Empire of the Sun! Goldroom! Ghost Beach! Here’s a Playlist to Honor This Past Weekend’s TBD Fest

October 2, 2014

This past weekend’s TBD Fest in Sacramento was one 2014 music event I was so sad to miss. I’ve had my sights set on this since it was officially announced at the beginning of the summer. From RACEmpire of the Sun and Goldroom, to Teen Daze, Ghost Beach, Keys N Krates and many, many more, I seriously cannot imagine a better lineup. I’m super bummed that I couldn’t make it, but either way, I still gave this extravaganza its much deserved recognition by putting a 30-song playlist together so that I could feel like I was there in spirit and share the talents of such great artists with my readers.



Splashing Around in Palm Springs

August 6, 2014

On Friday the 13th of June, it was a full moon and Mercury was in retrograde, so instead of being thrilled about a potentially lavish weekend in Palm Springs, I was a little nervous.

Our warm welcome to the hotel. Cheers!

Our warm welcome to the hotel. Cheers!

But the occasionally superstitious side of me was immediately eliminated once I stepped foot in this incredible villa at the Viceroy Palm Springs. Complete with a kitchen, private patio, dining room and spacious, elegant bedroom, my weekend was off to a great start.

On the first night, I was joined by two of my really good friends Dave and Jen. The main reason for coming out to the desert for the weekend was to attend Splash House, an indie dance music festival that extends over three different hotels in Palm Springs (Saguaro, Hard Rock and Hacienda). After hanging out by our hotel pool, we headed to the Splash House after parties that night, and it was totally a Vegas-meets-Palm Springs scene – something I hadn’t really experienced in the 760 area code prior – But it was a blast and everyone was so much fun.

The next two days, Dave and I made it to the actual festival, which was so incredibly amazing. It was just a bunch of fun people frolicking in the water, making new friends and listening to music while sipping on drinks. Some people prefer live performances as opposed to DJ sets, but I enjoy DJ sets by my favorite artists because it reveals a lot about their personalities and it’s nice to see what songs we share interests in. Toro Y Moi, RAC and Purity Ring were highlights. But the best moment was on Sunday when we met Tycho, his wife and one of his best friends, who could not have been nicer. It ended up being by far the best weekend of 2014 up to that point in my opinion, which was hard to say, considering I said the same thing about the weekend prior. I cannot wait to go back next year.

can you tell people were having fun at Splash House?

can you tell people were having fun at Splash House?

RAC was amazing with a DJ set at Splash House on Sunday

RAC was amazing with a DJ set at Splash House on Sunday

Tycho could not have been better with his Sunday DJ set

Tycho could not have been better with his Sunday DJ set


Splash House Steph became part of our crew for the weekend. Fun times!

Splash House Steph became part of our crew for the weekend. Fun times!

goodnight moon ;)

goodnight moon 😉