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Celebs, Swag & Sun: Photos and Details from Coachella’s Hottest (No Pun Intended) Weekend One Day Parties

April 20, 2017

One weekend down, one to go!

As any regular Coachella attendee knows, the first installment of C’chella each year is the major one, with the Empire Polo Fields and semi-neighboring parties filled from head to toe with celebs, tastemakers and pretty much everyone transplanted from L.A. for the weekend.

Well, this year was no exception, with the typical expected guests hitting the desert hotspots when they weren’t checking out their favorite acts at the festival.

Keep scrolling, because skyelyfe has the scoop on some of the hottest day soirees of Coachella season. And I’m getting exhausted just writing this—for all the right reasons, of course!


Joining forces with Billboard Media Group, Revolve clothing put on another Coachella weekend party for the books! Moving locations this year to the Merv Griffin Estate, the hugely popular online retailer brought out droves of stylish stars, including Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Kaia Gerber, Joe Jonas, Sofia Richie, Nicole Richie and Louis Tomlinson, among many others. Over the course of the weekend, guests took in live performances by Rick Ross and Migos, while sipping Ciroc cocktails, snagging swag from ColourPop cosmetics, Schutz shoes, Lovers & Friends apparel, Joico InstaTint hair spray and Impressions Vanity Co.—and frolicking through the incredibly spacious, picturesque space.

Photo Credit: BFA

Photo Credit: BFA

Photo Credit: BFA

Photo Credit: BFA

Photo Credit: BFA

The Lucky Lounge Presents: Desert Jam Produced by BMF Media

Still fresh to live performance life, Noah Cyrus put her best foot (vocals) forward, giving guests a mini three-song show at Palm Spring’s Ingleside Inn. In between taking in the live music, partygoers (including Sia, Ashlee Simpson-Ross and hubby Evan Ross) had the option to snag free apparel from Lucky Brand, sip Heineken beer, Deep Eddy vodka and High Brew coffee and score swag from One Two Cosmetics.

Photo Credit: Vivian Killilen / Getty Images for BMF Media

Photo Credit: Vivian Killilen / Getty Images for BMF Media

Katy Perry’s Easter Sunday Funday Recovery Brunch Produced by John Terzian’s The h.wood Group

There were no kitty cats, only bunnies, for Katy Perry over the weekend during her hosted Easter boozy brunch. The pop star not only flaunted her newly shorn hair, but also debuted her footwear collection. Guests at the Thermal, Calif., estate, were treated to oxygen bars, a Cover Girl-sponsored Easter egg hunt, massages and beats by Mia Moretti, Balthazar Getty and Bobby French. And topping things off, everyone had a first chance to shop Katy’s new kicks.

Photo Credit: Rony Alwin

Photo Credit: Rony Alwin

American Express Platinum House

For partygoers seeking a healthy reprieve from the otherwise debaucherous happenings over the weekend, the American Express Platinum House went as far as offering on-site Soul Cycle classes by famed spin instructor Stacey Griffith. Spinning or not, all guests were treated to tacos, popsicles, veggie skewers, handcrafted flower crowns, a live performance by Bebe Rexha and a DJ set by Hannah Bronfman.

Photo Courtesy of Ari Perilstein, Getty Images

Photo Courtesy of Ari Perilstein, Getty Images

Photo Courtesy of Ari Perilstein, Getty Images

Photo Courtesy of Ari Perlstein, Getty Images

The Zoe Report’s ZOEasis

Swag and style were the name of the game at this gathering. Guests, including Kate Bosworth, Brooklyn Beckham, Olivia Culpo, Louise Roe and Rachel Zoe herself made their way through the gigantic Palm Springs space, where they took in a performance by The Aces and DJ sets by Pamela Katz, May Kwok, while walking out with hundreds of dollars in beauty products, handmade bracelets and gift cards galore.

Galore x Grindr Present Queens of the Desert

Dope performance by Charli XCX? Check! Free shoes by Melissa? Check! Slews of Grindr swag? Check! Cute, shirtless gay boys? Mega-check! Palm Springs’ Coral Sands Inn was transformed into the Galore Motel for a packed pool party that included DJ sets by Simihaze, Jordyn Woods, Alie Layus and Taryn Manning—and lots of Stillhouse Whiskey & Bourbon (yes, I drank whiskey drinks that day).

Chevrolet Bolt EV Launch at the Bootsy Bellows Estate

This party was a who’s-who of Hollywood, boasting appearances by Katy PerryNick JonasJoe Jonas, Ryan Phillippe, Kendall Jenner, Ariel WinterHailey BaldwinJeremy Scott and a slew of others. VIP guests rolled up to the Rancho Mirage-based party in the all-electric Chevrolet Bolt EV, while regular partygoers took in a live performance by Lil Yachty and swooped up goodies from PacSun‘s festival-inspired pop-up shop.

Photo Credit: Rick Williams

Photo Credit: Rick Williams

Photo Credit: Rick Williams

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How to Get Into the Music Industry with NO Connections (from a Person Who Tried Successfully)

July 30, 2015

RAS_skyelyfe_2If you read my post last week about NicholasRASFurlong, you saw that the 28-year-old has quite the impressive resume, producing and writing for everyone from Avicii and Kygo, to Waka Flocka and Good Charlotte (and the list goes on).

While his success certainly did not come overnight, he did become big fast, and all entirely by his own ambitious doing. The Lake Tahoe native was just another unknown music fan like you or me, and he knew he had to take some huge risks to get his name and music to the right people, while sitting in his living space mixing sounds and listening to “Days Go By,” by Dirty Vegas.

The big 2Pac and EPMD fan opened up to skyelyfe about some of the gutsy actions he took to get where he is today, and I am sharing them with you below:

1. Do Your Research and Be Willing to Make Some Cold Calls

“My favorite story is when I called Ron Fair’s office once,” Furlong recalls with a smile. “It was when Interscope, Geffen and A&M were all one label. Ron was heading up A&M, and it was right around the big Pussycat Dolls surge. I got his phone number from one of those stupid websites where you pay $10 and you get everybody in the industry’s numbers. I called Ron Fair, and I said, ‘Hey, this is so-and-so from David Massey‘s office. I have David for you.’ Ron got on the phone, and I was like, ‘Dude, I don’t really work with David Massey, but will you listen to my music?’ And he was like, ‘That takes balls. Yeah, send me whatever you want. That’s cool that you did that.’ And then later in life, I told David Massey that story and he thought it was hilarious, too.”

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Aggressively Utilize Social Media!

“[I used] MySpace,” Furlong says. “I used to hit up artists and songwriters, like Andre Merritt. He co-wrote ‘Disturbia’ and Chris Brown’s ‘Forever.’ I knew of his work, and it was before [any of his now-biggest songs]. We used to go back and forth and just talk on MySpace. And Brian Kennedy and J.R. Rotem. It was back in those days when I didn’t really know what the hell I was doing. I didn’t know who to talk to. I was just happy to talk to anyone who would fucking pick up the phone.”

3. Take the YOLO approach 

“I think you kind of have to do that [risky] shit though,” Furlong says. “If you don’t throw yourself into the fire and you sit around and wait for the right time, it’s never going to come. Just do it. Just go and do it.” 

RAS_skyelyfeAll of Furlong’s hard work has been paying off. Aside from industry peer recognition, he is now able to help launch the careers of other stars on-the-rise. He recently launched his AttaBoy record label and has signed his first client, a country-rock artist, Lindsay James.

“I just finished producing her first EP, and she recently opened for Kenny Chesney,” Furlong says. “I’m fine-tuning her as a performer. As an artist, she’s great, but she’s a little rusty in performing. I get to be a part of the artist as a whole, in this regard. It’s really cool to develop the sound and the direction and the look and presentation.”

As for what’s next? Furlong’s got a lot of exciting content in the works with Krewella, Dimitri Vegas, Good Charlotte and Nick Jonas (just to name a humble few). And, of course, be sure to check out his produced track “Game On” from the Pixels soundtrack, featuring Good Charlotte and Waka Flocka.



‘Pixels’ Soundtrack Artist RAS Dishes on Working with Some of Today’s Biggest Musicians

July 24, 2015

RAS_skyelyfeNicholas “RAS” Furlong‘s name may not ring a bell right off the bat, but trust me, if you’ve ever turned on the radio, went to a nightclub, or pretty much ever listened to music, then you’re definitely familiar with his work.

He most recently co-wrote and sang on Avicii‘s “The Nights,” you’re about to hear his production efforts on “Game On” from the Pixels soundtrack with Good Charlotte and Waka Flocka (scroll to bottom), he’s currently in the studio with Kygo, Good Charlotte and Krewella (separately) and he’s already been sought out by Nick Jonas‘ label and management to work on his next album. Whew, that’s a lot!

Skyelyfe recently caught up with this behind-the-scenes megastar poolside at Sunset Marquis hotel in West Hollywood, and he dished on his whirlwind career, working with such a diverse spectrum of artists – and – of course, what we’d like to know about some of the famous folks he works with.

RAS_skyelyfe_2“A lot of songwriters get boxed into one particular sort of genre, and that’s their niche,” the Lake Tahoe native-turned-Topanga Canyon resident says. “For me, I find that a good song is a good song. The way it’s presented and produced is pretty much the most important part. It’s ensuring that it’s true to not only that artist’s brand, but also to the genre itself. I’ve been a lover of music since I was a kid. I was a lover of hip-hop, which transcended into being really into rock.”

Furlong, who started out only wanting to write pop music, credits One Republic’s frontman with helping him think outside of the box.

“Being signed to Ryan Tedder, he was singing hooks for rappers, but also doing One Republic,” the AttaBoy record label owner says. “But then he’d turn around and write a song for Demi Lovato. When I first started working on dance music, Diplo was the first opportunity that I got. I was like, ‘Who is this guy?’ I started looking him up and I was like, ‘Yeah, he’s cool.’ I kept getting introduced to different people. I would say no to some things, but on a lot of things, I just liked the challenge of, can I do this?”

RAS_Pixels_Game_On_skyelyfeOf everything Furlong has done throughout his career, filling a slot on the Pixels soundtrack is among his most boast-worthy achievements.

Adam Sandler is one of my favorite actors, so to hear that my song had to be approved by him to be in the film, I felt like, cool, I’ve got some clout with Adam Sandler,” the producer said with a smile. “[I was told the film] needed a song with some anthemic-rock theme. I was like, ‘Dude, the only way we can pull this off is with Waka. He is that.’ “

And from there, I just had to ask what it’s like hanging out with Waka, who happens to be one of my favorite rappers of the moment. Read on to hear all about working with him, along with a handful of other artists. You may be in for some surprises!

Waka Flocka: “He’s amazing. I’ve never met a man or an artist who can just be in one place, but be everywhere at the same time, and lend himself in so many different ways. He’s just a really approachable, nice, warm guy – which is funny, because from his physical appearance, he seems very intimidating. His energy is unmatchable. He has this crazy energy about him that you love. And he’s such a nice person and so kind. He’s the kind of guy who has fans scurrying around backstage at his shows, running up to him with their phones.

Backstage in his green room one time, we’d be in the middle of a conversation and fans would be walking up and standing right next to him, and I’d be like, ‘This doesn’t bother you?’ and he’d be like, ‘Nah, man, I love my fans.’ And I was like, ‘That’s so cool you do that.’ He doesn’t care. He’s like a dude hanging out at a party.”

Kygo: “He recognizes what I did with ‘The Nights,’ but he recognizes I have this niche for finding different inspiration from different genres. We’ve just been trying to figure out the direction we want to do. We have one song that’s really good, but I think we might try to beat it. We’ve just been kind of figuring out if this is the best thing we can do together. He’s really great and on fire right now. He’s about to do this big thing with Apple Music, and I’m also on a bit of a hot streak, and we just want whatever we put out to be like, holy shit.”   

Nick Jonas: “He and I haven’t actually been in the same room yet, which is really funny. It’s just been me working with the label and the management. They pretty much were like, ‘Go crazy. Do whatever you want. Try different stuff.’ It’s kind of experimental. With [any artists I work with], I try to think of what the next thing is, not what’s out now. With Nick, it’s been a cool challenge. Instead of listening to ‘Jealous’ or ‘Chains’ or whatever, I’m like, what’s the evolution of Nick Jonas? Where does it go from here? And I think I have a pretty good idea of where I’d like to take it. Hopefully the music comes out and everybody’s stoked on it.”

Five Seconds of Summer: “They surprised me the most. Usually when someone says, ‘Hey, there’s this band,’ you show up, and it’s always the most predictable thing. You know what it’s going to be. Who cares? It’s the same thing – just a bunch of auto-tune and a bunch of crappy pop songs with big hooks. That’s it. In this case, I showed up, and all four of them play their instruments. And they all four have incredible voices, they all four can write songs well, and they all four have become, in the last year, just like perfect at playing their instruments.

It’s just been really cool to like see them from the beginning when I first started working with them, to now. They’ve just grown into superstars, and they know it. Even now, they’re finishing their new record, and it sounds incredible. It shows so much evolution from them, and I think that’s the biggest thing you look for in an artist.”

All Time Low: “I’ve definitely connected really well with Alex [Gaskarth] and Jack [Barakat]. I bond with those guys.”

Furlong had so much fascinating insight into the business that I didn’t want to cram everything into one post. Check back next week for his three effective (and gutsy) tips on getting your foot into the music industry door with zero connections (he tried them firsthand, and look at him now)!

And, of course, check out the “Pixels” track below, along with his own recent single “Doesn’t Get Better Than This.”



New Music Monday: Sage the Gemini, Cazzette, Late Night Alumni & 25 More Artists!

June 8, 2015

Sage-the-gemini-NMMRapper Sage the Gemini enlisted the help of Nick Jonas‘s vocals to take things down a notch on the R&B-influenced “Good Thing.” The collaboration works impressively, making this track one of my favorite to kick off this week’s New Music Monday.

And speaking of mellow tracks, Late Night Alumni‘s “Another Word for Love” follows in their signature dreamy, downtempo sound.

Cazzette gets the party started with “Together,” TJH87 takes you on a fun little nu-disco adventure with “Lost Into the Night,” Wynter Gordon brings some stellar pop vocals with “World on Fire” and Bonnie McKee released one heck of an ’80s fitness throwback video with “Bombastic.”

Click on the playlist below for 27 new songs, also including tracks by Lincoln Jesser, Flume, Major Lazer, Tear Council, Karmin and Lolawolf:


Beauty Music

Meet ‘Edgy,’ Rising Pop Artist and Aspiring Fashion Designer Chris Bones

April 29, 2015
Chris Bones 5

Photo credit: Tarina Dolittle

Sure, Chris Bones is currently on the High School Nation Tour, but he wants to make one thing clear: He’s no bubblegum act.

The 17-year-old, who hails from Tulsa, Oklahoma, insists to skyelyfe that his new music “will have an R&B-pop feel with an edgy, dangerous quality, and sort of like a Justin Timberlake feel, too, like where he does the breakdowns where the song can move into a totally different place and then come back to where it started.”

Although his perfectly executed covers of Nick Jonas‘ “Jealous” and Ed Sheeran‘s “Thinking Out Loud” have stayed true to the singer-songwriter style of sound, he swears you’ll hear a totally different side of him when his debut EP drops next month.

” ‘Stay wit It’ definitely has more of an urban feel,” Bones says of one of the soon-to-be-released tracks. “But then ‘2 Broken Hearts’ really combines that R&B element, but you still get that super dramatic, theatrical feel. It’s kind of a cluster and blend of everything I can soak up as an artist.”

Read on to learn about Bones’ love for fashion, his unique hobby and what he says he’ll definitely avoid if he hits it big:

skyelyfe: What has been the response to your Nick Jonas and Ed Sheeran covers?

Chris Bones: The response has been really great. Even some kids at the schools [during High School Nation Tour] have come up to me and told me they watched my covers and that I have an amazing voice. I just put out covers to show that this is me, this is who I am and this is how I’d do this song if it were my own.

SL: What has your experience been like overall on the High School Nation Tour?

CB: This was my first tour and it’s going really well so far. I’ve been excited to see the honest reaction from people. I feel like a high school crowd is probably the most honest reaction you can get. They will [express that] they love your music or really just hate it. The reaction has been great and I am super excited about that. I wasn’t nervous, but I was just curious to see how the kids like it. San Bernardino has been one of my favorite stops. The fans were so crazy and hyped. I mean, everyone’s been super excited, but by far they were the most. I gave out a signed T-shirt during my set and they screamed so loud. I was like, “Oh, my gosh!”

SL: Tell me about this fashion line you are working on.

CB: I’ve sketched some things. I have a couple of ideas. I’m terrible at sewing, so I don’t want to do sewing, but I definitely have creative ideas and when I’m on a big tour, I want to wear all my own stuff. It will definitely be simple stuff that packs a big punch – that natural quality with that dangerous edge. I’d say something like a GivenchyAlexander Wang mix with a black and white contrast. But Givenchy is where that edginess comes in. They always put the stars and the studs on their stuff. I want to call it Bones after my last name.

SL: How would you describe your own personal style?

CB: Right now I’m into black and white contrast. I really like black shirts with a big white stripe on them. I really like the longer length T-shirts that have the slits on the side. I just bought a pair of blue jeans that I’m going to rip. And I’m getting into sweatshirts a lot more. You could say I’m getting lazy and I really want to be in comfortable clothes [laughs]. I shop a lot at Topshop and Zara.

SL: What’s the one thing you want to avoid if you hit it big?

CB: Getting caught up in everyone telling me I’m amazing and having that quality that nothing can touch me. Instead, I want to always know that I worked really hard to get to where I am and remember that it really can all be taken away in an instant with one wrong step. I surround myself with the right people and I have a close group of friends and that’s going to stay the same. I built a lot on loyalty, especially with who I work with and stuff like that.

SL: Are there any fellow musicians who set a good example for you?

CB: There’s this band that I’m on tour with right now called Palaye Royale. They’re super cool and their style is super crazy, but they’re super down-to-earth, too, which is cool. But as far as people I knew before this tour, London Richards is super cool. And he kind of combines fashion with pop music.

SL: What’s something about you that most people don’t know?

CB: I fly airplanes. I’m a student pilot. Something about flying and being in control of the plane once you’re up in the air is really relaxing. I know it’s probably not the safest thing, but sometimes my mind will drift and I’ll just relax.



Tourist, Citizens!, Ookay and More: New Music Monday, 11.17.14

November 17, 2014

TouristNMMWith the exception of Citizens! and Tobtok‘s lively “Lighten Up” collaboration off Kitsune‘s very awesome Sweet Sixteen Issue compilation, today’s New Music Monday selection, which includes songs by Ookay and Arms and Sleepers, is pret-ty mellow. Not a big supply this week, but hey, it’s quality, not quantity, right?

Tourist‘s “Wait” has a unique sound. It gets off to a bit of a slow start, but it does pick up towards the end of its dark, deep, mildly dubsteppy melody. The British artist is signed to Disclosure‘s label and definitely has a signature sound of his own.

I even threw in a Nick Jonas song for the heck of it. He wouldn’t characteristically be my pick, but honestly, with all of the horrible crap that’s successful in pop music today, why not give a little love to someone who actually put careful thought into his latest effort, and created real, non-gimicky music that tells a story? Give a little listen to “Push,” a slow jam that really exemplifies how the former tween star is transitioning from cheesy boy to young man. This pick is my favorite on his self-titled album – just under “Jealous,” of course, because let’s all admit it’s pretty catchy and we secretly (or not-so-secretly) like it!