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I Asked 5 L.A. Fashion Girls Over 30 If They’ll Still Wear Skinny Jeans—Here’s What They Said

February 24, 2021

Gen Z has spoken—and those beloved skinny jeans you swooped up from Madewell in 2016 can now be tossed! Kidding, kidding! We all know history repeats itself, so who’s to say the skinny jean trend is any exception? More importantly, who even says the younger generation gets to call the shots? After all, most of the trends they incorporate into their looks are ones they stole from the ’90s anyway. So, what do we think? Will people still wear skinny jeans after they (along with side parts) have been deemed “uncool?”

Well, who better to ask than a few style-obsessed girls in L.A. over the age of 30? Five fashion girls (with totally different aesthetics) were surveyed by skyelyfe on whether or not they’ll continue rocking those tight yet stretchy articles of clothing. Keep reading for what they had to say!

Girl wears light skinny jeans and white converse all-star shoes while sitting on a yellow chair
(via Unsplash)

Candice Cameron, Fashion PR Founder, Evocative LA

Consensus: No

This is funny because I always find myself saying now, ick I hate skinny jeans. I haven’t worn skinny jeans for some time now. They’ve just felt a bit outdated for a while. I work in fashion, so I started to see the decline of them a while ago. I don’t necessarily think they give off an older [vibe], just maybe not as into fashion trends. Personally on myself I just feel a little out of touch when I put skinny jeans on. I do love a super skinny jean though with, like, an over-the-knee or thigh high boot and an oversized sweater or hoodie. 

(Photo courtesy of Candice Cameron)

Allison McNamara, Former Fashion Correspondent/Producer, PopSugar; Founder, MARA Beauty

Consensus: Yes

Anything can look cool if you have style. And while I love a high-rise mom jean—my personal go-to—they aren’t always comfortable. My skinny jeans that I still wear aren’t overtly skinny either. If your skinnies could be mistaken for leggings, I’d pass on those. I do love a boot cut or relaxed pant, but as a short gal, sometimes they’re harder to style. Fashion is cyclical—skinny jeans will be back, and I also don’t think they look old! That said, if you’re wearing them with a round toe pump or peekaboo pump, then we have a problem. I love that they have a nice fit, they’re comfortable and flattering. I hate when they have fake-looking rips, bad distressing, intense whiskers, fake pockets or could be mistaken for leggings.

Sydne Summer, Editor-in-Chief,

Consensus: Yes

As much as I love trends, I believe in wearing what makes you happy. I feel good in my skinny jeans, so I most certainly plan on continuing to wear them. Plus, they’ve been in style for so long now that I consider them more of a classic rather than a trend. I definitely don’t think of them as older. One of the most stylish Gen Z girls, Zendaya, wears skinny jeans. I love skinny jeans for creating balance. If you’re wearing a cozy, oversized sweater, it’s nice to have a more streamlined bottom. The only thing I hate about skinny jeans is sometimes they can show your undergarments, especially in white. But we’ve been wearing them long enough that it’s become easier to find the perfect pair.  

Elaine Daneshrad, Editor-in-Chief, (formerly Fashionlaine)

Consensus: Yes

Hell yeah, I’m still going to wear them—they’re the only jeans I’ve got! I wear what I like, and I love me some skinny jeans. I think people who choose to wear skinny jeans, like myself, think they’re simply a flattering fit. I have a pair of boyfriend jeans that are supposed to be the “cool” trend—and while I like them in some ways, I always feel baggier than I am. Since I’m a pretty skinny person, I love pants that fit my shape and don’t make me feel like I’m swimming in them.

I can’t foresee brands stopping skinny jean sales altogether but there might not be as many options as before to choose from. Maybe the “skinny jean out” trend has to do with people not feeling as much in shape maybe in the past year and also getting used to wearing comfy, loose-fitting clothes. Skinny jeans are obviously tight and the total opposite of complete comfort, so I assume that’s why this trend is changing. Coming from a girl who was all about wearing leggings, skinny jeans was a nice comparable transition to “normal pants.” I love how they fit my shape and make every outfit feel slicker. With skinny jeans I feel you can wear them for all occasions, from daily outings to on a date. Or at least I do!

Lisette Mora, Fashion Stylist

Consensus: No

I haven’t worn them for a while now. I find that the style direction I moved into didn’t work with the skinny jean look anymore. Like the shoes and tops I started to buy just looked better with looser, more relaxed denim. Also, putting something on that feels so confining and vacuum-packing seems a thing of the past. People are also way more aware of the environment and want to be part of a bigger shift in reducing pollution, waste and greenhouse gases. My favorite denim has always been my Levi’s 501s. You only need one pair, and if you care for them properly they’ll last forever! When I see people wear skinny jeans these days, I don’t pinpoint them as being older necessarily, just more not with it. Everything style-wise these days lends itself more towards relaxed and a bit oversized. So if you’re into fashion and style then you’re looking or shopping for things that look good together. What’s currently out there for purchase and being shot in editorials and advertising is not skinny. Jean sales have already been on the wane, partly thanks to the numerous controversies associated with their production. Denim brands are trying to survive by going more eco, but people are moving past a new pair of jeans entirely. It’s about vintage up-cycling.

I like how clean and sleek skinny jeans look. Hemlines are clean and not dirty from touching the floor. You can actually see more of the shoes you’re wearing as opposed to just the front. They look good tucked into high boots. An appropriate style can make your butt look really good and give your figure a really nice shape. But I don’t like that skinny jeans are full of toxic chemicals that can threaten human health. They also squeeze the fat around your hips, making you feel self-conscious. They cause UTIs and yeast infections. They also destroy the environment.   

LA stylist Lisette Mora poses in a throwback pair of distressed, black skinny denim
(Photo courtesy of Lisette Mora)

No matter what style of denim you prefer, HERE are the best tips to wearing jeans confidently, according to Hayley Kiyoko.


How to Take the Best #OOTD Selfies If It’s Become Your New Quarantine Hobby

July 16, 2020

We all know that person (maybe it’s you)!

The one who was once seemingly timid or didn’t care that much about Instagram, and is suddenly posing in front of the mirror every chance they get. Weird, right? Well, maybe not so much.

Amid quarantine, we’ve been restructuring our friend groups, behaviors and what we do in our spare time. If you’re suddenly showing off your outfit every single day, let yourself live. Not only is it fun to get others’ feedback (and hopeful approval), but it’s a way to express yourself, and you shouldn’t be ashamed.

But if you’re going to do it, you may as well do it right… right? We reached out to blogger Sydne Summer of, who explains how to ace that solo shot. The fashion influencer just started selling her own line of gorgeous face masks, so if you’re having trouble posing perfectly while incorporating your protective COVID gear into the shot, look no further.

Keep reading for her decade-long expertise on how to take the best #OOTD selfies if it’s become your new quarantine hobby.

skyelyfe: Why is now a better time than ever to show off your outfits on IG?

Sydne Summer: With so much time on their hands, people are more engaged than ever on Instagram. It’s a great time to for content! Outfits bring hope that better days are to come. 

SL: Because we’re inside the majority of quarantine, what are your best tips for taking indoor shots?

SS: Lighting is key. If possible, stand in front of a window or balcony. Try to shoot when the sun is the brightest outside, around midday. If you don’t have natural light in your space, there are tons of inexpensive light options you can order on Amazon: If you use a light inside your home, decrease the warmth in your photo or video to get rid of the yellow light. 

SL: What are necessary props, colors or anything else you have in mind to amp up an otherwise mundane shot?

SS: People respond really well to color on Instagram. If you’re more into neutrals with your outfits, think about adding a bright color lip. 

SL: What are your tips for amping up an athleisure or loungewear look?

SS: Accessories! A statement earring instantly glams up a loungewear look. A fun scrunchie or headband makes an athleisure look more stylish. 

SL: What are your tips for taking mirror selfies?

SS: Again, lighting, lighting, lighting. Always try to make sure the light source is directed at your face. 

SL: Anything else of note on selfies or #OOTDs?

SS: I have a whole video on how to pose for photos! Practice makes perfect. Now is a great time to perfect your poses for the best outfit photos of the day! And don’t forget to smile! We could all use more smiles over RBF in our feeds. 


3 Things to Know Before Purchasing Your Next Body Fragrance

January 20, 2017

As part of your whole new year, new you, is a fresh fragrance included?

I know that for me, 2014 was particularly challenging, and in Oct. of that year, I made the mistake of purchasing a pretty expensive bottle of My Burberry perfume with the hopes of at least adding some enjoyment to my otherwise unhappy period of existence. But instead of perking things up, I was only left with that scent seemingly forever reminding me of that time.

I have since discarded the fragrance, and although it shockingly no longer brings a frown to my face, I think it’s best to leave it in the past. Bye, 2014!

That said, whether it was my 2014 or so many of your 2016s, a new year is the perfect time to explore a new personal scent. Just like a new ‘do or a bold new makeup experimentation, a new body fragrance is a great way to change things up and make a fresh statement.

As I geared up for 2017, I had the pleasure of chatting with L.A.-based perfumer (and Dustin Hoffman‘s lovely wife) Lisa Hoffman at a fabulous event hosted at Reservoir boutique by my personal friend, blogger Sydne Summer. Whether you’re into oils, sprays, beads or mists, Lisa shared some universal wisdom about making sure the scent you select is the one that fits you best. Scroll below for three things you must consider before purchasing your next body fragrance—and for even more on making the right selection, check out the post I wrote for Sweety High.

1. Just Because It Isn’t Initially Overpowering Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Working

Sometimes I test out a fragrance for a day or so, and 30 minutes after I apply it, the aroma has seemingly diminished (unless it’s something overtly bold like a Chanel or Michael Kors fragrance). Lisa encourages you not to let that steer you away from the scent.

“Our noses get tired,” she tells skyelyfe. “And so at some point, we don’t smell the fragrance that we put on, but others do.”

Going off of that, don’t over-apply to compensate for what you can’t necessarily smell. Basically, ask a pal or significant other if they can smell it on you before you go overboard.

She advises: “It’s really important to protect yourself from making fragrance faux pas that you should not be making after a certain age.”

Photo Credit: @soyalbariconavarro

2. If You Can’t Commit or Are Overly Sensitive, Go for Fragrance Jewelry

Lisa created various-scented fragrance beads that are placed in a fancy little silver or gold holder and then sewn onto a bracelet or necklace.

Not only can you wear them, but you can swap them and gift them with friends! And they are not invasive.

“I had this idea to make fragrance jewelry in a way where the fragrance doesn’t touch your skin,” Lisa explained (she gifted me a few pieces, and they are entirely true to how she she describes them). “So, one of my greatest pleasures with fragrance jewelry is actually giving it away. Of course to my family, of course to my friends, but when someone, even a stranger, would compliment me at the airport and I’d say, ‘Oh really, you like it?’ and they’d smell it and love the whole thing, I loved just taking it off my wrist and just giving it to them. So for me I thought, wow the ultimate way to experience fragrance jewelry is if I can sell them as two pieces where you get to buy one and keep it for yourself and then you have one to give away. Or if you want to give yourself a little extra love, you could.”

Photo Credit: @LisaHoffmanBeauty


3. Keep In Mind No Single Scent Smells the Same On Anyone

There are lovely aromas that smell delightful on someone else, but when I spritz some on, I have the headache from hell. Lisa explains that layering fragrances is sometimes the way to go.

“What I love about fragrance is breaking the rules and changing it up and sometimes you may just want to individuate and personalize, maybe make your own scent,” she says. “And other times I think it’s fine because it really doesn’t smell the same. There are so many other factors [that go into a body’s scent], like shampoos or body lotions. There are no carbon copies or twins.”

Beauty Featured

Sole Society: Online Shoe Retailer Opens Doors to First Brick-and-Mortar Boutique with V.I.P. Celebration!

September 3, 2015

Photo credit: Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Sole Society

Sole Society took a huge step in the right direction!

The affordable, on-trend shoe and accessory brand, which launched in 2011, has branched out of just an online presence and launched its debut brick-and-mortar shop at Santa Monica Place, taking over SwimSpot’s space on the second floor.

Photo credit: Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Sole Society

Photo credit: Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Sole Society

Stocked with scarves, handbags, clutches, jewelry – and of course – their extensive signature footwear, the chic boutique is complete with fall-ready colors and styles.

The store opened its doors to the public yesterday, but hosted a V.I.P. preview event just one evening prior, featuring tray-passed bites, along with sounds by DJ Michelle Pesce.

SANTA MONICA, CA - SEPTEMBER 01: Handbags on display during the opening of Sole Society on September 1, 2015 in Santa Monica, California. (Photo by Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Sole Society)

Photo credit: Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Sole Society

Guests invited to the champagne-filled fete were asked to select the shoe of their choice from the website beforehand, and they were personally delivered in time to wear to the party. I opted for these beauties in black, while my good friend Sydne Summer (pictured) of the blog Sydne Style dressed up her denim look with strappy magenta heels.

Photo credit: Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Sole Society

Photo credit: Donato Sardella/Getty Images for Sole Society

The showering of goodies didn’t end there. Upon entry, guests received hand-painted, personalized clutches (mine has a dainty high heel on the front with my initials on the back), and we were sent on our way with adorably patterned scarves!

In case you missed Monday night’s grand affair, the celebratory festivities are extending to the public through all of this weekend, with music, refreshments, sweet treats and exclusive giveaways during store hours.

If you’re bound to the bubble of West Hollywood like me, you’ll find that this in one shop that makes the trek to Santa Monica worthwhile!