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10 Introspective Albums to Listen to While You Light Your Pumpkin Spice Candles

October 17, 2020

Isn’t it funny how we can go from blasting Cardi B and The Chainsmokers (JK on the latter) on Labor Day weekend to suddenly going solemn three weeks later? Yeah, Invasion of Privacy isn’t exactly up there with albums that feel like fall.

But anyway, when the leaves are turning and the sun’s no longer burning, music just feels different. While pool parties and backyard BBQs full of bass are surely a good time, nothing compares to cozying up with hot coffee in sweats to the sounds of moody music and the scents of pumpkin spice.

If you’re on the hunt for songs that will elicit your emotions during this time of year, keep reading for 10 introspective albums that feel like fall.

a couple walks through leaves in the woods or forest
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1. Strange Tales – Lord Huron

Strange Tales is here for all your dreamy folk desires. On the 14-song album, dark topics, including death, are intertwined with breathtaking melodies, making this melancholy collection slightly easier to digest.

2. Thank You for Today – Death Cab for Cutie

Everything about Death Cab epitomizes fall vibes, but since Plans’ iconic 2005 release, none of the band’s albums spoke to the magic of the season until 2018’s Thank You for Today. It most closely resembles the aforementioned—after all, there’s even a song called Autumn Love. Need we say more?

3. Strange Pleasures – Still Corners

If you’re going for a dreamy, ethereal vibe, this album will speak to you. Light and luminous, it’s the perfect background music for your next pumpkin carving picnic or fall-themed dinner party.

4. Nocturne – Wild Nothing

This is without question one of the best indie albums of all time. Each song is filled with beautiful, serene melodies without tearing us apart. It’s hopeful, light and timeless—and while we most classify it with fall, it’s truly suitable year-round.

5. Goddess (Deluxe) – Banks

We’re not quite sure what happened to Banks after releasing her insanely promising debut—but either way, Goddess disrupted what we considered pop norms. Her music began to define the new “alternative,” and the melodies from this album are dark as a crisp fall night.

6. Bon Iver – Bon Iver

If you want to transport your mind to an enchanted forest in the middle of nowhere, one listen to anything on this 10-track album will do just the trick. The cohesive selection of songs flow effortlessly, taking you on a spiritual journey from start to finish. And once you’re done, you can step back a few years and listen to 2008’s For Emma, Forever Ago, which, thankfully sounds every bit the same as the aforementioned.

7. Cruel Intentions Original Soundtrack – Various Artists

Much like the provocative, dark ’90s film, its alluring soundtrack still holds up today, and each track evokes curiosity and mystique. To this day, not a film or accompanying soundtrack has done what Cruel Intentions has. Both beautiful and melancholy, every song from start to finish will make you feel something.

8. Fumbling Towards Ecstasy – Sarah McLachlan

If you’re a child of the ’90s you know the massive impact Sarah McLachlan had on music. The Lilith Fair cofounder was a pioneer of making thoughtful albums that, yes, feel like fall. Her 1997 album Surfacing garnered huge mainstream success, but 1993’s lesser known Fumbling Towards Ecstasy resonates with us in a deeper way.

9. Shore – Fleet Foxes

Don’t let the title of Fleet Foxes’ new album fool you—there are no beachy vibes to found on this 15-song selection of folk-rock melodies. But that doesn’t mean they’re not uplifting. If you’re looking for a serene album with a light tone, this is your best bet.

10. Badlands (Deluxe) – Halsey

Halsey has always maintained her disposition as an angsty, brooding artist. But just on the brink of mainstream fame, she released Badlands, a raw, organic look into past relationships and mental health struggles. With no collaborations or buzzy production credits, this melancholic selection of thought-provoking tracks is not only the singer at her finest, but the closest thing to fall-sounding pop out there.


Now that you have plenty of albums that feel like fall, mix things up with THIS playlist of best songs from artists at Coachella 2017!

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Are You a Poor Thanksgiving Planner? Eat, Drink & Listen Last Minute with These Helpful Tools!

October 10, 2014

With Thanksgiving only a day away, the stress to throw together the perfect gathering for loved ones can easily pile up. Luckily for me, I’ve got my bases covered this year, spending a week under the care of my family in Massachusetts.

But I think I speak for everyone when I say we’ve all spent a holiday in our lives scrambling for something to do. That said, I’ve come up with some easy ways to make the most of the special day without much time and without breaking the bank.


For a mere $49 per person (only $25 for children under 12), an L.A. resident (or visitor, for that matter) can save themselves preparatory hassles and indulge in a decadent buffet at Andaz West Hollywood‘s Riot House restaurant. Complete with fresh eggs, farmer’s market fruit, Belgian waffles, pastries with house-made marmalade, coffee and more, the feasting can kick off as early as 8:00 a.m. and last until 1:00 p.m. And if the brunch calls for an added kick, bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys are only an additional $13.


Any time I host guests, I always have ideas of creating grandiose specialty cocktails, but after all is said and done, there are always way too many ingredients involved, too much time and the process is too much of a mess. Luckily for skyelyfe readers, the folks at Stillhouse Original Moonshine have provided two (relatively) easy recipes that will add the perfect thematic touch to the day!


2 oz Stillhouse Original Moonshine

2 oz Fresh Juiced Squash

3/4 oz Browned Butter

3/4 oz Sage simple syrup

Method: Shake & fine strain. Serve down.

Garnish: Whole cinnamon stick

Glass: Rocks Glass



2 oz juniper-infused Stillhouse Original Moonshine

1 oz pasteurized organic egg white

2 oz Fresh squeezed orange

¾ oz fresh lime juice

¾ oz rosemary simple syrup

Garnish: Brush the Fresh Rosemary sprig across the side of the glass briskly to activate aromatics.

Method: Shake & strain

Glass: Coupe Glass



I’ve already provided the perfect playlist to host a fall fete – and don’t get me wrong, the songs on that list are amazing – but I think an intimate Thanksgiving gathering calls for more of an adult contemporary sound. And with everything else that needs preparation, putting together a playlist is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind (except maybe mine). So, I’ve done the work for you and provided below a list of 10 songs to keep your spirits high in the kitchen or add a little finesse to your dinner table experience (think the likes of Sarah McLachlan, Adele and Norah Jones).

I hope everyone has a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Be sure to check back on Sunday where I will provide tips for kicking that case of the post-holiday blues. In the meantime, be grateful for what you have and avoid dwelling on what you wish was different!