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4 Tips to Nailing the ‘Athleisure’ Look Like a Celeb!

February 17, 2016
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Long gone are the days when women get supremely excited about the thought of breaking in a new pair of jeans. Not to say denim is out, but now, at least if you’re in most parts of Los Angeles, we all know it’s much more about activewear. Far more casual (but not necessarily less expensive), Lululemon, Fabletics and Teeki (to name a few) have really brought this laid-back look to the forefront, and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere.

But unlike with the good ol’ Juicy Couture sweatsuits we all know and love (you know you have your share stored away somewhere deep in your closet), mastering the “athleisure” look is really a craft – you can’t just throw one of these suits together and go about your day. It’s a full-blown style that the Gigi Hadids and Kylie Jenners of the world wear effortlessly (go figure).

Luckily, I’ve enlisted the guidance of the owners of Brentwood‘s trendy Sweat NSK activewear boutique to provide skyelyfe readers with some major pointers to pulling off this casual-chic trend!

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Keep reading for tips from Karen Sun and Natalie Fritz, and scroll to the very bottom to find out about what the two ladies, plus fellow co-owner Susana Yee, have to say about their favorite workouts/studios, favorite places to shop and overall favorite places to venture through in the City of Angels.

1. If unsure, start with a brand known to fit universally well

“One of my favorite lines is actually Vie Active,” Sun says. “I think that’s a great line that everyone can wear – tall, short, it doesn’t really matter. It has great compression, they’re very flattering. The woman who started Vie Active is very active, herself, and is very thoughtful in terms of how she’s produced her line … [The bottom line is] don’t be uncomfortable and trust your instincts.”

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2. Find the right legging for your body

“Where you can go wrong is wearing a legging that’s too long or too short or not the right color or print for you,” Fritz says. “The legging is such the core of your ‘look’ that if you go wrong there, then it just kind of — it isn’t good.”

3. Be sure to nail the outerwear

“The outerwear pulls it all together,” Fritz says. “Whether it’s a cute LNA sweater or a vest or a great Dolman sweater, something like that really pulls it together.”

4. Check out photos of Naomi Watts

“I think who always looked really good – when she lived here, we used to see her – is Naomi Watts,” Fritz says. “She always had something unique, and she would style it a lot in ways we would, like with a cute T-shirt rather than with a fitted Lululemon top. She always had a little touch to it. It wasn’t ever anything over-the-top, but it was cool and subtle and had a little fashion edge to it.”

Like the pointers? Read about the ladies who provided them!

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Overall favorite workout: Boot camp class and spinning

Overall favorite workout studio or gym, etc in LA: Studio K in Pacific Palisades

Favorite restaurant in LA:  Freds at Barneys

Favorite clothing designer or brand (not fitness related): Isabel Marant

Favorite place to shop (aside from own store): Heist in Venice

Favorite city or section of LA: Abbott Kinney in Venice

Years lived in LA:  forever ❤️


Overall favorite workout: Boot camp class and Pilates

Overall favorite workout studio or gym, etc in LA: Nova Pilates

Favorite restaurant in LA: Giorgio Di Baldi

Favorite clothing designer or brand (not fitness related): Isabel Marant

Favorite place to shop (aside from own store): Isabel Marant Boutique

Favorite city or section of LA: West Hollywood

Years lived in LA: 20 plus years


Overall favorite workout: Running

Overall favorite workout studio or gym, etc in LA: Burn 60

Favorite restaurant in LA: Sqirl

Favorite clothing designer or brand (not fitness related): IRO

Favorite place to shop (aside from own store): IRO on Abbot Kinney

Favorite city or section of LA: Arts District

Years lived in LA: 20 years

Sweat NSK

11731 Barrington Ct.

Los Angeles, CA 90049


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(PHOTOS) We Are Fitness: L.A. Convention Brings Influencers & Brand Ambassadors Together for Fun Night with Healthy Purpose!

December 8, 2015

we_are_fitness_balance_skyelyfeWe Are Fitness reminds people that maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a lot of fun!

Last week’s convention included a who’s who of digital influencers, along with top activewear and health brand ambassadors, who made an overall powerful statement about the importance of taking care of your body.

Co-coordinated by Honestly Jamie blogger Jamie Stone, the four-hour event (formerly called FITfluence, if you recall from when I attended last year) took place at L.A.’s SmogShoppe, and gave the small selection of invited guests a chance to connect with some of their favorite companies and familiar online faces, while also learning about new brands and trying out their products (who wouldn’t want to hit the gym after scoring a pair of hot new leggings?).

we_are_fitness_muscles_skyelyfeWhen guests weren’t taking in upbeat sounds by Lauren FitDJ, browsing the vendor tables (more on that later) or swinging by one of two 50 Bleu Ultra Premium Vodka-hosted bars (yes, even fitness fanatics need their occasional cocktail), they were listening in on the Q+A panels with a handful of cyber sensations: Casey Ho of Blogilates, Michael Morelli of Hit Max, Keaira Lashae of If You Can Move, body-building YouTuber Brendan Meyers, Caitlin Turner of @gypsetgoddess‘ Instagram, Natalie Jill of NatalieJillFitness, P90X founder Tony Horton, popular Snapchatting surfer Danny Berk and the ultimate body-building YouTuber Rich Piana.

we_are_fitness_bonneo_skyelyfeLike last year, vendors gave attendees a chance to try (and sometimes walk away with) some of the best new products in the business.

Bonne O sparking beverage system reps were on hand to give guests samples of carbonated vodka-fruit drinks that were made with just a quick click on these handy little machines. The Neutrogena table was impossible to go unnoticed, as the brand’s rep creatively dressed to coincide exactly with the colors of the the products (CoolDry Sport sunscreen) she was sharing with guests. And for everyone’s multivitamin-dosing needs, Smarty Pants folks were present to provide endless samples of what I consider the most delicious gummy health bites you can imagine (these are too tasty to possibly be real vitamins, right?!). As delicious as they are, they can’t satisfy one’s appetite, so that’s what My Fit Foods was there to do, providing their pre-made gumbo and ground turkey dishes for people to nibble on as their made their way through the venue.

we_are_fitness_teeki_skyelyfeTeeki had their newest styles of leggings on display, and a few VIPs (me included) snagged a pair on their way out! Speaking of leggings, Liquido also participated by providing all guests with a special new pair in their stuffed gift bags at the end of the night. The generous selection of swag also included a headband from Manduka, a Murad clarifying face mask tube, a box of Organic India Tulsi teabags, Vega One nutritional shake powder packets, Bai antioxidant juices, all-natural, vegan, cucumber-lime-scented hand soap from Stop the Water While Using Me, a certificate for a free waxing service from Miss Wax Los Angeles (who were giving people eyebrow waxes during the event) and a certificate for a free pair of espadrilles from Otz . And as if all that wasn’t enough, guests also left with a separate bag filled entirely with treats from Quest Nutrition.

Thanks again, We Are Fitness! Another successful event for the books!









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FITfluence: A Fitness Convention Fit for Royalty!

November 18, 2014

It doesn’t matter how active you are or how up you are on your fitness knowledge – FITfluence was a major must for anyone who lives a moderately healthy lifestyle. I had so much fun. It was located at the YouTube space in the Marina del Rey area, and although it was way outside of my typical L.A. travel parameters, it was neat to check it out since I’d never been before.

I picked up all kinds of cool products (more on those in a bit), I met so many great new people, I sat in on an intimate panel with top-tier fitness bloggers and learned all these nifty strategies to building my brand and, most importantly, I ate so many delicious healthy vegan bites from Beyond Meat and Locali. I steer clear from soy, but I will admit this “chicken salad” Beyond Meat served up on mini-crackers was the closest tasting thing to actual chicken that I’d ever tried of the impostors. Locali then had four different salads just packed with avocados, quinoa and other amazingly appetizing delights. They had all these scrumptious lite dressings, too!

And then there were of course the liquids. Clover juice and KeVita sparkling probiotic drink were both on hand to provide samples of their latest creations, so when guests wanted to switch from sipping cocktails from one of the two bars at the event, they could quench their thirst with something a bit healthier.


Now onto the goodies!

If you know me in the slightest, you know I have no luck with phones. I used to lose them, now I just break them. The employees at uBreakiFix literlly know me by name and give me $20 off because they feel so bad. So it was a lovely surprise to encounter Exofab, a stick-on case that comes in all kinds of cool colors. It’s light and non-intrusive and its material somehow can set on mirrors and refrigerators, so for selfie satisfaction, they come in handy.

On top of that fun little gadget, I scored my first pair of Teeki yoga leggings. They’re so cute and funky. I also swooped a gold, heart-covered overnight bag from LeSportsac. They had a slew of cute designs up for grabs, so I kept going back and forth with my selection choice. Then I got these neon non-lace laces, called Hickies, for my workout shoes. They’re plastic, and once they’re in your shoes, you never have to tie them again! Tarte was also on hand for makeup touchups and to hand out bronzer for guests to keep. I had been at the event from the time it started, so when I finally made it over to Tarte, it was totally time for a little polishing.





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On top of all that, we walked out of the event with a Fabletics gym bag stocked full of divine treats, ranging from Neutrogena products to Jenna Hipp‘s top and base coat nail collection.

I’m not just saying this because one of my dear friends Jamie Stone of happened to co-coordinate the experience, but it really was the best event I’ve been to in a long time. Well done, Stonesi!