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The 9 Best Twitter Reactions to ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Ending

September 9, 2020

The end of an era is upon us—KUWTK is actually saying farewell to reality TV cameras after 20(!) seasons.

Although we have mixed feelings about the long-running reality show, we have to give credit where credit is due. It was filled with iconic and hilarious moments we’ll truly never forget. Not only were we working at E! when the show premiered (crazy, right?), we also relate to much of its L.A.-focused lifestyle.

Whether you’re ecstatic about this news or completely heartbroken, check out the nine best Twitter reactions to the show’s 2021 demise below!

1. Some were most definitely in the ‘ecstatic’ camp:

2. While others were legitimately broken by this news:

3. Others simply celebrated the exemplary moments:

4. One knew what’s happening behind the scenes:

5. A few knew it’s all part of the grand plan:

6. And another uncovered an even more sophisticated scheme:

7. Some considered Kris Jenner’s prospective career in screen writing:

8. Many started popping the champagne:

9. And some threw major shade to both Kourtney and Zayn Malik:

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Angelenos Featured

As a Huge Fan of the Original Hills, Here Are 11 Thoughts I Had Watching New Beginnings

June 26, 2019

(via MTV)

This may make some of you want to run for, ahem, The Hills, but MTV’s iconic reality TV show returned on Monday after a decade-long hiatus.

To mixed reactions, Heidi Montag (Pratt), Spencer Pratt, Brody Jenner, Justin “Bobby” Brescia, Audrina Patridge and a handful of folks you probably don’t care about hit the small screen in a reboot called The Hills: New Beginnings.

Fans (most definitely me included) fell in love with original series because it followed hot, young people (namely, Laguna Beach alum Lauren Conrad) navigating the trials and tribulations of dating, clubbing and working in Los Angeles. Long before the term “influencer” existed, and during an era when making MySpace photo albums was the key to sharing your life with the world, this show served as your insider’s peek at luxe life in the City of Angels.

Like many, I was on the fence about the reboot. Leave well enough alone, I said. But, naturally, curiosity got the best of me, and along with a fellow OG Hills fan friend of mine, I decided to give the reboot’s premiere a whirl (after a thematic dinner at Don Antonio’s, of course!). And yes, after it aired, I had lots of opinions.

(via Instagram / @heidimontag)

Keep reading for 11 thoughts I had watching The Hills: New Beginnings (*note: minor spoilers ahead!):

1. The Show Isn’t the Same Without LC

I’m here to say what we’re all thinking: You can’t do The Hills without Lauren. Sure, she’s not the most wild and crazy face to ever appear on reality TV, but there’s so much about her that we all idolize(d). We love her style, her endless collection of Chanel handbags and headbands, her hair (oh my gosh, I love her hair), her ridiculous friend drama, her dating woes, her ability to just be… perfect. Sigh. I don’t think any of the current people on the show are strong enough to carry it on their own. Speidi had a huge moment back in the day, but I believe that ship has sailed (though, as they say, the rest is still unwritten).

(via MTV)

2. Whitney Serves Even Less of a Purpose Now

Whitney Port, bless her soul. Never one to create drama on-screen or off, I commend her, as she’s quite the class act. While this is all well and good, it doesn’t exactly translate into good TV. Whitney wasn’t a draw in the original, but she served a purpose as LC’s voice of reason and office bestie. Now? I really have no clue.

I know I’m not the only one who found the opening scene between Audrina, Whitney and Heidi to seem incredibly forced. Whitney was never really friends with Heidi, outside of when Heidi was friends with Lauren, and I highly doubt if Audrina was seeking out friends again, Whitney is the first person she’d call. So yeah, their reunion didn’t feel organic at all. It’ll be interesting to see how Whitney’s storyline (if any) unfolds in this reboot.

3. Mischa Definitely Doesn’t Seem Like She Wants to Be Here

Perhaps she’ll let her guard down as the season takes off, but for now, Mischa seems timid and reserved, yet also very mellow and not here for the drama (more power to her!). We don’t need another Whitney, so if Mischa’s role is simply to nod her head and look pretty, I don’t think she’ll bring much to the show. But, I think with this one, time will tell. Good for her for putting herself out there. It’s been a minute, and it’s nice to see her feeling like herself again.

4. Perez… Really?

This isn’t 2006, so no one—and I mean no one—cares about Perez Hilton. So when it was announced on the premiere, that, much to the dismay of Mischa, Perez would be attending Stephanie Pratt’s moving-back-to-L.A. party, I was a bit dumbfounded. Obviously it was to punch up the storyline. Perez notoriously hated on Mischa throughout the years, stupidly calling her out for her weight gain and then-messy lifestyle (he nicknamed her “Mushy Fartone”—dumb, I know). But all these years later, I’m not sure how many people are interested in the two of them coming face-to-face at a party (which is likely staged anyway. They probably already made up, because why else would Mischa’s close friends invite her “worst enemy” to a party?).

5. This Isn’t a Show for the Masses

Going into it, I thought this would have Vanderpump Rules vibes (well, kinda), but the way the premiere was set up really makes the reboot appealing only to people who followed the original show. At least from this first episode, I don’t see myself dying to get a peek into these people’s lives without already knowing their backstory. You’re really only going to care about this group’s drama if you care in the first place. They’re a bit older with kids and pasts, unlike the fresh start they all had on the original series.

(via MTV)

6. Why Is Everything Filmed in Malibu?

No disrespect to Malibu, as it’s an iconic L.A. staple, but is this the only part of town in which the show is allowed to film? Part of the allure of the OG Hills was seeing the madness on Sunset Blvd. and getting a glimpse behind velvet ropes and brand new eating establishments all around the city. I get that the cast is older now, but they’re still supposed to represent the “cool crowd” who knows what’s up in town. No? I would very much like to revert back to the days of sipping iced tea somewhere on 3rd St. while dishing on drama from the night before.

7. The Confessionals… LOL

And for dramatic effect… the reboot brings you the confessionals. Following in the footsteps of most other reality shows, New Beginnings now has the cast explaining what goes on the behind the scenes. It’s probably a smart move in this case, since we all kind of need to know how these folks re-came together after all these years.

(via MTV)

8. Will They Ever Give the Audrina/Justin Storyline a Break?

I found Audrina’s heartfelt explanation of her divorce pain to be raw and intriguing. Audrina looks absolutely stunning, and based on how her messy divorce and custody battle played out in the media, we all know she’s genuinely been through a lot. It’s just funny, however, that MTV always comes back to the Audrina/Justin romance saga. Quite frankly, this is the one plotline that keeps me guessing. Have they both still actually been in touch all this time? Do they still have feelings for each other? They clearly get along and have chemistry, but I can’t tell if possible romantic interest is all for show. Based on how MTV stirred up a fake triangle between Justin, Audrina and Kristin Cavallari in the past, it’s hard to know what’s real in the present.

(via MTV)

9. Brody and Justin Are Suddenly Surfing Together?

This definitely was an orchestrated-by-MTV moment, but hey, I will say the two dudes mesh nicely and seem to get along, even if they would have no reason to be hanging out on the beach together.

10. Where’d Steph’s British Accent Go?

Well, that was fast! The minute Stephanie landed on L.A. soil, her “British accent” morphed into that of a longtime Angeleno (aka what she sounded like when she was on the original Hills). And the former Made in Chelsea star wasted no time acknowledging its disappearance, in a conversation with Frankie Delgado. Blaming it on her brother making fun of her for it, British accent be gone!

11. It Wasn’t the Worst

After all is said and done, the premiere wasn’t an utter disappointment. If you ignore the fact that LC (and later in the original, Kristin) will be absent from the reboot, and that iconic fights at Hollywood nightclubs (“you know what you did!”) are likely a thing of the past, it’s easy to enjoy the show for what it is. While I don’t expect the stars to be the heightened tabloid fixtures of yesteryear, catching the series each week will be a nice reprieve from a long day stuck in traffic or whatever else has been taking up my thoughts. While there are definitely some things I’d like to see more of in particular, as far as reality shows are concerned, this definitely seems to be among the more entertaining options.

Angelenos Featured

Married at First Sight‘s Dr. Pepper Schwartz Advises Skyelyfe Readers on How to Find Dating Success in L.A.

July 24, 2017

Angelenos, don’t expect to see any of your colleagues or acquaintances on Lifetime’s hit series Married at First Sight.

According to the show’s sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz, “While I would never say never about anything, I think it’s unlikely for the show to happen in Los Angeles,” she tells skyelyfe. “It is very important to us that our couples are not looking for fame or a way into show business, but rather just looking for a spouse and love and marriage. There are so many actors in L.A., and so many very good actors in L.A., that I fear we couldn’t tell the committed individuals from the merely ambitious ones.”

For those out of the loop (you’re truly missing out if so!), MAFS goes through an extensive screening process to attempt to match up complete strangers who are eager to get married ASAP. Without knowing a thing about their potential new lifelong partner, they commit to marrying them based on Pepper and her expert team’s advisory. As proven on the four completed seasons (the show is currently in the midst of its fifth), 7/12 couples chose to stay married by the time their season ended and divorce was an option. Presently, two couples (all the way back from season one) are still married.

A big issue Dr. Pepper finds in some of the women in these blind marriages is FSD (Female Sexual Dysfunction), which is sexual difficulties for a woman that last six months or more, causing her personal distress. More info can be found HERE.

Keep reading for the Yale University graduate’s thoughts on the issue, along with how it’s affected members of the show and how people in L.A. can more easily navigate those pesky dating apps and dating out here in general!


skyelyfe: In your own words, please describe FSD.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz: There are four forms of FSD; the most common is lack of desire, also known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). Basically, it means that you have lost the feeling of wanting sexual connection and this has gone on for more than six months and the absence of feeling is upsetting and frustrating to you.

Unfortunately, despite how common this condition is, research shows that women with low sexual desire are just dealing with it by hoping it will get better or acting as if they don’t feel anything or perhaps just refusing sex all the time despite the negative impact it may have on their overall health and their relationship.

None of these approaches however are likely to solve the problem. So, there really needs to be a direct approach, which means the first step is recognizing the change in sexual drive. Then, the second step requires having an open conversation with a partner and potentially a healthcare provider or therapist to see if the situation has emotional causes or temporary physical issues, or if it is a possible medical condition called HSDD, or another form of FSD.

SL: On Married at First Sight, have you ever paired a couple who didn’t have the sexual chemistry you expected?

DPS: Yes, sexual chemistry is one of the hardest thing to predict, but we have had all kinds of surprises. In the first season, Jamie took one look at Doug and was turned off and disappointed—she crumpled in a heap after the ceremony. Later on, she fell in love with him and now they are happily married, expecting their first child. She thinks he’s adorable now and there is plenty of chemistry, so sometimes it develops. On the other hand, at the present time in this season, Danielle started out having chemistry with Cody but it seems to have evaporated or gone into deep freeze. We are surprised there is any problem there. First we thought they would find each other attractive—and indeed they did—but we didn’t expect it to go away!

SL: How does it make you feel when a couple you’ve helped set up gets a divorce?

DPS: We all feel terrible when a couple we matched decides to get a divorce. Especially since some of them started off so well and had so much chemistry and mutual admiration. Sometimes it leaves one or both people brokenhearted and of course I feel for their disappointment and dashed hopes. We do our best and try to support them as much as we can, but sometimes there are issues we couldn’t or didn’t predict and it just doesn’t last.

SL: Do you believe that L.A. truly is harder to find a match in than other cities or do you think it’s just in people’s heads? Why or why not?

DPS: I don’t know if it’s harder for Angelenos to find love than it is for other people, but I must say it’s probably stiffer competition! There are so many great looking people in this city it might be hard to just pick one.


SL: What is your best advice for mastering online dating apps in L.A. as opposed to other cities?

DPS: I would go to the sites that are not looking for a quick hook up. I would avoid Tinder and Grindr, unless you are not looking for something serious. I know people do often find spouses on these sites, but that’s not their core purpose. I would also not just pick the most gorgeous person on the site but rather pay real attention to what they write about themselves and how well they express themselves. I would also say look for tone and what they state as their goals. You want to be in sync!

SL: Any general secrets or tips you can share to dating, flirting and meeting a potential match?

DPS: It’s hard to give succinct tips on dating and flirting. There is so much to know and learn! I would say you do have to make yourself “welcoming.” People are often shyer than they appear on the surface. And, open up your categories of who you might be interested in. If you haven’t found your one and only yet, it may be that whatever you are doing or saying needs to be tweaked or seriously revamped. Use a close and honest friend to give you feedback.

Music Featured

Season One ‘X Factor’ Winner Melanie Amaro: ‘I Would Do a Lot of Things Differently’ If I Could Start My Career Over Again

April 8, 2016

Melanie-Amaro-skyelyfeIt’s been a moment since the public’s heard from Melanie Amaro, the British Virgin Islands-bred singer, who skyrocketed to popularity on the U.S. version of The X Factor.

Everything happened so fast for Amaro, who ended up winning season one of the Simon Cowell-hyped show in 2011. Following her thrilling feat, she was awarded a $5 million recording contract with Sony Music’s Epic Records and began working alongside L.A. Reid.

But as the music mogul addresses in his 2016 memoir, Sing to Me: My Story of Making Music, Finding Magic, and Searching for Who’s Next, the pair experienced creative differences – which didn’t fare well for the aspiring star, who ended up falling off the map after 2014’s failed scheduled album release.

Fast-forward to now, though, Amaro is back and more sure of herself than ever before. Working independently, the empowering female has an EP coming out this season, and she released her new single “The One” last month (scroll to the very bottom to listen).

Skyelyfe caught up with the former reality TV contestant, who talked about how she’s changed and grown since her days on FOX’s hit show, and why she would do “a lot of things differently” if she could go back in time. Keep scrolling to read what Amaro had to say:

skyelyfe: How have you changed personally and musically since your winning season? What would surprise fans most about you from then to now?

Melanie Amaro: I have changed because I have grown as a woman and all around as an artist. I’ve learned so much. What I think would surprise fans most would be the fact that I am doing most of this musical journey on my own without the help of a label, my own money and just people around me who care to help me with what they can and I just work hard and let the music keep me going. 

SL: What have you been up to personally and professionally since your previous time in the spotlight?

MA: I have been working on being a better, stronger woman and I have explored dating a little bit [laughs]. Professionally I have never stopped working on the music. I remained in the studio and continued to work on my writing, and I even got my hands wet with a little acting.

SL: If you could do things all over again from the start of The X Factor to now, what would you do differently?

MA: I would do things a lot differently knowing what it is that I know now, I wouldn’t be so naive to the business and the people in it. I would reevaluate everything and question everything, and I would’ve stuck to my gut.

SL: Whose career do you especially admire or want to emulate? 

MA: I love the longevity of Whitney Houston‘s career, as well as Beyonce‘s. They both had a plan and stuck to it. They worked hard and got everything they wanted in the time span they wanted it. I’d love to have a career as full and prosperous as theirs.

SL: What can fans currently expect from you? 

MA: They can expect to hear music from me that is 100 percent me – the music I should’ve been making from the jump. The EP is so exciting and I can’t wait for all my fans to hear it!