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15 Songs You Never Knew You Needed This Winter

December 18, 2020

Over the last several years (and, of course, presently through stay-at-home orders amid the coronavirus pandemic), I’ve dug far and wide to find beautiful melodies that extend the radio or New Music Friday. This year is no exception. Enter: the best winter playlist.

As chilly months loom ahead, I figure a peaceful selection of relatively unknown songs can not only ease people through their workdays as background music, but also pique their curiosity when it comes to unfamiliar sounds.

woman with hoop earrings has apple headphones in while she sits casually at a coffee shop, listening to music
(via Unsplash)

Winter is a spiritual, cleansing season of renewal, and I think the soundtrack of the time needs to match that energy. There may be some classics that hit home for you, personally, but hopefully I can introduce you to some future new favorites.

The 15 songs in the playlist below set a special tone for me. Nothing complements the scent-ual experience of your favorite winter candle burning blissfully, quite like the perfect melody playing in background.

Scroll below for the best winter playlist, featuring 15 personal favorites you probably haven’t heard. From LAUREL to Hortlax Cobra, Harri Agnel and more, these tunes will hopefully help you seek solace in these unprecedented times.

Staying true to the mellow musical mood, click HERE for 10 introspective albums to listen to during the cold days ahead.


From Feist to Bon Iver, Celebrate the First Day of Winter with This Perfectly Fitting Playlist

December 22, 2015

winter_skyelyfeNothing officially welcomes winter quite like the beautiful sound of rain falling on my rooftop. And luckily for me, that is my current soundtrack in between writing this and (somewhat) tearfully taking down all of my fall decorations in acknowledgement of the first day of the fresh season.

But in addition to the pitter-patter from the sky, I’ve also compiled a playlist of my favorite handful of tracks that are perfectly fitting for this time of year.

You may recall my fall playlist that included The Shins and Death Cab for Cutie, among others. Well, fast forward a season, and it’s time to incorporate an even mellower sound. Below is my playlist of 15 winter-esque tracks from Feist, Bon Iver, Skye (had to – *wink*), Olivia Broadfield, Blue Foundation and more. Enjoy!